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4 year olds


4 year olds

Reading & Writing Colour codes. Spatial orientation. Mathematical series.

Visual discrimination. Vocabulary.

What is the name of this lighthouse?


Cut the pieces out and stick them together to make PortopĂ­ lighthouse.

Find 5 differences between these two pictures of PortopĂ­ lighthouse.

Colour these Pin pieces colours.


from PortopĂ­ lighthouse in these

These are the light bulbs from PortopĂ­ Lighthouse. Put them in the correct order.

3 5

4 1


Do you know what this object from Portopí lighthouse is?

It’s an … Optic.

Educational resources: Kole Seoane, teacher specialising in infant and primary education.

Graphic materials: Kole Seoane. Balearic Islands Port Authority (Exhibition of Maritime Navigational Aids, PortopĂ­ Lighthouse)

Childhood education 4 years  

Childhood education 4 years

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