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Rooster-Tales: California's Gordon Jennings 11/ gains national recognition for 2013 season. Eaf1Qs APBA "Up and Coming Driver" Award Inside the Cockpit: Bob Wartinger You Make the Call Behind the Barn Doors Vintage Allison R 15 Category Corner Junior Classes Inboard Modified Outboard Stock Outboard In Pictures Region Roundup Region 6 Region 8 ....or"路r'n 1 0

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REGION 1: 6/27 -6/29

Bay City. MI


PRO, Modified, Stock, Juni or


Pittsburgh. PA


Whitney Point. NY

Mod ifi ed, Stock, Junior


Marietta. OH



Clayton. NY

Vintage, Juni or


Grass Lake. MI

Stock, Juni or


Grand Island. NY


9/ 12-9/14

Redwood. NY

Mod ifi ed, Stock, Stock Classic, Juni or


Waterford. MI

Vintage, Inboa rd, Stock, Juni or


Trenton. MI

Stock, OPC


Portsmouth. OH



Indian River. MI

Stock, SLT, Junior

8123 -8/24


Vintage, Inboa rd, Junior


Grass Lake. MI



Big Rapids. MI



Laporte. IN


6/7 -6/8

Huntington. IN

PRO, Modified, Stock, Juni or

6/27 -6/29

Rock Falls. IL

Special Eve nt, PRO, Modifi ed, Stock, SLT, Junior

5/ 17-5/18

Standish. ME

PRO, Modified, Stock, Juni or


Thompson. CT



REGION 3: 4/26-4/27

Millville. NJ

Mod ifi ed, Stock , Junior

6/7 -6/8

West Milford. NJ

Inboa rd

6/7 -6/8

Lock Haven. PA

Mod ifi ed, Stock, Junior


Lock Haven. PA

Mod ifi ed, Stock, Junior


Mays Landing. NJ

Inboa rd

9/ 13-9/14

Wildwood Crest. NJ

Spedal Eve nt In boa rd

10/ 11 -10/12

Millville. NJ

Mod ifi ed, Stock, Junior


Rock Hall. MD

Inboa rd, Junior


Kent Narrows/Chester. MD

Inboa rd, Junior


Huntington. WV





Hampton. VA

Inboa rd

8/16-8/ 17

Rising Sun. IN

Vintage, Inboa rd, OPC

9/27 -9/28

New Martinsville. WV

Inboa rd, Offshore, PRO, Mod ifi ed, Stock, OPC, Drag,


Kankakee. IL

OPC, Juni or

Champlin. MN


REGION 8: 6/8

REGION 5: 4/ 11-4113

Jesup. GA

PRO, Modified, Stock, Juni or

5/ 17-5/18

Stuart. FL

Special Eve nt, Vintage, Inboa rd,

9/27 -9/28

Hernando. FL


11 / 1-11 /2




REGION 9: 4/26-4/27

Biloxi. MS


5/10-5/ 11

Bay St. Louis. MS

Vintage, Inboa rd



Special Eve nt



Special Eve nt, Jet Ri ve r Race r Inboa rd, Inboa rd Endurance, Mod ifi ed, Stock, Junior




Vintage, Inboa rd, PRO, Mod ifi ed, Stock, OPC, Junior




Delaware. OH

Mod ifi ed, Stock, Junior


Castle Rock. WA

PRO, Modified, Stock, Juni or

5123 -5/26

Grants Pass. OR

Special Event, Outboa rd River Race r


St. Maries. ID

Special Eve nt, Jet Ri ve r Race r

6/ 14-6/ 15

Constantine. MI

Mod ifi ed, Stock, Junior

6/ 14-6/ 15

Walled Lake. MI

Inboa rd


Newberg. OR

PRO, Modified, Stock, Junior

6/ 14-6/ 15

Soap Lake. WA

Vintage, Inboard, Inboard Endurance, Junior


Burley. 10

Vintage, Inboard, Inboard Endurance


Moses Lake. WA

Modified, Stock, Junior

8/22 -8/24

Eatonville. WA

PRO, Modified, Stock, Junior

8123 -8/24

Lewiston. 10

Special Event, Jet River Racer


Lincoln City. OR

Special Event, Inboard, Inboard Endurance, PRO,

REGION 11: 5/31-6/1

Nicolaus. CA

Special Event, Vintage, Inboard, PRO, Modified, Stock, OPC, Junior


Sparks. NV

Special Even t, Inboard, PRO, Modified, Stock, OPC, Junior

10/18-10/ 19

Nicolaus. CA

Special Even t, Vintage, Inboard, PRO, Modified, Stock, OPC, Junior


COR, Inboard, Inboard Endurance, Stock, OPC, Junior

5/9-5/ 11

Atlanta. GA


5/31-6/ 1

Knoxville. TN


Highlands. TX

OPC, Junior

REGION 12: 4/5-4/6


REGION 15: 4/13




5th Propeller ANNIVERSARY APRIL 1978

60 CENTS (P,lnttd In Two Sections • Section II


realized that this "sport" would also have to be closely administrated. And how better to administrate than to have the drivers themselves running the organization. Over our 75 years we have enjoyed the efforts of HAPPY countless donated hours in order to administrate our racing programs and a BIRTHDAY! collective thanks should be given to all those officers and their assistants. We all like to - From Your participate, but where would we be now if no one was willing to do the work required to provide the races to attend (and this President includes all of our fine race committee volunteers). The original By-Laws of APBA demonstrate the intent for administration by racing participants, and we may be thankful Nineteen seventy-eight marks the 75th that this has continued as in some racing Anniversary of the American Power Boat sports the drivers may participate, but have Association. What began in 1903 as a local no say on how their drivers' organization or sport in the Long Island area, has grown now races are run. As you know, we are currently in the to encompass the entire United States, boasting a membership of over 6,000 process of making innovations in our administrative office procedures, which individuals and clubs. In the early days the membership was clearly demonstrates the continuing efforts restricted to yachting clubs only. In 1903 of our officers to improve the standards of there were 20 clubs represented at the boat racing. Even though we are sometimes organization meeting on April 22. By 1909 plagued by progress (Le., noise pollution some 68 clubs, located in 14 eastern and standards) we also benefit (Le., improved mid-west states, were members. Today, 248 boat designs). Let's continue to be open to clubs in the U.S. and Canada, and other progressive changes in every area of our countries, hold membership in the racing and dedicated enough to pursue them to make the next 75 years as successful as Association. However, in 1931 the Articles of the first 75 years of boat racing. HAPPY Association and By-Laws were revised to 75TH BIRTHDAY APBA! permit individuals to hold direct memberAnswers to Some Questions ships in the APBA, and granted them equal A few questions have come in on our new rights in voting power with the clubs. As a systems, and I will try to clear up some of result, individual memberships rose steadily to the present figure above. The APBA has them. On the Boat Registration Card you will become world-renowned for promoting the notice a three-digit computer number sport of boat racing, and for innovative improvements in our sport which affect not designation for the class. This number will only' our own drivers, but every facet of be used at the top of Summary Sheets along with the letter designation, i.e., DSH (625). boating. • Should a driver arrive at a race with no Beginning with an average competitive cards, claim he has paid and has current speed of 15 mph, running inboard engines proof of payment, he should fill in our Single on -displacement hulls, has now expanded to Event Membership form. It is not necessary include not only inboards, but every type of for the Single Event fee to be paid. The form boat hull and engine available, with top should be attached to the Summary Sheet speeds in the neighborhood of 150 mph for for membership verification when the some classes. However, size of hull, as you summaries are sent to National Headknow, has never been a gauge of speed on water, and those drivers in the early years quarters. If the Registrar (or driver) wishes to do so for added protection, the fee may who predicted that speeds of 100 mph would never be attained would be astounded be paid and upon membership verification by APBA, the fee will immediately be to see our drivers today leaving the pits on refunded. hulls of only 12-14 feet and competing at The fee for new members (defined as a speeds approaching and sometimes person who has not been a racing member exceeding 130 mph. Speed is not the only area in which APBA for the past two years) will be as follows: If the new member joins at his/her first has made progress. We have also been race, the fee is $85.00. When the foremost in researching and implementing office has verified that the person safety rules and regulations for the proqualifies for new membership, a tection of drivers, equipment and spectators. $30.00 refund will be sent to the new Other sports such as motorcy cle and car member. racing have taken a cue from APBA research If the new member sends in a memberdata on helmets, seat belts and of course ship form to National Headquarters, application of hydro and a~rodynami~ the fee is $70.00, with a $15.00 theories to increase speed as safely as refund upon qualification. possible. If you are the Registrar, or if you know Even though competition first spurred (Continued on page 3) the organization of APBA, it was quickly 2 • Propeller


VOL. 32, NO.4 APRIL 1978

(Printed in Two Sections a Section II PUBLISHED MONTHLY BY THE

AMERICAN POWER BOAT ASSOCIATION Nalional Authonty tor the United States Union ot Intennabonal MotorboaHng Edllonal and Pubkcation Offices

22811 Greater Mack St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 (313) 773-9700 .

HARRY SMITH, JR. • EDITOR PRO TEM. RICHARD W. SANDSTROM President 20918 46th S.E. Bothell, WA 98011 WIL PERGANDE Senior Vice-President New Orleans, LA 70114

3861 Peach Tree Ct.

MIKE JONES Treasurer P.O. Box 1025

Kent , WA 98031

22166 Hall Rd .

DON ALLEN Secretary Woodhaven , MI 48183

WALTER DEL MAR Cruiser Vice-President 6134 N. Marina Pacifica Drive long Beach , CA 90803 DIONE T. WILLIAMS Drag Vice-President Moraga . CA 94556

501 Fernwood Dr.

RAYMOND H. WEBER Inboard Vice-President 1177 Cadieux Rd. Grosse Pointe Pk., MI 48230 ART FIELD Inboard Endurance Vice-President P.O. Box 2073 Gardena . Calif. 90247 LYLE MASON Modified Outboard Vice-President 226 N Moorland Drive Battle Creek. M149015 S. SANDY SATULLO Offshore Vice-President 3861 W. Valley Dr. Fairview Park. OH 44126 ROBERT E. DE GRENIER Outboard Performance Craft Vice-President Des Plaines, IL 600 16

950 Lee St., Suite 105

MEL KIRTS Professional Racing Outboard Vice-President Box 265 Bristol . IN 46507 JON STONE Stock Outboard Vice-President 495 Emerson St. Rochester. N.Y. 1461 3 GEORGE W. BYERS, JR. Unlimited Vice-President 3115 E. Broad SI. Columbus. OH 43209 One Year Subscription: United States and Canada, $6.00; Other Countries. $8.00 Second Class Postage Paid at SI. Clair Shores. MI and at Additional Mamng OffIces

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COPY MUST BE RECEIVED BY FIRST OF MONTH, 30 DAYS PRIOR TO PUBLICATION COVER PHOTO - Earliest photo in the files of APBA Officers, taken Oct. 25, 1934. From left are L. Gordon Leech, Timer; Commodore James S.Y. Tyson, Measurer; George W. Sutton, Jr., President; Charles F. Chapman, Secretary of APBA Racing Commission; and Leonard H. Thomson, National Secretary. The group was elected at the Annual Convention held at Hotel Lexington, New York. (Morris Rosenfeld photo)

• '-t:-_-

PROPELLER ... .. ....... .. ..... ........ ........ ......... ..... ... ... ..... ... ...... .. ..... ... ..... ........ ................. ..... ... ........ .. ...... ..... ... ... ..... ........ ..'.

Remem .erln tan Fitts Executive Director 9loria Urbin said. "He turned that all around. He had the great ability for leadership and development. Stan really turned The Association around." Helping the APBA as a whole, Stan knew that he had to help not only on the national level, but also on the local level as well with the clubs and categories. "When he left Offshore there was money in the till,"Urbin said. "He always managed to do that. " Graduating with a degree from the University of New Hampshire, it was Stan's business sense and friendliness that everyone came to know and love. It was because of his business sense that helped Stan serve as the APBA Treasurer in 1987 and 1988.

Sitting on her desk is a constant reminder of the visionary and forward thinker that Stan Fitts was. At Sally Titus' home office is a dock, a clock that promotes the American Power Boat Association and one of its first versions of a website; . . "Probably 20 or more years ago, Stan started this," Sally Titus said. "Stan was the guy that said we have to do this. What he was du ing is advertising that APBA had to do this, we had to start doing more and Stan was influential enough to help get it done."




On Tuesday, February 18,2014; Stan p~ssed away and the APBA lost one of its most well-respect~d members ever. Stan's involvement in the APBA goes back to the 1950s and: 60s when he began racing 36 Runabout. From his developed a' love and passion for boat racing and his involvement in APBA grew and gr~w. Over the y~alls Stan served the' APBA as Region 1 Chairman, OffshQrt; Chairman,

a member of the council at large, treasurer and he was the first two term president. Serving as APBA President from 1981-84 Stan helped run The Association to the best of his ability, and he knew then what is still being pushed today. "'The key to APBA is not the Detroit office, Executive Committee, Racing Commissions, Council Members or . Regional Officers .. .it's you, the APBA member," Stan wrote in his November 1983 President's Column. ''APBA has two 'products:' races and memberships. Both have been declining in recent years. Historically, no one has looked at the big picture." Looking at the big picture, Stan detailed a five year plan that was designed to . increase public awareness, enjoyment ~£ and participation in power boat racing events. ' . "S!an had great leadership qualities and I know that at the time I came in, APBA was just ~bout totally broke," former APBA

"He wanted to produce something that was good and whatever he touched, he turned around,"Urbin said. "Stan had a good business head; he was good with people and , just had a knack for getting in there and making things work." , With The Association paying huge amounts of money to have all of the year end information sent out to a company for calculations and printing, it was Stan who decided that this was something that could be done in the office. In getting the first computers in headquarters, Stan saved everybody time and m~ney. For Stan to best serve the APBA he believed that he needed to know everything about it. "Stan did a lot of little things," former APBA President Rick Sandstrom said. "No matter what needed to get done, he was there to do it." In order to help streamline the scoring program, Stan spent several weeks at headquarters working with the office staff to understand how things worked. More

............................... .......................................................................................................... ~................ : ... . PROPELLER than just learning how the APBA operated day-to-day, Stan got to know and appreciate all of the office staff, forming long lasting relationships with all of them.

No matter what he did to help promote the sport and make the APBA successful, one of the efforts th~ Stan took the most pride in was preserving the sport he loved so much. As Buddy Byers' right hand man for the "He would make multiple trips to the office. APBA Historical Society, Stan and Buddy Stan would make it a thing to come once spent years collecting artifacts, trophies and pictures from the past to put on display every six months for a few years," APBA Membership Coordinator Sabrina Haudek at the APBA Museum, located inside of said. "He wanted to know each of our jobs, . APBA Headquarters. he wanted to know what we did. If you sald 'I process member~hips,' he wanted to know "Stan and Buddy ran the J:Iistorical everythi~g about it. He was ju; t dedicated society together but Stan was more of the and interested in it." treasurer," APBA Bookkeeper Linda Likert said. "The time I spent working with the "He wanted to know the grassroots of Historical Society, and Stan in particular, he everything," APBA Sanction and High was focused on getting money back out to the racer to somehow benefit them." Point Coordinator Cindy Minoletti said. "He felt that ifhe knew how things When the U.S. A-Team wanted to race in worked that it was easier for him to make Europe~ the Historical Society supported improvements." them. When they wanted. to bring a Polish


"Stan Fitts was a wonderful example of someone who dedicated his life to APBA and he will be greatly missed." -APBA Presid~nt Mark Wheeler

'0. . . . . . .

racer state side to race, the Historical Society supported them, according to APBA bookkeeper Linda Likert. "One of the main operations Stan managed in the Historical Society was the Packer Trust. Having the trust left to his care, Stan used the money to help promote boat racing," Likert said. "Every year Stan would find something that he thought could benefit from the money and he would take the money from the Packer Trust to fund it. Stan's love and passion for boat racing as a whole Vlj,ll be missed. With his passing, the APBA lost a friend, mentor and icon."

"I love him and I'll miss Stan forever. We have lost an icon and it breaks my heart." -Sally Titus

"He just genuinely cared about The Association. He wanted to see it succeed and he was very interested in making is succeed." -Cindy Minoletti "Another Stanton T., there will never be." -Sabrina Haudek "To Stan there was nothing that couldn't be done. He was very 'passionate about what he did and how he did it." -Rick Sandstrom

"Stan had a knack for . bringing people together and he was always trying to make The Assoc;iation better." -Gloria Urbin

"Stan loved people and he liked to see them happy and he was always looking for the bright spot in people." -Linda Likert

Bob Wartinger has competed in almost every single racing category theAmerican Power BoatAssociation has to offer. Wartinger has garnered 24 Closed Course and National High Point Championships and six inductions into the Hall of Champions. His international racing has included 30 Championship events in more than 10 countries. He has set 126 National and World speed records to date. Over the years, Wartinger has held a number ofAPBA positions including commissioner, tech chairman, council member and the chair ofthe safety committee. Safety has become one ofWartinger's biggest concerns. Wartinger has dedicated his life to boat racing and he wouldn't have had it any other way. Question: How did you first get into boat racing? Bob warlinger: I was 14-years-old, a sophomore in high school, and my buddy Steve who sat across the aisle from me in geometry class, showed me a Popular Mechanics Magazine article with plans for an outboard hydro in it. He asked me if I thought I could build it. I said "Sure." So we got some plywood and spruce and went to work. I had built model airplanes prior to this so it just seemed like a larger project. I had to find friends that were older than me who had a driver's license to get the boat to the water. Steve and I spent a summer trading turns driving the boat. I built a Karelsen A-Stock Hydro from plans the next year and went to school at the Seattle


Outboard Association Novice School held during the winter. I borrowed a better engine, took a third in the novice race and the rest is history.

Q: What is it that you love about boat racing? BW: Simply put, it is fun. No matter how much effort and work it takes, I enjoy it.

Q: At what point in your career did safety become your biggest concern? BW: I was asked by Edgar Rose to attend a safety meeting at the DIM General Assembly meeting in Monaco in 1990. The 1990 season was one of the worst in powerboat racing history, worldwide,

for serious accidents. As I listened to the reports for a few days, I was determined to find a way to change this unfortunate trend. I left the meeting heading up the Safety/ Medical Commission. It's a position that I have grown into these past 23 years.

Q: What is your biggest safety concern? BW: My biggest concern is about the lack of safety knowledge that exists in the sport. I have a favorite saying attributed to Derek Bok, a past president of Harvard, "if you think that education is expensive, try ignorance."There are a lot of good practices, knowledge and experience that could be utilized by increased education for all participants, drivers, crews and officials. One of the challenges for racing organizations, composed of volunteers, is to have capacity to educate. My most important message is that safe practices also enhance performance and the best, long term performers will generally also be the safest. Officials have two prime enforcement functions, enforce the racing rules and enforce the safety rules. The better educated the officials are regarding safety, the better the safety enforcement.

Q: Over the years, what is the one piece of safety equipment that has come the furthest along? BW: Well, it is probably a close race between helmets, jackets, belts, head and neck restraints, air systems and the reinforced cockpit, with the reinforced cockpit being the most significant and having the most development effort.

.. ................ ....... .. .... ... ........ ........... ..... ................ ................. ... .... ........................ ... ...... .. ... .... .... ...... .... ...... PROPELLER -.•JIII?

Q: What is the most challenging aspect of boat racing to you? BW: Trying to do my personal best.

Q: What is your most memorable moment on the course? BW: That is really a hard question to answer, because I have been fortunate to have many. There is a fond memory regarding gratitude and thanks that occurred after a race .

Without that development, it is doubtful that there would be much racing, if at all, today. There is much more that we must do with regard for the cockpit, but the creation of a satisfactory "survival space" is paramount. A team of us are presently finishing a proposal to define the requirements and design for what is called "the cockpit for the future."The tools and technical capabilities are readily available and we hope for successful funding of the project. The results of this work would provide a large step forward for all cockpit design.

My three Russian co-drivers and I had just finished winning the grueling 24 Hours of St. Petersburg World Championship. We had the wonderful experience of standing on the podium, spraying the champagne and whooping it up as much as people who have been up approximately 40 hours without sleep can do and then after a short walk back to the pit spot, another ceremony occurred. The drivers and crew and owner gathered around and they took the trophy cup, placed one of the medals in the cup and

Q: What is the most rewarding aspect of boat racing to you? BW: The quiet satisfaction, when I know that I have done my best.

Q: If you could change one thing about boat racing what would it be and why? BW: The ability to attract new participants to our sport is paramount. The APBA Driving School, the Seattle Outboard Association's "Folks in Boats," the NORCAL 400, The J Project are examples, and I know there are other programs, however, this recruitment effort for both drivers and officials is crucial. The success that has occurred with these programs needs to be replicated more widely. The other thing that needs to be done is the effort to return the members that have run only a few races or none the last few years and have race ready dormant equipment in storage. The reasons for their dormancy may be many and we must find out what they are. There may be simpler solutions to get them back on the water than we think.

Q: For someone new trying to get into the sport, what is one piece of advice you would give them?

Q: What are you most proud of that you have done to help keep racers safe? BW: I have worked to give the subject of "safety" a voice, to link the ideas of safe practices to the health and integrity of the sport. We are constantly walking the line between permitting the growth of performance in the sport and the actions and rules that are sometimes perceived as restrictions that may be necessary to preserve the health of the participants. To this end, we can manage safety if we pay attention to three areas, "education, enforcement and technology." The education and enforcement parts make a great difference in the safety status. To this end, I and others have initiated safety seminars worldwide since 2009 and answer numerous questions on a daily basis about best practices. Fortunately, this effort is also supported by a diverse, but like minded group of individuals when it comes to safety.

So, I guess that the most memorable moment will be the next one that I h ave ... the next race, the next event, the next record run. As the Mercury slogan says, "The race never stops ... "

draped the ribbon over the edge of the cup. The cup was then filled with champagne and the owner said a prayer of thankfulness for the victory. The cup was then passed to each driver who said something about appreciation and thankfulness and took a sip from the cup. The cup passed around a second time and included the support mechanics and re-fuelers, each adding their thankful thoughts and then passed around a third time to include all people connected with this racing effort. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. The Russian drivers had tears in their eyes. When this concluded they presented me the cup and said "take this ceremony to America and practice it at an appropriate time." Shortly following, the food was laid out, the Russian spirits began to flow and the party began. It was so energizing, that after 1,429 miles of boat racing, I was ready to go again.

BW: There are actually three pieces of advice. 1) Be open to learning. There is an old saying that, "what you learn after you know it all, is really important." 2) Develop critical thinking skills. One part of that is to know what questions to ask. Practice figuring out what the questions are that you are trying to answer. Often we are prone to search very hard for an answer and not look at the right question. In other words, "there is no right answer to the wrong question." 3) The last and perhaps the most important is, "have fun. " If you find that boat racing doesn't seem like much fun anymore, try to remember why you joined the sport in the first place. You will be reminded that you did it for fun.

• Stuart Causeway closed to traffic but open for great spectator viewing! • • Food and Beverage Vendors • Live Music • Bikini Contest • Fun Activities • • Special Hotel Rates for Race Fans and Drivers! • For Complete Info and Tickets Visit

PROPELLER / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /CATEGORY CORNER/ /


\.WI-.&_c- PROPELLER ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////liN



.. ...... .. ...... ... ...... .. ...... .. .. ..... .. ...... .. .. ..... .. ...... .. .. ..... .. ...... .. .. ..... .. ...... .. .. ..... .. ...... .. .. ..... .. ...... .. .. ..... .. ...... .. ... PROPELLER



REGION 6 APBA Region 6 members honored the 2013 racing season award winners at the Holiday Inn French ~arter, Perrysburg, Ohio, on Saturday evening, 22 February 2014. Following dining in the pleasant surroundings of the poolside atrium, members gathered in the awards hall, filling it to near capacity, honoring those who had excelled in their racing efforts in 2013. We also took time to remember those who have passed on this past year, including out of region members who long served APBA Stan Fitts and Hank Wendt; Inboard's Doc Yinger and Mom to many of us, Chris Noonan; Outboard's Howard Anderson (PRO), Bob Vanover (Mod), APBA President Mark Wheeler's Mom, and Rob Lisius' father Oust last week); and the first of the post-WWII Gold Cup Unlimited Hydro superstars, Detroit's own Danny Foster. Receiving the "Long Distance" recognition

this evening was Chris Bauman, of the Hampton, Virginia regatta, who visited the spring meeting to conclude some MACH Series business and extol the virtues of racing at Hampton, which is the site of the 2014 Inboard Eastern Divisionals. He sure seemed to enjoy himself, amid the camaraderie of Region 6 racers. The first group of champions, and arguably the most important, are the champions of the Junior Classes. Junior Classes Runabouts and Hydros, the future racers of APBA, crowned a pair of double champions: Runabouts - Nikolas Miskerik OR); Colin Smith (AXSR) Hydros - Nikolas Miskerik OH); Colin Smith (AXSH);

-Connor Handy -Ryan Sutherland Oh boy, another band of brothers, and another Sutherland ... WELCOME Both Stock Outboard and Modified Outboard honored racers with trophies and certificates. Let's start with a special annual award that recognizes longtime service and dedication to Outboard Racing in Region 6: The Don Allen Service Award She was born into it, grew up in it, graduated with it, raced in it, married it, brought kids into it, a winner through and through who keeps getting into it deeper and deeper, locally, regionally, and nationally, with great pleasure the Region 6 Outboard Don Allen Service Award goes to Tracy Trolian.

Gumption. That's one of the characteristics of a racer. Here are three who have exhibited that trait, and we are proud to introduce our J Rookies of the Year:

Now, for Stock Outboard, these racers were honored.

-Colin Handy

Runabouts - Peter Lauer (ASR); Richard

Stock Outboard Region 6 High Points:

............. ..................... ..................... ..................... ....................... ................. .............. ..... ........................ PROPELLER "oS ' . Hearn (BSR); Dean Sutherland (CSR); Josh Pearson (DSR); Mike Affholter (25SSR); Hydros - Callie Shensky (ASH); Tracy Trolian (BSH); Tom Johnston (CSH); Joe Pater (20SSH); Robert Lisius (302SSH); Marathon - Terry Kerr (ASR) Amanda Hagerl (BSR); Jake Alkema (CSR); Josh Pearson (DSR); Brian Mitsch (25SSR); Note that Josh Pearson doubled up in DSR and DSR marathon, he's hard to beat in DSR! The Kevin Ladd Award: Every year each club strives to make their race extraordinary. In Region 6 we like to promote success within our clubs and empower them to continue to grow our sport. It took 65 years of being in the mix of success but in 2013 Top-O-Michigan pulled it off. The 2013 Kevin Ladd Memorial Award goes to the extraordinary Marathon Nationals, in Indian River, MI. Stock Outboard Hall of Fame: The Region 6 Stock Outboard Hall of Fame is presented to someone that goes above and beyond within the Region. This year's recipient has been an active member supporting Stock Outboard in many ways. From driving cross country hauling the trailer and family to the next race, to helping in the pits, and as far as attending the Annual Meeting just for the fun of it. I am proud to announce the 2013 Region 6 Stock Outboard Hall of Fame recipient is Christine Brewster. Stock Outboard Region Rookie of the Year: This year's Rookie battle was definitely head to head between Marissa Affholter and Jason Bonanno each and every race they would battle to the finish line and count points when they hit the shore. With a mere 79 point lead the 2013 Rookie of the Year goes to Jason Bonanno. Moving to Modified Outboard, let's look at the list of champions!

Modified Outboard Region 6 High Points: Runabouts - Grant Hearn (200CCMR); Terry Kerr (250CCMR); J effWilliams (350CCMR); - Eric Vanover (500CCMR); Brian Boyd (750CCMR); Tim Kurcz (850CCMR); Hydros - Collenn Meyers (200CCMH); Tom Sutherland (250CCMH); Tom Johnston (350CCMH); -Ian Duggan (400CCMH); Eric Vanover (500CCMH and 750CCMH); George Ford (850CCMH); -That Vanover guy, a triple crown in 500CCMR, 500CCMH, and 750CCMH! A big thanks here for Tom Sutherland, Tom Johnston, and Tracy Trolian for these results and factoids!

-2.5 Litre Stock (S) - Joe Kreitzer (S-67) Impossible Dream (Keith Frickert, Kevin Kreitzer driving); -5.0 Litre Stock (E) - Tom English (E-75) The Investigator; -2.5 Litre Mod (A) - Joe and Kevin Kreitzer (A-64) Blue Devil (Kevin Kreitzer driving) -National Modified (NM) - Andrew Christopher (NM-357) Old Crow (Dan Kanfoush driving); -Grand National Hydro (GNH) - Steve Kuhr (GNH-317) The Irishman (Stevie Kuhr driving); -Grand Prix (GP) - Mario Maraldo (GP59) Baby Doll III; Ray Weber Memorial Trophy (overall high points in Region 6) - Jim Sechler (Y-l) Fast Eddie Too;

Onward we tread into Inboard Awards. First, unfinished business from the National Inboard Awards in Reno. Royce Richards, for Andrew Tate and George English, picked up 1st place 2.5 Litre Mod (A) class trophies and a pair of championship rings, one for driver Andrew Tate and one for mom, Charlotte Tate. We all miss you, Charlotte, and wish you well! Kevin Krietzer received his 2nd place 2.5 Litre Mod (A) class trophy, and while he was up, we asked dad Joe to come up and with Kevin, accept the 3rd place GNH, both driving for Cadi Reiss in the GNH515 One Way. N ext, the Region 6 Inboard Rookie of the Year trophy was awarded to Carl Adams, who comes racing from Ashtabula, Ohio, and who picked the single toughest Inboard class to begin: 5 Litre Stock (E). You say where the heck is Ashtabula? Well, it's past Chagrin Falls, Ohio, upon the shore of Lake Erie, that's where! Welcome, Carl!

Jim and his driving ace Dan Kanfoush got a perfect score of 1200 points in 2013 I personally wish to thank each of these guys as they picked up their trophies in person, accepted the accolades of the crowd graciously, and minimized speechiÂŁ}ring to keep things going! MACH Series Champions, each receiving traditional MACH engraved 'silver platters': -1.5 Litre Stock (T) - Ed Thompson (T36) -1.0 Litre Mod (Y) - Jim Sechler (Y-l) Fast Eddie Too (Dan Kanfoush driving) In case you missed it, these Y-l guys won everything: just about every heat, National High Point, the Nationals, MACH, region, Ohio Governor's Cup, etc. too much to list. They are something special in the racing world, anywhere, any type of motorsports! -2.5 Litre Stock (S) - Scott Thompson (S41) Second Chance Racing

Region 6 Inboard High Point Awards: 1.0 Litre Mod (Y) - Jim Sechler (Y-l) Fast Eddie Too (Dan Kanfoush driving);

-5.0 Litre Stock (E) - Don Less (E-600) Centsless 12 (Joe Less driving)

. . . . .___ PROPELLER ................................................... ...·········· ······· ············· ········· ············ //R EGlON ROUNDUP// -2.5 Litre Mod (A) - Greg Isaac (A-47) Blitzkreig!

Champion for Marine Prop Riders, Region 6, MACH, and APBA Inboard

-National Modified (NM) - Andrew Christopher (NM-357) Old Crow (Dan Kanfoush again)

MACH Race of Promotion the Year Walled Lake Thunder

-Grand National Hydro (GNH) - Steve Kuhr (GNH-317The Irishman (Stevie Kuhr driving) The Irishman pulled off not a GNH fourbagger home run, as GNH-317 is GNH

REGION 8 Even with record lows and above average snow fall in Region 8, the Minneapolis boat show was approximately the fourth largest by attendance is the U.S. I'd call that pretty good considering all of February our day time highs were colder than Anchorage, Alaska. There where approximately 36,719 people that attended the four day event which ran from Jan. 30th to Feb. 2. Out of those people the Twin Cities Power Boat Association, collected 42 names and emails of people interested in driving a race boat, volunteering at events and as rescue boat drivers. We also had 14 volunteers helping out at the booth on Saturday, which was amazing.

REGION 10 As we get closer to our 2014 season starting, even our Vintage guys are wrenching on their motors. Ron Morrison gives us a little background on that venerable mainstay of the Vintage crowd, the Ford Flathead: "In U.S. motor racing lore, the Ford "flathead" V8-60 engine has a special place. Designed in Europe, it came to the U.S. in the late 1930s as an economy engine for Ford passenger cars. As motor racing revived after World War II, this small V8 engine's potential as a racing motor was applied in both automobile and Inboard boat racing. In the very popular midget car racing of the late '40s and early '50s, the

MACH Race Official of the Year - Ann Shaw MACH Race of the Year - Ohio Governor's Cup

class with certificates and checks totaling $14,700!! That's the power of a series that has been racing since 1984, with it's 30th year in 2014, looking to bigger and better things! With that, the awards ceremonies concluded, with a wish for all competitors to have a safe and successful 2014 race season!

/ /Don "Eli" Whitney

MACH also honored the top five in each

The TCPBA had three boats at the show an SST-120, SST-60 and a Formula V. Below is a list of this year's tentative 2014 Region 8 race schedule which was promoted at the show thanks to our three awesome sponsors. So here's a big thank you to Extreme Paint and Auto Body in Wyoming Minn, Karz Inc., in Burnsville, Minn., and Automotive Addiction in Apple Valley, Minn. Thanks again without great sponsors and volunteers it wouldn't be possible to put on such great events.

May 17-18 Cannon Falls, Minn. (lake Bilsby) -June 8, Champlin, Minn. (father Hennepin Days) -June 14-15 Detroit Lakes, Minn. -July 26-27 Crosby, Minn. - August 9-10 Crane Lake, Minn. - September 13-14 Forest Lake, Minn.

Region 8 2014 Race Schedule, boat show and capsule training -April 27th Lino Lakes YMCA Capsule/ Volunteer training

Spring is almost here and so is the race season. Here's to another amazing year in Region 8, everyone have a safe fun race season.

/ /DAVID GARZA power of a modified, fuel burning V8-60 motor was a poor man's alternative to the expensive, custom Offenhauser power plant. Speed equipment names we recognize today had their company's early development come through the V8-60 parts created and sold, Iskendarian, Clay Smith,Jahns and Edelbrock among them. In boat racing, early on the V8-60 was used in the Pacific One Design class, and as the three-point hydroplane design took hold, two racing classes were established in APBA, each with the V8-60 as its prime engine. One of these, the 136, "s" class, was for "stock" engines with gasoline fuel, the other, the 135 "N.' class, for modified engines using alcohol fuel. Boats in these classes became popular across the country

because of their small, manageable size and affordability. Here in the northwest, the Unlimited Hydro craze in Seattle brought with it broadened interest in boat racing for working class guys. The 13'6" long threepoint hydro with V8-60 power was just the ticket. Many 136's and 135's became starter race boats for racers who later moved up to bigger and faster classes of racing; ask Region 10 Inboard icon John Leach. In Region 10 Vintage Division today, we have two teams that feature V8-60 powered rigs, Don Kelson's Hasty Humbug and Ron Morrison's Tiger Too. The engines are now over 75 years old so getting parts and keeping them going presents its share of challenges. But at the regattas it is usual fare for a spectator, usually an old timer, to

..... ...... ........................................................................ ................................ ..... .... .. ............................... ... PROPELLER "oS ' . come by, identiÂŁ}r the engine and go on to relate his own "back when I had a V860" story. Thanks Ford, you brought us a classic." Our present day Inboard fleet is also getting ready to rock, as Jim Codling tells us: "Here we go. Our racing season is almost here for us in the great northwest. Carol Dodge has the Lawrence Lake Regatta well in hand with some great help from Jet Chevrolet. Dick Lynch and his bosses love the big 1 and 2/3 mile course so it will be the big one once again. Most all classes will run the event and some selected outboard classes. Remember this is the first race of the year so your boat must be inspected prior to registration at the lake. We will have an extra person or two looking over your speedy crafts at the park. With the cancellation of Moses Lake, our May schedule is pretty empty as we roll onto June. Our next race is going to be at Soap Lake. Terry Anderson is the chairman for the second year of the Seattle Drag and Ski event, which will once again have the Junior boats there. With the exposure from last year's event, Motel rooms in downtown are getting scarce so get those reservations in early for rooms. It will be fun to watch the Grand Prix at Soap Lake. The first boat across the finish line will set the new record and a large contingent of boats are expected

REGION 11 The absence of Region 11 Round Up News was not due to the lack of activity in our western region; not at all ... far from that. I am so grateful to have made a safe return from the banks of the "River Styx" and a tough tug-of-war against the formidable ferryman, Cheron, who was determined to shanghai across those waters from the World of the Living to the Land of the Deceased. His accomplices were a virile strain of pneumonia and vicious attack on my heart. However, the rallying of "my troops" included a daunting team of doctors armed with the best of modern medicines and accompanied by a squadron of remarkable nurses; their power and success were backed by an intimidating

for the Del Red scramble. This year the Burley Regatta falls on the same day as the show and shine in Puyallup. This event was a big hit last year and Dick Price says maybe even a bigger so rods and rudders is a big go, down at Thune Field facility (The place to buy fireworks). Mter Burley we all go to the big one, Black Lake in July. Our new sponsor is all set at the Lucky Eagle Casino and Hotel. Room rates will be $98 per night, mention Black Lake regatta to get their weekend special. Registration will be a hosted event on Friday afternoon at the new Casino, 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. So be sure you check over the circular when it comes out. Aaron 'Boomer' Stephens is looking to a test day in May. We will let you know if that comes together with John Culver and the Tri Cities gang (nothing definite at press time). Hey, don't forget the insurance discussion we had last month. Be sure you are still covered for racing, and please don't screw up the few testing places we have left. Be safe." Seattle Outboard is developing its race schedule for 2014, with all eyes on the StockIModlJ Nationals at Moses Lake in August. Race Chair Kyle Bahl and his committee are working hard to make this

force of prayers, love and healing thoughts from my awesome friends and family. The final and most challenging blow to my adversaries came from the hospital chaplain, a Catholic priest, whose inspiring will and arduous determination soundly severed the fearsome death-grip that was threatening to drag me to "the other side." ''And besides", said Father O'Sullivan of St. Rose Church in Santa Rosa, Calif., "we just got word that 'The Pearly Gates' are closed right now for retrofitting and all admissions are postponed. So ... Frank. .. you got to get out of here and get back to your life's current mission: boat racing and Propeller Magazine." So-o-o-o ... I'M BACK! Many of the Region 11 people attended the APBA Annual Meeting in Reno. Jean

a memorable event for racers, families and the residents of Moses Lake as well. There are activities planned for every evening on race week. Pizza Night at Chico's Pizza is back, the usual Nationals evening activities like a Driver's Meeting, ~alifier's Dinner and Awards Banquet, plus some other fun events, like "Dinner and a Movie In the Park," and of course a Bowling and Casino Night at Papa's Casino/Lake Bowl. And, this just in, City Council has approved a Beer Garden in the park. Local businesses and sponsors are showing us lots of love. Security Race Products and Oberto Sausage Company are on board; and Scott and Linda Carson, longtime friends of all boat racing in Region 10, have graciously committed to be our title sponsor for the Nationals. Kyle, Ana Cappelletti, Ryan Johnson andJW Myers have made multiple trips to the east side of the state to solicit other local support, and are finding the town of Moses Lake is very excited for this event. Don't miss this one. That's it for this month ... racing's just around the corner.

/ /Patrick Gleason / /Ron Morrison / /Jim Godling

MacKay Schwartz coordinated the displays with the help of the people from the Grand Sierra Resort. Gloria Crim and Frank Banducci prepared science boards depicting some of the events in our area while Jean made them available for all to view. Region II's Annual Meeting was skillfully guided by newly re-elected Chairman Bill Boyes. Commodores of all four clubs attended as well as representative officers of all categories and commissions. The Region 11 Awards Banquet for the 2013 race season followed that evening in the historic banquet room of Peter's Steakhouse in Isleton, Calif., on the scenic banks of the Sacramento River. Julian Rucki spun a web of magic and with his phenomenal skills put together an evening of entertainment and recognition that garnered accolades from all who participated in the gala event.

• t..t:-_-

PROPELLER .................... ............ ............ ................... ............ .......... ............ ........ !!REGION ROUNDUP!!

Watch out, Ellen DeGeneres. Your position as Oscar Host has a new and serious challenger from the ranks of Region 11, "and the winner is ... " Certificates and photos commemorating their 2013 Speed Trials were presented by the East Bay Boat Club As follows: Records: -Stock: 45SS % mile Straight 84.666 Oroville, RJ West/ Chuck Skelton -ASH % Mile Straight 54.514 Oroville, Tony Lombardo/ Jean MacKay- Schwartz -ASR % Mile Straight 50.308 Oroville Lombardo/Schwartz -ASR 3 Mile 3 Lap 47.86 Yelm WA Daniel Wilde/Steve Wilde Modified: -750ccMH Kilometer 98.719 mph Oroville, Pat Brians/Richard Fuchslin

vacationing with their RV friends in Yuma, Ariz., when a tragic accident suddenly took Troy's life. Heart-felt condolences as well as comforting thoughts and prayers from our boat racing family go out to Brian, his wife O'Hara and son Timothy along with the entire Schmeltz family and all their friends.

2nd - Richard Rucki 3rd- Mitchell Gasper RogerJohnson: Frank Banducci Michael Schnell: Team Renegade (P28) B.J. Sutphin: Pam and Vicki Wilde


John Faye (Sportsmanship): Brian Schmeltz Fred & Kay Hallett: Bill Boyes

Region 11 High Point: Tony Lombardo (7 Classes - 7,644 points)

Noteworthy groundbreaking for East Bay Boat Club: Debut of the Dan Schwartz Memorial "Inspector of the Year" Award: Brian Schmeltz

Runner-Up - Brett Williams (3 Classes2,847 points) Cracker Box Driver: 1st - Tony Lombardo

/ /Frank Banducci

REGION 11 Awards for 2013 Season High Point Winners Northern California Outboard Association Place

Northern Califonia Outboard Association

1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd

Tony Lombardo Tony Lombardo Pam Wilde Pam Wilde Brian Schmeltz Steve Wilde Tony Lombardo & Karl Bishop Daniel Wilde Tony Lombardo Karl Bishop


1st 2nd 3rd

Bill Holman Joe Johnson David Biagi

Joe Johnson Bill Holman David Biagi


1st 2nd 3rd

Brett Williams Craig Williams Karl Bishop

Brett Williams Craig Williams Karl Bishop

-SC % mile straight 50.825 mph Lincoln City, Steve Walde


Brett Williams Brian Schmeltz Bill Holman

Brett Williams Brian Schmeltz Bill Holman

The Speed Trials for 2014 at Oroville, Calif., will be covered in a later issue.


1st 2nd 3rd 1st

Brett Williams



Garland Powell

Garland Powell


1st 1st

Garland Powell Frank Banducci

Brett Williams

1st 2nd 3rd

Steve Walde Bobby Joe Finkbohner La nce DeStefa ns

Steve Walde Lance DeStefans Mike Bigelow

1st 2nd

P28 (Julian Rucki) P28 (Julian Rucki)

P5 (John Canfield)

3rd 1st

P13 (Mitch Gasper) Brian Schmeltz

-750ccMH % mile straight 100.447 mph Lincoln City, Brians/Fuchslin -850ccMH % mile straight 97.827 mph Lincoln City, Brians/Fuchslin OPC: -SST 45 % mile straight 78.993 mph West/ Skelton -SC % mile straight 46.879 Oroville, Frank Banducci

It's good to be back at the keyboard and I'm so looking forward to exchanging my desk! chair for the cockpit and steering wheel of my race boats ... 84 years-old and (almost) ready to "rock 'n roll" 'because "there ain't no mountain high enough; ain't no river wide enough to keep me from getting ... " back. A sad and solemn note must be added at this time; Brian Schmeltz, a very active racer from our region lost his father, Troy Schmeltz, last month. Brian's parents were




Region 11

Cracker Box Owners




REGION 12 I feel that the APBA Annual Meeting was a big success. I went to the meeting with Bunker Hill, Marlee Hill and Dave Bryan. We all went with different agendas. I went with the plan of starting four Mini Boat classes and three Solar Boat Classes. All my classes were accepted as Special Event. I've made myself clear to the Solar Boat Racing Association that I consider solar boat is "BUNK," but I can't turn my back on 72 high schools that want to "go racing." I am also working with Cal Poly Pomona with their college solar racer. Ade Bloomfield proposed a new class to Special Event also, called DIM 6-Litre Displacement. This boat is from Australia,


• •

MQttMWfY (i tO _AI.

_ O AT

r llAIIS' O ll r

comes with a capsule and a NASCAR Dodge motor. It will be interesting to see how this boa runs on SoCal courses. Somehow, in my last article, I left out Robbie Devine's name as getting into the APBA Hall of Champions. Anyway, Robby had a great year, and all of Region 12 is really proud that Robby made the Hall of Champions. Hill Marine and Signature Propellers donated six propellers to the new SE Class in Inboard racing. This Sportsman Entry class is the fastest growing class in APBA Inboard. I was very happy to present the SE National Champion with a Signature Propeller. Hill Marine is offering three propellers for 2014. The Eastern, Western Divisional Champions and the National Champion will each receive a propeller.


This is the fourth year the Mike ~indazzi Jr. has organized the LA Boat Show. APBA is a member organization with few paid employees. Mike deserves a round of applause for breaking his back getting the LA Show together, again. The 5th Annual Puddingstone Regatta will have an APBA Driver's School, headed by Dave Hale. Dave is also working with me on a Solar Boat Project. My wife, Laurie, and I attended the Daytona 500. She and I are both NASCAR fans. Now that Chad, Corey, Laurie and myself own a house at the Colorado River, maybe, I can get my wife in a race boat.

/ /Ron Hill

Ready to rock. Out of the box. The JVCADIXXION's simple controls, 1.5" LCD display and rubberized skin make it easy to capture Full HD video and photos anytime, anywhere. And with built-in Wi-Fi and smartphone linking, it's just as easy to share. ADIXXION.JVC.COM





Suction Mount

Dive Housing


Flex Mount









Propeller Magazine April 2014  

The American power Boat Association's April 2014 issue of Propeller Magazine is now available.

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