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Save Time. Save Money. Protect your residents. There are many reasons to consider a smoke-free policy for your property. Contact us for free assistance to help you go smoke-free. · Market

Advantages: Research shows that renters want smoke-free housing! Properties that promote this amenity may be able to attract more tenants. Many renters may be willing to pay more rent or drive farther to work, to live in a smoke-free building.

Reduced Costs: ·

Turnover costs and unit down-time are reduced when you don’t have to scrub, paint, and replace items in apartments that smell like smoke or are covered in residue.

· Few er

Fi re Ri sks: Smoking-related fires are deadly and costly. Smoke-free buildings eliminate the source of the leading cause of preventable home fire deaths.

Smoke-free Pol icies ·

are Legal: A building owner/manager can legally make a rental building (or entire property) completely smoke-free.

· Protection from

Secondhand Smoke: All tenants, guests and staff members are protected from the serious health dangers associated with secondhand smoke which can travel between units through ventilation, conduit chases and unsealed wall openings.

Legal ·

Costs: Properties have been successfully sued for failing to provide reasonable accommodations to disabled tenants exposed to secondhand smoke.

Don’t take our w ord for it . With permission, we have enclosed a copy of an article from the April 2011 edition of UNITS magazine so you can see what leaders in your industry have to say about smoke-free housing. If you would like more information on establishing a smoke-free policy for your property, pl ease contact us:

Smoke Free Housing!  

Not just a growing trend across the U.S., but a smart business decision!

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