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(An Awesome Ride)

Northern Rivers Rail Trail Inc. A Sourdough Initiative


130 Kms trail from Murwillumbah to Casino for cycling and walking

Utilises the current railway corridor as has been done in many successful projects elsewhere

Over 500 rail trails globally and around 50 in Australia

Links 12 towns and villages; Lismore to Eltham, Bangalow to Byron Bay and on to Mullumbimby, Stokers Siding and Murwillumbah

Links the regions three major event sites

Retains the current rail corridor as an asset if needed in the future 2



Use of a valuable community asset which is standing idle

Bring jobs and prosperity to the region:

59,200 new jobs needed by 2026 just to remain economically stable

16,000 must be export money jobs (income from outside region)

This won’t happen under current plans

Currently most growth is in Government paid jobs in health, education and welfare.

Need real innovation to add sustainable value and create jobs

Many examples of where rail trails have been economically successful

Genuinely sustainable project that is good for community, environment and can reduce carbon



A large and diverse range of existing businesses will grow and increase jobs

New businesses are created

Local products are showcased especially food

All existing tourist facilities get flow through as much of the infrastructure already in place

Benefits the region in tourism by bringing tourists interested in health and well being

Huge growth in cycling as a tourism and recreation activity globally

Improved pedestrian and cycle movement for locals within and between villages 7

Positive for the environment

Uses existing assets

High impact on business growth, jobs and regional income

Creates regional links to gain export dollars

Helps international branding of region and its exports

Potential to contribute to each “village” economy

Attracts high quality tourism to the hinterland – NOT just more tourists but higher yielding visitors

Stations could be broadband hubs with character and food outlets

Could link to High Speed Rail hub at Casino if introduced

Links many district cycle ways, key venues and other attractions

Increase visitor stay and spend 8


oulburn Valley Rail Trail as an example: he basic economic benefits: 14.26 million to convert the railway into a rail trail hese funds were injected into the local economy in the first year 173 million income injection in first 10 years ,811 new jobs post construction over 10 years 10


Numerous successful precedents round the world e.g. Otago Rail Trail NZ very successful

Do not need to re-invent the wheel: Infrastructure and most obstacles have all been overcome before (e.g. safety; bridges; shared facilities)

Over 500 rail trails globally

Nearly 50 in Australia

Cycling for recreation is a high growth activity and industry


Northern Rivers Rail Trail Inc made up of −

Tourism industry


Local government

Sourdough Think Tank

Local government could jointly sponsor it.

Federal, State and/or Local Govt agree to fund a modest feasibility study (utilizing data from the recently completed rail / transport study) ;

Federal, State and Local Govt agree to fund the initial build and to fund the annual maintenance program as a joint project.

A Management Committee (with Local Government/State/NRRT Inc membership) to ensure ongoing maintenance

A Marketing Organisation to be set up to −

have an ongoing commitment to creating innovation in the area of business and job creation linked to the rail track.

commercialise as much related activities as possible – proceeds to be fed back into the organisations ongoing marketing, maintenance and expansion of the initiative. 13



Gain wide and extensive support across the region – set up strong support group


Obtain Local , State and Federal Government support for the project


Gain funding for feasibility/business plan/economic benefit study


Gain funding for the conversion of the existing railway to a cycle and walking trail


Councils to consider it as a joint project, adopt longer term maintenance and establish Management Trust


Develop plan for business generation/innovation from the trail and establish Marketing Organisation in order to generate ongoing income for continued marketing and support operations 15



To see a major initiative for the region from an idea through to reality

Nothing for ourselves

To see it happen and benefit the region −

The community (commuter and recreation use)


Food & tourism industries

To ensure that it is set up to maximize opportunity for economic development and jobs.

The Region must create innovation.



Pat Grier


Ian Oelrichs

Deputy President

Cameron Arnold

Via Byron

John Bennett


Dr James Cowley


Cr Sol Ibrahim

Byron Council

Pat Knight

Tweed Council

Mitch Lowe

Lismore Council

Steve Martin


Marie Lawton

Treasurer & Supporter Liaison 19



Railtrail 13 06 2013  
Railtrail 13 06 2013