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PROGRESS ANYONE? In This Issue: Market Trends 2010


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Legal: Risk Management 101: Incident Reports and What to Do With Them? 2010 SNMA Events Calendar Products and Services Guide

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WHO WE ARE The Southern Nevada Multi-Housing Association (SNMA) is a non-profit organization that provides the local multi-housing industry with legislative support, education and community outreach to benefit our membership and the community. The SNMA is devoted to supporting the diversity, integrity and everchanging environment of the multi-family industry. We are devoted to you.

WHY WE EXIST The Southern Nevada Multi-Housing Association exists to support the multihousing industry and its professionals with proactive legislative efforts, by promoting career development through education and by offering entertaining social opportunities. The SNMA also strives to promote the highest level of professionalism with established standards and practices throughout every segment of the multi-family industry, including management, marketing, maintenance and suppliers. Bottom line… we exist for you, because of you.

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Past President Amanda Hahn ....................... 702.671.6000 Signature Management

Director Maria Avellana...................... 702.227.0444 Stout Management Company

Vice President Debra Peterson ..................... 702.255.3700 For Rent Media Solutions

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As the recovery continues and things get better on a weekly and monthly basis, passing on positive information will keep us all on track and allow our industry and our nation to recover much quicker.


As we glance back on the first quarter of 2010 we are beginning to see some signs of improvement in the multi-family market. Although it is not as prevalent in Las Vegas yet, other areas of the country are looking significantly better. Signs of economic recovery are starting to slowly appear. As we move forward through the year it is important to pass information on to peers and owners, like the information you can find in this issue of the Apartment Insight. Positive thinkers believe our economic recovery will happen faster with more encouraging messages and upbeat thinking by our nation as a whole. Personally, I have always been more of an optimistic thinker than a pessimistic one and it has served me


well over the years. I encourage all of you to focus on the good and pass that information on to your supervisors and owners. The tendency in our industry is to look at what is wrong and come up with quick solutions, or sometimes no solutions. In these challenging times we need to pepper in some of the good stuff. Point it out, pat yourselves on the back when things go right and do the same with your employees, peers, supervisors and owners. As the recovery continues and things get better on a weekly and monthly basis, passing on positive information will keep us all on track and allow our industry and our nation to recover much quicker. Now get out there and find something positive to point out today!


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Market Trends 2010

Vegas Madness …

On the Rebound

Progress anyone? Are we making strides to improve valley wide occupancy this year? Is our market “on the rebound”? Is it STILL Vegas madness? The annual SNMA Market Trends was another huge success this year, showcasing some of the industry’s top leaders and political figures. Many topics affecting our industry and the economy were discussed with enlightening predictions for the upcoming year. Some of the topics, which are in our industries forefront, are included throughout these pages, dedicated to Market Trends.

“The housing market in Las Vegas won’t fully recover until the first quarter of 2012, facing challenges this year similar to last year, high foreclosure rates and stagnant new-home sales.” —Housing Analyst with the Concord Group Market Trends provides a convenient way to keep up with industry trends and gain local industry insight. Market Trends always brings out the best and brightest rental housing industry professionals, who want to educate our membership regarding tomorrow and the future. There will be some format changes and an NEW LOOK to Market Trends in 2011. So, please look forward to Market Trends 2011 “ad APT”, coming next Februar y. Come “adAPT” with us …

The 2010 Market Trends Committee


Platinum and Main Event Sponsor Western Risk Insurance


Short-Term Apartment Leases Can Make Sense

Apartment Vacancy Rates in U.S. to Decline in 2010

More and more of today’s potential apartment residents are seeking out short-term leases -- ones that typically run less than six months -- due to such factors as uncertain employment and the need to stay flexible within their work and family situations. Peggy Abkemeier of reasons, “Some renters would prefer shorter-term leases for the sheer flexibility they provide to act on various types of opportunities, whether that be moving for work, family, travel or a better apartment down the street. The trade-off is that flexibility usually comes with a higher price. However, there are cases where shorter-term leases can really pay off for the renter.” They really come to the rescue for those in temporary work assignments, for instance. A short-term lease can also benefit an apartment resident who has just moved to a new city and needs time to locate the perfect area to settle down. Finally, such leases can enable a renter to search for a job outside his/her commuting zone. For apartment owners, the upside is sustained occupancy. The downside, with resident turnover higher, there is the cost involved each time an apartment needs to be prepped for new occupancy. Inevitably, there is also the risk of attracting an unreliable resident from time to time.

A national property broker reports that apartment vacancies in the U.S., which hit an all-time high of 7.4 percent in 2009, will decline throughout 2010 as job losses stabilize and fewer new rental homes are added to the market. The nation’s vacancy rate will fall to 6.8 percent in 2010, the property broker forecasts. Effective rents, meanwhile, will end the year less than 1 percent down from the fourth quarter of 2009. In some areas, apartments could fill up quickly as employers begin hiring again and Americans in their 20s and early 30s give up sharing housing with roommates and parents. “Landlords have woken up to the fact that the economy is not as strong as it was three years ago, and rents have become more reasonable.” Digested From “Apartment Vacancy Rates in U.S. to Decline in 2010, CBRE Says” Bloomberg (03/11/10) by Prashant Gopal

“Buyers and lenders are underwriting deals cau-

Digested From “Short-Term Leases Can Make Sense” (03/14/10) by Donna Rolando

tiously and with the assumption that revenues will decrease in the coming quarters. Owners of properties that are performing well and do not face a looming refinance challenge are choosing largely not to list assets until market sentiment improves. Investment activity is expected to remain limited as a result.” -


Marcus & Millichap


Teresa Jackson, of Certified Fire Protection, Greets One of the Attendees

The Lovely Miss Lisa Tufano of

Market Trends Expert Panel Discusses Opportunites With the Audience

Everyone Loves Their Pets ... Especially These Two Ladies, Ellen Gilmore and Tami Simon

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman Speaks at Market Trends

Chandra Vail, of Apartment Finder, Selects the Events Grand Prize (a netBOOK Computer) Raffle Winner


One of the many Vendors at Market Trends


To Tow or Not To Tow

By Jeffrey Berry, Quality Towing

– NRS 706.4479 Duties of operator if motor vehicle towed at request of person other than owner.

In this day and age it is more important than ever to maintain curb appeal and occupancy

– NRS 484.407 Special or temporary parking placards or stickers or special license plates: Use by person with disability which limits or impairs ability to walk or by disabled veteran.

on your properties. With the competition of other apartments, as well as inexpensive

– NRS 484.408 Parking space designated for persons who are handicapped: Signs; required plates, stickers or placards for parking; prohibited acts.

housing, any little thing you can do to improve the look of your communities will

– NAC(Nevada Administrative Code) 706.427 Authority to tow vehicles from private property: Display of signs on and marking of property. (NRS 706.171, 706.4477)

improve your occupancy.

To assist you in keeping your properties clean are the towing companies. A good working relationship with a reputable towing company can make this part of your job a lot easier. There are many towing companies to choose from. Just as in everything else there are some that are better than others. The towing industry is regulated by the Nevada Transportation Aut hor it y or N TA . It ’s t hei r job to ma ke su re tow i ng companies are in compliance with the laws that govern towing and when they are not it is the job of the NTA to cite or fine them accordingly. There are many laws that govern what tow companies can and cannot do on your properties. Some of the more pertinent ones are as follows: – NRS (Nevada Revised Statue) 487.038 Authority of owner or person in lawful possession of real property to have towed there from vehicle parked in unauthorized manner.

Common practice is for the towing company to do a walk and tag of your property. This means a representative from the towing company will come onto your property and walk around and inspect each vehicle on the property to make sure they are in compliance with your leases, CC&R’s and rules and regulations. Any vehicle found not in compliance will be annotated on a walk and tag sheet which contains the make, model and color of the vehicle, the license plate or vehicles identification number or (VIN) and the location of the vehicle along with the violation found. In addition each vehicle in violation will have a sticker placed on bottom right corner of the driver’s side window. It is placed there so as not to impede the drivers view if they choose to drive with the sticker in place. Once the walk and tag is completed the list of vehicles in violation is either dropped off with the manager or emailed to them along with a picture of each vehicle showing the violation sticker on the window. This is done as proof that the vehicle was stickered and the resident



was given notice of the violation and given time to correct the a towing company. Check them out to see how long they have problem. Depending on your leases or rules and regulations, been in business, if they are reputable, how the trucks look the resident is given anywhere from 24-72 hours to correct and how the drivers dress. If a company cares enough to the problem. After the time has expired, the tow company have good looking equipment and drivers the chances are representative will contact the manager to see which residents they will pay that same type of attention to taking care of have made arrangements. At that time the manager will sign your properties. Check them out to see what affiliations and off on each vehicle that has not corrected the problem or made organizations the towing companies belong to. Do they work arrangements and the tow company then has 24 hours to return with law enforcement? Do they give back to and support to the property and tow the vehicles. Tagging and towing can be done during the day or night at the discretion of the manager. For any vehicle towed off of private property Towing is nothing that most managers look forward to or there must be written authorization for each specific vehicle from the manager or like, but it is necessary to maintain your properties and your anyone who is in charge of that property. That written authorization is good for 24 occupancy. You need to do a little research before you choose hours only. After that 24 hours is up another a towing company. Check them out to see how long they have written authorization must be obtained before the vehicle or vehicles can be towed. been in business, if they are reputable, how the trucks look There are some instances in which written and how the drivers dress. authorization need not be obtained to tow a vehicle off of private property. As long as the manager or authorized agent has entered into a written agreement with the tow company. The towing the community? Are they responsive to your needs? Do your company can tow vehicles parked in the following fashion: counterparts at other properties use them and what has their • If the vehicle is parked within 15 feet of a fire hydrant or parked experience been? Once you find a good reputable company in a properly marked fire lane you can develop a vendor relationship with them that will free up more time for you by allowing them to walk and tag and • If the vehicle is parked in a manner that interferes with an monitor your property both day and night. They can assist entrance to or exit from the real property you by patrolling your property at night which will discourage • If the vehicle is parked in any space designated for persons who illegal activity on your properties. Also does your tow company are handicapped without handicapped plates or a handicapped provide services to your residents such as tire changes, jump placard hanging from the rear view mirror. starts, lock outs and tows at discounted rates? Does your tow company provide a Safe-T-Ride program which allows them to These vehicles can be towed during the day or night as long as pick you or your residents up with their vehicles if they have the tow truck driver takes a picture of the vehicle showing the over indulged or partied too much and tow them home at a violation. When the owner comes to retrieve the vehicle the discounted rate? This way everyone gets home safely. towing company by law must be able to provide a picture of the vehicle showing the violation if the owner requests one. If the Again there are many choices and companies out there to help towing company cannot produce a picture then the vehicle must you out. A little research now can save you and your resident’s be released at no charge to the owner. time and money now and in the future. It will free you up to concentrate on and perform other duties and take care of your There are certain practices that are not allowed by law for residents and the property. towing companies. There can be absolutely no favors given to property managers in exchange for tows from their property. This includes painting of curbs on properties, cash to managers Quality Towing is proud to ser ve Las Vegas, Nevada, one of the fastest growing cities in Nor th America. This fantastic grow th in return for vehicles to tow, show tickets, kick backs or anything brings heav y traf f ic from suppliers and tourists alike. We too else that is given in return for towing vehicles. This is considered have grown wi th s ever al new lo c ations around the s ou ther n Nevada region. Whether you are a tourist in your family car or a remuneration and is in direct violation of NTA laws. Towing is nothing that most managers look forward to or like, but it is necessary to maintain your properties and your occupancy. You need to do a little research before you choose


trucking company delivering material to help build this city, we are prepared to ser ve you with the latest technology, best equipment and foremost personnel available. Our trucks feature GPS locators for the fastest response time. If it can be moved, we have the equipment to handle it. You can contact Jef frey at 702.649.5711 ext4006 for additional information.


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SNMA Legal Series: Truly Understanding Evictions Speaker: Christopher A. Karsaz of Karsaz & Associates

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Green Recognition: By Michael Fazio

As an additional benefit, depending upon who pays what utilities, many of these straightforward suggestions below will have a positive effect on your property’s NOI and asset value. inexpensive unit upgrades. T he s e upg r ade s s er ve to diminish a tenant’s utility bi l l s over t i me, put more money in their pockets every month and make green heroes out of management companies and maintenance personnel. As an additional benefit, depending upon who pays what utilities, many of these straightforward suggestions below will have a positive effect on your property’s NOI and asset value.

The Southern Nevada Multi-Housing A ssociat ion wou ld li ke to recog ni ze some of the wonderful ideas out there to help our industry REDUCE its carbon foot pr int. Below a re some SI MPL E e x a mple s of how t h i s c a n b e done. Remember, every little bit helps when it comes to “going green”.

• Appliances – Feeling generous or just plain tired of maintenance requests for that old dishwasher? There has never been a better time to invest in new appliances for your units and take advantage of utility and government rebates. A new Energy Star dishwasher must use less than 6 gallons per load a nd ma ny of t hem u se on ly t wo! Replacing this one appliance saves water, electricity and natural gas. If the refrigerator in your units is over 10 years old, it is costing your residents at least twice as much per year as a newer model and there are rebates to help cover the cost! Do your homework, there are a lot of incentives out there …

R e sident s, l i ke u s, a r e u nder g r e at stress financially and struggle paying their bills. While rent reductions are one answer (and NOT the best answer) for renew ing your residents, another and longer lasting strategy is simple …

• F i l t e r s – R e pl ac e H VAC f i lte r s regularly for efficient functioning. Duct cleaning IS NOT recommended during an existing tenancy. Perform a job like that during a turn and allow enough time to let the unit air out.


• Lighting – Offer to install LEDs (light emitting diodes) in unit fixtures. If LEDs will not fit in your budget, upgrade to a lower wattage of CFL. The CFLs of today are much more efficient than those of even 5 years ago. Consider T-5s or T-8s for fluorescent kitchen fixtures. • Low-Flow– Installing 0.5 -1.0 gpm aer ator s on bat h ro om si n k s – i n addition to low flow showerheads – not only reduces the water bill, but the gas or electric bill as well. • Prog rammable Thermostats – These allow residents to better control the temperature in their units. Some of them can even be programmed not to exceed certain parameters, a boon to master-metered or “all bills paid” apartment communities.


While rent reductions are one answer (and NOT

Did You Know?

the best answer) for renewing your residents, another and longer lasting strategy is simple — inexpensive unit upgrades. • Water Heater – Insulate the tank and any accessible pipes, we are talking INEXPENSIVE here and a minimal time commitment too. This can even be done when you turn your units, add it to your maintenance checklist during your turns. • Weatherize – Inspect closely for air leaks around doors, windows and electrical outlets and seal them immediately. Pick one thing and make a difference in your resident’s lives during these hard times. You may find them more agreeable to renewing their lease without any concessions (wouldn’t that be a nice change!!!). Remember, taking action that achieves greater energy efficiency at your property increases asset value through higher retention rates, higher occupancy rates and higher NOI.

their apartment communities use sensor switches in their models. This helps, not only with energy consumption, but significantly reduces power usage when model is NOT being shown. Have your maintenance staff add these inexpensive items to your models and start reducing your community ’s

Michael Fazio, the Southern Nevada Multi-Housing Association’s (SNMA) Executive Director, is ensuring the focus of recycling is prevalent throughout 2010 and beyond in southern Nevada’s multi-housing communities. The SNMA believes in recycling and wants to ensure recycling does not, in effect, wind up costing our properties and residents more in the long run. To recycle is to preserve and our communities should benefit from saving the environment … NOT be penalized for it.

Picerne Real Estate Group and

carbon footprint today.



January Educational Dinner Held February 4th, 2010

Sponsored by

Or iginally scheduled for January, the wet weather we experienced early in the year pushed our Januar y Educational Dinner into the first week of February. The Educational Dinner was a night dedicated to the Board members and Committee members who provide the SNMA with countless hours of their volunteer time. Our members came together to acknowledge and participate in the swearing in of our 2010 Board of Directors, presented by Las Vegas Constable Bobby G. Speaking of Bobby G, the SNMA Legislative Committee proudly donated $1,000 to his re-election campaign, fully supporting his quest to once again be our Las Vegas Constable.

Amy Hjerpe Winning, as Usual ... with Constable Bobby G SNMA President Bret Holmes and Green Speaker Danielle Basson, of Simple Waste Colutions

This was an evening filled with very informative information, delivered to our valued membership. Recycling expert Danielle Basson, of Simple Waste Solutions, discussed one of the Apartment industries most pressing topics RECYCLING. The night also had dinner, networking and great prizes. The SNMA would like to thank the INCREDIBLE display around the entire room, courtesy of the evenings sponsor Silver Lands, Inc.

Paco Horta, of Silver Lands, the Evening Dinner Sponsor with SNMA President Bret Holmes

Congratulations to our New 2010 Board Members:

Raffle Cash Winner Robin Bussey, of Certified Fire Protection

SNMA 2010 Board of Directors President: Bret Holmes, Advanced Management Group President Elect: Paula Lane, Pinnacle AMS West Past President: Amanda Hahn, Signature Management Vice President: Debra Peterson, For Rent Media Solutions Treasurer: Doug Sartain, Certified Fire Protection Secretary: Barbara Kirk ,Camden Property Trust Director: Christopher A. Karsaz, ESQ., Karsaz & Associates Director: Christopher Hinojos, Apartment Guide Director: Dana Murrah, AMC Director: Deborah O’Keefe, The Prime Group Director: Donna Gill ,Pinnacle AMS West Director: Francie Stocking, Western Risk Insurance Director: Maria Avellana, Stout Management Company Director: Martin Estrada, Fairfield Properties Director: Misty Justice, Alliance Residential Director: Rhonda Sikes, Avion at Sunrise Mountain Director: Robert Groucutt, Sherwin Williams Director: Steven Olmos, Silver Lands, Inc. Director: Teresa Jackson, Certified Fire Protection Property Alternate: Laura Parada, Greystar Vendor Alternate: Chandra Vail, Apartment Finder

Maintenance Mania Committee Diane Frazer Wins $500 of Landscaping from Silver Lands

The wonderful Silverlands team



March Bed Bugs Dinner Held March 19th, 2010

Sponsored by

The SNMA March Dinner topic, Taking the Bite Out of Bed Bugs, may sound a little strange for a dinner event. Believe us in saying; the members could not get enough of what seems to be a national epidemic. Entomologist Stoy Hedges, a leading bed bug research expert was the event speaker, with interesting facts and one incredible presentation (Bed Bugs 411,

Amy Hjerpe Asking A Question About Heat and Bed Bugs

available on Stoy also discussed ways to help protect your property against an infestation. This SNMA dinner event really gave a whole new view on the old saying “sleep tight and don’t let the Bed Bugs bite”. The evening’s festivities, attended by nearly 100 people, was brought to a close by great raffles and prizes.

Grand Prize Raffle Winner Maria Head, of Stout Management Company, with SNMA President Bret Holmes and Evening Sponsor Steve Vach, of Terminix Commercial

Gigi Scott, of Thomas Perkins and Associates, Wins A Gift Card

Beg Bug Information, Presented by Stoy Hedges Evening Speakers and Sponsor, Terminix Commercial



SNMA Sizzling Stars Maintenance Sizzling g Star NAME: Edgar Martinez COMPANY: Pinnacle AMS West PROPERTY: Wynn Palms POSITION: Maintenance Supervisor YEARS: 10 years

The economy has been really tough, describe a resident story or circumstance which has touched you the most? There is a resident who lost his job last year. He has been struggling to meet his expenses every month. He does all types of side jobs “here and there” to obtain rent money. He has a wife who does not work and stays home with his 3 kids. She also tries

her best to make ends meet. She started babysitting a friend’s son, to bring in some more money. It really touches my heart to see how this family struggles without complaining of their current situation. They still manage to pay the rent on time.

If you were a computer and could download ONE TRAIT of yours to your team, what would that TRAIT be? I would download “quickness” to my team members. I would like for my team members to a bit more quick at completing their tasks. I would love to be on a 24 hours turnaround for work orders, but since we have 554 units that might be too unrealistic. I still aim to have the least possible number of outstanding work orders at the end of the week.

What is your favorite song right now and why? It would be a little hard for me to explain a Spanish song, so I’ll choose an English song. I don’t listen to English music much but I do like “I’m Already Gone” by Kelly Clarkson. I like the lyrics and the beat.

Property p y Sizzling g Star

one particular occasion we had a family move into Avion after losing all their possessions in a house fire. They had managed to acquire some sparse furnishings and a few household items but they had nothing in their living room. This was a big concern to our maintenance team and they mentioned it to me. Coincidentally, we were in the process of remodeling the clubroom and we had plans to discard the sofa. The lead maintenance technician went to the apartment and had the team install the sectional sofa in the living room. When the family came home they were ecstatic and called to tearfully thank the staff. It reminded us of how simple gestures can make a big impact in the lives of those in need.

PROPERTY: Avion at Sunrise Mountain COMPANY: S & H Realty YEARS: 13 Year Old Property

The economy has been really tough, describe a resident story or circumstance which has touched you the most?

If you were a computer and could download ONE TRAIT of yours to your team, what would that TRAIT be?

(From Assistant Property Manager Marshall Mathews) During the past nine years I have been continually impressed by the empathy and compassion expressed by the on-site team during times of crisis. They have pulled together to provide food, clothing and even furniture for residents who are in need. On

(From Property Manager Rhonda Sikes) If I were a computer I would download an application that gave instructions on how to give 5-star service! The Avion at Sunrise Mountain Apartments team could write the program because they are experts at customer service!



What is your favorite song right now and why? (From Property Manager Rhonda Sikes) My favorite song right now is “Why Don’t We Just Dance” by Josh Turner. In this economic climate and current recession we might as well dance!

leave her employment and go on disability. They struggled to pay their rent each month, but through the help of the Nevada Cancer Center and HELP of Southern Nevada they were able to receive some assistance. It amazed me each month how proactive they were to call me and discuss how and when they would pay their rent and how upbeat they both were about their situation.

Corporate Sizzling Star

Unfortunately, the resident lost his battle with cancer this month, but it is inspiring to know that even in the worst of life’s situations, people can still see be positive.

NAME: Heidi Holly

If you were a computer and could download ONE TRAIT of yours to your team, what would that TRAIT be?

COMPANY: Greystar POSITION: Marketing Director YEARS IN INDUSTRY: 2 ½ Years

The economy has been really tough, describe a resident story or circumstance which has touched you the most? A resident had been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in the late summer and his wife had health problems that required her to

“Happy”. As simple as this one word is, 95% of the time I am happygo-lucky and my glass is flowing over the top. This world would be a better place if we all smiled more!

What is your favorite song right now and why? “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus. This has been my family’s motto for the last six months. We are always trying to remind ourselves and our children to enjoy the moment and the journey and not to place too much emphasis or worry about the future.



Don’t Let them For 40 years, bed bugs had been essentially eradicated from the U.S. until the mid-1990’s. Now they are back and out

for blood.


By Stoy A. Hedges, BCE, Manager, Technical Services, Terminix International

Sixty years ago, our grandmothers and fathers were very familiar with a small, reddish-brown ectoparasite called bed bugs. For 40 years, bed bugs had been essentially eradicated from the U.S. until the mid-1990’s. Now they are back and out for blood. Bed bugs are not just associated with “seedy” motels; lack of good sanitation is not what causes them. This insect is an accomplished hitch-hiker and it only takes a few eggs or a single fertile female carried on a piece of luggage or a box to start an infestation in another building. Vigilance in storing and inspecting one’s possessions when traveling is the best way to prevent carrying them home. Tiny nymphs, about the size of a letter on a penny, hatch from eggs and must go

through 5 molts, or life stages, to reach maturity. Each molt requires a blood meal, and the meals occur after dark, when the host – a person – is sleeping. The bite is painless, and the meal takes about 10 minutes to complete. A bed bug may eat too much and may exude excess blood from its abdomen as it retreats across the bed to its hiding spot. Little blood spots on sheets is a sign of bed bug activity. Being nocturnal, bed bugs spend most of their time resting in cracks and voids, usually in or near the bed. About 70% of an infestation is found in the bed, another 23% is associated with upholstered furniture, and the remaining 7% could be anywhere in a room. The headboard and the front end of the mattress and box springs are the most


common sites to find bed bug activity. Signs of bed bugs include live bugs, shed skins from molting, dark fecal spots, and eggs. These are usually located in protected sites such as cracks and under folds and tucks in the mattress and box springs. They may also be found in the bed frame, baseboards, nightstands and any item under or near the bed. Low-level or new bed bug infestations can be difficult to detect. Bed bug nymphs and eggs are small and easily hidden in small cracks. Even so, training of housekeeping and maintenance staffs in bed bug recognition is critical for bed bug prevention. Infestations are far easier to eliminate if caught early. Even the best inspectors can easily overlook bed bugs;


When this pest is found, treatment is best left to an experienced professional.The steam or freezing is then used to ensure the death of exposed eggs. Residual treatments are then applied into all cracks and voids where bed bugs could be hiding out of sight.

however, and sometimes the first indication is a guest who reports being bitten by bugs.

decorative baseboards should be avoided. Any step taken to “design out” cracks where bed bugs can hide is helpful and sealing any cracks that cannot be eliminated is necessary.

When this pest is found, treatment is best left to an experienced professional. An effective bed bug program employs a variety of strategies and techniques that are too varied to discuss in detail here. Bed bug eggs are the most common reason for continued infestations which is why steam and freezing are useful tools in treating mattresses and box springs.

Minimizing bed bugs is a cooperative effort between the hotel and its pest management provider. Good communication, early detection, proper preparation and regular inspections and possibly preventive treatments are all part of not letting the bed bugs bite.

Physical removal of bugs and cast skins using a vacuum is an important technique. The steam or freezing is then used to ensure the death of exposed eggs. Residual treatments are then applied into all cracks and voids where bed bugs could be hiding out of sight.

Stoy Hedges has had a lifelong fascination with insects, choosing to attend Purdue University, a school well known for its pest control roots, upon graduating from high school. While attending Purdue, Hedges was introduced to the structural pest control industry by working as a termite technician during summers for his hometown pest control company, Mooresville Pest Control. Upon graduating from Purdue in 1981 with a degree urban and industrial pest control, his initial experience was gained by working as a service technician, sales representatives, and supervisor.

It is recommended that bed bug-proof encasements be placed over the mattress and box springs. An encasement traps any bed bugs that may have survived treatment inside, and they eventually star ve or contact a

Hedges is a board certified entomologist (B.C.E.), a registered sanitarian, and a member of Pi Chi Omega, a professional pest management fraternity. He has authored more than 100 articles on practical pest management techniques and is a frequent speaker on numerous topics at pest control conferences around the country. Hedges is also the author of PCT magazine’s popular Field Guide Series, as well as ANThology: The Best of Stoy Hedges.

treated surface. Other bed bugs cannot then gain access into the mattress or box springs making it easier to see and find them. The extra cost of encasements is well worth it to protect these valuable items. A hotel can take steps during remodeling to make a room less hospitable to bed bugs. Encasements are a start. Wood box “pedestals” on which the bed is placed should be avoided and replaced with metal frames that provide far fewer hiding spots for bed bugs. Headboards should have every crack on them sealed as best as possible and use of carpeting as



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Risk Management 101:

Incident Reports and What to Do With Them? By Francie Stocking, CIC, CISR, CRIS, CPIW. Western Risk Insurance

What happens when you have an incident on your property? Who do you call or what do you do? Do you call 911, Property Owner, or Management Company? Do you notify anyone at all? What if you are served with a demand notice? What if you are served with a demand and you have no knowledge of anything happening at your property? These are very important questions I am sure everyone goes through when an incident occurs at your property. It is VERY IMPORTANT to always complete an incident report and keep it on file. If you are notified that a resident or guest has an incident, for example a trip and fall, it is important to take the following steps: 1. Have the resident or guests complete a statement or incident report themselves. Make sure the report is filled out completely including date and time. The resident or guests will need to sign and print their name legibly so it can be read. You should also collect contact information including phone numbers, address and e-mail, if applicable. 2. Complete an incident report yourself as well. Make sure to record the time of day, who was working, and any witnesses. An employee can be a witness as well. ONLY STATE the FACTS, it is not necessary to include details of their personal living habits and or financial status.

5. If authorities were notified, police and or ambulance. Make sure to get a copy of their report to attach to the incident report. Make sure to send all information to Property Owner or Property Manager for them to keep on file. Should you be served with a demand notice or threatened by the claimant, forward the demand notice to Property Owner, Property Management and or Supervisor. It is important to refrain from negotiating with the claimant and or their representatives. If it is determined to turn over to the insurance carrier that could jeopardize the coverage and put the property owner in a bad position when settling the claim. The 5 most common claims are: Fire, slip and fall, trip and fall, water intrusion and wrongful eviction. The most important thing to remember is to document, document, and document!!! Most of the time, we don’t get notified of an incident until months have gone by and then it is very difficult to go back and recreate the scene. It’s also important to keep your inspection reports when you are doing your property walks. Keep in mind, maintenance logs could be crucial when an accident occurs.

Francie is an 11 year Professional with expertise in marketing and sales. She has been focusing on Commercial Property / Casualty for the past 6 years. Francie was awarded the Las Vegas Insurance Professional, 2008 Member of the Year. Francie is the 2008-2009 Nevada Council Director, NAIW. She is a Past-President of the Las Vegas Insurance Professionals (NAIW), and past Treasurer. She is the recipient of CSE’s 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007 President Council Award. Francie sits on the 2010 Board of Directors for the Southern Nevada Multi-Housing Association. She is an active member of the Community Association Institute, the Institute of Real Estate Management and Certified Commercial Investment Managers. Francie has earned her CISR, CRIS, CPIW and CIC designations. Francie is a licensed agent in Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

3. Take photos! There can never be enough photos in a file. Note any conditions that may have contributed to the accident. 4. Take ACTION! Make sure to call the necessary people and take the necessary steps so that the same accident doesn’t happen again. If it is water, place a caution sign and get it cleaned up, if it is a hole-mark the hole and get it repaired as soon as possible.



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Apartment Insight May | June 2010  

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Apartment Insight May | June 2010  

Progress Anyone? Apartment Market Trends 2010 and much more.