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The Nevada State Apartment Associa on (NSAA) is a non-profit organiza on that provides the local mul -housing industry with legisla ve support, educa on and community outreach to benefit our membership and the community. The NSAA is devoted to suppor ng the diversity, integrity and ever-changing environment of the mul -family industry. We are devoted to you.

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WHY WE EXIST The Nevada State Apartment Associa on exists to support the mul -housing industry and its professionals with proac ve legisla ve efforts, by promo ng career development through educa on and by offering entertaining social opportuni es. The NSAA also strives to promote the highest level of professionalism with established standards and prac ces throughout every segment of the mul -family industry, including management, marke ng, maintenance and suppliers. Bo om line… we exist for you, because of you.

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NSAA 2012 Board of Directors 2011-2012 President Paula Lane ........................... (702) 362-6444 Pinnacle, a Family of Companies President Elect Lizza Castro .......................... (702) 436-9293 Prime Residen al Vice President Debra Peterson .................... (702) 255-3700 For Rent Media Solu ons (Las Vegas) Treasurer/Past President Bret Holmes ......................... (702) 699-9261 Advanced Management Group Secretary Susan Bauman ..................... (702) 368-4217 Western Risk Insurance Director Eric Newmark ...................... (702) 952-9321 Karsaz Law Director Christopher Hinojos............. (702) 860-0848 Director Steven Olmos ...................... (702) 459-3192 Silver Lands, Inc. Director Chandra Vail ........................ (702) 798-4511 Apartment Finder Director Vicki Young .......................... (775) 742-5380 Vail and Associates Realty Director Donna Gill ............................ (702) 355-0277 Western Na onal Group Director Teresa Jackson ..................... (702) 449-4443

Director Misty Jus ce Director Rhonda Sikes ....................... (702) 438-7678 Avion at Sunrise Mountain Director Debi O’Keefe....................... (702) 436-9293 MAXX Proper es Director Scarle Casas....................... (702) 250-8489 Anza Management Director Robert Segura ...................... (702) 649-5711 Quality Towing Director Daniel Turkin........................ (702) 523-8788 Director Suzanne Richter ................... (775) 329-3528 Apartment Guide (Reno) Director Gregory Peek ....................... (775) 972-0213 ERGS, Inc. (dba “ERGS Proper es”) Director Michelle Symone e Director Elizabeth Morrissey ............. (702) 256-1797 ConAm Management Director Mario Or z .......................... (702) 395-0071 Fire N Ice Hea ng and Air Condi oning Director - Alternate Myra Rega............................ (702) 435-9800 Camden Property Trust

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Execu ve Assistant Execu ve Director Michael Fazio....................... (702) 436-7662 Aysha Park ........................... (702) 436-7662 Nevada State Apartment Associa on (NSAA) Nevada State Apartment Associa on (NSAA)

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By Paula Lane

Apartment Insight Commi ee: Michael Fazio Nevada State Apartment Associa on Aysha Park Nevada State Apartment Associa on Cover art courtesy of Michael Fazio

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Dani Gorden 801.746.4003

Apartment Insight is published by the Nevada State Apartment Associa on. Apartment Insight is the official trade publica on of the Nevada State Apartment Association, a professional associa on of mul -housing professionals and industry partners. The materials contained in this publica on are general in nature; the applicability to one’s par cular situa on should be reviewed with a professional who has all the facts pertaining to the situa on being considered. The publisher disclaims any liability for published ar cles. Adver sing Policy: Nevada State Apartment Associa on accepts no responsibility for unsolicited materials. Adver sements contained in this magazine do not cons tute endorsement. With the excep on of those products and services directly under the control and supervision of NSAA, it is the policy of the NSAA, its officers and Board of Directors, not to endorse any products or services.

Get Active, Stay Active Spread the word about what the NSAA has to offer The Nevada State Apartment Association is YOUR association. For many years I have given blood, sweat and tears in volunteering for this wonderful organization. I know first-hand that the NSAA offers more to its members than most associations in Las Vegas and more than most apartment associations throughout the country. There is a wealth of information NSAA provides, from this great magazine to the “Latest News” section of the Home Page on There are also wonderful education classes and plenty of networking opportunities throughout the year. And do not forget about our industry advocacy regarding legislative affairs. I am blessed to be a part of this incredible organization.

There’s More Le in the Tank First off, I would like to thank EVERYONE who attended March’s Membership Mixer and Legislative Affairs fundraiser. There were nearly 200 people jammed inside of Firefly* and the NSAA raised over $7,500 for its Legislative Affairs Fund, which was a record. The evening also has its share of political faces, as there were several judges in attendance. Speaking of legislative affairs, this year is going to be an action-packed year for our legislative committee. Currently the committee is pricing out a second golf tournament for October (yep, you heard correctly). The legislative committee is putting together a Legislative Affairs Golf Fundraiser. This tournament will specifically be held to raise money for our LAF (Legislative Affairs Fund) and will be much more exclusive. It will be catered to our executives in Las Vegas and feature ONLY 9 sponsors, one for every other hole. There has been a big demand for this type of event and we will NOT disappoint you. Trust me, there is more to come … it is a great time to spread the word about what NSAA has to offer. This association has been a great defense against a tough economy, and it is our responsibility to keep our association strong as the market continues to improve.

A BIG Thanks to Our Suppliers I just want to take a brief moment and THANK all of our suppliers who are members in our association. We have over 110 suppliers in our industry and that number continues to grow. Suppliers are such a lifeline in our association. We could not do what we do as an association without the tremendous support of these members, who commit tens of thousands of dollars to sponsor NSAA’s events. Your support is GREATLY appreciated!

Invest in Your Future As many of you know, I believe in education to the highest degree. The quality of education programs and offerings this association provides has tremendous value. Please DO NOT forget to register for one of our great classes, you can go to our website and view the classes anytime. Some people have told me they cannot make the classes; this is okay. Why is this okay? Well, because the NSAA offers over 100 classes online now. NSAA’s Online University has offerings in English and Spanish; the classes are available 24 hours / 7 days a week. So, there is no excuse NOT to invest in you. This is your association … MAKE THE MOST OF IT! Get active, stay active!


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Cox Digital Communities Your Path To Higher Revenues And Resident Satisfaction atisfaction



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She responded with solution-oriented feedback when her residents presented her with problems. She also sought out areas where challenges might occur and modified these conditions before they became problems.

If you are to be effective in property management, you must continually strengthen resident retention. With resident retention so important, why do so many “sad-isfied” residents tell me, “When I was considering renting, they waited on me hand and foot. Now that I’ve moved in, it’s my turn to wait for everything!”

By sending resident surveys, she was able to receive specific feedback on potential areas of improvement and desired upgrades. She then worked to implement those improvements that were economically feasible. When confronted with an angry resident, she tried to remain calm, professional and most importantly, realistic about a solution. She attributed her success in working with angry residents to consistency and fair treatment to everyone.

While there has been a revolution in service in our industry, many residents indicate it’s only “Lip Service!” How effective are you in living up to commitments made to your residents? Ask yourself this question, “What does a satisfied resident look like?” When I recently asked this of a group of landlords and property managers, they said that satisfied residents do some of the following actions: • Smile when they pass you or speak in pleasant tones and in a warm, friendly manner over the phone • Call you by name when they greet you • Pay their rent on time • Take their garbage all the way to the dumpster (in multi-unit buildings) • Refer others like themselves to your rentals

It is critical to set resident retention goals and institute programs that meet those goals. I’ve isolated four specific stages where individuals are making a decision on whether or not to remain or become a resident: • Prospective Resident • New Resident • Residing Resident • Intent to Vacate

I recall one landlord who took resident retention on as her personal mission. She remarked, “I want to make sure that living in the property is the pleasant experience I represented when I first leased them the home!”

Prospec ve Resident Do you paint a realistic picture for prospects when they are first considering renting? We found that in some situations “sad-isfied” residents were created by landlords overselling the rental; i.e.

It was obvious that she was looking for opportunities to create resident retention. Her attitude was the most important factor.

MAY | JUNE 2012

SAD ISFIED RESIDENTS | continued on page 8


Examples of what I’m talking about could include one room of their choice carpet cleaned, one room of their choice painted, maid service for a day, lawn or landscaping service for a day, new f looring in the bath or kitchen or one complimentary pest control treatment.

SAD ISFIED RESIDENTS | continued from page 7

promising features and property or neighborhood attributes that were not truly present in order to simply rent the place.

New Resident The greatest impact you have on resident retention occurs when the prospect becomes a resident. His/her “first impression” of living in your rental occurs then.

Intent to Vacate Landlords should concentrate lots of energy on possibly saving a resident who has given notice to move. Once a resident begins making plans to leave, they are certain to talk about your rental for a period of time after they move. What will they say, “What a great place, sorry I had to go” or “Was I glad to get out of there!” It’s up to you.

What programs do you have in place to cement that relationship? Here are a few possible approaches to this goal: • Move-In Package – Develop a special move-in package you will give each new resident. • Market-Ready Move-In Checklist – Create a checklist to ensure every apartment is 100% ready when the new resident moves in. • Local Area Service Guide – Create a list of all the services and merchants available in your area, such as schools, stores and recreation.

• Intent to Vacate Program: Determine the real reason a resident is leaving. If they have a job transfer or are buying a home, it’s difficult to save that intent. However,, if a resident loses a roommate mmate or runs into a temporaryy financial crisis, theree may

Resident retention is not a destination, but a journey. y. It is your personal statement, “This is my work product. t. I’ve put a measure of my time and life into creating a great home that I can be proud of.”

be a way to work it out. Every canceled intent to vacate is like two rentals. Are you interviewing every resident giving their intent to vacate? Are you willing to paint, shampoo or even re-carpet a home to save a resident? • Cost of Moving: Develop a simple flyer that shows residents the real cost of a move. New deposits, new phone, address changes, renting a van or moving company add up to significant dollars!

Residing Resident It is at this time that a resident is most often forgotten. They were given special treatment when first applied and moved-in. During the move-in and property acclimation process, they received a great deal of attention from you to ensure they were settled into their new home. What specific programs do you have in effect to create resident retention during this time? Here are a few of the many ideas developed:

Resident retention is not a destination, but a journey. It is your personal statement, “This is my work product. I’ve put a measure of my time and life into creating a great home that I can be proud of.”

• Resident Rewards Program – Offer resident access to exclusive discounts to local merchants and restaurants. • Resident Newsletter – This device should be used to keep residents informed of rental policies and ways you celebrate accomplishments of your residents (or their children). For example, yard of the month, birthdays, good grades, etc. • Referral Program – If a referral program is legally permitted in your area, it is a tremendous way to thank residents for referring new residents to your community and fill unwanted vacancies. • Anniversary Gifts – on their rental anniversaries. Offer to give small or relatively low-cost property improvements, upgrades to your residents each year.

WRITTEN BY: Russ Sandlin, the founder of The Russ Sandlin Group. He developed a reputa on as an authority in high-level strategies and training for the mul family sector. For over three decades Sandlin teamed with owners and managers across the na on. Much of his success is due to his extensive and hands-on experience in mul family. He knew what community staffs are up against because he had been there. In memory of Russell L. Sandlin, who recently passed away in a boa ng accident in South Carolina. Russ was an industry icon and will be missed greatly by his peers.


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How to Manage Your Utility Costs Summer In Nevada Can Be Downright HOT! Manage Your “Cool” and Save Some Green In the Process

While newer apartment complexes have separate utility meters for gas and electric, older properties often have a central meter for all utilities, with the end result being units marketed to tenants as “utilities included.” An attractive prospect from a marketing standpoint, the fact remains that including utilities in your tenants’ rent can be a risky policy that may ultimately pay off for tenants while costing your management company thousands of dollars a year in inflated utility costs. While increasing rents to cover rising utility costs is an option, rents can only be raised at the end of a lease period, so the tenant abusing that heating or cooling system may have nearly a year of opportunity to abuse the system until you can raise the rent. Fluctuating utility costs also contribute to the difficulty in determining just how much to add to the market cost of each unit in order to cover your expenses accordingly. Low-ball this amount and you’ll end up paying … and paying. Water bills are particularly hard, since the majority of apartment complexes have one central billing meter. But that is beginning to change due to certain areas experiencing unprecedented drought. As a result of the drought, many cities and municipalities are instituting water restrictions that must be followed. Water conservation programs are also active in many areas, but having a central meter for all billing makes it difficult for apartment managers to truly have any control over water usage. By passing those costs directly onto tenants, you’ll be placing the water conservation effort squarely where it belongs, into the hands of your tenants. One option for billing tenants is to use a Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS). RUBS is a common billing method used to allocate water and sewer costs to multi-unit tenants. Certain aspects are looked at when determining a RUBS formula such as the number of occupants in the unit, the square footage of the unit, and the number of

bathrooms in each unit. While sub-metering is an option, it’s often impossible to effectively sub-meter older units. Using RUBS billing system also encourages water conservation, as tenants are apt to exercise more control over water usage. How can you make switching to “tenant-paid” utilities easy on your tenants and avoid a mass defection? • Explain the switch carefully and give tenants adequate time to prepare for the switch, which should take place when their current lease is over. • Consider lowering the monthly rent at the time of renewal. You’ll be saving a lot of money by passing utility costs onto your tenants. By decreasing their base rent, you’ll be providing them with an incentive to stay, while still decreasing your costs significantly. • Set up a solid receivables system for utility billing, or easier still, consider using an outside service who will handle the entire conversion and billing for you. In this time of energy conservation, eliminating the “utilities included” clause in your rental lease can save your property thousands of dollars per year while encouraging tenants to conserve resources for the future.

WRITTEN BY: Mary Girsch-Bock, courtesy of, an AppFolio blog. Mary currently lives in Rio Rancho, NM, just outside of Albuquerque. Mary is a successful business and technology writer, specializing in property management and law office technology. A contribu ng writer for a variety of publica ons including the CPA Technology Advisor, Mary’s first book was published in 2006, and she is currently working on another. Mary has over ten years of property management experience and has worked in both the Chicago and Las Vegas area markets. You can follow Mary on Twi er at twi


Leasing an Apartment with an iPad:

Wow Your Prospect

Imagine hearing the “Ooohs” and “Aaahs” from prospective residents and guests when you whip out your iPad and show them your full color portfolio of floor plans at your apartment community that you will be showing to them. They will be amazed at the colors bursting off the mobile friendly iPad. Let prospective residents and guests scroll through the details of the apartment. Watch them pass it back and forth to one another. Using the touch pad functionality of the iPad allows you to draw your prospect into your presentation by creating paths they can choose or allowing them to tap a presentation to go to the next slide. This kind of engagement often improves attention and allows you to keep the technology intimate and allows the prospect to think that they are in control. If you are unable to take your prospect on a tour of your apartment model, do not worry. Lead them on a virtual video tour of your community amenities through a quick youtube or QuickTime video. You can display them the community Facebook and Twitter page to show them what is being said about your community in real time. MAY | JUNE 2012

The simplicity and ease of use make leasing with an iPad a nobrainer. Communication boundaries are expanded. Sometimes the frustration of communicating all the benefits of leasing at your community does not get communicated fully and leaves some of the prospective resident looking elsewhere. Stop that! With the iPad you have everything you need to walk them through floor plans, price sheets, amenities and videos. It will do everything for you, leaving you to ask for the deposit. Just imagine being able to sit in front of a prospect and tap through the different choices available to them. The iPad is easy to use and it will fulfill the needs and wants of you and your leasing team. The iPad stands next to the mobile phone and email as among the most important business innovations of the last 50 years. Best part is for the moment it’s also got the WOW factor. The iPad is a game changer. If you want to lead the game, get one and get leasing!

WRITTEN BY: Jus n Bryan of The Training Factor. From online course design to learning program management, we provide a single point of accountability for enhancing your employee performance and produc vity. The Training Factor will become your partner. Contact us at 888.753.2768.


Inside Multifamily Marketing:

Converting Leads, the Facts and Figures Industry standards for lead conversion rates can be difficult to pinpoint, given the many variables to the situation (size of staff, size of community, definition and methodology). Estimates given are debatable. Following are a sampling of results from several NAA service partners. A Spherexx report representing 575 apartment communities that received an online inquiry for leasing information revealed that: • 16.6 percent of leads received a return phone call in an average response time of six working hours. • 42.9 percent were sent a personalized e-mail with an average response time of six working hours. (It is worth noting that companies using software that generates an auto-response to an e-mail inquiry generally send their responses in two hours or less.) • 51 percent of online prospects did not receive any form of response. In addition, based on a 2011 annual breakdown of 45,000 Internet or telephone leads tracked by Spherexx from across many geographic locations, it was found that 8.4 percent of phone or e-mail leads resulted in community visits and 36.8 percent of tours resulted in signed leases.

80 percent or more of the communities that did not return our call within 48 hours are telling their marketing department that they need more ads, larger ads, and/or more media sources so as to generate more calls? Or, how many are telling their marketing department that they need new ads because the current ones are not generating adequate qualified traffic?” According to CallSource’s most recent quarterly report that reviewed 148,321 phone calls to 1,403 communities, only 83,361 of those calls were from qualified (based on the qualifying standards set by the community) callers, says Doug Chasick, CPM, CAPS, CAS, Senior VP, Multifamily Professional Services, CallSource. “And 37 percent of those calls resulted in an appointment at a specific time on a specific day,” he says. Chasick says a general rule is that an effective leasing professional should be leasing to at least one of every three toured prospects. “In casual conversations with a number of multifamily housing clients and consultants over the past year, I’ve been hearing that the percentage is closer to 40 percent qualified prospect to lease.” Marcia Bollinger, President, Apartment Finder, estimates that approximately 25 percent of traffic to an Internet Listing Service (ILS) turns into a lead.

SatisFacts conducts resident surveys for apartment owners. According to a study it did in 2010 for RealPage -- whereby it left voicemail messages with 250 communities that do not use a call center — it found that 27.5 percent of calls were not answered during office hours and less than 17 percent of the communities responded to the voicemail message within 48 hours.

“Property management companies all use different metrics of how many of their leads actually turn into leases,” Bollinger says. “It depends on what they count as a real ‘lead.’ It used to be that they hoped for a 50 percent closing ratio, but it’s probably more like 25 percent who actually lease.”

Doug Miller, President, SatisFacts Research, says these results led him to ask this “tongue-in-cheek” question: “How many of the

CONVERTING LEADS | continued on page 16


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CONVERTING LEADS | continued from page 14

How and Where to Adver se Online

Amanda Patterson, Marketing Programs Manager, G5, says her company’s multifamily housing clients see average conversion rates of unique visitors to leads at 10 percent, which includes phone calls and forms, but all through the website.

As marketers, we’ve all heard John Wanamaker’s famous quote, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half,” but as Pay-Per-Click and online advertising continue to flourish, savvy online advertisers are gaining measureable insights into which advertising channels truly work.

She says data for the average conversion rate for website leads to leases is much harder to capture because it would be based on her clients’ ability to capture and track the information consistently, “but in obtaining case studies from the clients who are,” Patterson says, “we’ve heard anywhere from 1.5 percent to 5 percent.” Susan Weston, CAM, CAPS, of the Dallas-based The Susan Weston Company, is part of a human resources and training network. It solicits informally the input of several medium- to large-sized apartment owners and management companies on various topics. One such online discussion was about converting phone-call leads into property tours. Responses ranged from communities that require 30 percent to 50 percent conversion rates, and many said that the company’s marketing department, regional managers and site managers monitor the results calculated by their property management systems to ensure that their expectations are being met. —NAA’s Paul R. Bergeron III

During an AIM 2.0 Internet Marketing for Suppliers Conference session in December, Dan Hobin and Amanda Patterson, CEO and Marketing Manager for G5, respectively, along with Rob Britt, Publisher of Multifamily Executive, and Gina Scheffel, Director of Marketing and Branding for Hamilton Zanze, weighed in on “How and Where to Advertise Online.” First things first: Research and understand the target audience (as if you haven’t heard that yet!). What publications do they read, which conferences are they attending and what are their goals? Each of these questions will affect how and where you market and what tactics you implement. With an understanding of the audience, set measureable objectives and have a clear vision of what you are trying to accomplish. Each tactic should be mapped back to a specific objective. “Business-to-business marketing fails when the marketing team and sales team are not integrating and sharing information. The more

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divergent those groups are, the greater likelihood the program is going to fail,” Britt says. “When you set objectives make sure there is a unified goal across the team.” Online advertising options have grown significantly and include Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, industry e-newsletters and even trade association websites. Get familiar with each channel, understand their similarities and differences, study media kits and monitor the competition. puts your community in front of more renters in more ways throughout their apartment search bringing qualified traffic to your leasing office to keep your lobby buzzing.

“The greatest thing online adverting does is increase frequency. Now you have options to generate more frequency using ‘x’ percent of your budget,” Hobin says. “Wherever you do it, do it often and recognize that tracking leads is always a [challenging proposition]. Technology is making it easier, but a single lead may come from three to four different sources.” Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising has its benefits because it is precisely targeted, highly quantifiable and provides instant results. However, bear in mind Google puts users first, even when it comes to PPC advertising results. The 500-pound Google-rilla in the room evaluates both the quality of the ad and the quality of the content of your website or landing page. “Until about three years ago, we never got any of our clients from PPC advertising. You need to do it, but it’s not the best source,” says Hobin.

(888) 658-RENT or

©2011 Classified Ventures, LLC. All rights reserved. Location: Aqua at Lakeshore East

When it comes to keywords, make sure you abide by Google’s terms of use as well as trademark laws. A heated discussion broke out on the topic of buying your competitor’s key words and name, so proceed with caution and speak with your legal counsel before executing your online advertising strategy to address any gray areas. If you’re just about to embrace online advertising or you’re looking to enhance your strategies, here are a few best practices the panelists provided: • Understand and respect the lead funnel: prospects/ interested leads/warm leads/ hot leads, and where they are in the relationship with you. • Build trust and credibility: make sure the customer experience is a good one. • Be compelling: are you solving a problem the prospect has? • Be a partner not a vendor: clients are looking to work together to solve problems. • Keep the commitment level low and give something valuable for free. • Include a privacy message to ensure their information isn’t being abused. • Visually appealing and strong, compelling copy are important for conversion rates. • Avoid “retail speak” and “marketing buzzwords.” EXTRACTED FROM: Units Magazine (Volume 36, Issue 3) from the Departments category tled “Marke ng Insider”; Units Magazine is put out on a monthly basis from the Na onal Apartment Associa on

MAY | JUNE 2012







Platinum Sponsors provides advertisers with unmatched exposure reaching more renters in more ways throughout their apartment search. The result? You get more opportunities to connect with renters and bring them to your leasing office.

OUR NAME: is the logical renter destination. With the strongest name in the industry, more than 30% of visits to our site come from our name alone – creating millions of visits per year from renters simply typing “” into their web browser.

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exposure to its visitors.

PARTNER NETWORK: distributes your listings to relevant websites, further extending your reach to renters online. A network of high profile news media partners, nationally recognized real estate websites, demographic targeted sites and local information sites puts your community in front of renters wherever they are searching. Best part of all? We do this for you... for free!

EMERGING MEDIA: and Apartment Home Living extend your reach to renters with the latest and greatest emerging media outlets such as mobile, online video and social media. Through our outreach, your community is viewable by hundreds of thousands of renters each month on some of the most popular online destinations. Without ever needing to visit or Apartment Home Living, renters can easily find your community on Facebook with the new “Find an Apartment” search app, YouTube, mobile sites, mobile apps and more!

APARTMENT HOME LIVING: A part of the Network, Apartment Home Living ( increases advertiser exposure through traditional and innovative tactics resulting in millions of monthly on and off-site visits. (See “Emerging Media” for more information on off-site visits.) Apartment Home Living is one of the fastest growing, most visited rentals category websites and your partnership with is the ONLY way to receive


aa. .nvs w w w

Opportunity awaits and so do millions of renters searching online for apartments! For additional information, contact Chris Hinojos at (702) 860-0848 or by email at

visit us online! 18

Quality Towing Quality Towing is proud to serve Las Vegas, Nevada, one of the greatest cities in North America. This fantastic growth brings heavy traffic from suppliers and tourists alike. We too have grown with several new locations around the southern Nevada region. Whether you are a tourist in your family car or a trucking company delivering material to help build this city, we are prepared to serve you with the latest technology, best equipment and foremost personnel available. Our trucks feature GPS locators for the fastest response time. If it can be moved, we have the equipment to handle it.

What We Offer • • • • • •

Prompt Emergency Service 24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week Service Toll Free 1-888-TOW-TRUX Fax 702-642-4831 Heavy Duty and Light Duty Towing Major Credit Cards Accepted

Our main office is located at 4100 East Cheyenne Las Vegas, NV 89115. At this location you can come to recover a towed vehicle, pay fees, or just stop by to chat. For additional information on Quality Towing please call Bobby Segura at 702.335.2717 or e-mail

On March 22, 2012 the Nevada State Apartment Association helds its annual Membership Mixer at Firefly* Westside. Along with the Mixer the NSAA also held a fundraiser which benefitted NSAA’s Legislative Affairs Fund and a silent auction which benefitted Street Teens. The event was a HUGE success and attracted just under 200 guests. The following companies have donated AT LEAST $1,000 this calendar year to the NSAA Legislative Affairs Fund:


x x x x x x x

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE CURRENT ISSUES WE ARE FACING / WORKING ON FOR OUR MEMBERS x City of Henderson - Fire Permit Fees x Clark County - Offsite Signage

Camden Property Trust Courtesy Patrol Services Criterion Brock Karsaz Law Ovation Property Management Picerne Real Estate Group Silver Lands, Inc.

x Clark County - Business Licensing Fees for Landlords x Rent Control; Discussion Being Entertained by

Nevada Legislators x Las Vegas Valley Water District - Ongoing Water Billing Issues

Thank you for your support and thanks to EVERYONE who has contributed this year!

If you have an issue, which needs our immediate attention, please contact our legislative team, led by Eric Newmark at

Stay tuned for a BIG announcement in late May regarding our next Legislative Affairs Fundraiser. HINT: This one involves golf in October ...

OUR 2012 GOAL $50,000.00 CURRENT $ $16,139.62 COMMITTED $ $2,000.00 CommiƩed dollar amount has been invoiced, just NOT received as of the date of this publicaƟon.


WHY YOU SHOULD INVEST IN OUR INDUSTRY A catastrophic legislative storm can create a tremendous amount of damage. Negative legislation and regulations can tremendously affect YOUR RESIDENTS, YOUR CLIENTS, YOUR JOB, and YOUR COMPANY’S FINANCIAL SECURITY. The NSAA advocates for and against legislation related to the problems and concerns of rental housing owners and professionals, but we need your HELP! Candidates elected during this election cycle will become the “decision makers” of tomorrow. The NSAA supports those candidates who UNDERSTAND and are receptive to our industry’s positions. NSAA members play a crucial role in protecting the industry’s bottom line by investing in NSAA’s LAF (Legislative Affairs Fund). If you DO NOT protect your industry, WHO will? In order to make an impact and a difference in our industry WE NEED YOUR PARTICIPATION TODAY. Invest in the NSAA LAF today and help us be the voice of the rental housing industry in Nevada.

MAY | JUNE 2012





sing in your associa on’s trade journal is a solid approach to business development. In fact, a recent survey done via the PPA called The Essen al Medium, found B2B publica ons — such as Apartment Insight, to be the number one informa on source within any given industry when compared to other media. In the survey, respondents were asked whether they agreed or disagreed with a series of a tude statements and the PPA compiled the data, resul ng in the percentages. Verba m responses were collected by the survey, which are added to exemplify the points. Here are a few excerpts: Business publica ons are rated the first choice for staying in touch with what’s going on in their sector by 61% percent of decision makers. • “If I didn’t read them I wouldn’t know what’s going on.” • 71% of decision makers believe that B2B magazines are essen al reading. • “I would be lost without my business publica ons.” • 83% of managers would recommend to people star ng a career in their sector to read the business publica ons. • “With the informa on we gather from the publica ons, we can determine if we are on the right track or if we need to change direc on.” • Essen al? Apparently!



Member parƟcipaƟon is vital to the growth of our industry. NSAA commiƩees are the perfect venue to meet with your colleagues and exchange ideas.

Member par cipa on is vital to the growth of our industry. NSAA commi ees are the perfect venue to meet with your colleagues and exchange ideas. You can help contribute to our associa on’s objec ves by volunteering to serve on a commi ee. To sign up for one or more of the following commi ees, call the NSAA at 702.446.8445. Or you can e-mail the Board Liaison or Commi ee Chair listed with your contact informa on and which commi ee or commi ees you would like to join.

You can become part of our important work by volunteering to serve on a commiƩee. To sign up for one or more of the following commiƩees, simply fill out the form below and fax back to NSAA at 702.446.8445 or e-mail us at with your contact informaƟon and which commiƩee(s) you would like to join.

________ Bowling

________ Community Outreach

________ Dinner MeeƟng

________ EducaƟon

________ Golf

________ Jewel Awards

________ LegislaƟve

________ Maintenance Mania

________ Market Trends

________ Membership / IROC

________ Poker

________ Public RelaƟons

________ Reverse Trade Show

Name: ____________________________________________ Company: _________________________________________ Telephone Number: _________________________________ Fax Number: _______________________________________ * E-Mail Address: ___________________________________ * ALL commiƩee correspondence is done through e-mail. To be part of a commiƩee, you and / or your company must be an NSAA member.

For informaƟon regarding the NSAA website, arƟcles which appear on the website and adverƟsing on the website please contact Michael Fazio at 702.436.7662.

MAY | JUNE 2012


NV LICENSE #75287, #75288

UL #100571-601

We install, service, and monitor all of your fire protection and security needs. Specializing in Commercial and Residential Development

• Service and Maintenance

• Emergency Lighting

• Fire Hydrants

• Security Monitoring

• Fire Sprinklers

• Fire Extinguishers

• Fire & Safety Equipment

• Fire Alarm Systems

• Safety Compliances Our Locations

3225 E. Post Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89120 702.458.8600 702.458.8765 [f ]

2315 Dickerson Rd. Reno, NV 89503 775.322.2779 775.322.3904 [f ]


For a free estimate, call us to find out what solutions work for you.

PRODUCTS & SERVICES GUIDE LAS VEGAS A/C SALES SUPPLIES & PARTS ARS / Rescue Rooter 6275 South Pioneer Way Las Vegas, NV 89113 P: (702) 262-2222 F: (702) 446-0307 ADVERTISING Apartment Finder 6330 McLeod Dr. Ste. 5 Las Vegas, NV 89120 cvail@apartmen P: (702) 604-2351 F: (702) 798-8311 Apartment Guide (Las Vegas) 8298 South Arville Street Suite #104 Las Vegas, NV 89139 P: (702) 939-1494 F: (702) 939-1551 175 W. Jackson Blvd., 8th floor Chicago, IL 60604 l P: (312) 601-5391 F: (312) 601-6256 For Rent Media Solu ons (Las Vegas) 5740 S. Arville St., Ste 209 Las Vegas, NV 89118 P: (702) 255-3700 F: (702) 255-4901 30700 Russell Ranch Rd. Westlake Village, CA 91362 P: (805) 557-2300 F: (480) 556-4623 Simply Apartments 1176 Center Point Drive Henderson, NV 89074 P: (702) 567-2411 F: (702) 567-2611 ALARM SYSTEMS AND SERVICES TSI Total Safety Inc. 9555 Del Webb Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89134 P: (702) 967-0000 F: (702) 967-0001 APPLIANCES SALES/RENTAL/PARTS/ REPAIR Ferguson Enterprise 501 Parkson Road Henderson, NV 89011 P: (702) 564-2660 F: (702) 564-1329 Lowe’s of Henderson 440 Marks Street Henderson, NV 89014 P: (702) 458-5297 F: (702) 458-6287 Universal Service & Supply 3605 W. Twain Las Vegas, NV 89103 P: (702) 876-0333 F: (702) 876-5994 ASBESTOS CERTIFICATION REMOVAL Genie Services 4300 North Pecos Road, Suite #22 Las Vegas, NV 89115 P: (702) 452-1111 F: (702) 452-1179 ASPHALT SEAL COATING STRIPING & REPAIRS Affordable Striping & Sealing 5795 South Sandhill Road, Suite F Las Vegas, NV 89120 P: (702) 222-9009 F: (702) 248-9605 MAY | JUNE 2012

ATTORNEYS/LEGAL SERVICES Karsaz Law 375 Warm Springs Ave., Ste 104 Las Vegas, NV 89119 P: (702) 952-9321 F: (702) 933-5077 The Faux Law Group 1540 West Warm Springs Rd., Suite #100 Henderson, NV 89014 P: (702) 458-5790 F: (702) 458-5794 AWARDS/TROPHIES Awards West 1957 North Decatur Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89108 P: (702) 648-1661 F: (702) 648-1602 BACKFLOW TESTING TSI Total Safety Inc. 9555 Del Webb Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89134 P: (702)967-0000 F: (702)967-0001 BALCONY REPAIR Nevada Gypsum Floors 3588 South Valley View Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89103 P: (702)871.3330 F: (702) 871-7597 BALLOONS & HELIUM Party USA 800 South Rampart Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89145 cur P: (702) 897-7278 F: (702) 992-9915 BLINDS/WINDOWS/DOORS/GLASS Cherokee Blind & Door 4350 S Arville, C-21 Las Vegas, NV 89103 P: (702) 432-3244 F: (702) 432-3341 BROCHURES AND FLYERS 702 West 2470 Denholme St. Henderson, NV 89044 P: (702) 278-8905 F: (702) 202-4513 CARPET CLEANING/RESTORATION/DYEING Carpets of America 650 Kresgie Lane Sparks, NV 84431 P: (775) 358-8080 F: (775) 358-8151 Immaculate Carpet Care 6000 South Eastern Avenue, Suite 9-C Las Vegas, NV 89119 P: (702) 433-3373 F: (702) 320-2500 Roadrunner Carpet Care 8985 South Eastern Avenue #325 Las Vegas, NV 89123 P: (702) 262-6061 F: (702) 507-0094 Signature Restora on 801 S. Rancho Dr., Ste E4 Las Vegas, NV 89106 steveamico@signaturerestora P: (702) 823-5500 F: (702) 385-6967 Solar Contract Carpet of Las Vegas, Inc. 4280 Wagon Trail Ave. #C Las Vegas, NV 89118 P: (702) 798-7100 F: (702) 798-1982

Ul mate Choice Carpet Cleaning 4320 West Reno Avenue, Suite I Las Vegas, NV 89118 suhailyr@ul matechoicerestora P: (702) 515-1485 F: (702) 515-1486 Universal Carpet Care, Inc. 3111 S. Valley View, Ste. N-102 Las Vegas, NV 89102 P: (702) 220-9003 F: (702) 220-4818 CARPET SALES & INSTALLATION Seamless Flooring LLC 6555 S. Tenaya Way #700 Las Vegas, NV 89113 P: (702) 431-7900 F: (702) 614-4300 CLEANING SERVICES AE Janitorial Solu ons 5269 Burnham Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89119 ialvarez@aejanitorialsolu P: (702) 252-4630 F: (702) 736-8160 Cleaning Resource Services, Inc 6358 Montessori Street Las Vegas, NV 89113 P: (702) 243-6275 F: (702) 256-1523 Genie Services 4300 N. Pecos Rd. #22 Las Vegas, NV 89115 P: (702) 452-1111 F: (702) 452-1179 CLEANING SERVICES MOLD/DISASTER Genie Services 4300 N. Pecos Rd. #22 Las Vegas, NV 89115 P: (702) 452-1111 F: (702) 452-1179 Odor Masters 4616 W. Sahara Avenue #178 Las Vegas, NV 89102 P: (702) 253-5030 F: (702) 242-9238

CONCRETE REPAIR & RESURFACING Precision Concrete Cu ng 3191 North Canyon Road Provo, UT 84604 ma P: (801) 830-4060 F: (801) 224-0062 CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS Allana Buick & Bers, Inc. 3002-200 Rigel Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89102 P: (702) 321-2085 F: (702) 437-3233 Houston Contrac ng Corp 7643 Arila Beach Ave Las Vegas, NV 89113 dave@houstoncontrac P: (702) 966-8900 F: (702) 940-7859 COUNTY/CITY OFFICES Constable’s Office Las Vegas Township 309 S. Third Street, P.O. Box 552110 Las Vegas, NV 89155 P: (702) 455-4099 F: (702) 385-2436 CRIME SCENE CLEAN UP Steama c Total Cleaning & Restora on 2851 Synergy Street North Las Vegas, NV 89030 mesposito@steama P: (702) 633-0383 F: (702) 633-0012 DEVELOPERS REAL ESTATE & GENERAL CONTRACTORS Basch Construc on Company 6226 Sandhill Road Las Vegas, NV 89120 P: (702) 314-4545 F: (702) 314-4547 Kalb Industries of Nevada Ltd. 5670 Wynn Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89118 P: (702) 365-5252 F: (702) 365-5257

ServiceMaster 1st Response 451 Mirror Court, Suite #105 Henderson, NV 89011 P: (702) 896-4197 F: (702) 896-3559

DOORS & DOOR/GATE PRODUCTS Western Door and Gate 7725 Commercial Way, Suite #120 Henderson, NV 89011 P: (702) 839-3600 F: (702) 558-3222

COLLECTIONS AGENCIES AND SYSTEMS Allied Collec on Services 3080 S. Durango Dr., Ste 208 Las Vegas, NV 89117 P: (702) 939-8390 F: (702) 944-4062

DRYWALL CONTRACTORS Genie Services 4300 N. Pecos Rd. #22 Las Vegas, NV 89115 P: (702) 452-1111 F: (702) 452-1179

Clark County Collec on Services 8860 West Sunset Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89148 P: (702) 940-5120 F: (702) 365-7927

ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS Dominion Environmental Consultants, Inc 12073 Cardinal Climber Court Las Vegas, NV 89138 P: (702) 368-2700

Na onal Credit Systems, Inc. 1044 South Buchanan Street Gilbert, AZ 85233 jnan sta@na P: (888) 272-8178 F: (206) 339-4983 COMMERCIAL LENDING Paragon Mortgage Corpora on 1130 East Missouri Avenue, Suite 204 Phoenix, AZ 85014 jchris P: (602) 266-3865 F: (602) 230-1716


EXERCISE EQUIPMENT Equip Fitness 4760 South Pecos Road, Suite #103 Las Vegas, NV 89121 P: (702) 309-4198 F: (702) 974-0893 FIRE ALARMS AND PROTECTION 1 Time Alarm and Security 949 Empire Mesa Way Henderson, NV 89011 P: (702) 565-8000 F: (702) 565-7000

Signal Fire Inc. 1020 Washington Oaks Street Las Vegas, NV 89128 P: (877) 577-7495 F: (877) 577-7415

TSI Total Safety Inc. 9555 Del Webb Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89134 P: (702) 967-0000 F: (702) 967-0001

Winston Contract 603 SE Fort King Street Ocala, FL 34471 jrega@brownjordaninterna P: (800) 327-1541 F: (352) 368-2471

MSI HVAC 11700 Industry Avenue Fontana, CA 92337 P: (951) 727-2228 F: (888) 841-5254

TSI Total Safety Inc. 9555 Del Webb Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89134 P: (702) 967-0000 F: (702) 967-0001

FLOORING COVERING/CARPET Criterion Brock, Inc. 1660 Helm Dr. Ste 1000 Las Vegas, NV 89119-3845 P: (702) 458-6550 F: (702) 458-6584

GARBAGE COLLECTION Western States Sanita on, LLC 3651 Lindell Rd., Ste D - 418 Las Vegas, NV 89103 dnikolaus@western-states-sanita P: (702) 473-8223 F: (702) 943-0233

INSURANCE Farmers Insurance/Aaron Campbell Agency 2375 South Jones Boulevard, Suite 18 Las Vegas, NV 89146 P: (702) 645-3130 F: (702) 920-0444

Mohawk Industries 2514 East Turney Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85016 P: (480) 650-9315 F: (602) 926-2453

GENERAL CONTRACTORS F & A Pain ng and Construc on, Inc. 4335 West Post Road Las Vegas, NV 89118 fapain P: (702) 914-2676

Kaercher & Associates Insurance Brokerage 2500 N. Buffalo Dr., Ste. 230 Las Vegas, NV 89128 P: (702) 384-2813 F: (702) 304-7860

FIRE AND SAFETY Cer fied Fire Protec on 3400 W Desert Inn, Ste 20 Las Vegas, NV 89102-8354 P: (702) 873-5995 F: (702) 251-1972 TSI Total Safety Inc. 9555 Del Webb Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89134 P: (702) 967-0000 F: (702) 967-0001

Shaw Industries 11411 Valley View Cypress, CA 90670 P: (714) 317-9999 F: (888) 367-6220

FIRE AND WATER RESTORATION Pinnacle Restora on 6625 South Valley View Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89118 P: (702)432-0748 F: (702)432-0749

Sherwin Williams Paint & Floor Covering 7470 S. Dean Mar n Drive, #105 Las Vegas, NV 89139 P: (702) 895-8887 F: (702) 895-8892

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS TSI Total Safety Inc. 9555 Del Webb Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89134 P: (702) 967-0000 F: (702) 967-0001 FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEMS INSTALLATION Southern Nevada Fire Protec on 3225 East Post Road Las Vegas, NV 89120 P: (702) 458-8600 F: (702) 458-8765

FURNITURE RENTAL/SALES CORT Furniture Rental (Las Vegas) 6625 Arroyo Springs St. Ste. 130 Las Vegas, NV 89113 P: (702) 822-7368 F: (702) 822-7324 KRT Concepts 6170 W. Lake Mead Blvd., #168 Las Vegas, NV 89108 P: (702) 490-3558 F: (702) 924-2562

Rawson Construc on 3625 West Teco Avenue, Suite 10 Las Vegas, NV 89118 arlene@rawsonconstruc P: (702) 739-9399 F: (702) 614-4287 GOLF CART MOBILE SERVICE, REPAIRS & PARTS Wheels In Mo on 6250 Banning Creek Drive Las Vegas, NV 89118 wheelsinmo P: (702) 798-1991 F: (702) 837-6187 HOUSE KEEPING Roadrunner Carpet Care 8985 South Eastern Ave #325 Las Vegas, NV 89123 P: (702) 262-6061 F: (702) 507-0094 HVAC Fire-N-Ice Hea ng & Air Condi oning 2912 S. Highland Dr., Ste E Las Vegas, NV 89109 P: (702) 395-0071 F: (702) 395-0253

Nevada West Business Insurance 4175 S. Riley St., Ste 200 Las Vegas, NV 89147 jeffm@nvwes P: (702) 597-5998 F: (702) 990-0500 Renters Legal Liability LLC 466 South 400 East #103 Salt Lake City, UT 84111 P: (801) 994-0237 F: (801) 521-4452 Sterling Grant & Associates, LLC 2200 East Camelback Road, Suite #222 Phoenix, AZ 85016 P: (602) 954-7200 F: (602) 954-9624 Western Risk Insurance 3140 S. Rainbow Blvd., Suite 400 Las Vegas, NV 89146 P: (702) 368-4217 F: (702) 368-4219



Find out how targeted advertising can produce real, measurable results for your organization.


GET RESULTS Dani Gorden, Advertising Sales 801.746.4003 |


INTERIOR DESIGN Interior Specialists Inc. 7465 West Sunset Road, # 1200 Las Vegas, NV 89113 P: (702) 227-4111 F: (702) 940-3448 INTERNET SERVICES/ACCESS Cox Communica ons 1700 Vegas Drive Las Vegas, NV 89106 P: (702) 545-1361 F: (702) 545-4392 LANDSCAPING & MAINTENANCE D & K Landscape 3068 S. Highland Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89109 mfine P: (702) 361-5855 F: (702) 361-5866 Desert Green Landscape Maintenance, Inc DBA DG Landscape 4205 West Tompkins Avenue #6 Las Vegas, NV 89103 ma P: (702) 739-3422 F: (702) 878-7363 Escalera Landscape 3015 Cooper Creek Drive Henderson, NV 89074 P: (702)735.3545 Gothic Grounds Management, Inc. 2923 West Charleston Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89102 P: (702) 676-1185 F: (702) 678-6968 Integrated Landscape Management 4555 Dean Mar n Drive Las Vegas, NV 89103 P: (702) 283-9904 F: (702) 537-2294 Newtex Landscape, Inc. 271 Sunpac Avenue Henderson, NV 89011 P: (702) 795-0300 F: (702) 795-0192 Silver Lands Inc. 2901 S. Highland Drive, Suite 15-A Las Vegas, NV 89109 P: (702) 459-3192 F: (702) 459-4372 Walker Landscape Maintenance, LLC 4280 West Reno Las Vegas, NV 89118 P: (702) 566-4600 F: (702) 257-2572 LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT Coinmach Laundry Service 501 North 37th Dr., Suite 102 Phoenix, AZ 85009 P: (602) 722-6959 F: (602) 340-8907 LEAD TRACKING SYSTEM CallSource 31280 Oak Crest Drive Westlake Village, CA 91361 P: (818) 673-4756 F: (888) 593-1999 MAINTENANCE SUPPLIES AZ Partsmaster 2950 S. Highland Drive Suite E Las Vegas, NV 89109 jerry.s P: (702) 369-2121 F: (702) 369-4391 HD Supply 320 Lava Beds Way Las Vegas , NV 89031 P: (702) 917-5746 F: (702) 622-7222

MAY | JUNE 2012

Maintenance Supply Headquarters 880 Wigwam Pkwy., #140 Henderson, NV 89014 P: (702) 558-2200 F: (702) 558-2205 Wilmar 4119 Bola Drive North Las Vegas, NV 89032 P: (702) 296-0664 F: (702) 643-5948 MAKE READY Genie Services 4300 N. Pecos Rd. #22 Las Vegas, NV 89115 P: (702) 452-1111 F: (702) 452-1179 MARKETING CONSULTANTS SERVICES G5 550 NW Franklin Avenue, Suite 200 Bend, OR 97701 cj.edmonds@g5pla P: (541) 633-7271 F: (541) 225-5166 LeaseLabs 2870 Fi h Avenue, Suite 202 San Diego, CA 92103 P: (619) 233-4700 F: (619) 233-4702 ScentAir (Las Vegas) 14301-G South Lakes Dr. Charlo e, NC 28273 P: (775) 250-0121 F: (775) 622-3565 ScentAir (Reno) 14301-G South Lakes Dr. Charlo e, NC 28273 P: (775) 250-0121 F: (775) 622-3565 MOLD REMEDIATION & TESTING Eagle Restora on 6225 Harrison Dr., # 1 Las Vegas, NV 89120 P: (702) 895-9991 F: (702) 895-9992 Genie Services 4300 North Pecos Road, Suite #22 Las Vegas, NV 89115 P: (702) 452-1111 F: (702) 452-1179 AZ Partsmaster 2950 S. Highland Drive Suite E Las Vegas, NV 89109 jerry.s P: (702) 369-2121 F: (702) 369-4391 MYSTERY SHOPPING QSI Specialists 2190 East Pebble Road, Suite 150 Las Vegas, NV 89123 P: (702) 891-0550 F: (702) 891-0550 NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION American Red Cross 1771 East Flamingo Road #206-B Las Vegas, NV 89119 P: (702) 791-3311 F: (702) 791-3372 SNHD Tobacco Control Program 400 Shadow Lane, Suite #101 Las Vegas, NV 89106 P: (702) 759-1276 F: (702) 759-1416 OFFICE SUPPLIES Advance Office & Janitorial Supplies 3261 S Highland, Ste. 603 Las Vegas, NV 89109 P: (702) 735-0213 F: (702) 735-0147

OUTDOOR FURNITURE Renu Casual Furniture 975 American Pacific Drive, Suite #105 Henderson, NV 89014 P: (702) 568-9004 F: (702) 568-9007

PLUMBING Complete Solu ons dba Roto Rooter 39 East Brooks Avenue North Las Vegas, NV 89030 P: (702) 646-5273 F: (702) 646-0132

PAINT CONTRACTORS, EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES Genie Services 4300 North Pecos Road, Suite #22 Las Vegas, NV 89115 P: (702) 452-1111 F: (702) 452-1179

Lange Plumbing 4690 Judson Avenue, Suite A Las Vegas, NV 89115 P: (702) 254-1908 F: (702) 228-8170

New Age Pain ng & Coa ngs 848 North Rainbow Blvd., #302 Las Vegas, NV 89107 P: (702) 406-6964 F: (702) 426-9553 Out-Fit 25 West Easy Street, Suite 306 Simi Valley, CA 93065 P: (949) 873-3616 F: (805) 426-8120 PPG Pi sburgh Paints 5475 South Valley View Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89118 P: (702) 736-2929 F: (702) 736-3151 PPG Architectural Coa ng 1304 East 40th Street Houston, TX 77022 P: (713) 542-9258 F: (877) 628-3163 PAINT SALES/SERVICE Dunn-Edwards Paints 4300 E. Tropicana Ave Las Vegas, NV 89121 P: (702) 845-7539 F: (702) 243-8131 Empire Community Pain ng 5940 South Rainbow Blvd., Ste 2012 Las Vegas, NV 89118 dwhitaker@empirepain P: (888) 278-8200 F: (702) 939-9940 Primo Pain ng 9053 South Pecos Rod #2910 Henderson, NV 89074 tori@lasvegasprimopain P: (702) 457-5552 F: (702) 457-3620 Sherwin Williams Paint & Floor Covering 7470 S. Dean Mar n Drive. #105 Las Vegas, NV 89139 P: (702) 895-8887 F: (702) 895-8892 TGJ Pain ng 401 Max Court Henderson, NV 89011 P: (702) 558-0816 F: (702) 564-0617 PEST CONTROL Global Pest Services 1132 Coral Crystal Court North Las Vegas, NV 89032 dus P: (702) 657-0091 F: (702) 657-1608 R and C Pest Control LLC 5415 South Cameron Street, Suite 112 Las Vegas, NV 89118 P: (702) 257-2847 F: (702) 257-2842 Terminix Commercial 3147 West Post Road Las Vegas, NV 89118 P: (702) 837-6520

F: (702) 837-5980

PLAYGROUNDS/SITE AMENITIES Big T Recrea on 949 East Pioneer Road, Ste A-4 Draper, UT 84020 P: (801) 572-0782 F: (801) 216-3077


MOEN, Inc. 7565 North Torrey Pines Drive Las Vegas, NV 89131 P: (702) 595-1337 F: (702) 645-7175 PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS Bobby G and Associates, LLC 500 South Rancho Drive, Suite 17 Las Vegas, NV 89106 P: (702) 331-4910 F: (702) 331-4911 PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE AppFolio 55 Cas lian Drive Santa Barbara, CA 93117 P: (805) 617-2161 F: (805) 968-0653 Century Payments 2611 Internet Boulevard, Suite 201 Frisco, TX 75034 P: (469) 252-2674 F: (469) 252-9812 RealPage Inc. 4000 Interna onal Pkwy Carrollton, TX 75007 P: (972) 820-3015 F: (972) 820-3383 RentPayment 505 Sansome, 8th Floor San Francisco, CA 94111 P: (866) 289-5977 F: (866) 786-4775 REAL ESTATE BROKERS Johnson Group 10631 Professional Circle Reno, NV 89521 P: (775) 224-3183 RECYCLING Republic Services Company 770 East Sahara Avenue Las Vegas, Nevada 89104 P: (702) 599-5502 RELOCATION SERVICES Reloca on Resources 8379 West Sunset Road, #110 Las Vegas, NV 89113 jennifer@reloca P: (702) 444-4088 F: (702) 444-0079 RESIDENT SCREENING SERVICES Co-Signer.Com 10777 West Twain Ave., # 225 Las Vegas, NV 89135 P: (855) 267-4461 F: (702) 851-3998 ROOFING SERVICES Cooper Roofing and Solar 1200 Commerce St., Ste# 110 Las Vegas, NV 89102 P: (702) 688-7940 F: (702) 688-7941 Monier Life le 430 Eastgate Henderson, NV 89011 streland@monierlife P: (702) 417-3304 F: (702) 629-5183

Roofing Southwest 3300 West Hacienda, Ste. 402 Las Vegas, NV 89118 P: (480) 752-8550 F: (480) 557-5967 SECURITY DEPOSIT ALTERNATIVES SureDeposit 293 Eisenhower Pkwy., Ste 320 Livingston, NJ 07039-1783 P: (973) 992-8440 F: (973) 992-8770 SECURITY SERVICES PATROL SERVICES Global Security Concepts, Inc. 3340 Wynn Road, Suite C Las Vegas, NV 89102 P: (702) 876-7729 F: (702) 876-3518 Triton Security, Inc. 4050 Schi Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89103 P: (877) 757-0909 F: (702) 257-3588 TSI Total Safety Inc. 9555 Del Webb Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89134 P: (702) 967-0000 F: (702) 967-0001 SECURITY SERVICES PROTECTIVE SERVICES Ace Protec on Services, Inc. 1610 West Oakey Las Vegas, NV 89102 jcompno a@aceprotec P: (702) 638-7776 F: (702) 638-1292 Courtesy Patrol LLC NV. #710 1450 E. Pebble, Ste 3151 Las Vegas, NV 89123 P: (702) 206-3493 F: (702) 586-2778 Rock Security 3200 Polaris Ave, # 28 Las Vegas, NV 89102 jus P: (702) 586-7982 F: (702) 410-9305

Rocky T’s Inc 1516 East Tropicana #239 Las Vegas, NV 89119 P: (702) 278-3470 F: (702) 436-0489 Southern Nevada Security Patrol, Inc. 3140 S. Durango Dr., Ste 103 Las Vegas, NV 89117 P: (702) 270-9116 F: (702) 256-6037 SECURITY SYSTEMS TSI Total Safety Inc. 9555 Del Webb Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89134 P: (702) 967-0000 F: (702) 967-0001 SELF STORAGE Smart Stop Self Storage 3825 S. Durango Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89147 P: (702) 233-9807 SIGNAGE Fusion Sign & Design 3443 Niki Way Riverside, CA 92507 P: (702) 949-0760 Western Sign & Flag 4181 W. Oquendo Las Vegas, NV 89118 P: (702) 798-6030 F: (702) 798-8314 SMOKE DETECTORS & ALARMS TSI Total Safety Inc. 9555 Del Webb Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89134 P: (702) 967-0000 F: (702) 967-0001 TELECOMMUNICATIONS Century Link 330 South Valley View Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89107 P: (702) 244-1220 F: (702) 244-7385

Connexion Technologies 111 Corning Road, Suite 250 Cary, NC 27518 P: (919) 535-7342 Cox Communica ons 1700 Vegas Drive Las Vegas, NV 89106 P: (702) 545-1361 F: (702) 545-4392 TENANT SCREENING CoreLogic SafeRent 7500 W. Lake Mead Blvd., #9-542 Las Vegas, NV 89128 P: (702) 839-1736 F: (702) 839-1738 Contemporary Informa on Corp. 42913 Capital Drive #101 Lancaster, CA 93535 P: (800) 288-4757 F: (800) 677-8494 LexisNexis Resident Screening 818 SW 3rd Ave., Ste 1128 Portland, OR 97204 P: (323) 828-7467 F: (866) 653-4264 RentGrow 307 Waverley Oaks Road, Suite 301 Waltham, MA 02452 P: (800) 736-8476 F: (781) 290-0687 TOWING Ashley’s Towing 201 North Mojave Las Vegas, NV 89101 P: (702) 382-3508 F: (702) 382-8090 Fast Towing Inc. 3850 Lossee Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89030 Fas P: (702) 290-0228 F: (702) 383-9513

Quality Towing 4100 E. Cheyenne Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89115 P: (702) 649-5711 F: (702) 633-4447 Silver State Towing 2400 S. Highland Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89102 P: (702) 869-8785 F: (702) 361-8691 Tow Guys 2810 N. Nellis Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89115 P: (702) 795-1700 F: (702) 367-0945 TRAINING Academy Of Leasing Specialists, LLC 7495 West Azure Drive, Suite 203 Las Vegas, NV 89130 P: (702) 429-3490 F: (702) 874-3490 UTILITIES BILLING SERVICES ista North America 4715 Viewridge Ave., Ste 100 San Diego, CA 92123 P: (866) 759-6340 F: (858) 244-2343 NWP Services Corpora on 22 Execu ve Park Irvine, CA 92614 P: (949) 253-2500 F: (949) 253-3338 WASTE COLLECTION Republic Services 770 East Sahara Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89104 P: (702) 280-0051 F: (702) 599-5585 RK Property Services 4148 Megan Circle Salt Lake City, UT 84107 P: (775) 996-2433 F: (866) 580-4858

RENO ADVERTISING Apartment Guide (Reno) 3555 Airway Drive, Suite 314 Reno, Nevada 89511 P: (775) 329-3528

FIRE AND SAFETY ABC Fire (Reno) 1025 Telegraph St. Reno, NV 89502 P: (775) 856-1553

For Rent Media Solu ons (Reno) 9650 Gateway Drive, Suite 102 Reno, NV 89521 P: (775) 829-7368 F: (775) 246-2534

FURNITURE RENTAL/SALES CORT Furniture Rental (Reno) 4745 Longley Lane, Suite 101 Reno, NV 89502 P: (775) 828-3900 F: (775) 828-3909

CARPET SALES & INSTALLATION Carpets of America 650 Kresgie Lane Sparks, NV 84431 P: (775) 358-8080 F: (775) 358-8151

F: (775) 856-5204

LANDSCAPING & MAINTENANCE Signature Landscapes 3705 Barron Reno, NV 89511 P: (775) 857-4333 F: (775) 333-0844

MARKETING CONSULTANTS SERVICES ScentAir (Reno) 14301-G South Lakes Dr. Charlo e, NC 28273 P: (775) 250-0121 F: (775) 622-3565

REAL ESTATE BROKERS Johnson Group 10631 Professional Circle Reno, NV 89521 P: (775) 224-3183

POOL & SPA CHEMICALS & EQUIPMENT Lee Joseph, Inc. Swim Pool Supply & Repair 864 South Wells Avenue Reno, NV 89502 P: (775) 786-5085 F: (775) 786-5022

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Is your community ready for a Nevada summer? Let us help you keep your residents cool:

AC: Whether youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve made the conversion to 410A or are still using R22 equipment, we can help with quality Goodman condensers.

Custom Solar Screens: Give us the measurements and we will make them for you in our Custom Production Shop, usually in 5 days or less.

Pool Supplies: We offer competitive pricing on the chemicals you need to keep your pool sparkling this summer.

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Do You Have Sad-isfied Residents?  

Creative Ways to Think of Resident Retention

Do You Have Sad-isfied Residents?  

Creative Ways to Think of Resident Retention