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If you own or manage smoke-free apartment homes and would like to be included in the Smoke-free Apartment House Registry on, please contact us at (702) 759-1270 or email us at

Secondhand smoke seeping into apartments from neighboring units by shared ventilation systems makes playtime, and many other times, dangerous. But you can change all that. Nearly 80% of Nevada’s adult population is non-smoking, and many landlords and property managers in Clark County have acknowledged the growing demand for smoke-free living by restricting smoking in apartments and common areas. This simple act is not only legal, it provides health beneďŹ ts for employees and tenants and decreases maintenance and turnover costs. Remember, when one person smokes, everyone around them smokes too. . Made possible by funding from the Department of Health and Human Services

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WHO WE ARE The Nevada State Apartment Associa on (NSAA) is a non-profit organiza on that provides the local mul -housing industry with legisla ve support, educa on and community outreach to benefit our membership and the community. The NSAA is devoted to suppor ng the diversity, integrity and ever-changing environment of the mul -family industry. We are devoted to you.

Tex ng from Your Phone.

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Ge ng Soaked Remember When There Were No Watering Restric ons? Remember When We Dealt With A Lot of Legisla ve Issues?

WHY WE EXIST The Nevada State Apartment Associa on exists to support the mul -housing industry and its professionals with proac ve legisla ve efforts, by promo ng career development through educa on and by offering entertaining social opportuni es. The NSAA also strives to promote the highest level of professionalism with established standards and prac ces throughout every segment of the mul -family industry, including management, marke ng, maintenance and suppliers.

Membership Mixer Do You Remember When?

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Bo om line… we exist for you, because of you.

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NSAA welcomes our newest members! NEW PROPERTY MEMBERS • Borgata Condominiums • Carson Catalina Apartments (Carson City) • Craig Ranch Villas • Decatur Pines Apartments • Desert Park Apartments • Mountain Vista • Pinnacle Apartments

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By Paula Lane

Apartment Insight Commi ee: Suzanne Richter (Apartment Guide) Board Liaison Michelle Symone e (Fairfield Proper es) Board Liaison Maria Avellana (Fast Towing) Commi ee Chair Brandi Cooley (702 West) Commi ee Chair Cover art courtesy of Michael Fazio

Your Important Supporting Role for Our Industry The 2011 session of the Nevada Legislature is in full swing and the Nevada State Apartment Association (NSAA) is here to represent you and your communities’ best interest.

For Advertising Information, Contact:

Dani Gorden 509.301.4858

Apartment Insight is published by the Nevada State Apartment Associa on. Apartment Insight is the official trade publica on of the Nevada State Apartment Associa on, a professional associa on of mul -housing professionals and industry partners. The materials contained in this publica on are general in nature; the applicability to one’s par cular situa on should be reviewed with a professional who has all the facts pertaining to the situa on being considered. The publisher disclaims any liability for published ar cles. Adver tising Polic y: Nevada State Apar tment Associa on accepts no responsibility for unsolicited materials. Adver sements contained in this magazine do not cons tute endorsement. With the excep on of those products and services directly under the control and supervision of NSAA, it is the policy of the NSAA, its officers and Board of Directors, not to endorse any products or services.

Did you know? You DO have a voice in supporting our industry. During the course of this legislative session the NSAA has been your eyes and ears. You are the frontline leaders in our industry and it is your words we listen to day in and day out. Without you we cannot be successful in Carson City. There are numerous issues before the Legislature which have the potential to impact your business and your bottom line. We strongly urge you to get involved in understanding what is going on at our state capitol. How do you do that? Let the NSAA be your guide. The NSAA sends out legislative updates to keep you “in the know” and always solicits your input. You may be asked to participate in a “call to action” from time to time. When this happens take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the issues at hand. Contact the NSAA for details, then show up to show support for our industry. On occasion, we may ask you to contact your Without your financial support local legislators to share your story and lend us your right to be heard. When they hear we cannot afford to fight for from the voter/ business owner it may make a difference on the outcome of the final vote. our industry, our voices cannot The NSAA is working very hard to protect your assets through appropriate and fair legislation. With the help of Christopher A. Karsaz, our Legal Council and Legislative Board Liaison, the NSAA provides you with top notch individuals who make a difference for our industry.

be heard. Your contribu ons help us in so many different ways with the legisla ve ba les seen in our industry.

Did you know? The NSAA has a FULLTIME lobbyist listening to you, listening to industry leaders and working hard for our industry. Look for upcoming events that will help support our NSAA PAC fund. This is the most critical part of our association’s existence. Without your financial support we cannot afford to fight for our industry, our voices cannot be heard. Your contributions help us in so many different ways with the legislative battles seen in our industry. For more information on legislative issues, to donate to the NSAA PAC fund or for more information on NSAA events please visit our website


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Then …It Was Calling from Your Phone. Now…It is Texting from Your Phone. The information highway is cluttered for property managers By Paul R. Bergeron III and modified by Michael Fazio for Apartment Insight. Sec ons of the ar cle digested from: Digested Units Magazine, published by the Na onal Apartment Associa on.

More than 6.1 trillion texts were sent in 2010 and there are an estimated 2.4 billion active users of SMS (short messaging service, the most widely used form of texting), or 74 percent of all mobile phone subscribers worldwide, according to a February release by research firm mobiThinking. In an effort to give their residents what they want, forward-thinking communities are using or considering texting programs for their residents of any age.

The Text Genera on Texting can create issues of concern and strategy for apartment owners. How often should they text? What should they text about? Are there privacy concerns? Should company policy be set about who sends the texts and if and when to reply?

When it comes to delivering the message to residents, some management firms have their fingers, er, thumbs on the situation. Back then, a leasing office visit or a phone call seemed to work just fine for residents. Nowadays, who wants to walk to the office? Heck, who wants to dial from their cell phone? Most of the technology driven generation of today, and even us old fogeys, just want to text. Text to order, text to complain, text to talk. Text, text, text. Sure enough, the rent check arrived within a day. Was the college-age student not getting the message? Maybe. For the manager, even more valuable than getting the rent check was the lesson learned that Generation Y tends to pay more attention to requests made by text.

“It’s weird,” he says. “But this is the way that members of this generation have trained their parents on how to get them to do what they want them to do.” The college students of today are the residents of tomorrow. Texting has grown right along with the number of consumers who spend much of their days with their cell phones in hand. Results from national apartment-resident survey firm SatisFacts show that cell phone (53.9 percent) is neck and neck with e-mail (55.7 percent) as residents’ No. 1 preferred method of communication, according to data released February 2011. More than 11 percent of respondents specifically stated texting as the preferred method, a number that is climbing as SatisFacts only started polling this option in September.


Many apartment management companies have enlisted the help of mobile and text-message service providers or have partnered with their Internet listing service (ILS) partners to develop customized programs that enable automated group and targeted resident tex ting. These blast-tex t ing programs are t he nex t wave in the apartment industry’s use of texting communications. They follow the text-message marketing strategies that communities use for prospective residents via signage and short codes, which were rolled out a few years ago.

Text Me Spend a short amount of time with almost any person under age 30 and you’ll see they don’t spend much time actually talking on the phone, but will often whip out their cell phone to check for text messages and then zip out a reply almost immediately.

Is your company or community changing with the times or are the ell. times going to change right past your leasing office? Only time will tell. payment, social event invites and status updates on things such as deliveries or maintenance work orders.

College-age students’ desire to text was quickly confirmed for Kim Cory, Sales and Marketing Manager, University Village, when her company worked with an ILS’ technology department to build and then implement a text-based communications pilot program called the Mobile Club, at one of its biggest communities at Ohio State.

Lisa Trapp, Director of Marketing, Sequoia Equities, Walnut Creek, Calif., expects text-message communications to be embraced across all demographic segments. “We think demographics are less of a factor, considering most from Generation X and the Baby Boomers have children, nieces or nephews, and employees who already text them,” she says, so those residents are familiar and comfortable with texting.

“When we announced [in the fall] that we have a mobile club, 88 residents out of 2,000 signed up on their own free will,” Cory says. “We didn’t even market it.” Today, more than 500 are participating. Whereas such blast-texting programs are growing, traditional one-on-one, backand-forth texting is much less common at most communities—including student housing. “They’d think it was weird” to receive a text personally from their manager (or owner), says one community manager. There are occasions where one-onone texting works: residents living in one- or two-unit buildings managed by independent rental owners (IROs).

‘Can I Have Your Number?’ A text-message program can only be as good as the number of resident cell-phone numbers a community can collect. Gables Residential, with 60,000 units spread over 140 communities, made a push starting in October to gain e-mail and phone number information. Lynette Hegeman, Vice President of Marketing, Gables Residential, says the company got 70 percent of its residents’ cell-phone numbers. This can include more than

Programs such as the one Cory uses primarily communicate notifications for emergencies, weather alerts, reminders for rent

TEXTING | continued on page 10

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Getting Soaked

Submetering, which traces its roots to Europe in the early par t of the 20th century, is a method that can insulate multifamily operating income from utility rate increases. Converting multifamily housing from owner-paid to resident-paid water expenses protects owners’ bottom lines, promotes conservation and helps stabilize rental rates. Industry studies have documented that water usage drops up to 39 percent when individual submeters are installed in multifamily housing.

With ghtening water quality standards and aging infrastructure driving up water rates around the country, some apartment owners are turning to submetering to protect their bo om line. By Sean Dicks

Annual water rate increases are more than just an inconvenience -- they’re a huge financial burden for multifamily property owners and managers. Municipal water rates are increasing by up to 55 percent in some districts, with an average nationwide increase of 12.9 percent going into 2011. Property owners in Kentucky, for instance, recently experienced a 37 percent rate increase, translating to approximately $10 per household per month. Among the factors causing the increase are the tightening of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements on water quality and waste distribution in the United States, a growing need to improve crumbling municipal water infrastructures (such as pipes, pumps and treatment plants), and significant declines in water consumption because of the poor economy. The EPA is requiring water authorities to clean up their act. “There are a range of chemicals that have become more prevalent in our products, our water and our bodies in the last 50 years,” said the EPA administrator, Lisa P. Jackson, in a speech to the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies. The agency is working toward a new -- and stricter -- vision for providing clean, safe drinking water.

According to a study released last year by the American Society of Civil Engineers, leaks in the nation’s water distribution system result in 7 billion ga llons of lost clean dr ink ing water ever y day. Crumbling sewer systems spill billions of gallons of untreated wastewater into the nation’s rivers, streams and lakes. Funding for infrastructure repairs and maintenance is derived in large part from increases in water and sewer rates paid by utility customers. Another factor fueling the increase in water and sewer rates is the economic downturn that began in the fall of 2007. Since then, many municipal water utilities have experienced a decline in water consumption in their districts. The decline is due to overall business contraction, plant closings and increased rates of home foreclosures. The cumulative impact has led many utilities to raise rates in order to cover fi xed operating costs.

Ashton Brooke, a 380-unit community operated by Colonial American Development Cor p., mitigates high water rates in its Greene County, Ohio location with submetering, according to the company’s Vice President, Jon Kostival. “It used to be that water was a free item that people took for granted, but not anymore,” Kostival says. “It’s a hefty charge. Submetering helps in two ways. It helps to defray costs of rate increases that can be passed to residents, but it also helps on the conservation side. When residents are paying their own water bill, they’re more aware and apt to take shorter showers and be less excessive with water in general.” Roger C. Perry and Company, a Mid-west property management firm, has used submetering systems in some properties for more than 25 years, according to Fred Damsen, Chief Operating Officer. “During that period, we’ve seen a 400 percent increase in water and sewer rates,” he says. “In those properties with submetering systems, our budgeting process focuses more on what we can control and lets uncontrollable water expense increases be passed through by our utility billing service. This helps protect our bottom line.” As water rates continue to rise, submetering fights increases by cutting operating ex penses, conser v ing resources and protecting bottom lines.

Defraying the Costs Water rate increases are not going away and, in fact, are expected to grow at near double-digit rates in the foreseeable future, according to some. The question: How do multifamily owners protect themselves from these increases?


Sean Dicks is Na onal Sales Manager, Guardian Water & Power. He can be reached at 614/388-6022 or sdicks@ This ar cle originally appeared in the February 2011 issue of National Apartment Association’s units magazine.

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“Remember, valet trash is picked up on Tuesdays and Thursdays this week. Take advantage!”

TEXTING | continued from page 7

one contact number per unit, as often a husband and wife have different cell phone numbers.

“We have a new team member in the office, Angela—if you see her around our community, be sure to say, ‘Hello.’ ”

“For so many renters these days, their cell phone is their home phone,” Hegeman says.

“Our ACS Relay for Life Bake Sale is tomorrow—come down and donate a dollar for one of Sherry’s famous brownies!”

Leave a Message Knowing what topics are appropriate for text messages is an ongoing challenge for some apartment managers. Sequoia Equities, with more than 10,000 apartment units, uses a modified “best practices” text subject matter policy provided by a software firm. For example, the company does not text information about recovering money owed for delinquent accounts. Its policy is, admittedly, initially vague, Director of Marketing Lisa Trapp says, as resident texting is new to Sequoia’s management.

Maintenance/Service “Don’t forget our parking lot is undergoing a slurry seal Wed at 8 a.m.”

“We’re learning the appropriate social ethos” of this method, she says.

“Our gates are temporarily not working, so we will leave them open until they are fully repaired. More to follow.”

Following are examples of what Sequoia Equities’ office and service team members might send to residents:

Back when phones were used for one thing, to call a resident, the phone buttons have shifted from numeric to alphabetical. Times have certainly changed. Phones have certainly changed. Is your company or community changing with the times or are the times going to change right past your leasing office? Only time will tell.

From Leasing Office Team “A package has arrived for you in our office. Would you like us to deliver it to your home?”


“Tomorrow we will be testing fire alarm drills, so do not be alarmed.” “Put us to work! If you need pictures hung or accent walls painted just call the office—we’d like to help.”

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Remember When There Were No Watering Restrictions? adjust watering times or add watering days only as needed. During the hottest hours of the day, water is often lost to evaporation from the heat and high winds. Watering during restricted hours is considered water waste and may result in a water waste citation. Also, shaded areas will not need as much water as fully sun-exposed areas of your garden. Water your landscape after sunset and before sunrise to reduce evaporation caused by wind and heat. You may hand water your landscape at any time of day, but use a hose with a positive shut-off nozzle. To break down surface tension and allow for better water absorption, add a tablespoon of liquid soap to a gallon of water and drench the brown spots with the mixture.

Sprinkler watering ps

Water Restric ons Began May 1, summer doesn’t have to be a bummer for your apartment community—the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) has informa on and ps that can help your community beat the heat. Summer watering restrictions began May 1 and allow watering any day of the week through August 31. Mandatory watering restrictions prohibit sprinkler irrigation between the hours of 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. from May 1 until October 1. Before the rampant growth in the Las Vegas Valley, there were no water restrictions. Does not seem that far ago now, does it?

How much and when to water While daily landscape watering is permitted, landscapes can stay healthy and look great with less water. Monitor your landscape closely during the hot summer days and

MAY | JUNE 2011


Us e t h e c y c l e a n d s o a k s p r i n k l e r irrigation method, which allows the soil to absorb water slowly and reduces the risk of runoff. Water four days per week and increase the schedule only if your landscape needs more water. Set each sprinkler station to run 3 times a day, 1 hour apar t, 4 minutes each watering. Also, don’t water on windy days, which can send sprinkler water in unintended directions. If you notice brown spots in your grass, check your sprinklers to see if any of the heads are broken or twisted. Visit or call the Conservation H e l p l i n e a t 2 5 8 - S AV E f o r m o r e information.


Remember When We Dealt With A Lot of Legislative Issues? Oh, Those Times Still Exist Today By John P. Ko er, Leading Change

Not Much Seems to Change in Carson City … Bills, Bills, Bills, “T “The rate of change is not going go to slow down any me soon. If anything, compe com

on in most

industries will probably indust speed up even more in the next few decades.” ne

Reflecting back over the past decade we can recall many changes in legislation that have affected landlords, managers, and management companies. In 1999, there were some major changes to various real property laws. For those of us that deal with property management, approximately 25 bills were passed effecting some area of land use, water, landlord/tenant, common-interest communities (homeowner associations), real estate agency, and mortgage law. What follows highlights some of the more important bills that may affect our legal practices today:

a violation of either Nevada’s fair housing or federal fair housing laws, as in the case of a landlord who attempted to evict a Caucasian tenant under a no-cause eviction because she became involved with a man of a different race. The rights granted to a tenant under this section do not arise unless the tenant’s rent is current. The bill also provided that if the landlord is in breach of the habitability statute, the landlord cannot force the tenant to correct the problem due to the landlord’s refusal to correct it. If the tenant withholds rent because the problem is not fi xed, the landlord may not charge late fees, notice fees, or other charges until the landlord has attempted in good faith to restore the essential service. The bill became effective October 1, 1999.

Back then … A B397 A - Tenant’s defense in summar y ev ic t ion proceedings This bill added language to NRS ch. 118A, Nevada’s landlord / tenant laws. A tenant has a defense in a summary eviction proceeding if the landlord’s attempt to terminate the tenancy is

AB462 A - Acceptance of late rent Until this point, tenants that tendered late rent could not be sure of staying an eviction if the landlord demanded fees and costs above


LEGISLATIVE ISSUES | continued on page 14

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Las Vegas | Phoenix | San Diego | Los Angeles | San Bernardino

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LEGISLATIVE ISSUES | continued from page 12

and beyond the rent, such as the landlord’s attorney’s fees. This bill required a landlord to accept tendered rent even if the rent does not include the landlord’s attorney’s fees, collection fees or costs other than rent. Rent is redefined as all periodic payment including late fees. The bill became effective October 1, 1999.

and appliances’ with inclusion of “quiet enjoy ment ” la ng uage); ex ten sion of lock-out time (proposed to go from 24 to 72 hours); and language prohibition of application of rent payments toward charges other than rent (late fees, court / attorney fees, etc). UPDATE: As of the time of this article the Nevada State Apartment Association

a variety of challenges. In many ways having access to attorneys, we are able to save time, which in turn will save money for our proper ties. This is a ser v ice that can be determined during budget planning. We are now provided with the benefits in so many aspects from yearly, monthly, and daily requirements onsite. From submitting 5-day late notices, just with a quick email to the attorneys you

At times unfortunate situations arise to file evictions, due to non-payment or other lease violation issues, but having the paperwork filed and legal representation available is an amazing tool for our industry. Now … Recent focus has been brought to AB226, a bill which could affect lockouts and the 24 hour notice period. AB226 “Revises prov isions gover ning la nd lord s a nd tenants”. The original intent and language included expansion of essential services (proposed to include ‘functioning lock, furniture

(NSAA) helped amend and rewrite this bill, which was being heard in the Senate Judiciary on May 3, 2011. The NSA A will keep you updated on this bill in the upcoming weeks. With so many proposed bills, and ongoing changes with the legal system, property management companies are able to use the knowledge of attorneys to assist with

can save time driving and standing in long lines at the post office, paying the extra cost of postage, and waiting for the certificate of mail logs to be filled out. At times unfortunate situations arise to file evictions, due to non-payment or other lease violation issues, but having the paperwork filed and legal representation available is an ama zing tool for our industry.

A Great Bottom Line Addition

Bring in ancillary income by promoting Cox Services through your leasing office.

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Membership Mixer

Benefitting the NSAA PAC and Nevada Street Teens March 24, 2011 The NSAA Community Outreach and Dinner Committees partnered up and produced one the best mixers this association has ever seen. Over 160 attendees managed cold temperatures and wind to witness a Silent Auction, which raised over $4,000 to be split between the NSAA PAC fund and Nevada Street Teens. Silent Auction items included a landscaping package (courtesy of Silver Lands, Inc.), hotel accommodations at three of Siegel Group’s locations, flip video cameras, Patron tequila and much, much more. The NSAA also invited several mayoral candidates who participated in the evening’s festivities.

The NSAA wants to thank all of those who attended and especially the following companies (see below), who sponsored a cabana for the evening: • • • • • •


Certified Fire Protection ction KRT Concepts MSI HVAC Sherwin Williams Silver Lands, Inc. The Siegel Group

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Karsaz & Associates (K&A) specialize in all aspects of litigation, with an emphasis on transactional advice intended to prevent the time and expense associated with litigation. K&A attorneys take pride in our strong client relationships and in our well-earned reputation for ethically, effectively and economically protecting our clients’ interests.

Clear and Concise Communica on Decision-makers involved in transactional and complex litigation matters want and need clear, timely information that can serve as the basis for well-considered evaluations of their options. Our attorneys regularly inform clients about the status of their matters in a concise, efficient and confidential manner.

K&A’s practice is focused on the representation of residential and commercial property owners and managers. In point of fact, K&A created a unique Claims Management Program® intended to protect owners and management companies from erroneous claims. Through early investigation and evaluation of third party claims, the Program effectively improves the defense case and, in most cases, prevents litigation. Through a large network of associated firms and counsel, K&A has the capability to serve its clients throughout the state, nation and world on a broad range of issues. The firm’s practice encompasses toxic tort litigation, premises liability, products liability, real estate and business litigation, employment law and insurance coverage. For a list of references or additional information, please contact us at 702.952.9321.

A Cost-Effec ve Approach K&A is committed to providing the highest caliber of legal services at the lowest possible cost to the client. With complimentary telephone calls with clients and an efficient strategy for early resolution of litigations, our attorneys strive to earn the trust and confidence of each client. In keeping with this value-oriented approach, billing statements include detailed descriptions of all charges. We strongly encourage prospective clients to contact existing clients regarding their experience with billing statements, as well as the quality of representation by K&A.

Roadrunner Carpet Care At Roadrunner Carpet Care we offer a Full Service Carpet Cleaning Service with over 10 years of experience. We offer our clients the best service at reasonable, competitive prices. We want all of our clients to be 100% satisfied with our services. We pride ourselves in customer recognition. Roadrunner is known for their professional appearance and customer service. Roadrunner guarantees that our all of our equipment is brand new and top of the line. We frequently replace our equipment to ensure the best service possible at all times. Our service is fast and efficient.

We offer a FREE no obligation demonstration. To schedule an appointment or FREE demonstration, contact us today at 702.262.6061. 8985 South Eastern Avenue, Suite 325, Las Vegas, NV 89123 Phone: 702.262.6061 Email:

Why Roadrunner? Full Service Carpet Cleaning 10 Years of Experience Repairs, Restoration & Water Extraction Pet Odor Removal Carpet Dyeing, Spot Dyeing, Patch Dyeing 24/7 Response to Water Extraction Emergencies Friendly Service Technicians


Quality Service Inspections and Mystery Shopping Programs


• Nevada Private Investigators (license #883) • Member Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) • Member International Association of Service Evaluators (IASE) • Member Nevada State Apartment Association (NSAA) • Nevada’s Largest Mystery Shopping Provider • Extensive Experience in Apartment / New Home Industry • Written and Video Evaluations 2190 E. Pebble Road, Suite 150 Las Vegas, NV 89123 (t) 702-891-0550 | (f) 702-891-0555

CenturyLink™ Prism™ TV Offer your tenants the entertainment experience that they can’t get anywhere else.

When you team up with the MDU specialists at CenturyLink, you can offer your tenants our fiber-based Prism™TV experience. Totally interactive. Amazingly clear picture quality. Light speed ahead of cable and satellite. Call us today and ask about: Bulk discount and revenue share options for TV, High-Speed Internet, Security, Digital Voice and more.

Contact us Stephanie Riley 702-244-1220 Ron Cook 702-244-7432 Preview Prism™ at Toy Story 3: ©Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved. Services not available everywhere. ©2011 CenturyLink, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The name CenturyLink and the pathways logo are trademarks of CenturyLink, Inc.

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Rememb er When …

Do you remember when?

LOL, I remember when my grandfather use to talk about the good old days the good old ways You know how things use to be my siblings and I use to laugh, thinking those days were ancient history Or at best, old wives tales borderline fairy tales Grandpa boasted how he use to walk to school 10 miles and somehow both ways to and fro were up hill! Oh, while in a blizzard! But now I realize I owe old grand dad, I hope God rest his soul, an apology. Cause now I often catch myself remembering when! Do you remember when every neighbor knew your name and how “Hide and Go Seek” was the favorite neighborhood game? Man, things have changed! A one bedroom now, was a three bedroom then! Come on now, I KNOW you remember when! You could drink water straight from the tap or go to sleep at night with your door unlocked and you would wake up the next morning safe and sound PLEASE DON’T TRY THAT NOW! Yes, I owe my grandpa an apology, because when I remember when, my kids laugh at me! They said that those good old days and good old ways that I remember are just ancient history!


List your property for as low as


per listing

Fill Your Vacancy Faster on

Who would have thought your greatest defense against laundry room breakdowns would be

this girl!

Now your residents can request service for laundry equipment right from the laundry room, using their computer, smart phone or PDA. Our 24-hour mobile site allows instant reporting â&#x20AC;&#x201C; with no delays or hassles and no time commitments from you. Easing the burden of on-site management, at the push of a button.

multifamily laundry systems - since 1947 | 1.800.421.6897 ext 1600

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Find out how targeted advertising can produce real, measurable results for your organization.

2200 E. Camelback Road


Suite 222 Phoenix, AZ 85016 Phone: 602.954.7200 Fax: 602.954.9624 Toll Free: 877.954.7200

• The most advanced risk management and insurance program available to the multihousing industry • Endorsed by law enforcement and legal experts • Exclusive Sterling Crime Free Program



Program Benefits: • Discounts up to 30% on Insurance • Sterling Crime Free Certification Classes • On-Site Inspection • Safety and Security Manuals • Employee Training

Dani Gorden, Advertising Sales 801.746.4003 |

Be Our Partner In Recycling... puts your community in front of more renters in more ways throughout their apartment bringing potential residents to your leasing office. No sweat.

(888) 658-RENT or Specializing in Multi Family Housing Custom Recycling Programs Commercial, Industrial, Construction & Residential Services

©2011 Classified Ventures, LLC. All rights reserved. Location: Flair Tower


NSAA 2011 COMMITTEE ROSTER Apartment Insight Commi ee Board Liaison Board Liaison Commi ee Chair Commi ee Chair

Suzanne Richter, Apartment Guide Reno Michelle Symone e, Fairfield Proper es Las Vegas msymone Maria Avellana, Fast Towing fas Brandi Cooley, 702 West

Bowling Commi ee Board Liaison

Steven Olmos, Silver Lands, Inc.

Budget and Finance Commi ee

Member par cipa on is vital to the growth of our industry. NSAA commi ees are the perfect venue to meet with your colleagues and exchange ideas. You can help contribute to our associa on’s objec ves by volunteering to serve on a commi ee. To sign up for one or more of the following commi ees, call the NSAA at 702.446.8445. Or you can e-mail the Board Liaison or Commi ee Chair listed with your contact informa on and which commi ee or commi ees you would like to join.

Board Liaison Commi ee Chair

Steven Olmos, Silver Lands, Inc. Doug Sartain, Cer fied Fire Protec on drsartain@cer

Community Outreach Commi ee Board Liaison

Rhonda Sikes, Avion @ Sunrise Mountain

Dinner Mee ng Commi ee Board Liaison

Donna Gill, Western Na onal Group

Educa on Commi ee Board Liaison Commi ee Chair

Steven Olmos, Silver Lands, Inc. Dana Murrah, Apartment Management Consultants

Golf Commi ee Board Liaison

Christopher Hinojos,

Jewel Awards Commi ee Board Liaison

Misty Jus ce, Fairfield Proper es mjus Commi ee Chair Teresa Jackson, Cer fied Fire Protec on teresa@cer

Legisla ve Commi ee Board Liaison

Christopher A. Karsaz, Karsaz & Associates

Maintenance Mania Commi ee Board Liaison Commi ee Chair

Daniel Turkin, Stout Management Company Amy Hjerpe, Pinnacle AMS West

Market Trends Commi ee Board Liaison Commi ee Chair

Susan Bauman, Western Risk Insurance Jill Glover, For Rent Media Solu ons

Membership (IROC) Commi ee Board Liaison Commi ee Chair

Bret Holmes, Advanced Management Group Maria Avellana, Fast Towing fas

NAA Host Commi ee Board Liaison Commi ee Chair

Chandra Vail, Apartment Finder cvail@apartmen Debra Peterson, For Rent Media Solu ons

Poker/Reverse Trade Show Commi ee Board Liaison

Scarle Casas, Stout Management Company scarle

Public Rela ons Commi ee Board Liaison

Teresa Jackson, Cer fied Fire Protec on teresa@cer

Reno Ac vi es Commi ee Board Liaison

Vicky Young, Vail and Associates Realty

Commi ee Chair

Reno Board of Directors

Social Media Commi ee Board Liaison

Stasia Wilson, For Rent Media Solu ons For informa on regarding the NSAA website, ar cles which appear on the website and adver sing on the website please contact Michael Fazio at 702.436.7662.

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Roadrunner Carpet Care 8985 South Eastern Avenue #325 Las Vegas, NV 89123 P: (702) 262-6061 F: (702) 507-0094 Signature Restora on 801 S. Rancho Dr., Ste E4 Las Vegas, NV 89106 steveamico@signaturerestora P: (702) 823-5500 F: (702) 385-6967 Solar Contract Carpet of Las Vegas, Inc. 4280 Wagon Trail Ave. #C Las Vegas, NV 89118 P: (702) 798-7100 F: (702) 798-1982

PRODUCTS & SERVICES GUIDE ADVERTISING Apartment Finder 6330 McLeod Dr. Ste. 5 Las Vegas, NV 89120 cvail@apartmen P: (702) 604-2351 F: (702) 798-8311 Apartment Guide (Las Vegas) 8298 South Arville Street Suite #104 Las Vegas, NV 89139 P: (702) 939-1494 F: (702) 939-1551 Apartment Guide (Reno) 3555 Airway Drive, Suite 314 Reno, Nevada 89511 P: (775) 329-3528 175 W. Jackson Blvd., 8th floor Chicago, IL 60604 l P: (312) 601-5391 F: (312) 601-6256 For Rent Media Solu ons (Las Vegas) 5740 S. Arville St., Ste 209 Las Vegas, NV 89118 P: (702) 255-3700 F: (702) 255-4901 For Rent Media Solu ons (Reno) 9650 Gateway Drive, Suite 102 Reno, NV 89521 P: (775) 829-7368 F: (775) 246-2534 30700 Russell Ranch Rd. Westlake Village, CA 91362 P: (805) 557-2300 F: (480) 556-4623 Mylife Share 2818 Craigton Drive Henderson, NV 89044 P: (702) 217-3552 F: (702) 217-3552

Universal Service & Supply 3605 W. Twain Las Vegas, NV 89103 P: (702) 876-0333 F: (702) 876-5994 ASPHALT PAVING/REPAIR Lamb Asphalt Maintenance, Inc. 3280 Coleman St. N. Las Vegas, NV 89032 P: (702) 647-1600 F: (702) 647-5969 ATTORNEYS/LEGAL SERVICES Karsaz & Associates 375 Warm Springs Ave., Ste 104 Las Vegas, NV 89119 P: (702) 952-9321 F: (702) 933-5077 AWARDS/TROPHIES Awards West 1957 North Decatur Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89108 P: (702) 648-1661 F: (702) 648-1602 BALCONY REPAIR Nevada Gypsum Floors 3588 South Valley View Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89103 P: (702)871.3330 F: (702) 871-7597 BALLOONS & HELIUM Party USA 800 South Rampart Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89145 cur P: (702) 897-7278 F: (702) 992-9915 BLINDS/WINDOWS/DOORS/GLASS Cherokee Blind & Door 4350 S Arville, C-21 Las Vegas, NV 89103 P: (702) 432-3244 F: (702) 432-3341

Rent Grow Inc. (Internet) 307 Waverley Oaks Rd. Ste. 301 Waltham, MA 02452 P: (800) 736-8476 F: (800) 819-5182

BROCHURES AND FLYERS 702 West 2470 Denholme St. Henderson, NV 89044 P: (702) 278-8905 F: (702) 202-4513

APPLIANCES SALES/RENTAL/PARTS/ REPAIR Ferguson Enterprise 501 Parkson Road Henderson, NV 89011 P: (702) 564-2660 F: (702) 564-1329

CABINET INSTALLATION Complete Solu ons dba Roto Rooter 639 East Brooks Ave North Las Vegas, NV 89030 P: (702) 646-5273 F: (702) 646-0132

MOEN, Inc. 9109 Hilverson Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89148 eca P: (702) 523-7286 F: (702) 614-0957

CARPET CLEANING/RESTORATION/DYEING Carpets of America 650 Kresgie Lane Sparks, NV 84431 P: (775) 358-8080 F: (775) 358-8151

Ul mate Choice Carpet Cleaning 4320 West Reno Avenue, Suite I Las Vegas, NV 89118 suhailyr@ul matechoicerestora P: (702) 515-1485 F: (702) 515-1486 Universal Carpet Care, Inc. 3111 S. Valley View, Ste. N-102 Las Vegas, NV 89102 P: (702) 220-9003 F: (702) 220-4818 CLEANING SERVICES AE Janitorial Solu ons 5269 Burnham Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89119 ialvarez@aejanitorialsolu P: (702) 252-4630 F: (702) 736-8160 Genie Services 4300 N. Pecos Rd. #22 Las Vegas, NV 89115 P: (702) 452-1111 F: (702) 452-1179 CLEANING SERVICES MOLD/DISASTER Genie Services 4300 N. Pecos Rd. #22 Las Vegas, NV 89115 P: (702) 452-1111 F: (702) 452-1179 Odor Masters 4616 W. Sahara Avenue #178 Las Vegas, NV 89102 P: (702) 253-5030 F: (702) 242-9238 ServiceMaster 1st Response 451 Mirror Court, Suite #105 Henderson, NV 89011 P: (702) 896-4197 F: (702) 896-3559 COLLECTIONS Allied Collec on Services 3080 S. Durango Dr., Ste 208 Las Vegas, NV 89117 P: (702) 939-8390 F: (702) 944-4062 Clark County Collec on Services 8860 West Sunset Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89148 P: (702) 940-5120 F: (702) 365-7927 COMMERCIAL LENDING Paragon Mortgage Corpora on 1130 East Missouri Avenue, Suite 204 Phoenix, AZ 85014 jchris P: (602) 266-3865 F: (602) 230-1716

CRIME SCENE CLEAN UP Steama c Total Cleaning & Restora on 2851 Synergy Street North Las Vegas, NV 89030 mesposito@steama P: (702) 633-0383 F: (702) 633-0012 DEVELOPERS REAL ESTATE & GENERAL CONTRACTORS Basch Construc on Company 6226 Sandhill Road Las Vegas, NV 89120 P: (702) 314-4545 F: (702) 314-4547 Kalb Industries of Nevada Ltd. 5670 Wynn Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89118 P: (702) 365-5252 F: (702) 365-5257 Western Pride Construc on LLC 3924 Silvestri Lane Las Vegas, NV 89120 P: (702) 362-2800 F: (702) 362-1376 DRYWALL CONTRACTORS Genie Services 4300 N. Pecos Rd. #22 Las Vegas, NV 89115 P: (702) 452-1111 F: (702) 452-1179 Rawson Construc on 3625 West Teco Avenue, Suite 10 Las Vegas, NV 89118 arlene@rawsonconstruc P: (702) 739-9399 F: (702) 614-4287 ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS Dominion Environmental Consultants, Inc 12073 Cardinal Climber Court Las Vegas, NV 89138 P: (702) 368-2700 EXERCISE EQUIPMENT Equip Fitness 4760 South Pecos Road, Suite #103 Las Vegas, NV 89121 P: (702) 309-4198 F: (702) 974-0893 FINANCING R & D Commercial Consul ng 1800 North Green Valley Parkway #111 Henderson, NV 89074 lynn@rdconsul P: (702) 994-4644 F: (949) 429-0398 FIRE AND SAFETY ABC Fire (Reno) 1025 Telegraph St. Reno, NV 89502 P: (775) 856-1553

F: (775) 856-5204

Cer fied Fire Protec on 3400 W Desert Inn, Ste 20 Las Vegas, NV 89102-8354 P: (702) 873-5995 F: (702) 251-1972 Diversified Protec on Systems Inc. 4435 Wagon Trail Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89118 P: (702) 307-3473 F: (702) 307-3472

CONCRETE REPAIR & RESURFACING Precision Concrete Cu ng 3191 North Canyon Road Provo, UT 84604 ma P: (801) 830-4060 F: (801) 224-0062

FLOORING COVERING/CARPET Criterion Brock, Inc. 1660 Helm Dr. Ste 1000 Las Vegas, NV 89119-3845 P: (702) 458-6550 F: (702) 458-6584

COUNTY/CITY OFFICES Constable’s Office Las Vegas Township 309 S. Third Street, P.O. Box 552110 Las Vegas, NV 89155 P: (702) 455-4099 F: (702) 385-2436

Mohawk Industries 2514 East Turney Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85016 P: (480) 650-9315 F: (602) 926-2453


Shaw Industries 11411 Valley View Cypress, CA 90670 P: (714) 317-9999 F: (888) 367-6220

Nevada West Business Insurance 4175 S. Riley St., Ste 200 Las Vegas, NV 89147 jeffm@nvwes P: (702) 597-5998 F: (702) 990-0500

Sherwin Williams Paint & Floor Covering 7470 S. Dean Mar n Drive, #105 Las Vegas, NV 89139 P: (702) 895-8887 F: (702) 895-8892

Renters Legal Liability LLC 466 South 400 East #103 Salt Lake City, UT 84111 P: (801) 994-0237 F: (801) 521-4452

FURNITURE RENTAL/SALES CORT Furniture Rental (Las Vegas) 6625 Arroyo Springs St. Ste. 130 Las Vegas, NV 89113 P: (702) 822-7368 F: (702) 822-7324

Sterling Grant & Associates, LLC 2200 East Camelback Road, Suite #222 Phoenix, AZ 85016 P: (602) 954-7200 F: (602) 954-9624

CORT Furniture Rental (Reno) 4745 Longley Lane, Suite 101 Reno, NV 89502 P: (775) 828-3900 F: (775) 828-3909

Western Risk Insurance 3140 S. Rainbow Blvd., Suite 400 Las Vegas, NV 89146 P: (702) 368-4217 F: (702) 368-4219

KRT Concepts 6170 W. Lake Mead Blvd., #168 Las Vegas, NV 89108 P: (702) 490-3558 F: (702) 924-2562

INTERNET SERVICES/ACCESS Clear 7455 Arroyo Crossing Parkway, Suite #100 Las Vegas, NV 89113 P: (702) 479-4100 F: (702) 270-2710

Winston Contract 603 SE Fort King Street Ocala, FL 34471 jrega@brownjordaninterna P: (800) 327-1541 F: (352) 368-2471 GENERAL CONTRACTORS Rawson Construc on 3625 West Teco Avenue, Suite 10 Las Vegas, NV 89118 arlene@rawsonconstruc P: (702) 739-9399 F: (702) 614-4287 GOLF CART MOBILE SERVICE, REPAIRS & PARTS Wheels In Mo on 6185 Harrison Drive, #12 Las Vegas, NV 89120 wheelsinmo P: (702) 798-1991 F: (702) 837-6187 HANDYMAN Genie Services 4300 N. Pecos Rd. #22 Las Vegas, NV 89115 P: (702) 452-1111 F: (702) 452-1179 Rawson Construc on 3625 West Teco Avenue, Suite 10 Las Vegas, NV 89118 arlene@rawsonconstruc P: (702) 739-9399 F: (702) 614-4287 HOUSE KEEPING Roadrunner Carpet Care 8985 South Eastern Ave #325 Las Vegas, NV 89123 P: (702) 262-6061 F: (702) 507-0094 HVAC Fire-N-Ice Hea ng & Air Condi oning 2912 S. Highland Dr., Ste E Las Vegas, NV 89109 P: (702) 395-0071 F: (702) 395-0253 MSI HVAC 11700 Industry Avenue Fontana, CA 92337 P: (951) 727-2228 F: (888) 841-5254 INSURANCE Kaercher & Associates Insurance Brokerage 2500 N. Buffalo Dr., Ste. 230 Las Vegas, NV 89128 P: (702) 384-2813 F: (702) 304-7860

MAY | JUNE 2011

KEY CONTROL/ACCESS MANAGEMENT HandyTrac, Inc. 510 Staghorn Ct. Alphare a, GA 30004 P: (678) 990-2305 F: (678) 990-2311 LANDSCAPING & MAINTENANCE D & K Landscape 3068 S. Highland Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89109 mfine P: (702) 361-5855 F: (702) 361-5866 Gothic Grounds Management, Inc. 2923 West Charleston Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89102 P: (702) 676-1185 F: (702) 678-6968 Integrated Landscape Management 4555 Dean Mar n Drive Las Vegas, NV 89103 P: (702) 283-9904 F: (702) 537-2294

LOCKSMITH ABC Locksmith & Towing 3981 E. Sunset Rd., # E Las Vegas, NV 89120 P: (702) 598-1630 F: (702) 454-7978

OUTDOOR FURNITURE Renu Casual Furniture 975 American Pacific Drive, Suite #105 Henderson, NV 89014 P: (702) 568-9004 F: (702) 568-9007

MAINTENANCE SUPPLIES AZ Partsmaster 2950 S. Highland Drive Suite E Las Vegas, NV 89109 jerry.s P: (702) 369-2121 F: (702) 369-4391

Total Pa o Accesories 4760 South Pecos Road, Suite #103 Las Vegas, NV 89121 P: (702) 309-4198 F: (702) 974-0893

HD Supply 320 Lava Beds Way Las Vegas , NV 89031 Max.G.Chris, P: (702) 917-5746 F: (702) 622-7222 Wilmar 4119 Bola Drive North Las Vegas, NV 89032 P: (702) 296-0664 F: (702) 643-5948 MAKE READY Genie Services 4300 N. Pecos Rd. #22 Las Vegas, NV 89115 P: (702) 452-1111 F: (702) 452-1179 MARKETING CONSULTANTS SERVICES LeaseLabs 2870 Fi h Avenue, Suite 202 San Diego, CA 92103 P: (619) 233-4700 F: (619) 233-4702 ScentAir (Reno) 14301-G South Lakes Dr. Charlo e, NC 28273 P: (775) 250-0121 F: (775) 622-3565 MOLD REMEDIATION & TESTING Eagle Restora on 6225 Harrison Dr., # 1 Las Vegas, NV 89120 P: (702) 895-9991 F: (702) 895-9992

PAINT SALES/SERVICE Dunn-Edwards Paints 4300 E. Tropicana Ave Las Vegas, NV 89121 P: (702) 845-7539 F: (702) 243-8131 EA Beltz Corp. Paint & Drywall 3370 Pinks Place #FLV, NV Las Vegas, NV 89102 P: (702) 233-3583 F: (702) 871-0595 Empire Community Pain ng 5940 South Rainbow Blvd., Ste 2012 Las Vegas, NV 89118 dwhitaker@empirepain P: (888) 278-8200 F: (702) 939-9940 Genie Services 4300 N. Pecos Rd. #22 Las Vegas, NV 89115 P: (702) 452-1111 F: (702) 452-1179 Primo Pain ng 9053 South Pecos Rod #2910 Henderson, NV 89074 tori@lasvegasprimopain P: (702) 457-5552 F: (702) 457-3620 Sherwin Williams Paint & Floor Covering 7470 S. Dean Mar n Drive. #105 Las Vegas, NV 89139 P: (702) 895-8887 F: (702) 895-8892 TGJ Pain ng 401 Max Court Henderson, NV 89011 P: (702) 558-0816 F: (702) 564-0617

ServPro of Northern Las Vegas 2828 Synergy Street North Las Vegas, NV 89030 P: (702) 656-0203 F: (702) 656-6246

PEST CONTROL R and C Pest Control LLC 5415 South Cameron Street, Suite 112 Las Vegas, NV 89118 P: (702) 257-2847 F: (702) 257-2842

AZ Partsmaster 2950 S. Highland Drive Suite E Las Vegas, NV 89109 jerry.s P: (702) 369-2121 F: (702) 369-4391

Terminix Commercial 3147 West Post Road Las Vegas, NV 89118 P: (702) 837-6520

MYSTERY SHOPPING QSI Specialists 2190 East Pebble Road, Suite 150 Las Vegas, NV 89123 P: (702) 891-0550 F: (702) 891-0550

PLUMBING AGA Plumbing & Mechanical 3325 West Ali Baba Lane, Suite 609 Las Vegas, NV 89118 P: (702) 321-6404 F: (702) 463-7961

Worldscape 8410 Eldora, Suite #1003 Las Vegas, NV 89117 P: (702) 871-7027 F: (702) 731-1611

NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION American Red Cross 1771 East Flamingo Road #206-B Las Vegas, NV 89119 P: (702) 791-3311 F: (702) 791-3372

Lange Plumbing 4690 Judson Avenue, Suite A Las Vegas, NV 89115 P: (702) 254-1908 F: (702) 228-8170

LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT Coinmach Laundry Service 501 North 37th Dr., Suite 102 Phoenix, AZ 85009 P: (602) 722-6959 F: (602) 340-8907

SNHD Tobacco Control Program 400 Shadow Lane, Suite #101 Las Vegas, NV 89106 P: (702) 759-1276 F: (702) 759-1416

Newtex Landscape, Inc. 271 Sunpac Avenue Henderson, NV 89011 P: (702) 795-0300 F: (702) 795-0192 Signature Landscapes 3705 Barron Reno, NV 89511 P: (775) 857-4333 F: (775) 333-0844 Silver Lands Inc. 2901 S. Highland Drive, Suite 15-A Las Vegas, NV 89109 P: (702) 459-3192 F: (702) 459-4372

OFFICE SUPPLIES Advance Office & Janitorial Supplies 3261 S Highland, Ste. 603 Las Vegas, NV 89109 P: (702) 735-0213 F: (702) 735-0147


F: (702) 837-5980

POOL FURNITURE Total Pa o Accessories 3275 S. Jones Blvd., Ste 106 Las Vegas, NV 89146 P: (702) 309-4198 F: (702) 974-0893

PRODUCTS & SERVICES | continued on page 26

PRODUCTS & SERVICES | continued from page 25

POOL & SPA CHEMICALS & EQUIPMENT Lee Joseph, Inc. Swim Pool Supply & Repair 864 South Wells Avenue Reno, NV 89502 P: (775) 786-5085 F: (775) 786-5022

ROOFING SERVICES Monier Life le 430 Eastgate Henderson, NV 89011 streland@monierlife P: (702) 417-3304 F: (702) 629-5183

PRINTING & GRAPHICS A & B Prin ng and Mailing 2900 South Highland Drive #18-B Las Vegas, NV 89109 P: (702) 731-5888 F: (702) 731-2272

SEAL COATING STRIPING & REPAIRS Intermountain Slurry Seal P.O Box 1841 Sparks, NV 89432 P: (720) 320-1665 F: (720) 320-1668

PROMOTIONAL ITEMS Gi Values 4 U 4217 Talladega Drive Sparks, NV 89436 P: (775) 742-5380 F: (775) 332-3097

SECURITY DEPOSIT ALTERNATIVES SureDeposit 293 Eisenhower Pkwy., Ste 320 Livingston, NJ 07039-1783 P: (973) 992-8440 F: (973) 992-8770 SECURITY SERVICES PROTECTIVE SERVICES Ace Protec on Services, Inc. 1610 West Oakey Las Vegas, NV 89102 jcompno a@aceprotec P: (702) 638-7776 F: (702) 638-1292 Courtesy Patrol Services 1450 E. Pebble, Ste 3151 Las Vegas, NV 89123 P: (702) 206-3493 F: (702) 586-2778 Rocky T’s Inc 1516 East Tropicana #239 Las Vegas, NV 89119 P: (702) 278-3470 F: (702) 436-0489 Southern Nevada Security Patrol, Inc. 3140 S. Durango Dr., Ste 103 Las Vegas, NV 89117 P: (702) 270-9116 F: (702) 256-6037 SIGNAGE Fusion Sign & Design 3443 Niki Way Riverside, CA 92507 P: (702) 949-0760 Na onal Signs, LLC 3830 Rockbo om Street North Las Vegas, NV 89030 rick@na P: (702) 645-6444 F: (702) 645-1178

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE AppFolio 55 Cas lian Drive Santa Barbara, CA 93117 P: (805) 617-2161 F: (805) 968-0653 Century Payments 2611 Internet Boulevard, Suite 201 Frisco, TX 75034 P: (469) 252-2674 F: (469) 252-9812 RealPage Inc. 4000 Interna onal Pkwy Carrollton, TX 75007 P: (972) 820-3015 F: (972) 820-3383 RentPayment 505 Sansome, 8th Floor San Francisco, CA 94111 P: (866) 289-5977 F: (866) 786-4775 RECYCLING Evergreen Recycling, a Republic Services Company 770 East Sahara Avenue Las Vegas, Nevada 89104 P: (702) 599-5502 RELOCATION SERVICES Reloca on Resources 8379 West Sunset Road, #110 Las Vegas, NV 89113 jennifer@reloca P: (702) 444-4088 F: (702) 444-0079

Western Sign & Flag 4181 W. Oquendo Las Vegas, NV 89118 P: (702) 798-6030 F: (702) 798-8314 TELECOMMUNICATIONS Century Link 330 South Valley View Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89107 P: (702) 244-1220 F: (702) 244-7385 Connexion Technologies 111 Corning Road, Suite 250 Cary, NC 27518 P: (919) 535-7342 Cox Communica ons 1700 Vegas Drive Las Vegas, NV 89106 P: (702) 545-1361 F: (702) 545-2375 TENANT SCREENING CoreLogic SafeRent 7500 W. Lake Mead Blvd., #9-542 Las Vegas, NV 89128 P: (702) 839-1736 F: (702) 839-1738 Contemporary Informa on Corp. 42913 Capital Drive #101 Lancaster, CA 93535 P: (800) 288-4757 F: (800) 677-8494 LexisNexis Resident Screening 818 SW 3rd Ave., Ste 1128 Portland, OR 97204 P: (323) 828-7467 F: (866) 653-4264 TOWING AA Ac on Towing 3035 Westwood Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89109 bobbyhowell@ac P: (702) 737-9100 F: (702) 737-8567 Ashley’s Towing 201 North Mojave Las Vegas, NV 89101 P: (702) 382-3508 F: (702) 382-8090 Fast Towing Inc. 3850 Lossee Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89030 Fas P: (702) 290-0228 F: (702) 383-9513

North Star Towing 2201 N. Commerce North Las Vegas, NV 89030 P: (702) 473-1111 F: (702) 399-3632 Quality Towing 4100 E. Cheyenne Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89115 P: (702) 649-5711 F: (702) 633-4447 SNAP Towing 250 W. Warm Springs Rd. Henderson, NV 89011 P: (702) 564-1180 F: (702) 565-3956 The Parking Team Specialists (PTS) 3433 Losee Road Suite #2 North Las Vegas, NV 89030 P: (702) 375-9807 F: (702) 543-6876 TRAINING Academy Of Leasing Specialists, LLC 7495 West Azure Drive, Suite 203 Las Vegas, NV 89130 P: (702) 429-3490 F: (702) 874-3490 WASTE COLLECTION Republic Services 770 East Sahara Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89104 P: (702) 280-0051 F: (702) 599-5585 RK Property Services 4148 Megan Circle Salt Lake City, UT 84107 P: (775) 996-2433 F: (866) 580-4858

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