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Apartment Managers Ask yourself this question. Is the task of keeping your property clean and free of illegally parked vehicles becoming a problem for you? Then we have your solution.



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SNMA 2009 COMMITTEE ROSTER Bowling Committee

John Sigman, Board Liason Las Vegas Apartment Guide

SNMA - Apartment Insight (Magazine)

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John Sigman, Board Liason Las Vegas Apartment Guide Chris Schreiner, Committee Chair Las Vegas Apartment Guide

Community Outreach Committee Rhonda Sikes, Board Liason Avion at Sunrise Mountain Jennifer Pendleton, Committee Chair For Rent Media Solutions

Dinner Meeting Committee Teresa Jackson, Board Liason Clark County Collection Service Chris Hinojos, Committee Chair Las Vegas Apartment Guide

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Education Committee

Debi O’Keefe, Board Liason Prime Group Dana Murrah, Board Liason AMC, LLC Brian Loftus, Committee Chair HD Supply Rosalie Escobedo, Committee Co-Chair Karsaz Law

Feature Articles 8 Tenant Safety 9 Detecting Silent Leaks In Your Home 12 Top Five Training Tips for Resident Screening 16 Five Things Renters Want in a Leasing Consultant 17 Cleaning “Charge” vs. Security “Deposit” 19 Fourth Quarter Multifamily Applicant Risk Index 20 What Do We Do Now? 22 Fair Housing Focus:

Golf Committee

Rob Grocutt, Board Liason Sherwin Williams

Information/Resource Committee Brandi Cooley, Board Liaison RW Selby

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Chris Karsaz, Chair Karsaz & Associates Barbara Kirk, Co-Chair Camden Residential Management

When Will They Evern Learn... ?

Maintenance Mania/Membership Picnic Paula Lane, Board Liason Pinnacle American Management Brandi Cooley, Chair RW Selby

SNMA 2009 Board of Directors President Bret Holmes ...................... 702.699.9261 Advanced Management Group

Treasurer John Sigman ..................... 702.939.1494 Las Vegas Apartment Guide

President Elect Paula Lane ......................... 702.362.6444 Pinnacle American Management

Secretary Barbara Kirk ....................... 702.436.2048 Camden Property Trust

Vice President Debra Peterson ................. 702.255.3700 For Rent Media Solutions

Past President Amanda Hahn ................... 702.671.6000 Signature Management Company

Director Francie Stocking ............... 702.368.4217 Western Risk Insurance

Director Teresa Jackson .................. 702.940.5120 Clark County Collection Service

Director Debi O’Keefe .................... 702.436.9293 Prime Group

Director Rob Groucutt .................... 702.895.8887 Sherwin Williams

Director Brandi Cooley ................... 702.320.8500 RW Selby

Director Chris Karsaz ....................... 702.952.9227 Karsaz & Associates

Director Rhonda Sikes ..................... 702.438.7678 Avion at Sunrise Mtn.

Director Donna Gill ......................... 702.737.1033 Riverstone Residential

Director Dana Murrah ..................... 702.395.1523 Apartment Management Consultants

Director Rellie Greensfelder ........... 702.371.2365 Frazee Paint & Wallcovering

Market Trends Committee Susan Bauman, Committee Chair Western Risk Insurance Paula Lane, Board Liason Pinnacle American Management

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Francie Stocking, Board Liason (Vendor) Western Risk Insurance Rhonda Sikes, Board Liason (IROC) Avion at Sunrise Mountain

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Debra Peterson, Board Liason For Rent Media Solutions Chandra Vail, Chair Apartment Finder Tresa Simmonds, Co-Chair AMC, LLC

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Director Doug Sartain ..................... 702.873.5995 Certified Fire Protection

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Doug Sartain, Board Liason Certified Fire Protection


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SNMA offers a wide variety of education programs for leasing personnel, maintenance, managers, regional directors, owners and vendor members.

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President’s Message By Bret Holmes

New Year Off to a Great Start


employee morale and keeping them happy. And we all know a ell, we are off to a great start for 2009, at least happy employee is a good employee! the Association is! For those of you who were not able to attend the installation dinner you missed I hope everyone had a chance to attend Market Trends. It was out on a great event! Turnout was excellent, with a great conference that was full of good information. Unfortuover 120 people attending. We had the President of the Nanately, it did reinforce most experts’ tional Apartment Association, Doug opinions that 2009 is going to be a Culkin, speak about all the benefits rough year for everyone. With the we have by being an NAA member. During these tough December report from CBRE showAlso, his associate Dave Edwards ing the average occupancy in the valeconomic times, I spoke about membership and how ley below 90% it is apparent that Las the NAA is here to assist us in supbelieve it is important Vegas is still in decline and we have a porting the multi-family industry. big hill to climb going forward. They were both very informative to make sure you are and entertaining. You might have noticed the new We had the opportunity to celebrate and thank the 2008 Board of Directors for their faithful service over the past year as well. I would like to throw out an extra “Thank You” to Amanda Hahn for her leadership in 2008. Thanks Amanda!

keeping your best people. One great way to do that is to keep them up to date on the latest processes and information relating to their job.

Please make sure you take some time to look at our calendar of events. We have a lot of great education classes coming up, and they include a great balance between the inside and outside staff for your properties. During these tough economic times, I believe it is important to make sure you are keeping your best people. One great way to do that is to keep them up to date on the latest processes and information relating to their job. Important things like that go a long way toward improving

SNMA logo. It puts a fresh spin on the association and really emphasizes what we are about, the multi-family industry. We are also in the process of rolling out our new website. Our initial goal was to have it “live” by the end of February. It will be much easier to navigate and find information, as well as be significantly easier to register for events. I know we all can’t wait for that!

Last but not least, keep an eye on the legislative committee. There are a number of bills coming up that will have a huge impact on our industry. The SNMA is committed to fighting for you and to making sure that your voice is heard. I look forward to seeing all of you at the next SNMA event. Q



Bret Holmes thanks dinner sponsor, Brian of SURE Deposit (L)

Tresa Simmonds- Market Trends

2008 Board (L to R): Chris Karsaz, Amanda Hahn, Patricia Miller, Rellie Greensfedler, Bret Holmes, Barbara Kirk, Debra Peterson, Debi O’Keefe, John Sigman, Donna Gill, Rob Groucutt, Brandi Cooley, Susan Bauman, Dana Murrah, Doug Sartain and Rhonda Sikes

January 20th Dinner Sponsored by SURE Deposit


Chris Schreiner of Apartment Guide- Magazine and Bowling

Chris Hinojos of Apartment Guide- Dinner Events

he January installation dinner was packed full of activities. The membership first thanked the 2008 board members for their service to the Association with plaques. Toya Weaver and Daniel Sanchez of Alternative Management received a thank-you as well for all their hard work for us. Awards were then given out to the outstanding committee volunteers of 2008. Constable Bobby “G” then administered the oath to the incoming 2009 board. It was hard to deny the change in the air with our 44th President taking the oath of office that very same day. We then took a moment to give special thanks to our 2008 President, Amanda Hahn. Doug Culkin, President of NAA and Assistant Director of Affiliate Services, David Edwards were on hand to talk about what being an NAA affiliate does for the SNMA. A presentation was shown to educate the members of all that NAA does and is and we received great information on just what NAA means to our industry and how valuable our membership is.

Jennifer Pendleton of For RentOutreach

Xenia Diniz of Apartment GuideEducation

Debra Peterson, Rhonda Sikes and Jennifer Pendleton of the Outreach Committee presented the property and vendor 1st place winners with 150 SNMA Bucks each, for their tremendous contributions toward the 2008 Food Drive. Broadstone Azure and Certified Fire Protection were thanked for the largest donations of food items. Q Maintenance Mania winners were announced and will now be going on to compete at NAA. We wish them luck! The winners are: Mark Glover of Silver Shadows (Pinnacle) Doug Peterson of Chateau Calais (Ovation) Robert Watson of Silver Shadows (Pinnacle)

Daniel Sanchez and Toya Weaver with Amanda Hahn



2009 President Bret Holmes thanks 2008 President Amanda Hahn for her service

2009 Board (L to R): (kneeling left) Treasurer John Sigman, NAA President Doug Culkin, Director Francie Stocking, Director Rellie Greensfelder, Vice President Debra Peterson, President Bret Holmes, Director Brandi Cooley, Director Rob Groucutt, Secretary Barbara Kirk, Director Chris Karsaz, Director Doug Sartain, A.D. Affiliate Services David Edwards, New SNMA Executive Director Michael Fazio, Director Teresa Jackson, Past President Amanda Hahn, Director Donna Gill, President-Elect Paula Lane, Director Debi O’Keefe and Director Dana Murrah.

Misty Justice of Broadstone Azure


The 2009 board oath by Bobby “G”

Doug Sartain of Certified Fire Protection

Bret poses with David Edwards and Doug Culkin from NAA

Getting Lucky With SNMA

roceeds from the 50/50 raffle went to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The night had four winners—well three people, one who was VERY lucky and won twice! Doug Sartain of Certified Fire Protection graciously donated the 150 SNMA Bucks his group won for the food drive to be drawn for a property person and Pat Folwell was the lucky winner… again!

Jill Glover with Marisa Meade of SURE Deposit

Amanda Hahn with Bobby “G”

Jill Glover of For Rent won a $50 VISA gift card from SURE Deposit. Pat Folwell of Sunrise Gardens won the $150 SNMA Bucks donated back by Certified Fire Protection, as well as a $50 gas card for the business card update. Gus Colessides of Renters Legal Liability won the 50/50 of $196. Q

Pat Folwell of Sunrise Gardens won the $150 SNMA Bucks donated back to the SNMA by Doug Sartain, and also won a $50 gas card for the business card update

Pat with Marisa Meade of SURE Deposit


Cash winner Gus Colessides with Marisa Meade


Tenant Safety By Dimitris Georgakopoulos, Vice President of Technology, Buildium LLC

can invite theft or damage to your tenants’ personal property.


How about building maintenance & upkeep? Are stair rails loose, or balcony railings not secure? Are there chunks broken out of concrete stairs? A hooked high heel can result in an injured tenant. Are ground fault interrupter outlets functioning properly? Every time you roll over a lease, perform a walk-through and identify safety hazards.


Improvements pay off. The next time you’re doing major plumbing fi xture replacement, consider scald-proof bath fi xtures. These fi xtures have a protective feature that will not allow full flow of hot water by always introducing enough cold water to moderate the temperature. If you have wooden stair steps, consider Trex when the time comes to replace rotted wood. It is a man-made material that doesn’t rot, and is not in any way damaged by rain or snow. It is used a lot for boat docks.


Not only do we all want our tenants to FEEL safe, but we want them to REALLY BE safe in our properties. The last thing we want is a tenant victim of an injury, theft or personal property damage. And, while we know some lawyer jokes, we do respect their use in society. We just don’t want to be looking at one across the courtroom.


e certainly want to follow some basic safety tips and procedures to make our tenants safer and avoid that lawyer thing. Frequently Asked Questions at clearly identifies the liability of landlords and owners for tenant safety. Whether it’s physical property modifications, rules for behavior, or selection of services and vendors, we can do “a-lot-witha-little” to enhance property safety.


If it’s a safety feature, make it work. How are your gated entries functioning? Are some of them blocked due to mechanical failure? Tenants rented with an expectation

of property security with these gates, so keep them operational. Are your security systems functioning properly? If a tenant calls in a problem with a security item, how long does it take to have it corrected? Make sure ALL safety features are functioning at ALL times.


Select your vendors ca refully. Whether it’s the trash hauler, heating repair company or cable installers, investigate your vendors. Use licensed and bonded contractors, and get referrals. Cutting corners with repair companies can create dangerous situations from sub-standard repair practices. Not using bonded vendors


Use outdoor lighting. If your tenants park outdoors or cross a parking area to get to their units, this area should be well lit for their safety. Outdoor enclosed walkways should also be lit for safety from intruders. Consider camera recordings as a deterrent, as well as to give your tenants a comfortable feeling.


Be observant and report criminal activity. There are frequent lawsuits where tenants sue their landlord for exposure to criminal activity on the property. If you see any suspicious activity, such as possible drug dealing, even if it is another tenant, you should report it. Your leases need to be very specific about illegal activity by tenants and the fact that any suspicious activity will be reported. We’re talking mostly common sense here, but it is important stuff. Make safety and security as important as collecting rent. Otherwise, you may find a lawyer collecting your rent. Q Dimitris Georgakopoulos is Vice President of Technology and one of the founders of Buildium LLC, maker of online property management software for landlords, professional property managers, condos and homeowner associations (HOAs) designed to help them operate more easily and with better results. For further details, visit the website, or contact Dimitris directly at


Detecting Silent Leaks In Your Home


eaks waste precious water and your money. To help combat leaks inside and outside your home, the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) offers information and resources that can assist you in tracking down these resource thieves.

Once you’ve determined if you have a leak, visit for helpful tips or to view an instructional video that provides stepby-step leak-detecting information. If you can’t find the leak, call a professional plumber for assistance. If leaks aren’t fi xed in a timely manner they not only will increase your water bill, but they also can cause costly property damage.

Many leaks are easy to spot, like a drip from your faucet or the sound of your toilet self-flushing, but others are more difficult to detect.

For more information visit or call our conservation helpline at 258-SAVE.

Leaks can be found throughout your home, such as in your faucets, toilets and water softeners. The most harmful and damaging leaks usually are found outdoors, in your sprinkler system and main service line.

Remember, saving water is saving money; the SNWA wants to help you do both. Q

Here are some easy steps to help you determine if you may have a leak in your home:

Detecting Silent Leaks in Your Home

Stop all water use inside and outside your home.

Has your water bill inflated, yet your usage has not? You may have a leak. Leaks can easily be detected and usually are found in faucets, toilets or water softeners, or outdoors in your sprinkler system or main service line. The Southern Nevada Water Authority has compiled information for you to easily combat this water and money thief. Visit and search “Leak” to view step by step leak-finding information or view an instructional video. Saving water is saving money and the SNWA wants to help you do both.

Locate your water meter: About 90 percent of all residential water meters are located in front of the home, in the sidewalk. Check your water meter for movement; Look at the top of the meter, where you will notice a triangle (called the flow indicator). If you don’t have a flow indicator, you can use the sweep hand on the register to indicate water loss. If either the flow indicator or the sweep hand is moving, you may have a leak or malfunction.



Train Your


Education Platinum Sponsor Opportunity Available!

If you are interested in taking any of the courses or being on the Education Committee, please contact Q

2009 Education Calendar Date





March 13

LEGAL: Premises Liability



Chris Karsaz

March 18

MANAGEMENT/LEASING: Marketing in Tough Conditions



Jackie Olsen


HD Warehouse

HD Supply



Chris Karsaz

(follows SNMA Luncheon)

Tuscany Suites

Valerie Surgent



Heads on Beds Property Management Solutions


HD Warehouse

HD Supply


Tuscany Suites


April 9

MAINTENANCE: E.P.A. Certification*

April 17

LEGAL: Fair Housing (free to all SNMA members for “Fair Housing Month”)

April 21


May 13

LEASING: Closing Techniques

May 20-21

MAINTENANCE: Certified Pool Operator*

June 16

LUNCH MEETING: Dress for Success

June 19

LEGAL: Debt Recovery



Chris Karsaz

June 25



HD Warehouse

HD Supply

July 15

LEASING: Meet & Greet/Model Tour



Heads on Beds Property Management Solutions

August 19

LEASING: Features & Benefits Selling



Heads on Beds Property Management Solutions

August 21

LEGAL: Advanced Fair Housing



Chris Karsaz


HD Warehouse

HD Supply

September 17 MAINTENANCE: Gas & Electrical October 14

LEASING: Survival Spanish


Western Risk Insurance

For Rent Magazine

October 23

LEGAL: Employment Practice



Chris Karsaz

*Material and certification costs may apply

Pricing: 3 hour Leasing Classes: $35 members, $70 non-members (Education pass can be used) Jan/March/April Leasing-Management class: $45 members, $90 non-members (Education pass can be used) Maintenance classes are free, unless there are actual costs for certification or materials, which will be conveyed prior to the class. Legal Classes: $35 members, $70 non-members (Education pass can be used) April is Fair Housing Month and we are going to offer a basic class free to our membership only. Education Pass: $199 for 8 classes and $249 for 10 classes You must register for each class at least 48 hours in advance in order to be able to use your Education Pass for the class; this is required to obtain an accurate head count for our educators.



Top Five Training Tips

for Resident Screening Tighten-Up Your Resident Screening Training! By Mike Lapsley, president and CEO of RentGrow, Inc

should still take that extra step and provide additional training classes focused on these laws. Make sure to stay on the lookout for new laws and provisions, such as the new sections of the FACT Act.

3. Teach best practices when it comes to security. Since resident screening involves the evaluation of personal information, such as credit reports, it’s important that employees understand how to protect tenants’ privacy and sensitive information. Your staff should also be well versed on safe computing and security practices. For example, every employee should have his or her own password (which should be supplied by the screening company). Then, make sure employees not only keep those passwords private, but also change their passwords every 90 days (a Credit Bureau requirement). Finally, train your team to follow appropriate policies when disposing of consumer files—both virtual and hard copies. Posting these policies in an area where staff members congregate is one way to ensure awareness of proper disposal policies.

4. Remember the little things and focus on details.


hen it comes to using your resident screening service effectively, the right training can make all the difference in the world. These are five key training tips to keep in mind when it comes to resident screening.

Top Five Training Tips: 1. Choose a screening provider that offers regular training. From properly training new staff members to providing refresher “courses” for veteran employees, it’s important that your screening provider offers regular and accessible training. Keep in mind that training isn’t “one size fits all.” In the Multifamily industry, there are many facets of the screening

process, and some are going to be more relevant to your particular situation than others. Make sure your screening partner is aware of your specific needs.

2. Make sure your office keeps up with relevant laws. In the Multifamily industry, there are important and relevant laws that every member of your leasing staff should know. Take an extra step to round out your training process by educating your office on important laws, such as the Fair Housing Act (FHA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, (The FACT Act). All property managers and leasing staff should have working knowledge of each law. While your screening provider can help you in this area, you


Providing reminders about the “little things”—those simple, everyday procedures that may seem like no-brainers—can help your staff keep important practices top of mind. For example, it’s important for users to be careful when entering data, reviewing data, and handling and storing applicants’ confidential information. Simply entering data incorrectly can skew an applicant’s results, so encourage your staff to take the time to double-check their work to avoid easy mistakes and setbacks.

5. Refresh your training yearly. Take time to have an office-wide refresher training class once a year, this will improve compliance. If any questions arise about your screening service, call your screening provider for help. Now’s the perfect time to set up your annual “refresher” training. Q Mike Lapsley is president and CEO of RentGrow, Inc., the resident screening experts and can be reached at



News Flash!

ista North America to Lead Session at 2009 National Apartment Association Green Conference and Exposition

sta North America, the nation’s leader in Utility Expense Management™ and submetering, announced today that CEO Kernie Brashier will moderate an educational session at the 2009 NAA Green Conference. The session, “Beyond the Recycle Bin- Steps You Can Take to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint through Better Utility Management,” will explore best practices for a green corporate model with tips for all budgets. It will also share how to measure a community’s carbon footprint, market the benefits, increase revenue and motivate residents to reduce usage. Brashier’s panel will present on April 28, at 2:15 p.m. during the conference held at the Phoenix Convention Center

in Phoenix from April 28-29, 2009. He will be joined by ista CTO, Vito Ciavarelli; Steve Heinz of Good Steward Software; and Albert Lee of AMLI Residential. “Utilities account for 95 percent of a property’s carbon footprint. Property owners looking to go green must track and reduce utility consumption as part of their initiative,” says Brashier. “The good news is that utility management programs can increase operating income while protecting the planet.” To learn more about the NAA Green Conference, visit www. Q

CERTIFIED FIRE PROTECTION “A Full Service Fire Protection Company” Sales • Service • Recharging Free Estimates

Fire Extinguisher Sales/Service Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

; Fire Sprinklers

Fire Alarm Inspection/Repair Fire Hydrant Inspection/Repair


Fire Sprinkler Installation Fire Sprinkler Inspection/Repair Fire Hose/Adapter Sales ; Fire Extinguishers


DOT Hydrotesting/High Pressure CO2 Refilling

Service Work Done on Location


3400 West Desert Inn, Suite 20 • Las Vegas, Nevada 89102 •


; Fire Hydrants


Things Renters Want in a Leasing Consultant By Kate Good, Professional Speaker, Apartment All Star, and Sales and Marketing Solutions Expert

What makes a great leasing consultant? One who knows that when we take care of our customers, the business will naturally fall in our direction. This skill is essential for any leasing consultant who desires to beat the average closing ratio of 35% for a stabilized asset.


hen I was first hired as a leasing consultant I called my father for advice. He was, and is today, the best sales person I ever knew. His advice to me was to read the book How to Win Friends and Influence People. I wondered what this topic had to do with achieving a higher closing ratio. After practicing what the book taught me, I soon came to realize that while using a closing line may be a great way to ask for a deposit, there is a lot of relationship building that needs to be done before we have earned the right to ask for their money. Each of these 5 customer needs tap into the emotional buy that closes a lease.


Friendliness—you may not be able to quote the size of your refrigerator in cubic inches, but you can capture the

loyalty of your customer with your friendly attitude. People do not want to say “no” to someone who is nice and takes an interest in their needs. We can teach someone how to lease an apartment, but it is almost impossible to teach someone to be nice. This key aspect in someone’s personality should have been discovered and groomed as children. Let your customer know you are friendly and you care by asking using their name, discovering and discussing needs, and avoiding anything that would distract you from giving this customer your complete attention. Take a personal interest in the things they care about. And remember, leasing apartments is not about selling what you like in the apartment, it is about discovering what the customer wants and showing them that you can meet their needs. It is


unlikely that you will have a meaningful conversation with a customer if you have not built a rapport with the customer, and they find you to be friendly and helpful.


Understanding—while people may not always agree with us, they are able to accept what we are saying when they have an understanding of why things are one way or another. Take time to explain things to your customer and they will appreciate the respect. From fair housing to floor plan options, having an understanding of the situation makes everything easier to swallow. A few years ago I was trying to sell a rent increase to a customer. Sadly we were in a situation where the insurance for the property had skyrocketed, and we needed to increase our income or risk the possibility of losing our financial ground. I met with three different residents and did my best to sell the wonderful attributes of the community and ask for the renewal. I was turned down three times. The fourth person I met with had a evening appointment and I was pretty tired. I attempted a little selling and finally just told the customer the truth, our expenses have increased over 11% over last year and so we are in a position to

MARCH APRIL 2009 raise prices as most businesses would. However, we are only asking to increase their rent just 5%, and the owner will make up the difference in the expense increase. The customer thanked me for the information, and we had a discussion about the impact we are all experiencing from higher living costs. At the end of the meeting I found that this level of communication was very effective, and by giving the customer a better understanding of our business, they were ready to accept the rent increase.

manager named Mindy and learned this technique. Mindy would send a letter to the residents each week if not each month. The purpose of the letter was always to inform the residents anything, from the fact that we had planted new flowers at the entrance, to the laundry room having a fresh coat of paint. Sometimes she would brag about how many service requests our maintenance team had

Control—one of the things we love best about the Internet is that we are in control of what we search and view. Everyone likes to have control and power. To give your customer control, simply give them options and allow them to make decisions. I like to say, “Mr. Customer, what I can do for you is A or B; which would you prefer?” The customer now has control of the situation and is more likely to agree to one of the two choices.

Everyone likes to have control and power. To give your customer control, simply give them options and allow them to make decisions.

3 4

Options—people love to have a choice. Tell the customer about the options your community offers and they will exercise their need to choose by selecting an option. There is a psychological process in shopping for something of personal need. Our mind tells us to gather options and make the best choice. When we offer the options within our community, we cater to the psychological needs of the customer. We don’t want them to exercise this need by choosing another community.


Information—this need goes along with the second need listed. Information helps people to understand. No one is ready to make a decision, which will be their biggest bill all month, until they have information. In this area, we want to over communicate with the customer. I used to work for a property

Cleaning “Charge” vs. Security “Deposit”


hat is the significance of distinguishing a cleaning charge versus a security deposit? Unlike a security deposit, the cleaning fee is non-fundable and, as such, an important tool in ensuring the cleanliness of the apartment at the same time as maintaining the unit’s value. In many other states, there is no practical differentiation between a cleaning deposit and a security deposit. However, in Nevada, landlords can designate a separate non-refundable cleaning charge so long as it is agreed to between the parties (i.e. specified in the rental agreement and/or a relevant addendum). Pursuant to NRS 118A.242 (3)(b), if a landlord fails or refuses to return the remainder of the security deposit within 30 days after the expiration of a residents tenancy, he/she is liable to the tenant

completed in the previous month. I learned that the idea of communicating this information was to inform our residents about what we do for them. Mindy explained to me that our customers often think that their entire rent check goes into someone’s pocket, and she wanted our customers to know that we invest in their home and community. I am certain that each month your apartment community can find one thing to tell the residents about and prove to them that you care about the well being of their homes. Q

for damages “except for an agreement which provides for a nonrefundable charge for cleaning in a reasonable amount.” Practically, the issue that arises is how to implement a policy in adherence with the law while maximizing allowable gain. Simplistically stated, a landlord is only required to clearly designate the cleaning deposit in the lease agreement and the amount must be reasonable. A landlord must remember, however that a security deposit is treated differently from cleaning charges/deposit. A security deposit cannot exceed three-months rent. Within days of move-out, the security deposit must be accounted for and distributed minus the below deductions: (1) past due rent, (2) property damage beyond normal wear and tear, and (3) cleaning cost. As with any modification to the lease agreement, it is always prudent to refer to assistance of counsel. Please contact Karsaz & Associates if you have any questions regarding services offered and any other general questions at Q


This article was written by Rosalie M. Escobedo, a Trainer and Associate for Karsaz & Associates, APC. The information contained in this article is not considered to be legal advice and the author and Karsaz & Associates strongly recommend that you consult with your own counsel with any related questions or problems. Please forward any questions or comments to Rosalie at



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First Advantage SafeRent Releases

Fourth Quarter 2008 Multifamily Applicant Risk Index


By Jay Harris, Vice President of Business Services, First Advantage SafeRent

he Multifamily Applicant Risk Index (MAR Index) is based on traffic credit quality scores from First Advantage SafeRent’s statistical screening model and is updated quarterly to provide property owners and managers with a benchmark against which to compare their portfolio’s performance. With this unique applicant risk index, property managers and owners are able to compare their applicant credit quality trends with that of the average MAR Index trends. This comparison indicates whether their portfolio is performing above, below or at market levels with respect to attracting and securing applicants with higher credit quality and an increased likelihood of fulfilling their lease.

both empirically derived and statistically validated. First Advantage SafeRent’s Statistical Screening Model was developed from historical resident lease performance data to specifically evaluate the potential risk of a resident’s future lease performance. The model generates scores for each applicant indicating the relative risk of the applicant not fulfilling lease obligations. A lower score indicates a more risky applicant. Q Graph 1: United States Multifamily Applicant Risk Index Data

The fourth quarter national MAR Index, including studios, one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom units (BR), was 99. This is a 1 point decrease from the first quarter 2008, which confirms a trend of seeing lower MAR Index values during the slow applicant traffic volume periods of the first and fourth quarters. The MAR Index is down 5 points from the third quarter 2008 value of 104, indicating a riskier applicant pool for this quarter. Compared to the fourth quarter of 2007, the MAR Index is the same value of 99. When comparing applicants for one- versus two-bedroom units, the MAR Index is slightly higher for one-bedroom units at 100 compared to 99 for two-bedroom units in the fourth quarter (see Graph 1).

Here is how Las Vegas, NV-AZ performed this quarter compared to last year: Las Vegas, NV-AZ: 4Q08 MAR Index = 98 Las Vegas, NV-AZ: 4Q07 MAR Index = 98

Table 1: Regional Multifamily Applicant Risk Index Data

Understanding the Multifamily Applicant Risk Index (MAR Index) The MAR Index is published quarterly by First Advantage SafeRent. It provides trends of national and regional traffic quality scores whereby a lower index value indicates an applicant pool with a higher risk of not fulfilling lease obligations. A MAR Index value of 100 indicates that market conditions are equal to the national mean for the index’s base period of 2004. A MAR Index value greater than 100 indicates market conditions with reduced average risk of default relative to the index’s base period mean. A value less than 100 indicates market conditions with increased average risk of default relative to the index’s base period mean. The MAR Index is derived from First Advantage SafeRent’s Statistical Screening Model – the multifamily industry’s only screening model that is



4Q 08

3Q 08
















Change from 3Q 08 to 4Q 08


Change from 4Q 07 to 4Q 08

















What Do We Do

Now? By Chris Schreiner, Account Executive, The Apartment Guide

It’s time for a refresher course… a little Property Management 101. We’ve gone from a great market to a normal market to a soft market, and for some, to a “how do I get my occupancy up/I am losing my mind” situation. I submit to you that if you go back to the beginning, square one, you will be best equipped to handle the current market conditions.


et ur n to t he t ime when you took your first job, whether it be leasing, manager/asst. manager, activities director, bookkeeper, whatever. You sought out all the information possible and attacked every duty with zeal. If you didn’t, you likely would not STILL be in the business! Remember, it is possible to sell against a competitor with better move-in specials, nicer units, more amenities or a better reputation. Chances are, if you’ve been in the business for more than a year, you have done this. We have to get creative and we have to reacquaint ourselves with our first lessons. We cannot allow the stress of driving occupancy up to make us “car sales” hard sellers. If we lose that “I am your concierge in finding a new home” edge, that customer service-driven helpful streak in leasing apartments, we will drive the prospect

away, because they feel nothing but pressure. We have not quantified our product to the consumer, so why should they buy it? We can’t be focused only on getting their deposit or we will forget to show them why they should leave it. Are we taking the due time with each prospect? Have we forgotten to treat our current residents as if they’re just newly applying for residency? Are we following up with the promises we made to get the lease signed? We have to take a good long look at our methods and examine ourselves. Are we truly doing everything we can possibly do? Would you find your models appealing if you were on a tour? How about the leasing office? How’s the property looking in general? Looking at things with a fresh pair of eyes every day you drive in to work is paramount to noticing areas in which to better the face of your business. We cannot


allow the tunnel vision that arises from high pressure situations to take over. Is everyone on the team on the same page? Do we all have the same goals? How are you appealing to the prospective renters that are out there? Are you advertising in effective media? Does your advertising truly show the prospect the features of becoming a resident at your community and their benefits? Find your property’s “wow” or if you don’t feel it has a “wow”, what differentiates it—location? Price? Unit size? Does your advertising get your brand message across, and do your property, your office, and your team all understand and convey that to prospective residents? Back to the basics! Brainstorm in your team meetings and write everything down! In that random smattering of words and ideas may lie the key to turning things around. Consult your marketing partners on how you can maximize your message and your exposure in the market. You might have the best product/service out there, but people have to know about it. Ask questions. Re-examine procedures, techniques and your day-to-day work. We have to work smart and we have to work hard. The reward is out there, but it will take more effort to get it. Q


On The Move

Terry Slattery Promoted to President of For Rent Media Solutions™ Former vice president and general manager transitions into his new role as president


or Rent Media Solutions, a division of Dominion Enterprises, is proud to announce Terry Slattery’s promotion to president of For Rent Media Solutions. This change is in recognition of Slattery’s contributions to both For Rent Media Solutions and the multi-housing industry. “I have had the fortune of working with Terry for eight years now,” said Jack Ross, president of Dominion Enterprises apartment and employment businesses. “His impact on For Rent Media Solutions and the industry has been substantial. He continues to show his dedication to multi-housing through his membership in organizations like the National Apartment Association, where he was recently recognized as a recipient of a Paragon Award. I am confident For Rent Media Solutions will continue to grow under his leadership.” Slattery entered the multi-housing industry in 1993, when he joined the For Rent Magazine® office in Las Vegas as an account executive. Since then, he has held several positions within the company, including national marketing director, vice president of marketing, and vice president of national sales and marketing. He assisted with the execution of LEADS™, the original tracking service in the multi-family housing business, now considered the standard in the industry. He is also credited for heading up the group that created®, one of the nation’s leading apartment Internet Listing Services.

the National Apartment Association. In 2007, he was appointed chairman of the National Supplier’s Council. In this position, he co-chaired the NAA Education Conference and Convention in Las Vegas and oversaw the development of the National Suppliers Council. This is the highest level that a supplier can rise to in the multi-family industry. As president, he will oversee all aspects of print, Internet, production and operations for all For Rent Media Solutions publications and Web sites, including: For Rent Magazine®,, Apartamentos Para Rentar®,, and After 55™ Housing and Resource Guide.

Apartment Guide Welcomes Two New Team Members We all wish to congratulate Xenia Diniz, who was recently promoted to Publisher in San Diego. Her dedication to Apartment Guide and SNMA Education were much appreciated and made a positive difference in the industry. Joining the Apartment Guide team, are Niki Dodson Kingry, who is a transfer from Apartment Guide in Columbus, Ohio and Charlie Panarella. Niki had an extensive career on site before joining Apartment Guide and Charlie is new to the apartment industry, but has experience in homes and both have tremendous backgrounds in outstanding customer service. Chances are, by the time you read this, you’ll already have met them at Market Trends and the other SNMA events. We at Apartment Guide are excited to be adding two great individuals to our team and are anxious to see what they bring to the table for SNMA. Q

Slattery is very active in the multi-housing industry, attending many industry conferences and serving as a board member for


Submissions for “On The Move” should be sent to We want to know about your promotions or moves within the industry that should be shared with the SNMA membership. Keep in mind submissions may be edited for space and content and it depends on overall submitted materials for the issue.




nd that care and interest mean that most likely you are doing things right, and probably you don’t need the lecture that is presented here. In fact, because you are likely one of the “good guys” (or “gals”—this is a civil rights article after all!), you may wonder if all the laws and industry focus on fair housing are really all that necessary.

By Nadeen Green, Senior Counsel with For Rent Media Solutions™

But how about if I tell you a story—a story of two parents who take the loving step of adopting a child. And one day, not too long ago, these two parents are seeking rental housing for their family. They and their landlord-to-be agree on the terms of the rental and then they all meet for the lease signing. And when these parents arrive, they bring Joshua, their adopted son, now 8 years old, with them. The landlord looks at Joshua, excuses himself, and then returns with the announcement that the rental is not available after all, as it has been previously committed to other tenants. Now what could the problem have been? Simply this… Joshua is the African-American son of his white parents.

When Will They Ever Learn...?

That is a sad-happy story. It is sad that this had to happen, but the happy ending is that Joshua’s parents now have almost $64,000 of that landlord’s money. (Perhaps a start on his college fund—or perhaps the monies to now put toward the purchase of a home whereby they will never again feel the sting of housing discrimination from anyone in our multi-family housing industry.) And this story illustrates poignantly just why it is so necessary that we have fair housing laws, and why our industry is so often the focus and target of testing, complaints, and lawsuits. [HUD v. Timmons, no. 05-98-1000 (HUD Office of Admin. Law Judges 11-16-00)] So let’s do a bit of an overview and take a look at just where the past 30+ years have of necessity taken us:

This author struggles with writing this article which will contain more of the element of “preaching” than “teaching.” And why is that, you may ask (and if not, I am going to tell you anyway)? Because if you were not inclined to flip past this article on fair housing and go on to the next pages of this magazine, then you care about or are at least interested in this important industry topic.


The Fair Housing Act of 1968 was a good law in its intent, the idea being to make a direct statement through federal civil rights law that the basic human need for shelter (housing of all types—homes, apartments, mobile homes, condominiums, etc.) could not be denied for arbitrary reasons such as race, color, religion and national origin. Nonetheless, such a noble purpose did not move all housing providers (Joshua’s

MARCH APRIL 2009 be landlord is an illustrative example), and the FHA had a particularly significant flaw… while it was now a civil rights violation to deny someone housing based on their status in a protected class, there was no “punishment” involved. This was remedied in 1988 with the enacting of the Fair Housing Amendments Act, which took the law from 20 years before and made certain changes. One important change was to “give the tiger teeth.” Now denying a protected person a housing opportunity is not only unlawful and wrong; it can be very costly as well (to which Joshua’s would-be landlord can most assuredly attest!). Today, a housing provider who unlawfully denies a housing opportunity is not only violating someone’s civil rights. Now that housing provider can face civil penalties (fines) ranging from $11,00055,000 per occurrence in the administrative arena, and unlimited punitive damages in the federal courts. In tracking the fair housing cases in the past years, I have found that one thing becomes abundantly clear… some housing providers simply just don’t get it. (Some, not all… the apartment and real estate industries have made a concerted effort to make fair housing education a priority, with many companies doing regular training on their fair housing policies and procedures. And just the fact that you are taking the time to read this article and have made it this far bespeaks that you are likely one who places a high value on the importance on this topic). And the message is clear now for violators… either do it right or pay up. Simple scenarios that years ago would have resulted in a real estate professional paying relatively few dollars are now costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. “When will they ever learn…?” Admittedly, some of the issues involving fair housing can be tricky and there is not always a definitive road map to take us where we need to safely go. The right to quiet enjoyment of residents must be balanced, say, against the right of reasonable accommodation of another resident with Tourette Syndrome, and this would be a tough problem to bring to resolution. But so many of the cases seem sadly repetitive and expressive of not just misunderstanding and ignorance, but of prejudice and bigotry (I warned you this would be “preachy”). Take a look: A landlord in Michigan would not rent second floor apartments to families with children. Following a trial by jury, a mother with two children, ages 4 and 8, won $403,00 of the landlord’s money. (This landlord would deny about half of all rental housing opportunities to people with children.) [Szwast v. Carleton Arms Apt., No. 990517 (E.D. Mich. 4-17-00)] A woman with disabilities rented a lot in a Colorado mobile home community and found herself unable to keep up with maintenance of her home and lot. The landlord refused to allow her to have a live-in caretaker who would perform such work for her. After many appellate hearings, the judgment of $150,000 against the landlord stands. One can only think that the issue for the landlord wasn’t about a live-in caretaker (who would keep the property well-maintained), but about a prejudice against someone who is not able-bodied. [Boulder Meadows v.

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when will they ever learn...?

— continued on page 24



when will they ever learn...?

apartments! The couple was compensated for being deprived of their civil rights, emotional distress and humiliation. And it is humiliating that our industry must have landlords like this. [Van den Berk v. Missouri Commission on Human Rights, No. ED 76175 (Mo.App. 7-25-00]

— continued from page 23

Saville, No. 99CA0687, 2000 Col. App. LEXIS 632 (Col. Ct. of App. 4-13-00)] The owners of an apartment community in California deny liability after an 8 month investigation of their housing practices and sworn testimony from 11 former employees about racial discrimination practices in the renting of apartments. (Certainly and sadly, nothing new or creative about these types of actions.) Nonetheless, they have agreed to pay $250,000. [Fair Housing Counsel of Orange County v. Herbert and Rose Wysard] The former manager of a community in Texas allegedly sexually harassed 17 women at the property. Those who rejected his advances were evicted. While denying all liability, he has nonetheless agreed not only to pay $150,000 in damages, but has also agreed not to manage or own residential rental properties for 4 years (guess he won’t be one of your colleagues for a while). Perhaps he saw these residents as his own private harem. [U.S. v. Prestonwood, No. CA:3:99-CV-0495 (N.D.Tex.)]

Doesn’t this make those of you who make fair housing the standard in your business shake your heads at the ignorance, bull-headedness and arguably the discriminatory intent of the above housing providers? Their behaviors may be perplexing, but keep in mind that it is those who wish to remain ignorant and bull-headed or who choose to continue to indulge in discriminatory practices that make it necessary that you walk through the constantly growing mine-field of laws, regulations and case precedents. Discrimination continues to be an issue not only for housing providers but for those people that are unjustly denied the right to live where they choose. And sadly, there will always be housing discrimination. Not because of you, but because of those of your colleagues in our industry who persist in the ideas of someone like Joshua’s would-be landlord… when will they ever learn? Q

A St. Louis landlord who maintained racially segregated buildings at her apartment community denied a housing opportunity to an African-American couple who were interested in a twobedroom unit because that unit was in an all-white building. The landlord’s position was that she did not racially mix her


This Fair Housing Focus article was written by Nadeen Green, Senior Counsel with For Rent Media Solutions™. The information contained in this article is not to be considered legal advice, and the author and FRMS strongly recommend that you consult with your own counsel as to any fair housing questions or problems you may have.


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5-Day Pay or Quit*** 5-Day Notice Breach of Contract*** 5-Day Unlawful Detainer*** 3-Day Nuisance*** 30-Day No Cause Termination*** 30-Day Notice to Change Terms*** Abandonment*** Security Deposit Disposition Community Inspection*** Notice to Vacate*** Roommate Relinquishment*** Application to Rent Lease*** (Members Only) Lease Renewal***(Members Only) Move-In Inventory & Condition*** 2007 Salary Survey Landlord/Tenant Law Handbook (Members Only) Affidavit of Complaint Instructions to the Constable Order of Summary Eviction

25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 30 25 25 50 12 25 25 1 1

10.50 10.50 10.50 10.50 10.50 10.50 Download Download 10.50 10.25 Download 14.75 19.95 10.25 14.75 49.95 129.00 Download Download Download

15.50 15.50 15.50 15.50 15.50 15.50 15.50 15.50 15.50 15.50 15.50 NO SALE NO SALE 15.50 19.75 9 9.95 NO SALE Available at Courthouse Available at Courthouse Available at Courthouse

D ELIVERY CHARGE - $10.00 per delivery or $20.00 for COD orders. *** 3 part carbonless paper PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.





2775 South Rainbow Boulevard, Suite #101-C Las Vegas, NV 89139



Ap art me nt Ma na ger s Serving Las Vegas for 22 years. Family owned and operated. 1. Property Monitoring *FREE* 2. Warning Signs *FREE* 3....

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