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Luxury homes in the Pacific Northwest

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Education Hill Custom Home Location: Redmond, WA Area: 3,800 sq.ft Status: Permiting

Modern Twist in Simple forms A luxurious 5 bedroom single family home in the heart of Redmond, with an open plan promoting quality with design. High ceilings, enhanced space planning and custom steel details showcase the modern twist. Enhanced corner conditions open up the spaces to beautiful landscape views all around the home. Large lovely backyard and deck with heaters is the perfect spot to host parties and enjoy barbeque’s all year round.


Kirkland Home Location: Redmond, WA Area: 4,500 sq.ft Status: SOLD

Comfort lives here Retaining its integrity of the period, this treasure becomes a cozy spot for a 21st century family. A 5 bedroom home with double height spaces, heated floors, and 3 car garage is a desirable 4 person home in the Pacific Northwest. The additional media room, huge backyard and deck is the perfect spot to host Sunday dinners.


Sammamish Home Location: Sammamish, WA Area: 6800 sq.ft Status: In Construction

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Kirkland Home Location: Kirkland, WA Area: 5,000 sq.ft Status: SOLD


Redmond Home Location: Redmond, WA Area: 7,800 sq.ft Status: In Construction

Bringing luxury home Situated in the busiest area of Redmond, this home is one of a kind modern homes in the neighborhood. Maximizing the site and site conditions to delivery a 5 bedroom modern single family home with a double height great room open kitchen, large entertainment area, mother in law unit, and a media/ theatre room. Double height spaces with Nana door and windows seamlessly connect the inside and outside of the house. Deck heaters make the outdoors comfortable even during the winter months.

TRADITION Kirkland Home Location: Kirkland, WA Area: 4,200 sq.ft Status: SOLD

A 5 bedroom traditional home situated in the neighborhoods of Kirkland with a lovely yard area and spacing living spaces. This is a perfect home for those who enjoy luxury and traditionalism. The harmony between classic traditional and semi-modernism is distinct in the space planning, lighting, chandelier details, and the use of materials in the kitchen, dining, bedroom and bath.

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Aparna Ghantasala- Architectural deign portfolio  

Aparna Ghantasala- Architectural deign portfolio