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April 2014

By Aneesh Pappu


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I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Aneesh Pappu and I have the privilege of serving as the District Treasurer for the Pacific Northwest District this year! I want to thank you all for electing me and I will serve you all to the best of my abilities.

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I’m a junior from Pullman High School located in Pullman, WA. Pullman is in eastern Washington and we are known for our endless, ubiquitous, rolling wheat fields. Pullman is the home of Washington State University (WSU) and is a cozy, small town.

District Treasurer ..........3

I am involved in our school’s Math Team and Science Bowl Team, and I also serve as the ASB Executive Treasurer. In addition, I enjoy volunteering at the hospital located in the neighboring town of Moscow, ID. And last, but most importantly, I have the opportunity to serve you all in Key Club.

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As I start my term, I want to stress that the window for paying dues IS STILL OPEN! This means that if your club has not paid dues or has been struggling to pay dues, you still have time. Any club who has not paid dues by International Convention held on July 2, 2014, will be changed to inactive status. This is something we want to avoid. For more information, check out the rest of my newsletter. Outgoing treasurers, I want to personally thank you all for taking care of the finances and business side of your clubs. Treasurers are often the ones who go without thanks, doing the behind-thescenes work. You rock. In this update you will find informative content regarding dues and details on reactivating clubs, not to mention helpful links and resources. I would also love to hear your feedback on my newsletters.

Aneesh Pappu 2014-2015 District Treasurer Pacific Northwest District Key Club


PNW REPORT CARD (Data as of April 17th)

Vouchers Each Lieutenant Governor has been allotted a budget of $250.00 to help mitigate the cost of travelling to and planning their divisional events. This also applies to travel to District Board meetings. In order to receive the appropriate payment, a copy of the receipt or invoice for the expense must be turned in along with a completed expense voucher form to Mr. Jay or to me, Aneesh. If seeking mileage reimbursement for travel by car, please include some proof of mileage, such as a Google Maps route that indicates the number of miles traveled.

Dues Dues are still being collected for the 2014-2015 school year! Each Key Club member pays a total of $12.00 a year, $5.50 of which comes to the PNW District organization. A Key Club member has to have paid their dues in order to have their service hours recognized, so it may be a good idea to register any graduating seniors who are trying to fulfill service requirements. Key Club dues also cover insurance for events, so students who haven’t paid dues are NOT allowed to participate in any service projects outside of their schools or homes, unless a club has made special provisions to provide for these members.

In addition, whenever turning in a voucher, regardless of whom to, please send me an image of the voucher that clearly depicts the amount and reason. This will allow me to track the budget of every LtG.

Spring Board LtGs, please send your $60.00 registration fee, along with a $15.00 late fee if postmarked after May 13th, to: Pacific Northwest Key Club District Kevin Buyer PO Box 3933 Silverdale, WA 98383-3933 Pay to the order of: PNW Key Club

Meet your 2014-2015 District Treasurer! Name: Aneesh Pappu Age: 17 Grade: 11th School: Pullman High School, Div 56 Past Key Club Positions: -Lieutenant Governor of Division 56, 2013-2014 - PHS Key Club Vice President, 2012-2013 Favorite Subject: Economics, Math Favorite Music: Hip Hop, Classical Favorite Animal: T-Rex Hobbies: Writing, public speaking, reading, New Girl, hanging out with friends Goals for 2014-2015 Key Club Year: •

Reach optimal dues collection levels (soon to be determined)

Educate club treasurers about dues collection, Membership Update Center, and financial literacy

Help facilitate financial aspect of reactivation and re-chartering of struggling schools

Create easier process for Adviser Changes

Increase transparency of financial accounts, fundraising, and expenditures of District Organization

Roles of the Club Treasurer Duties and Responsibilities •

Attend club meetings

Collect member dues, and in collaboration with the Secretary, submit member dues

Prepare, present, and enforce the budget

Manage a school or bank account and make all necessary transactions

Maintain accurate financial records and prepare financial reports for the Key Club, ASB, Kiwanis Club, and international organization

Record all expenditures and income and clear the accounts payable and receivable

Bill members for unpaid dues

Understand school and club policies regarding student financial accounts related to school organizations


Dues Payment

Any club who has not paid their dues for this year is considered a suspended club. Hopefully you have been by contacted your local lieutenant governor concerning your status. If not, let me know and I will work with you to reestablish your club in good standing with Key Club International. There’s no need to be concerned if your club is suspended – all that needs to be done is dues must be paid for the current year. However, if dues are not paid by the time of International Convention (July 2nd), then the club is changed to inactive status. Inactive, unlike suspended, has serious consequences for the club. Since the club has not paid their dues, they are no longer considered a part of Key Club International. They are not allowed to attend DCON, function as a Key Club, use Key Club resources, and, perhaps most importantly, are not protected under Kiwanis International Insurance. This means that service projects and members are no longer covered by Kiwanis International and the acting party (the club in question) will be held liable for any and all damages. This is not something we want! An inactive club simply has to pay their dues, fill out a reactivation form and pay a $100 charter reactivation fee to regain good standing with Key Club International. Be sure to let me or your Lieutenant governor know if you have any questions!

1. Register your account for the Membership Update Center 2. Collect $12.00 from every Key Club member and deposit the funds into your account 3. Use the Membership Update Center to enter member information 4. Choose to pay by credit card or check/money order (credit card recommended for ease of processing) 5. Send in payment, along with invoice, or pay by credit card and process any reimbursements 6. Wait 3-5 weeks for processing, then anticipate delivery of pins and membership cards 7. Continue to collect dues throughout year and submit additional payments 8. Ensure that officer candidates and DCON attendees have paid their dues

Helpful Links PNW Key Club

Kiwanis One

Membership Update Center

Treasurer Job Description

Key Club International

MUC Tutorial

PNW Key Club on Facebook PNW Key Club Treasurers

Farewell I would like to take a moment to write a brief goodbye to Eric Grewal, the 2013-2014 PNW District Treasurer. As we head into the new Key Club year, I’ve realized that Eric’s shoes are big ones to fill. However, I believe with the support of the members and especially the treasurers of our district I can succeed in filling these shoes well. I want to thank Eric for all of his hard work and for all of the things he did to improve our district. The constant support he gave our board and the lieutenant governors will be forever appreciated. In addition to his work on the board, Eric was the greatest friend I could have ever asked for. Thanks for being the best mentor, the best guy to talk to at 2 in the morning about Key Club, politics, and whatever happened to cross my mind, and for supporting me in everything I’ve wanted to do. It’s been real, and I’ll do my best to do your legacy justice this year. -Aneesh

Contact Us Club Treasurer of the Month Would you like to nominate someone for Club Treasurer of the Month? Please send an email including the candidate’s: Name: Picture (Profile headshot): Email Address: School: Division: A few sentences describing how they have helped: -their Key Club -their community Lt. Governors have the power to nominate a Club Treasurer they believe deserves the award each month. Treasurers may also nominate themselves. All entries (from Lt. Governors AND Treasurers) will be evaluated equally.


Aneesh Pappu 2014-2015 District Treasurer (509) 432-9908 505 NW Robert St. Pullman, WA 99163 District Governor: Lisa Antonio District Secretary: Ik Hoon Jung District Bulletin Editor: Jenny Zhang Convention Chair: Cleo Tsang District Administrator: Mr. John Jay Assistant District Administrator: Mr. Tom Saunders Finance Administrator: Mr. Kevin Buyer International Trustee: Roshni Chandwani

The Treasurer's Tribune April 2014  

The April 2014 edition of The Treasurer's Tribune, the official publication of the District Treasurer of the Pacific Northwest District Key...

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