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employees’ adherence to time allocations, time overruns inconvenience your clients and reduce your profits. 4. STOCK EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT BRANDS Deal only with suppliers who work with you and not against you and who direct any customer enquiries to you, helping to create more sales opportunities for your business. By stocking an exclusive brand, you will be able to carve out a unique personality for your business, one which will separate it from the competition. Never stock a brand that is available discounted online. After all, why would you pay more for something you could get at a fraction of the price.

5. SAVVY PRICING STRATEGIES If there’s one thing you can’t afford to get wrong it’s the prices on the service menu. Make sure your service menu is profitable because if it’s cut-to-the-bone pricing what flexibility will you have to provide attractive ‘call-to-action’ type promotions. Keeping in mind that you need that flexibility cushion, these are the ways to determine which Pricing Strategy suits your business best. The three categories are - Cost-orientated; Competitororientated and Demand-orientated. You may wish to adopt one, or better yet, a combination of all three. •

Cost-orientated: This is when you determine what is the costs to produce the service (most suppliers will provide

individual treatment product costing), add a little extra for some wastage; include the correct proportion of direct costs associated (wages, product, marketing and training); and the percentage of indirect costs (fixed costs i.e. rent, etc) and what cost-recovery (or profit) you want. •

Competitor-orientated: This is when you base your prices according to what your competitors are charging. Either charge the same, undercut their prices, or ‘package’ your service in a way to add customer perceived value so that you can charge more. Keep in mind that price is not always the issue, however, value is.

Demand-orientated: For example, you may have new technology and/or skills that competitors do not have, while you stay ahead you can charge more. The key point to consider in this type of pricing strategy is “what will the market bear” and position your price just a touch under, so that the service is still perceived as good value for money

There you have my five tips. It’s easy to see it’s all about money coming in, money going out and the profit you end up with. It’s in your control, so be wise and keep your finger on the pulse. APJ If you need more information please contact Caroline Nelson beauty industry expert who specialises in helping businesses develop their brand, improve productivity, and increase bottom-line profit. To learn more about her step-by-step program for salon spa success phone 0410 600 440.

Make Qualifications your COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE COSMETIC TATTOOING is a highly profitable and in-demand procedure. However, there will always be those who take advantage of the opportunities to bring to disrepute the reputation of the profession through poorly delivered procedures due to a lack of qualifications and quality training. If you wish to enter this industry, gaining nationally-recognised qualifications will elevate your status and secure your future in this modality. If you are already a trained cosmetic tattooist why not

gain Recognition of Prior Learning and upgrade your training to the nationallyapproved SHBBSKS003 DESIGN AND PROVIDE COSMETIC TATTOOING? JANETTE ZAKOS is a qualified cosmetic tattooist and trainer with a nursing and beauty therapy background. With over 27 years’ experience and 12 years’ teaching experience she is renowned for skills and knowledge. Training and Assessment with Janette is only on a oneon-one basis. Why not also benefit from her amazing knowledge and techniques?

ALSO AVAILABLE: • 2-Day Microblading Course • 3-Day Ombre brows • 1-Day refresher course • Full-time courses available • Payment plans FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT JANETTE ZAKOS TODAY 0414 389 603 | |

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APJ Vol 38 2018  

Aesthetics Practitioners Journal Volume 38 Spring 2018 - The official publication of the Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network (APAN)

APJ Vol 38 2018  

Aesthetics Practitioners Journal Volume 38 Spring 2018 - The official publication of the Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network (APAN)