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government? Money that could be invested for your family’s future. If you are you would not be alone; many business owners don’t have a long-term plan. You’re a professional and business owner, you can’t be expected to be a tax genius as well. Your accountant may help complete your BAS and yearly tax return, but that is short-term thinking. What is the longterm strategy? Have you identified ways to legally minimise your tax and put that money to work for you and growing it into your yearly retirement plan or your kid’s education?

overnight and destroy families. The best, case scenarios see people return to work before they are fully recovered, often when they are in the midst of treatment for serious illness. However, this should be the time that should be spent allowing yourself to rest in order to return to full health and spending precious moments with loved ones. No-one wants to think about what can go wrong, but everyone should. If disaster strikes, those with a plan in place are left much better off than those without.



How much of your wealth is tied up in your business? If you are anything like many of our clients - probably most of it. Perhaps you have a bit tied up in the family home too, but that just puts a roof over your head, it isn’t producing income, and it is not wise to think of it as an investment. It probably seems natural that your wealth is tied up where you are focusing your energy, but this robs you of the opportunity to put your money in other assets where it can work for you. It is said that Albert Einstein stated that compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world or, the greatest invention of all time. While the accuracy of those quotes is debateable, the power of compound interest is not. A properly invested portfolio of assets has the power to have a serious impact on your longterm goals. If everything is tied up in your business then you are missing an opportunity to diversify your risk and build a nest egg that will grow while you are sleeping.

Advice Hub specialises in working with business owners and professionals. Their experts help you articulate your vision for the future, develop a plan to make it happen, and hold your hand every step of the way. They are more than just financial planners, they provide you with personal financial coaches for life. Services include:

UNDERESTIMATING THE DOWNSIDE RISKS Ask a business owner when they get sick and they will tell you, “When I have time to.” Often it will end up happening when they take that 1-week holiday every five years. You’re too busy to be sick, how will the business survive without you? It’s a great question, one that deserves much more consideration. What will happen to your business if you are incapacitated tomorrow? What will happen to your income and how long will your family survive without your income? Think about it - seriously. Some of our saddest situations is when we need to advise hard working business owners facing adversity that they haven’t planned for. It can shutdown businesses

Help you develop a plan for your retirement so that you can achieve your dream lifestyle.

Help you to legally minimise tax putting that money to work as part of a long-term investment strategy

Start building a diversified pool of assets outside of your business to minimise your risk and build an income that increases while you sleep

Put together a risk-management strategy that will take care of financial concerns should something happen to you. We hope you never need it, but we know from experience how glad you will be to have it if it’s required.


Our introductory meeting is FREE. That’s fee free and obligation free. They will take the time to have a chat with you about the financial coaching process and talk about how they can help you. You have everything to gain. For further information phone Javier Fonseca at Advice Hub 0457 229 377

APJ 109

Profile for APAN - Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network

APJ Vol 38 2018  

Aesthetics Practitioners Journal Volume 38 Spring 2018 - The official publication of the Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network (APAN)

APJ Vol 38 2018  

Aesthetics Practitioners Journal Volume 38 Spring 2018 - The official publication of the Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network (APAN)