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The PĂŠcsionary The return of the HuNS

You will find inside Issue No. 1: - Interview with Mr. PResident -First Aid kit - Introductions - international sessions - and many more!

The Journalists‘ Oath They seem to be everywhere – swarming around you like bees, always flashing their cameras and following you everywhere. They go by the name of “journalists”. But, who are they really? The journalists will try to provide you with different perspectives of the session – mostly of things we hear, see and feel, things we find remarkable, striking or especially fascinating. To reach this goal, we will be the shadows lingering in the dark corners, sneaking around all places where relevant information is exchanged, perking up our ears when you think no one is listening. In order to gain and process information, there is no path too long or stony for us to pass. Newest technology is our right hand: after having our first journo-meeting on Skype the Sunday before the session, you can be sure we will continue our usage of highly modern technology

ranging from professional CIA spying software to Harry Potters’ invisibility cloak. We shall bring truth to darkness, reveal even the best guarded secrets and catch your dreams to put them on paper. We will be your eyes, your ears and, most importantly, your memory. To reach this, we will be always present to paint a picture – which can only be an outline – of what is to be one of the grandest experiences of your lifetime. We are honored to put that on paper, in pictures and words, for you! Truly and forever at your service and yours sincerely. P.S. Never forget: We will be watching you!! by Franzi

Eni, anywhere, anytime :D

“Ráchel, she’s a princess” (by Paul)

Ákos, the locked up animal

Franzi, the retard following you

Paul, the ginger god

Magda, but you will see the lens only

Interview with Mr. Tiago Correia Machado, President of the HuNS How did you get involved in the European Youth Parliament for the first time? What was your motivation? Actually, at first I didn’t really want to get involved at all. My geography teacher was the head of the European Club in our school, and he asked me to go to the EYP session. I said no, but he didn’t give up. He kept asking me, and so I said yes in the end, just not to be bothered.

What did you feel when you first thought that this national session wouldn’t be taking place? I was accepted to be the president at this session over a year ago, and I worked more than it was normal to organize this event, thus this is a very special session to me. Of course there were moments when I was quiet pessimistic about this event, but despite all the disappointments, I was sure that sooner or later we will manage to start this session.

As you have taken part in several sessions so far, I assume you do have good experiences. Were there any of them that made you think differently in any way? I’ve changed a lot naturally as I got older, but EYP sessions defi- So, what do you expect nitely had an impact on me. De- from the session? spite my nature, I had to force With the organizers we myself to be accurate, strict and had the clear vision that focused. despite it will be a smaller session, we won’t give up How did you become a chairper- its grandiousness. Howevson for the first time? er, we also want to make it Well, this story is pretty funny. intimate, personal; and like From 2005 until 2007 I didn’t take being together like a big part in any sessions, and this is family. how I received a phone-call out of What would you advise the blue, asking whether I wanted for the Delegates? to be a Chair. And as I really en- They shouldn’t be afraid. joyed the former sessions I was I advise them to try new very happy for the opportunity. things, and be open-minded, and tolerant. Just make the most of their chances. Name: Tiago Correia Machado City of origin: Lisbon, Portugal Date of birth: May 18, 1986 First EYP session: 2003 Favourite colour: green Favourite song: Beethoven’s 9th symphony Favourite film: Casablanca Favourite book: The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini Favourite opera: Tosca

by Ráchel and Franzi

EYP FIRST AID KIT During and after each and every EYP event you may feel ill. But unfortunately it won’t be a ‘normal’ illness that you go to the doctor with, getting a prescription and after couple of days you are healthy again. EYP has got its special, unique diseases which may be cured only by your attendance to the next EYP event! Coming up, the most popular ones:

think of EYP every time you see yellow post-its or you become addicted to facebook or you want to play chicken pilot every time you see a chicken filet, this means EYP-shiver attacked you!

4. PED: (Post EYP Depression). This illness is so legendary (well known), that it should be put in the encyclopaedia! Like seriously, every single EYPer knows 1. EYP-rush: continuously thinking about EYP ses- this strange feeling, when you come back home after the session and you miss your sions? Can’t stop refreshing www. roomie, or you want to play, because you look for new ‘Big Fat Pony’ on the street calls for delegates? If you answered or dream of discussing EuroYES for at least one of the questions, pean problems during maths it means you suffer from EYP - rush! classes. That’s the essence of PED. Haven’t suffered yet? 2. EYP-insomnia: are you an EYP Definitely you will feel it after party animal? Going to bed at 5 a.m. this session! and waking up at 7 a.m. is normal for How to cure all these illnessyou during EYP sessions? And after es? Prescription is simple: go such a hard night you are active in to, find a nice committee work and discuss imporsession with an open call, fill tant issues? Well, congratulations! the document and send it to EYP-insomnia is your illness! session’s organisers! by Doctor Magda :) 3. EYP-shiver: higher level of EYP madness. If you

Today’s mission: TEAMBUILDING

by Eni

Teambuilding is a regular activity before the EYP sessions. People who haven’t met before gather around in a group to get to know each other in a playful way through a collection of different (hopefully exciting) activities also called icebreaking games. These games help the delegates to create a good atmosphere in their committees and dissolve the embarrassing moments of the first meeting. During the teambuilding we learn each other’s names, make friendships and make the cooperation easier. Besides getting to know each other we learn to trust ourselves and the way we

can take responsibilities for each other. Relax, have fun, and make life-long friendships. :)

Ever noticed the round things? :P As you should have noticed now, EYP is all about circles. Even though the others standing around you may be glancing at their shoes for now. Rest assured that this awkwardness will be replaced soon with happy chitchatting back and forth after the first teambuilding games have been played! In case you didn’t have enough after these first impressions of these people, the EYPeople you can spend whole nights talking to, caffeine in any form will become your best friend. The great people around you – namely your committee (where you will be sitting in circles) – will play the leading role throughout the serious part of the session. Committee work is the time and place to challenge you both academically and socially. Being a delegate requires many things from you: flexibility when confronted with opposing opinions, willingness to work together as a group, to reach consensus and finally enjoying partying after the committee work. After this rant about the many things you encounter, continuing on with circles. At the session you will find a new circle of friends. These people accompany

by Paul

you through the circle of a session. The session takes places in the most common circle known - a year. All the people who were a little bit edgy in the beginning have been smoothed into this wonderful, most perfect form imaginable – a circle.

The end of a session, as you will notice, always comes too quickly; however thanks to your new circle of friends, you have many places to visit and floors to sleep on. Any session you go to should make you ravenous for more. Eager to widen your circle!

Random facts The widely spread Bic Pen found its way into our pencil cases only after a change in name. One of the founders, Marcel Bich the pen is named after, has been advised to change his name for a global advertising campaign. Not only should the name sound catchier, there has also been the fear of having the English speaking part of the world getting the name wrong due to a very similar word. The New York Times, winner of 108 pulizer press prices (more than any other organization in the world) has one of the highest sales numbers of newspapers sold on Sunday in the world. Apart from selling very well throughout 7 continents, the Sunday edition is said to be largest one page wise. Even though many people like to be thoroughly informed about almost every sack of rice falling over in China, they do not consider the unbelievable amount of paper and with that trees that are needed to print this humongous piece of professional journalism. Estimates say that 63.000 trees are needed to print it every Sunday. This is very disturbing as you have to consider that there are 52 Sundays a year, not to mention the nearly one million copies sold every other day of the week. Where from do you get about 100.000 trees every week?

CATCH THE INTERNATIONAL SESSION! What is the International Session and why does everybody describe it as a unique and prestigious experience? Why should I be perfectly prepared and active during the whole National Selection Conference in order to be selected? Probably most of you were asking these questions many times before coming here. For EYP newcomers answers may be a bit distant, but believe me, I know many people who got involved in EYP and now they deeply regret playing too passive roles during their NSC. So Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you THE INTERNATIONAL SESSION! The place of making lifelong friendships, tasting multicultural Europe and experiencing the EYPaddiction. Imagine: 10 full days for EYP activities, more than 200 delegates from 25 countries, committees made up of international participants, the highest level of discussions, the hardest level of partying and the best memories RANDOM QUOTES: “we are nearly at a climax” “you may be, I am not” (retard and lover boy XOXO:P)

ever! Trust me, as a past delegate in the International Sessions in Rennes (2008) and in Leuven (2009), I’ve never met as many great people as during my International Sessions. And I can tell you, without any doubts, that thanks to being selected for the National Selection Conference of EYP Poland

by Magda

your own. So, although you will be quite confused by the Teambuilding activities at first and may have problems with remembering the names or may consider the games to be ‘stupid and pointless’, please don’t discourage yourself. Try to take from this session as much as possible! When you come back to your everyday routine, you will bring back all the memories from Pécs and definitely think about these days with a warm smile on your face.

Without being too pathetic and considered as an emo-journo, I in 2008, I’m still an active EYPer am telling you: Here is your great and I’m on the path of the best ad- chance to begin a great EYP adventure in my whole life. venture, YOUR chance to immerse deeply into the EYP world. InterBut back to the topic: All of you national Sessions are waiting for are having the great chance to at- YOU! So remember: EYP is about tend either the International Ses- having fun while doing serious sion in Athens this Spring to feel stuff, so don’t let this chance to fly the real wind of antiquity or the away! CATCH IT! one in Zagreb in Autumn to discover the beauty of Croatia on “Let’s get the uncomfortable, boring stuff out of the way.” “So why don’t you step outside the circle?” :) (Tiago and Tatu)

QUEST OF THE SESSION: Uncovering Fluffy. You may not know, what is it, who is it. It’s real, for sure, as many of us are already chasing it. We will come back with more information, we promise. Until then, good luck.

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This is a small map. The lines show the routes of the CJOs. They came from far. They came to spend an amazing session. With you.

And the chairs... they are just waiting for you :P

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The first issue of the HuNS