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obligations, including approximately $52 million for environmental remediation and approximately $29 million for various contingent legal liabilities. For a detailed discussion of the Company’s environmental and legal contingencies, please see Note 8—Commitments and Contingencies in the Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements set forth in Part IV, Item 15 of this Form 10-K. In addition to our recorded environmental and legal liabilities, we have potential exposure to future obligations related to divested properties. Apache has divested various leases, wells, and facilities located in the Gulf of Mexico where the purchasers typically assume all obligations to plug, abandon, and decommission the associated wells, structures, and facilities acquired. One or more of the counterparties in these transactions could, either as a result of the severe decline in oil and natural gas prices or other factors related to the historical or future operations of their respective businesses, face financial problems that may have a significant impact on its solvency and ability to continue as a going concern. If a purchaser of our Gulf of Mexico assets becomes the subject of a case or proceeding under relevant insolvency laws or otherwise fails to perform required abandonment obligations, Apache could be required to perform such actions under applicable federal laws and regulations. In such event, we may be forced to use available cash to cover the costs of such liabilities and obligations should they arise. With respect to our retained oil and gas operations in the Gulf of Mexico, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is currently planning to issue a new Notice to Lessees (NTL) significantly revising the obligations of companies operating in the Gulf of Mexico to provide supplemental assurances of performance with respect to plugging, abandonment, and decommissioning obligations associated with wells, platforms, structures, and facilities. We currently expect such new NTL may require Apache to provide additional security to the BOEM with respect to plugging, abandonment, and decommissioning obligations relating to Apache’s current ownership interests in various Gulf of Mexico leases. We are working closely with the BOEM to make arrangements for the provision of such additional required security, if such security becomes necessary under the new NTL. Additionally, we are not able to predict the effect that these changes might have on counterparties to which Apache has sold Gulf of Mexico assets. Such changes could cause the bonding obligations of such parties to increase substantially, thereby causing a significant impact on the counterparties’ solvency and ability to continue as a going concern. Insurance Program We maintain insurance policies that include coverage for physical damage to our assets, third party liability, workers’ compensation, employers’ liability, sudden and accidental pollution, and other risks. Our insurance coverage includes deductibles or retentions that must be met prior to recovery. Additionally, our insurance is subject to policy exclusions and limitations, and there is no assurance that such coverage will adequately protect us against liability from all potential consequences and damages. Our current insurance policies covering physical damage to our assets provide $1 billion in coverage per occurrence. These policies also provide sudden and accidental pollution coverage. Coverage for Gulf of Mexico named windstorms is excluded from this coverage. Our current insurance policies covering general liabilities provide approximately $500 million in coverage, scaled to Apache’s interest, subject to a retention that must be met prior to recovery. This coverage is in excess of any existing policies, including, but not limited to, aircraft liability and automobile liability. Our service agreements, including drilling contracts, generally indemnify Apache for injuries and death of the service provider’s employees as well as subcontractors hired by the service provider. Apache purchases multi-year political risk insurance from the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) and other highly rated international insurers covering a portion of its investments in Egypt for losses arising from confiscation, nationalization, and expropriation risks. The Islamic Corporation for the Insurance of Investment and Export Credit (ICIEC, an agency of the Islamic Development Bank) reinsures OPIC. In the aggregate, these insurance policies, subject to the policy terms and conditions, provide approximately $750 million of coverage to Apache, subject to a self-insured retention of approximately $1 billion. 50

Apache 2015 Summary Annual Report  

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