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Sergio Rodriguez, FAICP Miami, Florida Division: Latinos and Planning

Private Practice Gays and Lesbians in Planning City Planning and Management

Economic Development

Sustainable Communities Federal Planning

Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy

New Urbanism Urban Design and Preservation Housing and Community Development Technology

Planning and Women

Planning and Law

Regional and Intergovernmental Planning

County Planning Latinos and Planning Small Town and Rural Planning

Transportation Planning

Planning and the Black Community


APA divisions are a reflection of you. Are you looking for a community of peers that shares your interests and understands your concerns? Are you looking for opportunities to lead, develop skills, and stay up-to-date? APA divisions produce newsletters and special publications, develop conference sessions, conduct webinars, collaborate with related organizations, and contribute to policy work. But they do even more: They connect you with planning professionals and engaged citizens who share your passions, your challenges, and your experiences. They provide opportunities to strengthen your career and your community and advance your vision for the field. Which APA divisions do you see yourself in? Jessica Abrahams Tucson, Arizona Divisions: Economic Development; Housing and Community Development; International; New Urbanism

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City Planning and Management I grapple with the challenges of agency management every day. I’m committed to improving the quality of life and planning in big cities. I need practical solutions that have worked elsewhere, not just theories. I want state and national governments to respond to the special needs of cities.

County Planning I am interested in issues facing county, borough, or parish planners. I need resources to contend with the sheer size of my county and its diverse development philosophies. I will benefit from forums and methods of communication through which planners may exchange ideas and experiences related to county planning. I believe it’s essential that county elected officials have the tools and information to make good planning decisions.

Economic Development I believe economic development is a critical element of planning. I’d appreciate resources that would keep me up-to-date on the state of the art in economic development. I understand that planning for economic development is the key to building a sustainable community. I want ideas for creating a diverse economy that includes tourism and information technology, as well as more traditional sectors.

Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy I’m interested in the land-use implications of environmental, natural, and energy resources management and conservation. I need to keep up with the latest environmental issues, technologies, and legislation. I want to help policy makers and the public understand environmental and energy issues. I’d like to exchange solutions with planners who share my interest in sustainability.

Federal Planning I’m involved in planning for the future of federal properties located in the United States and abroad. I want to learn about innovative techniques for improving the quality of life for those who use federal properties. I work to foster relationships between federal lands and adjacent communities. I’d like to share ideas with other federal planners.

Michael J. Kayes Broadalbin, New York Division: County Planning

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Gays and Lesbians in Planning I’d like professional support that includes resources for gay and lesbian planners who may or may not be “out” in the workplace. I’m interested in a forum for planning issues that relate to workplace fairness for the gay and lesbian community. I need to keep up with the planning news and trends that affect the gay and lesbian community. I’m interested in how the gay and lesbian community has or may affect planning principles and practices.

Housing and Community Development I believe the need for more accessible and equitable communities is great. I want to build awareness of housing and community development issues, including affordable housing, among the public, other planners, and policy makers. I’m concerned about the housing needs of the homeless and persons with disabilities. I want to share resources and news with other housing and community development advocates.

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International I live and work outside the United States, or I’d like to. I work in the United States but am concerned with development worldwide. I want to keep up with the policies and programs of the United Nations, World Bank, and USAID. I’m interested in foreign planning literature, international planning news, development assistance programs, and research.

Latinos and Planning I’m interested in the planning issues affecting Latino communities. I recognize the need for more Latinos to enter and advance in the planning profession. I’m looking for ways to engage Latino citizens in my community in planning processes. I want to build the planning capacity of organizations within Latino communities.

New Urbanism I’m interested in development patterns that are effective alternatives to sprawl. I believe that developers should be allowed to build compact, mixed use neighborhoods in my community. I would like to be able to revise zoning regulations to create more beautiful, valuable, and permanent developments. I want more influence in persuading public officials to support new urbanist projects.

Manjula Boyina, AICP Cleveland, Ohio Division: International

Planning and the Black Community I want to help my community collaborate and share resources with political, economic, and educational organizations. I believe we need to work together, through inclusive grassroots and national efforts, to ensure resources are distributed equitably among communities. I want to exchange ideas of significance to the black community with planners, administrators, public officials, and students. I’m willing to provide leadership on economic development, physical regeneration, and other public policies.

Adam Perkins Denver, Colorado Divisions: Economic Development; Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy; Federal Planning; Housing and Community Development; International; Planning and Law

Planning and Law I need to understand the diverse and constantly changing legal issues that affect the planning profession. I want to contribute to policy discussions and programs. I’d like a convenient way to keep up with recent land-use cases. I’m always looking for innovative legal techniques I can apply to my work.

Planning and Women I’m interested in how women can affect the planning profession and promote professional growth. I want to develop planning policies that reflect the changing roles of women and men. I’d like to meet other women planners and students and learn how we can develop satisfying careers, become leaders within the profession, and honor our successes. I want to create a national network of planners, decision makers, and others concerned about similar issues.

Private Practice I need information on preparing proposals, writing contracts, and marketing my services. I would like to network with others facing the challenges of the private practitioner. I would like to learn more about how to successfully run a planning consulting business. I’m interested in starting my own consulting firm and want to learn more about the possible rewards and challenges.

Regional and Intergovernmental Planning I support policies that help local, regional, state, and national governments work together on development. I understand the interdependent nature of planning among various levels of government. I use regional community alliances and collaboration to address urban and regional planning issues. I engage in multijurisdictional planning for issues such as environmental systems, infrastructure, housing, and economic development.

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Small Town and Rural Planning I am the planning department. I work to protect agricultural land and preserve natural resources, maintain community character, and revitalize downtowns. I’d benefit from a network of small-town and rural planners. I’d like to learn how to use consultants effectively and efficiently.

Sustainable Communities I believe that planning for sustainability is our profession’s defining challenge in the 21st century. I believe we need to plan, design, and manage communities attuned to economic and population changes, diverse sources of energy, and environmental challenges like freshwater depletion and climate change. I think sustainability should be a key element of public policies formulated at all levels of government. I want to lead my community in a comprehensive approach to sustainability planning.

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Technology I believe the planning community needs a voice to advocate for best practices in technology. I am interested in learning more about visualization, impact analysis, mapping, and modeling tools. I am interested in decision-support technologies that integrate planning and urban design, transportation, land use, infrastructure, fiscal analysis, or earth sciences. I’m looking for communication and participation technologies that will make the planning process more efficient, cost effective, and accessible.

Transportation Planning I’m interested in revitalizing suburban commercial corridors to improve accessibility and mobility. I’d like to share technical information and best practices with others who deal with transportation. I need to keep up with new research and legislation pertaining to transportation. I want to learn more about how airports and communities can achieve win-win solutions.

Urban Design and Preservation I believe good urban design is essential to maintaining community character, a sense of place, quality of life, and economic vitality. I’m interested in new techniques and best practices for design and preservation. I believe historic preservation is vital to protecting our cultural heritage. I want to make sure design and preservation are part of planning policy and education.

David Fields, AICP New York City Divisions: International; Transportation Planning

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There’s an APA division just right for you!  
There’s an APA division just right for you!  

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