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General President

Time Waits for No One

It is a saying

that we often take for granted: “time waits for no one.” But it is so true. Already, since my administration took office in January, so much has happened across the country, indeed around the world, that needs Alpha Phi Alpha’s attention. We have seen an attack on voting rights from the nation’s highest court and then a chipping away at affirmative action in university admissions programs. The man who killed Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, has been tried and set free. Now there is, we hope, a national conversation going on about race relations and laws that may not let everyone stand their ground, but only a select few. In Egypt, another uprising there will test our country’s mettle here at home in how we define and promote democracy while maintaining our national-security interests.

Mark S. Tillman is 34th general president of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

4 THE SPHINX H Summer 2013

And as we celebrate summer, fall is right around the corner, with a slew of new challenges. These are challenges that we will face on college campuses as well as in the communities in which we are privileged to serve. Our college brothers have completed summer internships and are hitting the books again. Some who graduated this past spring will start graduate or professional school; others will start the transition from college life to their career life. Alpha will have to step up and provide the service and leadership necessary to ensure that our work with these young men and in our communities has a positive return on our investment. I remain confident that as we move ahead, every brother who believes in our aims and ideals will step up. We have much work to do, and as I said, time waits for no one. H

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THE SPHINX | Summer 2013 | Volume 99 | Number 2  

Representing the Best of Alpha: Brothers of the Year.

THE SPHINX | Summer 2013 | Volume 99 | Number 2  

Representing the Best of Alpha: Brothers of the Year.