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chairman of the Leon County School Board and is also an aide to the governor of Florida. Brother Richardson's honors include: Gamma M u L a m b d a C h a p t e r M a n of t h e Year; North/West Florida March of Dimes Volunteer of the Year; the Florida Department of Education Employee of the Mondi; NAACP Black Achiever; Jaycee of the Month; and Frontiers International Presidential Citation for service. G a m m a Mu Lambda has named Brother Al



r Brother Rudy Malay


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Brother Curtis Richardson

B r o t h e r R u d y Maloy, t h e first AfricanAmerican to win countywide election to die Leon (FL) County Commission, is now chairman of that political body. Brother Maloy is also a transportation specialist with the Florida D e p a r t m e n t of Transportation. A life member of Alpha Phi Alpha, Brother Maloy was a four-year starter in football at Florida State University where he earned both bachelor's and master's degrees. And two years before Brother Maloy was elected to the L e o n C o u n t y C o m m i s s i o n , Brother Curtis B. Richardson was elected to the Leon County School Board. Brother Richardson, on leave from his position as school system district psychologist, was elected to the School Board again in 1994. Brother Richardson has since been elected KAPPA LAMBDA GREENSBORO,


T h e Brothers of Kappa Lambda have received high marks for their mentorship programs. Fifty young men from James B. Dudley High School are receiving m e n t o r i n g in family values, AfricanAmerican h e r i t a g e , citizenship, and r e s p e c t i n g females. T h e young men are also involved in community services. Along with dieir mentoring of young men from Dudley High School, some Kappa Lambda Brothers are participating in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program. T h e Chapter occasionally worships together, participates in the March of Dimes "Walk-A-Thon" and raised $2,500 for a chapter scholarship. Kappa Lambda has been cited for community service in Greensboro and surrounding areas.

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Brother Al Dennis Dennis Brother of die Year. A special agent with the Florida D e p a r t m e n t of Law Enforcement, Brother Dennis chairs several Chapter committees including reclamation. H e is also president of the Capital City Forum, past president of the Florida State University Black Alumni Association, a member of the YMCA Board of Directors, a mentor to African-American Middle School Males, and a m e m b e r of the Tallahassee N o r t h s i d e Kiwanis Board of Directors.


N o t unlike their Brothers at other educational institutions around the country, the Brothers at Zeta Tau have implemented both national and service programs that benefit their campus and area communities. "Go to High School, Go to College" is active at C o o p e r H i g h School and the Chapter's Project Alpha focuses on responsibility—of young males to themselves, their family, and society. Zeta Tau advice and support is plentiful. T h e needy are remembered at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the campus social calendar includes the "Miss Black and Gold" Pageant.

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