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College Days The Supreme Court, furthermore, has opposed school prayer in a number of cases, such as the landmark Minersville School District v. Gobitis (1940) and Engelv. Bitale (1962). Goverment has no place in dictating religion in public institutions. Look at how die Puritans abused die intertwining of church and state in pre-Bill of Rights America. Let us not forget freedom—die ideal of American society. We cannot legislate religion; responsibility for teaching it belongs in homes and communities. A prayer day won't keep die dopeman away from school grounds or solve society's greater ills. Legislating morality and religion seems to be a real trend for the new GOP Congress. AnotJier dominant dieme from diis new Congress seems to be budget and tax cutting. The Republicans have dieir knives ready for cutting health care programs, Social Security, welfare, school lunches, and deregulating government agencies. Where did you last hear this rhetoric? Reaganomics. I guarantee, if 20 percent of diese budget cuts are enacted, the nation will be calling for a strong domestic policy similar to die phenmenon diat got Bill Clinton elected. This tactic of decentralizing federal government is nothing more dian passing federal responsibility to the states. robably the most alarming area of GOP agenda-setting is in crime and punishment. Let me restate some familiar statistics: blacks make-up 13 percent of the U. S. population but 54 percent of the prison population, up from 35 percent 20 years

ago. Interestingly, America They are saying, "We are tired incarcerates more people than of handing out free lunches" and China and South Africa, two of supporting a welfare state. If the most repressed countries in this contract comes to fruition die world. Ask yourself, where millions of poor blacks will be is die most repressed country in effected. Even though blacks the world? This should be are not the majority users of alarming to black America. government aid, a large percentHowever, the tendency of diis age of blacks will experience Republican Congress is to cut harder times. spending on intervention proIt is my assertion diat black grams while increasing spending people in America, not barring on prison construction. This is class, have two choices but one political reality. This seems to solution to counterattack diese be, literally, "The Black Hole" developments. Eidier infiltrate (pardon die pun). die party in control or create a diird party, uniting minorities— The Republican leadership women, Hispanics, Indians, and asserted diat it would attack other groups. But the only soluPresident Clinton's crime bill in tion is to control more of our favor of prison expansion. I economic resources—income, would radier see government discretionary income, property, funding go to support education spending, and investments. and intervention programs than Now more than ever, in reacting to building more prisons, which to these new political developis simply a band-aid for a larger problem. If prison overcrowding ments, we must revisit the ideals of black economic independence is die excuse, dien we are fooling and cooperative economics in ourselves. Overcrowding is not our communities. die issue. It seems to be a strong deterrent in odier countries. We must understand diat the Now, who benefits from government is never the answer! prison expansion? Not Acua mote tlta*t even., tit iecu>Una blacks, but Smith Barney, to tke&e. H&UU pjoiUicai deuelopmetitl, Merrill Lynch, lae tnuAst n&oJAtit the. ideaid oj Idaok Westinghouse Electric ecovvomic inde>p44>ide44oe cuiA coo4%ete,Corporation, twe. ecOMXWtici, tit oust comwuu>tiUeA,. and other Wall Street giants who profit from the increased Brother Spence is a recent business that prison construcgraduate of the University tion brings. of Miami, Coral Gables, In the final analysis, the FL, where he majored in Contract with America is politiorganizational communicacal jargon, anodier reason to get tions and political science. elected. But die political reality H e plans to obtain is that the GOP is indeed the advanced degrees in law majority party in die House. and business.

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The SPHINX | Summer 1995 | Volume 80 | Number 2 199508002  
The SPHINX | Summer 1995 | Volume 80 | Number 2 199508002  

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