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The AMERICAN A N PLANNIN NG ASSOC CIATION – C CHICAGO METRO SE ECTION Februarry 24, 2011 Outside the Box: A Historic P Preservatio on Toolkit ffor Plannin ng American Planning Asso ociation’s Ch hicago Metro o Section is p pleased to prresent a panel presentatiion on the The A conffluence of his storic preserrvation and municipal m pla anning. The preservation n of the past is a recogniz zed goal of communities c s and organizzations alike e. This event seeks to shed d light on the e current statte of historic c preservatio on, including recent deve elopments in n archaeology y, architecture, land dscape architecture, and d recreation. Participants s will explore e a means to o creating a d dialogue ween profess sions in order to promote e interdisciplinary researrch and to de evelop new p professional projects. betw This event is ope en to the gen neral public and a will be of o interest to urban plann ners, enginee ers, architectts, als, students , and other interested ind dividuals. preservation enthusiasts, environmental professiona


M RLA A, ASLA, Lan ndscape Arch hitect/Sr. As ssociate, Tes ska Associate es, Inc. Jodi Mariano, Ms. Mariano brings a research-o oriented, cont extual approa ach to urban d design, provid ding unique design n solutions forr public and private p sector clients. Her rrecent work in ncludes downtown streets scape projects in Evanston n, Lemont, an nd Canton, IL.. Her graduate work was b based at the Univerrsity of Illinois s (Chicago). Anne McGuire, AIA A, LEED AP, Architect, M McGuire Igles ski and Asso ociates, Inc. Ms. McGuire is a prrincipal archittect focusing o on historic pre eservation an nd projects afffecting existin ng buildings and communities. Her muniicipal projectss include Main n Street façad de improv vements, adaptive reuse, infrastructure planning, and d historic survveys. She cu urrently serves s as an architect on a LEED Gold certified adap ptive renovatiion project an nd is a membe er of the Evanston Preservattion Commiss sion. Dan O’Rourke, O His storic Archae eologist, Env vironmental Science Division, Argon nne National Laborratory – Mr. O’Rourke O focu uses on the a pplication of tthe National H Historic Prese ervation Act and the National En nvironmental Policy Act forr the Nuclear Regulatory C Commission, tthe Departtment of Enerrgy, the Burea au of Land M anagement, a and the Depa artment of Defense. He has co onducted num merous archae eological asse essments, su urveys, and m mitigation proje ects, including g historic c documentattion for the Un niversity of C hicago and in n the Pullman n neighborhoo od. Roberrt Quill, Supe erintendent of o Leisure Se ervices, Glen nview Park D District Mr. Qu uill is respons sible for the ad dministration and management of recre eation and mu useum service es, including Aquatics, A Parrk Center, the e Grove Natio onal Historic L Landmark and d Nature Centerr, Air Station Prairie, and th he Wagner F arm. He is also a board m member and T Treasurer of He has had tthe opportunitty to manage the constructtion of a the Gle enview Park Foundation. F 165,00 00 square foo ot community center, the W Wagner Farm Heritage Cen nter, several G Grove facility projectts, and the Flick and Roos sevelt Park aq quatic facilitiess.


Thursd day, February y 24, 2011, 1:00 p.m. to 4:0 00 p.m.


go Metropolita an Agency for Planning (C CMAP) Chicag 233 So outh Wacker Drive, Suite 800, 8 Chicago,, IL 60606


$15 pa aid at the doo or (or $5 for sttudents that R RSVP by February 18). Session fee is p payable at registrration. Checks s should be made m payable e to APA-CMS S.


Please e e-mail apac chicagometros section@yaho by Fe ebruary 18.


For infformation abo out the progra am please con ntact Leslie K Kirchler at leslie.kirchler@g


Three (3) AICP CM Credits pend ding.