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Annual Report February 2005

Illinois Chapter of the American Planning Association

Message from the President It is already January and as one of my first official duties as the new Chapter President, I am writing for our first Annual Report which takes the place of the winter newsletter. First of all, I appreciate the opportunity to serve as the Chapter President for the next two years. I look forward to working with and meeting the many planners throughout Illinois and promise to represent our membership at the national meetings. I look forward to seeing you at the State Conference, National APA Conference, Section Meetings and at other opportunities. Many thanks to Michael Blue who retires from the Presidency, but will continue to be involved as Past President. As I am new to this job, I have only a few items to share with you at this time. First, even though it is early January, plans for the annual State Conference are already underway. Save the dates on your calendar (June 9-10) and plan on joining us at Starved Rock. Don’t forget to register early and make room reservations well in advance of the Conference. Keep an eye on the mail for the Conference brochure which should be mailed in early March. As this is may be our last visit to Starved Rock for several years, please plan on joining us. Second, Chapter leadership has been discussing hiring a Chapter Administrator for nearly two years. I am pleased to report that we have hired John Paige, formerly with NIPC and currently an independent consultant, to take this position. John brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and we are all confident that he will help the Chapter accomplish our goals. Third, the Chapter Development Plan is, well, under development. The Chapter Board met on January 21st to determine the priorities for 2005, and to develop a longer-range plan. A draft of the plan is presented on pp. 4-5. Your feedback is encouraged. Finally, I would like to welcome the new Illinois APA Board members and thank the outgoing board members. Katherine Lockerby will be joining the Illinois APA Chapter Board as Secretary and April Getchius will be the new Treasurer. Karen Stonehouse moves from Chapter Secretary to Vice President and Michael Blue to Past President. The new leaders of The Chicago Metro and Illinois State Sections are listed in this newsletter. I would be remiss if I did not thank the outgoing Board members. Bruce Knight leaves his position as Past President, but continues to serve the Illinois membership his role as APA- Region IV Director. Bob Ahlberg has also served Illinois APA for a number of years, most recently as the Vice President and coordinator of our excellent Chapter Awards Program. Kathy Miller steps down as Director of the Illinois State Section after providing leadership in that and other roles for the past several years. Many thanks to these planners for their long and tireless work. A Happy New Year to all the planners in Illinois!

Mark Koplin, AICP 2

Message from the Regional Director I believe that the next few years will be exciting for planners and for the American Planning Association. For the first time in my memory, planning issues are at the forefront of the agenda for most local governments. Our citizens and elected officials are asking for the outcomes of good planning. There are cries for less sprawl, less traffic congestion and a higher quality of life…all things planners can help accomplish. While these outcomes are often not connected to our planning efforts in our communities, the time has come to help our citizens make that connection. Every two years the APA Board adopts a new Development Plan to establish priorities and guide the preparation of the budget for the next two years. The Board began the process of updating the plan for 2006-07 at its winter retreat this January. Priorities will include becoming stronger advocates for planning; promoting social, economic and racial equity; improving the products and services provided by the organization; and growing the membership base of the organization to improve APA’s political, financial and operational efficiency and effectiveness. While all of these priorities, as well as the other goals of the plan, are important, I am particularly excited by three of the strategies that have recently been initiated. First, we have been working with a consultant to develop a communication plan for APA. This plan is designed to establish messages that convincingly illustrate the value and relevance of planning while providing opportunities to communicate the value and role of APA and its members. Implementation strategies include pilot projects, a tool kit that can be used to promote planning programs in all communities and a media strategy. These tools will allow all of APA’s members to effectively communicate the value planning brings to their communities. The second initiative is the growth strategy. By growing the organization we can create a stronger and more effective voice for planning. As APA’s President Mary Kay Peck says, we need to make APA the “big tent” for everyone interested in planning and the positive outcomes planning brings. Target groups include students, appointed and elected planning officials and engaged citizens, minority planners, and academic planners. The plan also calls for developing an affiliate membership category to allow us to strengthen our partnerships with allied professions. Our goal is to grow by 15,000 members over the next 10 years, or 1,500 members per year. Finally, the third initiative is to create and implement a leadership development program to recruit and train a new generation of planning leaders. This will include providing leadership training and skills development as well as leadership opportunities within the organization. We are moving into an age when planning and planners get recognized for the important contributions they provide to their communities. APA will be working to help this occur. If you have ideas for how APA can help you be more effective, or would like to get more involved in APA, please let me know. You can reach me at

Bruce Knight, FAICP 3

2005 Annual Chapter Plan Input Needed for the 2005 Chapter Development Plan! The Chapter Board is currently developing a new Chapter Development Plan to guide chapter activities for 2005. Initial plan ideas have been generated through two facilitated brainstorming sessions held in December and January. A SWOT analysis was conducted, a vision statement drafted and draft goals and objectives are currently being formulated. While the work is not yet been complete, the Board is very interested in hearing feedback on ideas produced thus far. You are encouraged to contact any of the Chapter Board members ( html) with reactions to the following plan ideas or provide additional thoughts or insights. The IL APA Chapter Development Plan is scheduled to be completed at the next Board meeting set for February 25.

Long Term Vision for the Illinois Chapter of the APA In ten years, the Illinois Chapter of the American Planning Association (ILAPA) will be the recognized professional planning authority in the State of Illinois, sought out for its breadth and depth of knowledge of the best planning practices. It will have successful working partnerships with important governmental, private sector, and professional organizations, and will be the key advisor to the new Illinois Secretary of the Department of Planning. The IL APA will be the one-stop source for planning tools and techniques for its membership and the place that the membership looks to for continuing education and training. As a result, planning will be commonly recognized as a key ingredient in achieving a top level of quality of life for all communities throughout Illinois. Chapter membership will have grown to include 10,000 active members.

Chapter SWOT Analysis Strengths - The strengths of the ILAPA clearly lie in the quality and commitment of Chapter members and the sound and orderly management of the Chapter organization. Weaknesses - The greatest weaknesses for the ILAPA lie in the realities of being a volunteer organization. It is simply difficult to get sustained involvement and commitment from individuals who are working under heavy workloads and shrinking budgets. Opportunities - Illinois and the Chicago area are excellent laboratories for planning, notably at the local level. Significant opportunities exist for the lLAPA to be a leader in promoting and employing best planning practices and processes. Threats - Threats to the success of the ILAPA are also prominent from a wide variety of angles. From the top, there is a lack of state-level support for planning. At the grassroots level, individual members are experiencing “burnout� from heavy workloads and shrinking resources. 4

2005 Annual Chapter Plan Goals and Activities The Chapter board is thinking about focusing on a few activities in an attempt to do them well, rather than creating a long list of goals and coming up short on most. Preliminary priority goals and activities are: •

Mentoring young planners – create an easily accessible system of mentoring for young planners.

Growth in Chapter membership – focus each Chapter activity on increasing chapter membership.

Continuing Planning Development Credits – improve awareness and participation in this program.

Chapter Website - overhaul and update website to make it more attractive, informative and interactive.

Training for Citizen Planners – collaborate with other organizations to create a model training program.

Listserve - create an ILAPA Chapter listserve to improve instant communication capabilities.

Diversity - diversify the membership and core groups active in the ILAPA Officials.

Chapter Newsletter – complete the transition to all electronic in format and administration.

Collaboration with other organizations – increase and improve collaboration with professional programs.

Welcome Kit – develop and distribute a welcome kit for all new APA members in Illinois.

If you see or talk to any of the following Planners please congratulate them on receiving their AICP CPDP Certificate in 2004. David L. Dubois, AICP Robin L. Ellis, AICP Mark A. Koplin, AICP Alfredo Melesio, AICP J. Douglas Pollock, AICP Tyson Warner, AICP

The Illinois Chapter needs you! Get involved by serving on a chapter committee, helping with the upcoming state conference, volunteering for probono opportunities, or getting plugged in to your local section. Contact one of the chapter officers on page 15 to volunteer! 5

The Year in Review •

January •

The Illinois Chapter kicks off the new year emphasizing citizen planning and its importance in the state through articles in Illinois Planning News and several events planned throughout the year. The executive board announces the 2004 budget and annual Chapter Development Plan.


• The Chapter helps sponsor the University of Illinois at Urbana’s 2004 Planning Institute “Innovative Community Planning”. The Institute includes key speakers Maxine Griffith, of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission and Jim Bouton of Yankee baseball fame.

The Metro Section sponsors a panel discussion on the new Illinois affordable housing policy.

April •

Illinois Chapter members attend the National APA Conference entitled “Celebrate Community” in Washington, D.C. as well as Chapter events during the conference.


The Illinois State Section hosts the Citizen Planner Workshop at Heartland Community College in Bloomington-Normal. Starved Rock hosts the annual State Conference featuring the president’s cup golf outing, the annual awards banquet and excursion to downtown Ottawa.

June •

The State Section hosts Tony Nelessen at its quarterly meeting for an open lecture entitled “Defining Community Character.”

ILLINOIS APA STATE CONFERENCE Starved Rock Lodge & State Park June 9-10, 2005 Join your fellow Illinois planners at the 2005 Illinois APA State Conference to be located at the Lodge at beautiful Starved Rock State Park in Utica, IL. This is likely to be our last year at Starved Rock, so be sure to attend! Contact Mike Jacobs at 847-359-9047 or Wayne Dust 815-987-5624.

Watch for more details and registration info. 6

The Year in Review June (cont.) •

The summer meeting of the State Section is held in Champaign and focuses on “Community Character and the Rebirth of Downtown”.


To assist the town of Utica as the community attempts to recover from a devastating F-3 tornado, the chapter holds a pro-bono design charette for the affected area. Turnout is excellent and includes planning students from around the state.


July •

Illinois Planning News goes electronic, saving significant funds each year for the chapter membership and enabling the Chapter to focus on providing other services.

The State Section sponsors a fall meeting • in Rockford highlighting adaptive reuse projects in the city. •

Congratulations Our New AICP Members! Leah Allison, AICP Jennifer Backensto, AICP Joseph Bornstein, AICP Nelson Chueng, AICP Angela Flood, AICP Mark T. Inglert, AICP Andrew C. Jennings, AICP Jacquelyn Jones, AICP Allison Laff, AICP Gay K. Morris, AICP Raymond H. Pruchnicki, AICP David S. Silverman, AICP Jeffrey Smith, AICP Scott D. Wilken, AICP Richard A. Wilson, AICP Between the chapter members listed above who passed the November exam and those from the May exam, we have had 43 chapter members who passed the AICP exam! For the seventh straight time, the pass rate for the Illinois Chapter met or exceeded the national pass rate, which was 60%.

APA Region IV holds the regional conference entitled “Planning at the Crossroads: Making Great Communities Happen in the Heartland” in Indianapolis. The Metro Section holds its annual Program Committee Meeting to select and plan programs for the upcoming year. The Metro Section announces it is moving to electronic communication for its programs and membership communication.

November •

Chapter elections are held and the new executive board announced. The chapter hires John H. Paige as Chapter Administrator.

A Big thank you goes out to over 40 sponsors of the Regional Planning Conference October 13-15th in Indianapolis. Special thanks to HNTB, Ball State University College of Architecture and Planning, the Indiana Association of Realtors, the Indiana Land Resources Council, Woolpert LLP, ACP Visioning and Planning, the American Farmland Trust, and McKenna Associates, Inc. 7

Consultant Directory

318 West Adams Street Suite 1300 Chicago, IL 60606 Tel: (312) 782-1255 Fax: (312) 782-1231


Consultant Directory

10001 Johnson Drive Buffalo Grove, Illinois 60089 847.537.6262


Consultant Directory

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2004 Award Winners Implementation of a Plan – Category Chapter Award

Distinguished Service Award Robert E. Sullivan

The Village of Round Lake Beach for Neighborhood Vacant Home Acquisition and Rehabilitation Project Implementation of a Plan Category – Honorable Mention Award The Village of Skokie for Skokie Swift Dempster Street Multimodal Transportation Center

Special Community Initiative Category – Chapter Award The Blackberry Creek Water Resource Planning Committee for Blackberry Creek Alternative Futures Analysis Public Education Category – Honorable Mention Award

Program, Project or Tool Category – Chapter Award

The Tri-County Regional Planning Commission for TriCounty Trails for the Future CD ROM

The Illinois Association of Regional Councils for Planning Guidebook – Developing a Community Strategic Plan The Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission for Paint the Town Forecaster Program, Project or Tool Category – Honorable Mention Award

Plan Category – Chapter Award

The 2004 Award Ceremony was a resounding success. Congratulations to all of our distinguished winners!

The Town of Normal for Guidelines for the South Downtown Residential District The Chicago Department of Environment, the Chicago Park District and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for Morgan Shoals Natural Area Concept Development Report Public Education Category – Chapter Award The Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission and the Campaign for Sensible Growth for Building Sustainable Communities Series

The DeKalb County Regional Planning Commission for The DeKalb County Unified Comprehensive Plan Plan Category – Honorable Mention Award

The Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission for Green Infrastructure Vision The Wikaduke Trail Land Use and Access Management Advisory Committee for Wikaduke Trail Land Use and Access Management Study The DuPage Mayors and Managers Conference and the County of DuPage for DuPage Area Transit Plan 11

2005 Annual Budget Overview We are happy to report that the financial health of the Illinois Chapter is in very good shape. The 2005 budget is posted on the ILAPA website. A recap of the 2004 budget is also displayed on the following two pages. At the end of 2004, the Chapter had nearly $62,000 to carry over into 2005. In 2005, revenues of $72,850 are anticipated to support Chapter activities (this is in addition to the $62,000 carried over). The primary source of revenue is National APA, which collects State Chapter dues along with the National dues. We anticipate $39,000 in these revenues. Additional revenues will come from advertising in the Chapter’s Newsletter (both printed and electronic versions). Advertising includes consultant ads as well as job postings. Additional revenues from the AICP exam study course and the State Conference are forecasted ($6,200 and $20,000 respectively). These will obviously be offset by the expenses to conduct these activities. The goal is to at least break even, and hopefully make a small profit. Expenses are divided into eight categories: •

In Administration the total is less than last year, as the bi-annual election expense will not be incurred in 2005. The primary expense is the funding of the Chapter Administrator’s position. John Paige accepted that position at the end of 2004 with a oneyear contract at $15,000 per year.

Chapter Communications includes the Newsletter and Website. In 2005 the Chapter will publish three of the four quarterly newsletters in an electronic version to be distributed primarily through the chapters list serve (with hard copy to be mailed to chapter members upon request). The other quarterly newsletter (this one) will be published in the form of an annual report in a higher quality publication.

Chapter Committee Work includes the Chapter Awards (annually presented at the State Conference), FAICP nominations and applications (in alternate years), and the Legislative, Pro-Bono, and Public Relations Committees. Funds are allocated to assist these three committees in providing information and services to chapter membership.

Conferences and Meetings provide opportunities for the Chapter to co-sponsor conferences and seminars by allied organizations with quality training for Chapter members. The annual reception at the National APA Conference is funded through this category, as is the Chapter President’s attendance at the Chapter President’s Council meetings held in conjunction with the National APA Conference in the spring and again in the fall.

In Professional Development, the primary expense is the cost of the AICP Test Review Sessions. This is typically a break even service that the Chapter provides to help its members attain AICP status. Those taking the review session have had a significantly higher than the national average pass rate. Under the Professional Development Officer, funds are allocated for yearly acquisitions to the Illinois Chapter Library, which serves as a resource for all planners in the State of Illinois.

The Illinois Chapter provides Section Support to the Illinois State Section and the Chicago Metro Section with annual funds to assist in their efforts to provide quality speakers and seminars throughout the year. One of the goals of the State Conference is to break even or make a slight profit, while providing quality sessions and speakers. Sessions are usually designed to provide practical training for less experienced planners as well as training on topical issues for all planners. Ideally, the costs are covered by the revenues, primarily registrations by attendees and sponsorship by a handful of consulting firms. Finally, the Illinois Chapter also supports the Student Planning Organizations at UIC and UIUC.

Budgeted expenditures total nearly $77,000, which exceeds the anticipated revenues by $4,000 and relies on a portion of the carry over from 2004 into 2005. Mark Koplin (Outgoing Treasurer) April Getchius (2005-06 Treasurer) 12

2005 Annual Budget Overview 13

2005 Annual Budget Overview 14






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It is not too late to register for National APA Conference in San Francisco! Visit for more information Illinois Planning News Elizabeth Tyler, AICP, Editor Andrew Z. Murray, Assistant Editor City of Urbana Community Development Services Department 400 South Vine Street Urbana, IL 61801 (217) 384-2439


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