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Apple's iPad has been one of the most successful of their products as well as a very popular tablet computer that has taken the market by storm. When Apple initially introduced the device to the public, even they didn't expect it to be so incredibly popular. The iPad works on touch screen technology which can be used with a stylus, digital pen, or finger tip. Essentially the iPad is a larger version of their touch screen mp3 player, the iPod, only with a few tweaks and features that make it a very popular choice with those who like to keep up with all of the new and improved gadgets this company keeps coming out with. There is a Wi-Fi version of the iPad which is separate from the 3G version which has a faster connection and is much more capable device altogether. Users are able to browse the internet with it and do everything they could on their iPod/iPhone and much more. This device comes complete with a digi-compass as well as GPS, several features which are nearly exclusive to Apple. The company has definitely taken tablet computer technology in a different direction this time around, building on what already existed to make it their own. The default web browser for the iPad is Safari, which is no surprise to those who are used to using Apple computers, phones, and even touch screen mp3 players. The iPad has a full touch-sensitive keyboard which users can do numerous things with, including typing out emails and entering the URL of certain websites they wish to visit. The backlit LPS display makes viewing pictures better and brighter than ever, a feature which the company takes a lot of pride in considering how many people view photos and videos with it. Those who are used to the iPod touch will recognize the YouTube app which appears on the main screen, linking users directly to the website where they will be able to watch all of their favorite videos with just a push of their finger on the screen. Users will also have access to maps, the Apple store, games, a calendar, contacts, and much more. Apple has made sure that all of the best applications are present and accounted for on this tablet computer, making it a comprehensive tablet which many people around the world have already purchased for themselves. There is no doubt that the iPad has changed the way people view computers and even more features will be included on the next version. Who knows what Apple has up their sleeve!

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