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Semester 1


This semester we learned many important things like evidence a detective could use and many other important thing we learned some things about geography


FALL 2016


Everyday the world changes sometimes it is caused by nature and sometimes it is man made here are some examples: NATURE: -Wind -Volcano -Earthquake -Water -Hurricanes MAN MADE: -Pollution -Buildings -Factories -Crops -Bombs -Technology -Medicine - Deforestation -Minerals As you see the world is always changing sometimes is for the better sometimes is for the worst.



PRIMARY EVIDENCE: There are many kinds of primary evidence like: newspaper and books and things like videos and things like that. Another good example about it is a dairy one of the most popular dairies is Anne Frank’s dairy she wrote it during world war two but that is another story.

SECONDARY EVIDENCE: Secondary evidence is more complicated lets give an example when you were born the doctor saw you at your birth so it is easy to ask the doctor(if he/she is still alive) what they tought about when you wre born you cloud also ask your parents. about it.


All around the world people are bias this means they only do what the person likes because they like them for example when you are voting for a president and you vote for one of them because they are your friends then you are being bias Have you ever heard “there are two sides to every story” thing? Do you know what it means? Well it means that all stories have the positive side and the negative side for example if a person killed an other person the person who was killed family would want the killer to die but the killer’s family would want him to live. The only way to know if the information is reliable is to let a person that doesn’t know decide lets go back to the small story shall we? Okay in the story the only person who can decide what happens to the killer is a judge he/she can decide what happens to the killer but sometimes that is not the most reliable way because sometimes they people give money to judge that is what makes the story bais.

Four events

The four events that time is put in they are political, economic, social, and technological (PEST for short) Political: to do war, power, government and rights. Economic: how people earn money and spend their money. Social: People everyday life at work and at home. Technology: to do with development in computer and medicine

Chronology The difference Century: one hundred years. Decade: every ten years. Period: time that passes.

AD and BC

Millennium: a thousand years.

AD stand for Anno Domino, which means after Christ .BC mean before Christ. Tis is the thing that divides the ages BC gets smaller though the ages like 500 BC happen before 1300BC .AD is different like lets give a close example 2010 happened before 2011.

What is chronology It is the order that the event happened like world war one was before world war two and the way things happen


FALL 2016

Suspendisse Map keys Map key are things that are at the edges it says what is what on the map.

Grid lines Grid lines are also used in math you have some numbers called the coordinates using the grid lines you have to find where each number is then you will know where the place is

Ways to measure distance: There are two ways of measuring a distance one is called �how the crow flies� that mean you use a paper and draw two lines line depending on how long the distance is. The other one is way more complicated it is basically drawing a line in every turn. I know you are probably wondering why the first one is called how the crow flies it is actually a really easy explanation: crows fly straight

Scale: A scale is a thing at the bottom of the page that says who many a distance that a place is apart from the other.

Types of maps Sketch map: A sketch map is a hand drawn map. Map drawn to scale: It has a grid and it is more accurate than a sketch map.

Photo: It is a an actual photo taken from the sky

the volcano is formed


Why people live near volcanoes: People live near volcanoes for many reasons one is because there are many tourist and they have hotels and restaurants. There many precious minerals that is very expensive like copper, gold, silver, lead, zinc, and diamonds.

four types of early humans Australopithecines: Not only were they the first they were also the first ones to grow a the thumb they fed on leaves, fruits and the remains of dead animals Homo Habilis: They started making tools from lava rock and using them to cut meat and crack bones there brain was known to be 700 cubic cm . Neanderthal: They tried to control and understand the world there brain known to be 450 cubic cm they had heavy slanted eyebrows. Cro margons; They looked the same as modern humans and studied animals they hunted and spoked languages they also invented art

thing a civilasions must have Advance cities Large populations Must be a center of trade Complex Intuitions Government Religion Economy Technology New tools and techniques that solve problems and make life easier Specialized workers Specialized means someone has skills to do a specific kind of jod Rocord keeping Must have a developed system of writing so the people can Recordbusiness Write a set of laws Priests can record riuals and dates

civilization Babylonians They created many important rules and laws that are still used now days Greece It was one of the most important civilization it had many thing that people still know of like it had great philosophers like: Socrates(469-399BC),Plato(427-347BC)and Aristotle(384-322BC) They also have important things like the Parthenon people also believed in gods that are still important. Egypt: They invented paper and were know to be very smart and interesting they also had a special writing called hieroglyphics. Rome They invented much important stuff like the modern Roads and some public entertainment they were the one who invented Latin many languages are linked to it Ancient China It is really important to the world it had may dynasties that are well known around the world specially the Qing

Meaning of message to heaven It means that it is a message the emperors send t o the gods in heaven.


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