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Falcon Flyer Graduation 2013 Sixty AOSR seniors from 16 countries around the world graduated on May 31st with special guest, and AOSR alumni, Mr. Oluseyi Smith (class of 2005) delivering the commencement speech. Mr. Smith, an Olympic sprinter representing Canada, challenged our senior class to be resilient and persist in pursuit of their dreams when faced with challenges and failure.

Special Thanks at Year End! It is that bittersweet time of year when we find ourselves saying arrivederci to our many friends and colleagues who will be moving away from Rome. To all of our students, families, teachers, staff, board and PTO members, we thank you for all that you have contributed to our school community. We hope that our school will always occupy a very

Thank you so much for all that you

special place in your hearts and minds.

have done to make AOSR such a great

Many thanks and best wishes to the

school! Don’t forget to throw your

following faculty and staff members who

coins in the Fontana di Trevi so that

are leaving us this year: Ms. Chiara

you will be sure to come back to

Benigni, Ms. Cottie Ceen, Ms. Robin DeVito,

Rome and visit us!

Ms. Jen Fabian, Mr. Stefan Harroo, Mr.

The Senior class selected, Mr. Ivan

Ivan Hauck, Ms. Christina Houpis, Ms.

Best wishes to everyone for a safe

Jessica Johannesen, Mr. Brian Sheehan, and

and enjoyable summer!

Ms. Katherine Thompson.

Hauck, AOSR college counselor, to be this year’s faculty speaker.

Coming in the Fall! Tues. Sept. 3

Wed. Sept 4

Thurs. Sept. 5

Fri. Sept 6

New student orientation & parent reception at 9:15 a.m.

6th & 9th grades orientation

First day of classes, bus service begins

First day of classes for kindergarten



Elementary School Late spring is a busy time in our elementary school! Here are some of the activities our students have enjoyed.

Pre-K students visit Casa del Parco On May 16th, the Pre-K 3 and 4 classes visited the Casa del Parco in the Valle dei Casali. The children learned how to make new, colorful paper using old newspapers and tempera paint. They also used a variety of recycled materials such as bottles, cans, ribbons, buttons and decorative paper to make musical instruments. When they completed their work, they had the opportunity to play their instruments with a music teacher. All of the children enjoyed the experience and had a great day!

Kindergarten To accompany their study of living things, the kindergartners visited a farm here in Rome, L'Azienda Agricola Co.Br.Ag.Or. They toured the farm and learned about its various purposes and functions. They even had a special opportunity to mill wheat into flour that was used for baking delicious cookies! What a treat!

Grade 1 The students enjoyed a trip to the Palatine Hill in the month of May where they were able to observe how urban Rome has changed over the centuries. To the right you see a picture of them enjoying elementary sports day activities on May 28th.

Grade 2 Second graders have learned all about ancient Egypt! Toward the end of their studies they visited an Egyptian obelisk in Piazza del Popolo and went to the Egyptian rooms of the Vatican museum where they saw many artifacts and even mummies from Egypt. What a great trip! 2



Elementary School cont. Grade 3 Excited third graders traveled back in time when they toured the Greek colonies of Poseidonia (Paestum) and Elea (Velia) during their three day overnight field trip. Highlights were hiking in Velia, shopping, the hotel meals, seeing “The Diver’s Tomb” and the three Doric temples, delicious ice-cream and playing on the beach!

Grade 4 Recently the fourth grade students visited the Roman port of Ostia Antica. The beautiful black and white mosaics were admired and the students got a feel of what it was like to be ancient Roman.

Grade 5 Fifth grade students carried on the tradition of the ancient Romans by taking part in a falconry training which also included eagles, owls and buzzards. The “Commandante” of the Bracciano cruise boat complimented them on their excellent behavior during the windy ride.

Grade 5 students say good-bye to elementary school and welcome their entry into middle school in a moving-up ceremony on Monday, June 10. Congratulations to all! 3

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AOSR Celebrates Mayfair 2013 Organized by the PTO, Mayfair is an annual

This year the PTO, in collaboration with the

school-wide fundraising event that offers our

school, decided that the main donation raised

school community a wonderful day on campus.

from Mayfair 2013 will go towards the purchase

Always on the 2nd Saturday in May, this year,

of PowerSchool, the new Student Information

on May 11th there was a delicious selection of

System. This new system will benefit everyone -

international food, games, music, performances,

teachers, students, staff, and parents across the

raffle prizes and vendors.

board. It will be up and running for September

School staff, teachers, administrators and


student groups joined together with the PTO to

Additional funds will be designated towards

make this a highly successful, fun day of

special projects in each of our three schools.

community celebration.

Fundraising Report Funds raised by the PTO benefit the entire school. Overall: Mayfair raised € 17, 479 for the entire school. PTO will disburse € 3,747 to the ES, MS and HS. The school earned € 10, 229 towards the new school information system (Powerschool). The PTO earned € 3,433 (the original goal was € 3,000) 4



News from our Middle School Grade 8 attends Memorial Day Ceremony On Monday, May 27, AOSR grade eight students had the privilege to visit the Nettuno American Italian Cemetery and attend the military ceremony held in honor of Memorial Day. Upon return to campus, students shared what they found about the names they etched from the tombstones. In some instances students shared photos they had researched of these men prior to their service, businesses they used to own, and in two cases they looked up their census information from 1940, looking for wives or children. The students also were able to see how some of them made a living prior to the war and what their annual salaries were.

U.S. History teacher, Mr. Brackrog reflects: It was both touching and moving to see history come back to life for these men who over time and circumstance have been all but forgotten. I told the students the spirit of Memorial Day was to remember those that had sacrificed themselves for the common good. I shared with them the quote, “A man dies two deaths. The first is when his body expires and the second is when his name is spoken for the last time.� I told the kids that they breathed new life into these men. The kids were into it. Nice to see history with a face, a name and a past that the kids could touch.

Grade 7 & 8 Field Trips All grade 7 history students attended the Leonardo da Vinci Machines Exhibition in Rome: The Genius and his Inventions where they were able to see 50 of the machines which he had designed made into life size models. Then the students visited piazza Navona where they admired the church Sant'Agnese in Agone by Borromini and the fountain "Fontana dei quattro fiumi" by Bernini. (group photo left) Grade 8 Italian students complemented their history and art studies by attending the Cubism art exhibit held at the Vittoriano this spring. Following their awe-inspiring art visit, they had the opportunity to visit the Jewish Ghetto in Rome's historic center. (group photo above)


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News from our Libraries Visit by Author: Anna Harwell Celenza On May 20th, 2013 the Elementary School Library was honored to host the talented author and Georgetown professor, Anna Harwell Celenza. Students in Kindergarten through grade 5, plus a small group of 6th graders were mesmerized by the workshop she presented on George Gershwin, in relation to her book Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue. Using primary resources, photographs, sound clips, and even dance moves, she taught us a bit about history, music, art and much, much more! Be on the lookout for her latest picture book, Saint-Saëns's Danse Macabre, coming out in August 2013.

The Farewell Symphony (2000) A fictionalized telling of the true story behind Haydn's Farewell Symphony brings to life the long summer Haydn and his musicians spent at Esterhaza, the summer palace of Prince Nicholas of Esterhazy. When the musicians become homesick they devise a way to convince the prince it's time to go home.

Children's Picture Books by Anna Harwell Celenza Vivaldi's Four Seasons (2012) A heartwarming story of friendship, imagination, and the transforming power of music. Duke Ellington's Nutcracker Suite (2011) An upbeat Christmas book about breaking boundaries and experimenting with new ideas. Includes a recording of Ellington’s suite. (Publishers Weekly). The Nutcracker Suite has never been so hip! Bach's Goldberg Variations (2005) Johann Sebastian Bach encourages Count Keyserlingk to take in a talented young orphan named Johann Gottlieb Goldberg. The Count is an insomniac, but hearing Goldberg play the harpsichord soothes him. Soon the Count challenges Goldberg to combine all the music he's learned and throw in a riddle. Under Bach's tutelage, Goldberg successfully plays a difficult piece that becomes known as Goldberg Variations. "[T]he story is wonderfully told in the tropes and manner of a folktale." — Booklist Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue (2006) It's 1924, and with just a few weeks' notice, George Gershwin has been asked to compose a new concerto that exemplifies American music. In his search for a new melody, Gershwin realizes that American music is much like its people -- a great melting pot of sounds, rhythms, and harmonies. JoAnn Kitchel's illustrations capture the 1920's in all their art-deco majesty. The Heroic Symphony (2004) When Beethoven learns he is going deaf, he is determined to write a great symphony. As war rages in Europe he thinks he has found his inspiration in the heroic deeds of Napoleon. But has he? Pictures at an Exhibition (2003) Modest Mussorgsky is deeply saddened by the death of his friend, Victor Hartmann. In his grief, Modest turns his back on his dream of bringing the glories of the Russian people to the world through his music. His friends must find a way to help Modest deal with the loss of Victor and inspire him to compose again. "[A] new gem for music lovers." — Booklist

AOSR Library Books Helping a School in Tanzania Students in the "Nkoraya Primary school", Kalali Village, District of Hai, Tanzania, received a donation of used books from our libraries a few months ago. Originally, destined for India, the books found their way to Tanzania instead. The local school is trying to setup a library and we have received news that so far our donated books make up most of the collection! Below is a picture of students enjoying, and sending us a thank-you for the donation. At the end of the school year, more used books will be destined for this school and their new library.




A Midsummer Night’s Success On Thursday & Friday, May 23 & 24 students from our middle and high schools performed together to present a delightful evening of theater in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

MS Students “Retake Rome” As part of a middle school service project a group of 8th grade art students, under the guidance of Ms. Melissa Di Cesare with support from Ms. Jessica Adams, painted the covering of a local business. This was done to beautify our neighborhood and discourage vandalism. Volunteer groups all over Rome are painting the covers of small shops as part of "Retake Roma" and we are proud that our students are doing their part. Student participants: Ruvareshe K, Vanessa S, & Francesca D. 7



Summer Reading! Check out the summer reading lists for all grade levels. Reading in English over the summer will help your child to continue to develop their vocabulary and maintain crucial skills for overall academic success. If your child is in high school, there is specific required reading over the summer. To find all reading lists, check out the lists on our AOSR website.

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