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AOSR Leadership Conference By: Brian B. (Grade 12, NHS President)

I pledge to maintain high scholastic standing, to hold as fundamental and worthy an untarnished character, to endeavor intelligently and courageously, to be a leader, and to give of myself freely in service to others. In so doing I shall prove myself worthy of a place in the National Honor Society. This is the pledge that is made by National Honor Society members at their induction ceremony. This year, the AOSR NHS Chapter organized a Leadership Conference to promote one of its principles and to bring the school community together through a student led event.

On March 1st, a rainy Saturday morning, the First AOSR Leadership Conference was held. Leaders from the fields of medicine, youth work, education, diplomacy and world organizations shared their wisdom with an audience of over one hundred students, teachers and parents. We learned the importance of being open to different experiences and of not forgetting our dreams because we will never know when the opportunity will come, from Ms. Joanne Martin, Chair of the AOSR Board of Trustees. The U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See, Kenneth F. Hackett, spoke of two exemplary leaders: Pope Francis and Colin Powell. Continued on page 2

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Saturday, May 10: Mayfair Celebration Thursday/Friday, May 22, 23: Annual Shakespeare Festival Friday, May 30: Commencement, Class of 2014

AOSR Leadership Conference (continued)

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AOSR Leadership Conference continued from page 1 Dr. Yaya Olaniran, Nigerian Ambassador to UN agencies, recounted the importance of childhood experiences, planting seeds, and of being courageous. Dr. Dan Gustafson, Deputy Director General of Operations at FAO, spoke of working in teams, and how successful teams are composed of members with different talents: the specialist, the visionary, the team builder, and the one with a holistic view. Using the metaphor of a stack of coins, one coin for each decision, Mr. Luca Crivellari, a youth worker and Peace Camp representative, reminded us the importance of being aligned with our core values. Professor Emilio Iodice, Vice President of Loyola University Chicago and Director of the Rome Center, spoke of leaders from Napoleon to Pelé; on the importance of vision, and basing our actions on facts. Marja Pronk, MD, Founder and Managing Director of EuropeExPro, shared her story, both professional and personal, to emphasize how having the courage to listen to our inner voice, disregarding other people’s points of view, can be life changing. She highlighted how an idea once developed must be guided by knowledge, a supportive network of people and by listening to our inner voice. We learned the importance of education, hard work and delayed gratification from Dr. Prof. Festus Akinnifesi, Chief of FAO’s South-South Cooperation: “Preparation, preparation, preparation.” Last but not least, Mr. James T. Johnston, Officer in Command, Engineering Security Office of the US embassy, spoke of recognizing the humanity of people in the workplace and that leaders need to primarily develop themselves as individuals. Being an engineer he said that a machine can be built and broken, but most importantly it can be repaired. The conference ended with a panel discussion stimulated by thought provoking questions from the audience. The speakers’ presentations were filmed and are available on our school’s website and livestreaming at “new.” As a follow-up to the conference, Ambassador Hackett sent us a powerpoint presentation on the attributes of Colin Powell, and Prof. Emilio Iodice, presented his book on Leadership to the school. It is now available in our HS library. The First AOSR Leadership Conference would not have been possible without the members of the National Honor Society working together as a team and without the support of these important people: our advisor Ms. Telmon, Mr. Kunin, Dr. Pfannl, Members of the Board of Trustees and the PTO, Anna Chiara, Ing. Piccioni, Ms. Arnold, Mr. Miller, Mr. Desideri, and the Maintenance Staff. Thank you all for contributing to this memorable event.

Comments from students that attended the leadership conference: The Leadership Conference was one of this year’s highlights. At school we are given the tools to enrich our education, but it is really hard for a school to provide for “real talk” simulation. The Leadership Conference filled in that blank.- Charles, Grade 11. The Leadership Conference was a well organized school event and I liked what the speakers had to say. -Cooper, Grade 11. The Leadership Conference was very interesting. There were many different leaders who reached their positions, thanks to their knowledge and experience. This was very important for us as we learned key factors which generated these leaders. One leader who surprised me for his story was Mr. Akinnifesi. Thanks to his determination in accomplishing his studies he became a great leader. -Mattia, Grade 11. The Leadership Conference was a fascinating event. I very much liked the variety of speakers present. -Sofia, Grade12. The Leadership Conference was a very useful experience. I found that the speakers gave very good advice to all of us. -Alice, Grade 12. The Leadership Conference is one of the most inspiring events that I have experienced. The speakers shared important advice that motivated me to become an influential leader. -YiMing, Grade 12.


SPECIAL VISITOR ON CAMPUS BY: DR. BETH PFANNL, HEAD OF SCHOOL Last month, Dr. Richard Hodges, President of the American University of Rome, visited AOSR for the first time. He took over as the president of AUR in 2012. Knowing that Dr. Hodges was an eminent archeologist, I showed him the geometric mosaic hanging by our elementary school library. I was so excited when he immediately recognized the piece as part of a floor from an ancient Roman villa that had been discovered in the school parking lot back in the 1950s. Read what Dr. Hodges has to say about our treasured mosaic.

The Geometric Mosaic Found at AOSR in 1959 By: Dr. Richard Hodges OBE, President of the American University of Rome The American Overseas School at Rome lay exactly within the fork of the junction of the Via Cassia and the Via Veientana, depicted on the 4th-century map, the Peutinger Table. Overlooking the abandoned Etruscan capital of Vieii, the building discovered in 1959 in the present school car park was excavated by John WardPerkins, at that time Director of the British School at Rome, a wartime Monuments’ Man, and a distinguished classical archaeologist. According to his published report, the building formed part of a villa, but it is likelier that this was a mansio, a roadside hostelry for visitors coming to Rome. This building almost certainly extends from the present Via Cassia to some point under the school to the line of the original Via Cassia. Coins and ceramics found in the dig indicate that the stone and brick building dates to the early to mid 1st century AD, the time of the Emperors Tiberius, Caligula and Claudius, and in common with many such properties in South Etruria was refurbished in the 3rd century. The simple black and white, geometric mosaic, made of decently cut tesserae, found in room 1, is a typical pavement for a functional room – corridors, service quarters etc. The white tesserae are of limestone and the black are of blue-black volcanic basalt. Curiously, the mosaic did not quite fit the room, and bits of stone and ceramics filled the narrow gap between it and the walls. J. Ward-Perkins, Excavation of a Roman building near ‘Tomba di Nerone’ on the Via Cassia, Papers of the British School at Rome 27 (1959): 131-59.

AOSR Parent Academy Don’t miss our final two Parent Academy sessions of the 2013-2014 school year! Wednesday, May 7: Moving On and Transitions (for middle school and high school parents) 9:20-10:20 in the cafeteria Wednesday, May 14: Summer Reading (for elementary school parents) 14:20-15:20 in the elementary school library

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Elementary School News

Pre-K Celebrates Fathers’ & Special Friends’ Breakfast The Pre-K children celebrated dads and special friends at our annual Fathers’ and Special Friends’ Breakfast on March 19th. The Butterflies and Frogs were very busy as they prepared for the breakfast. In the science center, and during small group time, they baked yogurt cake, mixed pancake batter and made their own butter by shaking cream. In the language center, each child prepared a special poem about his or her dad and in art they created and painted a clay pencil holder to give as a gift to their guest. As they arrived at school, the Butterflies and Frogs had breakfast with their guests and then spent time playing together in the various learning centers. The children were proud of all their hard work to get ready for this special event and we were happy to have so many dads and special friends join us!

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Kindergarten visits bridges and markets of rome with grade 9 buddies On January 22, we went on a field trip to Ponte Milvio with our ninth grade buddies in Mr. Schipper’s class to learn about the bridges and markets of Rome. “First we took a bus to Ponte Milvio. The bus was really big!” cried Scout H. Our ninth grade buddies taught us about the famous bridge and how it was built. “The bridge was built by the Romans,” stated Nicola C. “It was built a long, long, long time ago!” added Yotam D. “We saw the Tiber and Ponte Flaminio,” said Ahmad A. Upon our tour of the oldest bridge in Rome, Ponte Milvio, we walked over to the market where we bought items for our families. “At the market, I bought some apples, carrots and bread,” remarked Tommaso D. “I bought fruit and vegetables. We also saw a cake! I bought some strawberries!” exclaimed Cristian O. After our trip to the market, we headed back to school. “We had lunch at school with our buddies and we wrote about what we liked best about the field trip. I liked Ponte Milvio the best because we took pictures on it,” says Federico S. We had a good trip and had a fun time with our buddies. Tamar summed it up best by saying: “The whole day was beautiful and good!”

Kindergarten students with their grade 9 buddies on Ponte Milvio

On March 3rd, Kindergarten students showed off their knowledge of the alphabet in an ABC parade!

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Elementary School News

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Grade 1 Reminder “To Brush Twice a Day” Tooth Pillow Project First grade has been learning about how to have healthy teeth. We have been reading books about dental care and we have had a visit from a dentist. We have also been learning about different tooth traditions from around the world. In celebration of our learning first graders sewed their very own tooth pillows, with the help of parents and teachers.

Ms.Warlick’s students show off their pillows.

Ms. Tausend’s students show off their pillows.

Grade 2 Visits Pigorini Museum In March, second graders took a trip to the Pigorini National Museum of Prehistory and Ethnography in EUR. The trip was scheduled to enrich the second grade social studies curriculum of early man. The students were both impressed and intrigued by the exhibits depicting early human history. The students’ enthusiasm, curiosity, and genuine interest were evident in their thoughtful comments and questions. We are looking forward to more field trips this spring!

Grade 3 visits leonardo da vinci exhibit In third grade the students are in the midst of a science unit on simple and complex machines. Engineers in Florence took Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks and built scale models of about fifty of his machines that are housed in the Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition in Rome. During our visit to the museum we observed a flying machine with a bicycle system, a hydraulic saw, a precursor to the helicopter, and an Archimede’s screw. We were able to identify the simple machines in each invention. We also were able to manipulate and work with some small machines to see how da Vinci used gear systems, ball bearings, and winches. This great inventor inspired us and we are eager to apply what we learned as we head back to the classroom to engineer our own industrial subsystems using simple machines.

Grade 4 Scientists By: Finn J. & Jack T. (Gr. 4) In the 4th Grade, we are studying about weather in science. For a starting activity we experimented on what air molecules do when they are compressed in a syringe. Then we answered questions about the Earth’s atmosphere. After, we started to learn about different types of heat. First we put one steel bar and one aluminum bar into a cup of hot water and attached temperature strips. The heat transferred to the strips to become colorful. That’s called conduction. Next we partnered up and went outside with a container of water and a container of soil with thermometers and stuck the thermometers in both containers. We wrote down the temperatures in the sun and shade. We discovered that soil heats up and cools down faster than water. This is called radiation. We are learning fun stuff in science. page 7

Elementary School News

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Grade 4: Melody Around the world By: Jesse F. (Gr. 4) Since the beginning of the year we have been reading a book called, Out Of My Mind, about how a girl named Melody lived her whole life in a wheel chair. The class was divided into groups of two and asked to write about what we were doing with Melody- our thoughts and experiences. We enjoyed the book a lot and then, one day, Melody even came to our classroom and we were all excited to meet and greet her! We took her to a museum exhibit, made sure we found all the wheelchair access ramps and continued to take her almost everywhere we went! We also donated some of our bookmarks to the following class that welcomed and received our “Melody Around the World” package! It was lots of fun, writing to the other students and hearing about the difficulties Melody meets every. We made a great friend, forever!

By: Rowen N. (Gr. 4) Since the beginning of the school year, we have been reading, Out of My Mind. The class did a couple of projects involving a laminated figure of a girl (Melody) sitting in her wheel chair holding a goldfish in its bowl, on her lap. We wrote about her experiences in our classes at school. Two people wrote what she felt everyday. Another project was in art when we made bookmarks and almost everybody donated them to Melody. The whole class thought the book was great. We also Skyped with a fourth grade class in America. We talked about what happened in the book about Melody. We brought Melody on a fieldtrip with us to a museum to see a National Geographic exhibit. It had one hundred twenty-five photographs on display representing the one hundred twenty-fifth anniversary! Many students, and Melody, loved the exhibit and trip! By: Camilla S. (Gr. 4) Since the beginning of the school year we’ve been reading the book, Out of My Mind. We enjoyed it a lot. We thought it was really fun that Melody came to our school in Rome and we think it was fun also for Melody to explore and be

part of our activities. For example, in art class we made bookmarks and some of the students donated theirs to Melody. Everyone got a chance to bring Melody to classes. The teacher chose a number from one to a hundred and the students guessed it. We brought Melody all around school and helped her get up and down stairs. We realized that our school is almost impossible to get around in a wheelchair! It was fun and we learned what it feels like not being able to walk.

Grade 5: Welcomes Spring The 5th Grade musical performance of A Night at the Theater was presented on April 10th at 19:00 to a packed house! The students, as usual, are showed themselves to be wonderful performers. Music, Art, Dance and Drama are where we see all the children shine. They had given up their recess and their free time at home in order to practice their moves and learn their lines. For the most part this was their first experience on stage in front of an audience. Every student in 5th grade had a role and their collaboration and support of each other was exemplary. Ms. Hirao helped us make props, hats and scenery and Ms. Collier was unfailing in her assistance with our ELL students, giving a hand back-stage when needed and providing help with costumes and props. The ‘Carmen Miranda’ style hat in the picture was made by 5th Grade at the “Hirao Atelier.” Our students have also conducted an in-depth research on a mammal of their choice. The amazing models in the pictures are the result of their hard work. They have turned up some amazing facts and it has become a huge learning experience for us all. For example, the human body has 639 muscles while the elephant’s trunk has 6 major muscle groups. But, then they are divided into more than 100,000 muscle units, which make up around 40,000 muscles! We have been busy putting together science, technology, engineering and math along with team work and our groups have learned to work together, to organize themselves and to discuss aerodynamics along with it’s connection to geometry, surface area and mass. We are very proud of them. Wishing you all a blooming nice spring.

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Elementary School News

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What’s Happening in the ES Library? By Ms. Maria Falgoust (ES Librarian)

Did you know our collection holds 11,825 titles? Stop by and browse our selection! There is something for everyone! in the AOSR community. All AOSR community members are welcome. This school year alone, the Elementary School library has circulated 11,442 items! Our students are excited about learning and have a lot of enthusiasm for literature! Our books are also enjoyed by Middle School students, not only for researching topics, but also for the pure joy of reading! The most popular books at the AOSR Elementary Library this school year (so far) are: • Diary of a Wimpy Kid (series) by Jeff Kinney • Kylie Jean (series) by Meg Pescke • Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss • Big Nate (series) by Lincoln Pierce • Piggy and Gerald (series) by Mo Willems • Amulet (series) by Kazu Kibuishi • Mercy Watson (series) by Kate DiCamillo • Lego Star Wars: the Visual Dictionary by Simon Beecroft • Thea Stilton (series) by Thea Stilton Thanks to the support of our wonderful Parent Teacher Organization, we’ve added some beautiful titles to the collection such as, “The Animal Book: A collection of the Fastest, fiercest, toughest, Cleverest, Shyest - and Most Surprising Animals on Earth” by Steve Jenkins, “Iggy Peck the Architect” by Andrea Beatty, “Demeter and Persephone” by Hugh Lupton, “Chitchat: Celebrating the World’s Languages” by Jude Isabella, “Treasury of Egyptian Mythology: Classic Stories of Gods, Goddesses Monsters & Mortals” by Donna Jo Napoli, “Journey” by Aaron Becker and many more! It’s always exciting to see what people learn from a book. For instance,

recently, Elisa, Sabrina and Eva read, “Making Basic Origami Shapes Step by Step” by Michael LaFosse and created a big, gorgeous work of art. Cookbooks have been very popular with our students lately and I enjoy hearing about the recipes they’ve been inspired to try, often with a parent or grandparent. Arts and crafts books are also popular. Our library has hosted a variety of exciting collaborative events lately, such as a partnership between Ms. Holcombe’s 6th grade classes and Ms. Warlick and Ms. Tausend’s 1st grade classes. This involved 6th graders writing original, illustrated stories and receiving feedback from 1st graders for future revisions. Mr. Schipper’s 9th grade history class students researched events, people and places in Rome and also created their own books which they shared with a 4th grade class. Donate a Book to the Elementary Library in honor of someone you love Donating a book to the library is a meaningful way to honor someone while supporting the library. When ordering, please specify what you would like the bookplate to say. Examples include; ‘Happy Birthday, Sarah!’ or ‘In Memory of Gianluca”’ or simply “Donated by the Smith Family” or ‘Happy Hannukah, Lili’ or “In honor of my teacher, Ms. Roselli.” If you have any questions, please contact Maria Falgoust at mfalgoust@ You can view the wish list here: wishlist/1TE951A2GHXMR Upcoming Events! Wednesday, May 14th at 14:20: Ms. Falgoust, Ms. D’Aquanni and Ms. Stewart will present a Parent Academy called, “Summer Reading.” This session will offer strategies and tips for encouraging good reading habits and routines.

Art in the Library: A big “Thank You” to Ms. Hirao and the 1st and 2nd grade classes for decorating the Library windows with gorgeous Spring Flowers and beautiful butterflies! They bring joy to everyone who walks in.




LOGO CONTEST   Great  Prizes!   For  the  3rd  AOSR  International  Day  of  Languages     We  need  a  new  logo!   All  AOSR  students  are  eligible  for  the  contest.   The  rules  are  simple:                -­‐‑        Come  up  with  an  image  –  simple  and  creative  –  to  identify                the  International  Day  of  Languages.   The  image  must  be  original  


Your design must incorporate the words: AOSR International Day of Languages.


Deadline: May  5th,  2014  


Please submit  your  digital  work  to  or  your  paper   work  to  Ms  Magro  (Villa11)  or  Ms  Le  Bail  (Villa  15).  




Please note  all  guidelines  above  and  happy  designing!         Organized  by  the  World  Languages  Department  

Fo r m wl@ ore  in f aos r.or ormat ion g   :  

Middle School News

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MS Cultural Trips The sixth grade class for this year’s cultural trip went to Sicily. by Catalina V. (grade 6)

When we arrived everyone was excited. We got on the bus and went to Acitrezza, which had an astonishing view. That afternoon we went to the town of Taormina, a little city on a little mountain. There, we explored the Greek Theatre, which is over 2000 years old. The next day we went to see one of the oldest trees in the world, a chestnut tree on Mount Etna. We also tried to go to the top of Mount Etna, but we got stuck in the snow on the way up. Instead of seeing the crater, we got to play in the snow and even build a snowman! After lunch, we made marzipan figures and even got to eat them! On day 3, we went to Siracusa, a big city with an incredible church, the Basilica Santuario Madonna

delle Lacrime. We also went to see how papyrus paper was made. That afternoon we went to Noto, a city with lots of beautiful baroque architecture. On day 4, we went to Ispica where we toured an ancient flour mill and ancient cave dwellings. Then we went to Ragusa, which was like a hidden city down in a valley that was almost destroyed by an earthquake. We ended the day with free gelato and a demonstration of how the famous chocolate of Modica is made. Day 5 was the last, but still entertaining day. First thing in the morning we went to see how Pupi Siciliani were made and ate a delicious barbeque. After lunch we went to see the city of Catania, amazing for its architecture. Excited but sad, we went to the airport and got home to our happy, waiting families.

Grade 6 students pose for a picture on Mt. Etna on day 2 of their trip to Sicily.

Middle School Cultural Trips (continued) Seventh grade students travelled to Portugal for this year’s cultural trip. by Jessica B. & Cooper J. (grade 7)

The 7th grade trip was a great and unique experience. It was my first overnight trip and I loved it! It was educational and intriguing. I would love to experience it again. I would recommend that every student participate in one of the many MS cultural trips. For our trip, we traveled all around Portugal including cities like Coimbra, Sintra, Porto and Lisbon. There was amazing food and awesome sites everywhere we went. It was truly a unique and inspiring trip. Eigth grade students travelled to Provence. These are some of their comments on the trip.

The trip in Provence was one of the best trips I’ve participated in during my time at AOSR because we had fun and learned many things at the same time. During the day students had a lot of time to visit the cities and discover the fun parts and not only the historical parts. Thanks to this trip we saw places and went to places where maybe we wouldn’t have gone in all our lives. The best part of it was Marseille. We saw one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, and also had fun on the panoramic wheel with our friends. Virgina A. The Provence trip was a wonderful experience for me. The days that I liked the most were on the second and last days. On the second day we went to see a wonderful light show that represented all the most famous paintings of Klimt. It was fantastic to see all the paintings moving around in an enormous quarry. On the last day we visited Chateau d’If, a prison on an island next to Marseille. We got the chance to go inside the cells where the prisoners were kept. Chills came to me when I walked inside. Camilla R. The France trip was amazing. We saw many astonishingly outstanding monuments, for example, the Pont Du Gard aqueduct that today has been turned into a monument because of its spectacular size and features. We also saw many other sights like Camargue. Camargue is a protected environment where animals can roam free to do whatever they want, like us every lunch break. After going to France I have learned that it is not all mimes and baguettes, but it is actually a very culturally diverse area where there are cowboys and kings, spectacular bull fighting and astonishing bridges. I would go on the France trip a million times over if I had the chance again because it was that amazing and fun. Quentin L.P.

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Middle School News

MS Cultural Trips (continued) A mixed level group of students experienced day trips in and around Rome during the MS trip week.

ACTIVITIES Day 1: Modern day tour of EUR and visit to NATO Defense College Day 2: Trip to the Theater to see Charlie Charleston Day 3: Trip to MACRO art museum and Villa Torlonia Day 4: Trip to LIFE Pizzeria on the Via Cassia for an organic food and pizza workshop Day 5: Collaborative work day with PTO sponsored BBQ lunch, followed by group presentations.

Day 1: Students at the NATO Defense College

After School Activities By: Ms. Christine Hogan ASA Coordinator & Ms. Vivian Mencarelli, Assistant Session 2 of ASA has a large number of participants, approximately 230 students. Sketch club and ceramics are very popular, as are all our sports. Private music lessons include piano, guitar, electric guitar, ukulele, violin and drums. Our sports teams in basketball and soccer have participated in several matches against other schools here in Rome and have been excellent ambassadors of AOSR. We believe that the students should have fun in a safe environment. Thank you parents, for entrusting your children to our care.

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CROSS-GRADE COLLABORATIONS Cross-Grade Collaborations are a hit at AOSR!

International schools possess a unique feature in that K-12 students are typically housed on the same campus. This is in contrast to American and Italian schools in which grade clusters are in separate schools, usually located many kilometers apart. This year at AOSR, a number of teachers took advantage of the close proximity of all the grades and worked to establish educational cross-grade partnerships to teach lessons that cover curriculum standards in both grades. Over the last few months, a number of these partnerships were established and the results had a tremendous impact, both personally and educationally, for all students involved. The kindergarten students have been working with a group of 9th grade students on a number of different projects including an examination of the past and present impact of bridges and markets in Rome, identifying the numerous historical sites around the city, and learning about the different components that make up a story. Kindergarten teachers Christine D’Aquanni and Carrie Cuenca describe the impact these projects have had on their students: “Our students continue to cherish their relationships with their 9th grade buddies. What started as a collaborative field trip has evolved into a unique and meaningful relationship for both groups of students.” This is echoed by 9th grader Emilio Maestas, who stated, “it has been such a great experience working with the younger students. Both in being able to teach them new things about Rome, and to be someone who they look up to. Its been one of the best parts of the school year and I hope we can continue this next year.” The sixth grade students of English/Language Arts teacher Leslie Holcombe created a truly authentic learning experience for themselves by writing short stories for the first grade students. The project began with the sixth graders interviewing the first graders about what they liked in stories. Incorporating the feedback from the first graders, the sixth graders drafted original story ideas, revised these stories, shared them, and then revised again. They then built their books, illustrated them, and read them to the first graders on Read Across AOSR Day. It was a huge success! Best of all, the first graders really enjoyed the stories and especially enjoyed having the sixth graders read to them. Students in 2nd grade and Kindergarten got an oooey-gooey experience when high school chemistry teacher Katie Klug visited their classrooms to make “Oobleck” – a combination of corn starch, water, and food coloring- for a

page 15

lesson based upon Bartholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Suess. Ms. Klug demonstrated that by mixing cornstarch and water, you can make a non-Newtonian substance, that is both a liquid or solid, which is the substance that fell from the sky in the story! Ms. Klug describes how the students at first were hesitant about touching the mixture, but eventually “really dug right into it- literally! The best part was that they were having so much fun, and learning about liquids and solids at the same time. I really want my high school students to accompany me on a future lesson with these younger kids. It would be great for them to practice their knowledge.” Kindergartener Yotam said, “It was like jelly because when we touched it, it was sticky and then it moved fast like a race car.” The students literally participated in some hands-on learning in this lesson! And two other classes of 9th grade students were able to share their home-made children’s book about Ancient Roman sites to a 2nd grade and 4th grade class. 9th grade teacher Jason Schipper states, “It was so cool to see the 9th graders take the role of the teacher and get really involved in reading the stories to the younger students. They were able to demonstrate their knowledge of Ancient Rome and the components that make up a good story, and the younger students were able to learn a bit too- while spending some time with ‘the big kids!’” These successful results support the conclusion made by the Developmental Studies Center (2011) which found that “Having effective cross-age buddies has been shown to increase motivation to learn, promote academic achievement and foster their growth as caring and principled human beings.” As the 20132014 school year is beginning to draw to a close, AOSR teachers already are beginning to plan next year’s curriculum schedule where even more cross-age partnerships will be created. Students will be able to return to school and immediately connect back with their cross-age “buddy” allowing for the transition back to school and the establishment of student community to be accelerated. As soon as you walk onto the AOSR campus, it is clear that there is a great sense of community among the students and faculty. These collaborations continue to make that community even stronger across all grade levels, while also engaging students in some powerful educational experiences with their new found “buddies.”

By: Mr. Jason Schipper, Secondary History Teacher


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Annual RISA Conference

“for Teachers, by teachers”

On Saturday, March 8, 2014, five members of the AOSR faculty presented at the Annual Rome International Schools Association Conference which was hosted by MMI. Ms. Christine D’Aquanni, Ms. Carrie Cuenca and Mr. Jason Schipper shared their recent experience with collaboration across grade levels. Their presentation showed the ways in which ninth grade students and kindergarten students worked together to learn about bridges and markets in Rome. Through careful documentation and reflection, students were able to express the benefits of this type of collaboration. Mr. Ethan Salsitz presented effective strategies to build vocabulary with students in elementary school and middle school levels. He shared that students need the opportunity to encounter words repeatedly, thorough a variety of modalities. Weekly vocabulary exercises were shared with participants to be used to help students become better readers and writers and to enhance their communication skills.

Ms. Carrie Cuenca (Kg) & Ms. Christine D’Aquanni (Kg)

Mr. Jason Schipper (HS History) Ms. Lauren Waite (ES Tech)

Ms. Lauren Waite shared a variety of digital projects that can be developed with students and tools to enhance instruction. With participants, she explored many examples of web-based projects, iPad creations, and iMovies which engaged students in meaningful experiences ranging from Kindergarten to Grade Five. These faculty members were excellent AOSR ambassadors. They shared what a positive experience it was to present at a conference of this type. Thank you to all AOSR teachers who were able to attend to support our colleagues! Mark your calendars, next year AOSR will host the annual RISA conference on Saturday, March 14, 2015. Mr. Ethan Salsitz (Gr. 5)

AOSR News Message from the AOSR Board of Trustees By Ms. Joanne Martin, Board Chair It has been a busy year so far for the Board. In January we had our annual retreat in the newly renovated High School library. The retreat gave the Board a chance to review our role and responsibilities, evaluate our effectiveness and set goals for the coming year. We spent time thinking about our new mission statement and how it underpins everything that we do. As part of this, we asked the question, “What makes AOSR special, what is our secret sauce?” We tried to identify some of the ingredients; the careful balance between American, Italian and international students, the caring and dynamic faculty and staff, the wonderful campus and our enquiry based academic program that prepares students so well. We spoke about how those key ingredients need to be cherished as we plan to further develop the campus. Campus development has kept us all very busy. Our Buildings and Grounds Committee has been working on plans for both the upgrading of the parking lot, which should get underway this summer, and the new Performing and Fine Arts Center. Fundraising plans for the Center continue to be developed and the Fundraising Committee would like to invite any parents with ideas or experience to come and join us. In March, I was invited to the Leadership Conference organized by our National Honor Society. It was a privilege to share a platform with eminent leaders from the Rome community; I was enthralled by their presentations. However, what impressed me most was the professional way our NHS students organized the entire event. They did an incredible job from inviting and preparing the speakers to organizing the coffee. However, it was not just the NHS students who were a credit to our school that morning but also the many students who participated. They were attentive, respectful and showed their leadership qualities by asking intelligent and insightful questions. I saw tomorrow’s global leaders in action that morning and I felt proud of our students. Over the next couple of months, our high school students will be taking IB and AP exams and our seniors will be completing their work to earn their High School diplomas. AOSR’s Board of Trustees would like to wish them all the very best of luck! To the right, an idea of what our new Fine Arts Center could look like. Parents are invited to join the Fundraising Committee! Please join me in welcoming newly appointed Board members Dr. Hilary Link, Dean, Temple University Rome and Dr. Richard Hodges OBE, President of the American University of Rome. We know that their contributions will be of great value to our work on the Board. page 17

Mayfair 2014 Come and celebrate with us

Saturday, May 10, 2014 11:00 to 16:00 There will be lots of games and prizes for the children, delicious food from all over the world, vendor tables selling wonderful merchandise, entertainment and we can’t forget our very popular raffles giving away brand named electronics (iphone, xbox, headphones and more) and beautifully handmade gift baskets!

Don’t miss it! All proceeds earned from Mayfair help to enrich the school and our community! Be prepared to enjoy yourself!

See you at Mayfair! Parking 3€

Mayfair 2014 Venite a festeggiare il Mayfair all'American Overseas School of Rome

Sabato, 10 maggio 2014 11:00 - 16:00 Ci saranno giochi a premi per bambini, pietanze etniche prelibate, bancarelle che vendono articoli meravigliosi, una riffa con in palio cesti regalo ed altri lussuosi divertimento è assicurato! Non potete di certo mancare a questo evento annuale davvero speciale! I proventi saranno interamente devoluti a beneficio della scuola e della sua comunità.

Ci vediamo al Mayfair! Parcheggio 3 €

High School News

page 20

Quoi de neuf à la Société Honoraire de Français ? 2013-2014 Team: So Many Achievements! By Veronica G. (grade 12) Visiting the Cezanne Exhibit

This year we went to the Cézanne exposition at the Vittoriano Museum. We also raised money to help communities that are in difficulty especially in francophone countries. We concluded our project with the school in Velingara, Senegal, which we helped by raising money to purchase new school utensils, computers, and copy machines. We helped this school through various fundraisers such as: bake

sales, booster bars, and also through the partnership with an external company, Enterprise SPA, which decided to invest in our project by donating €500. We raised €750to support a project that involves producing (writing, illustrating and printing) a small reading text for primary schools on “Traditional Trades/Activities” of communities in Senegal. It includes: fishing, cattle raising, vegetable gardening, basket weaving, house building with local clay, etc. We printed copies

for 30 schools and supported teacher workshops. Another important activity this year was to raise awareness in both our school and throughout Italy or our projects. This was done with posters and holiday cards, with Enterprise SPA. These cards were sent all over Italy to the company’s clients. Furthermore, we also worked with the Global Issues Network club (GIN) to support the Joel Nafuma refugee center in Rome.

New Team, New Projects! By Daniel C. (grade 10)

With something as remarkable as last year, the FHS has answered the call, and is back and living up to expectations. With fresh ideas for charity projects and new leadership, the society is headed in a new direction. This year, the FHS has welcomed 11 new members : Gianlorenzo R., Laura R., Antoine I., Nashwa A., Lavinia G., Sonia M., Sophie M., Ginevra R., Nicholas M., Daniel C., and Margo S., to its lineup. For the upcoming year, they will donate the proceeds from their fundraisers, bake sales, and other events to the Italian organization, MAIS onlus, to support their efforts in Madagascar. New FHS officers elected are: Diana C. (president), Lavinia G. (vice-president), Dan C. (secretary), and Sonia M. (treasurer). Students will being to notice the ambitious efforts of the FHS. Besides the continued support and promotion of the French language at AOSR, in line with the Society’s official goal, FHS bake sales and booster bar events, such as that organized on the 19th of March, strive to offer a unique taste of French cuisine, such as crêpes, that none other can offer, while donating to a benevolent cause.

GLOBAL ISSUES NETWORK BY: MS. EVA ST. ONGE (SECONDARY SCIENCE & GIN ADVISOR) This year’s Global Issues Network (GIN) club has been working on the topic of refugees. We studied the issue, we conducted fund raisers, and clothing drives for the Joel Nafuma Refugee Center of Rome. We visited the center and delivered collected items, prepared Christmas gift bags, gave English lessons, and participated in art therapy sessions with the refugees. Through the process, not only did we learn a lot about the global issues of refugees, but we also began to take local action related to this problem. In our school, our various activities and videos raised awareness and we informed the AOSR community about this important global issue. In March, nine members of GIN were selected as delegates to attend the 9th Annual GIN Conference in Luxembourg. There were many extraordinary speakers, among them Royal Duchess of Luxembourg, and a 15 year-old girl who started a community project five years ago that today benefits 300 families.

Students also attended many presentations by their peers. Our GIN delegates gave two excellent presentations to report on our knowledge of refugees as a global issue. They shared our humbling experience working with the refugees and presented our action plans for furthering our assistance. Our presentations ended with an interactive activity that “put the audience in the shoes of a refugee,” which sparked enthusiastic discussions between students and teachers from schools of various countries. Following the outstanding reviews from our morning presentation, our afternoon session became an instant hit. The room was filled to capacity and we even had to add chairs to accommodate everyone. We are already making plans for our next exciting and inspiring GIN experience. Come join us and become part of a group of global citizens that take action!

Vatican Librarianship School (Scuola Vaticana di Biblioteconomia) Visit to AOSR Libraries By Ms. Marta Rahm (Secondary Librarian)

On March 17, Dr. Pfannl and AOSR Librarians, Ms. Rahm and Ms. Falgoust, had the pleasure to welcome the annual the Vatican Library School for their annual visit to AOSR. They have been visiting us yearly for more than twenty-five years; It is one of AOSR’s traditions. Prof. Ciminello and a group of forty-eight students (from all over Italy and other parts of the world) were very impressed by our libraries, facilities, programs and special initiatives. They were equally wowed by the warmth of our Head of School who mingled with the students and was available to answer questions. The Secondary Library offered a wonderful setting, using the newly created space to its full potential. We were all proud to show off our beautiful libraries, updated collections and share our initiatives and collaborative efforts. Please visit us any time and check out our collections!

page 21

High School News Class of 2014 Preparing for College!

page 22 By Ms. Jessica Samet (College Counselor)

With College acceptances arriving daily from schools near (the American University of Rome and Bocconi), a little further (IE University, Madrid, Utrecht University, The Netherlands or Royal Holloway and King’s College, London) or clear across oceans (Virginia Tech, Rochester Institute of Technology, Babson College and New York University), please join me in celebrating the achievements of those who have heard and decided on their university, those who are making difficult decisions and those who are still waiting in anticipation. We have seen the class of 2014 grow and shine by devotion to their studies, adding their international perspective to enrich class discussions, raising money for international charities, and setting an example for their fellow classmates. It is a joy to witness a group take advantage of such opportunities. It is with this same energy that they approached first semester senior year filled with challenging coursework and college deadlines. As they move into their final months at AOSR and as they see their fellow Junior classmates begin the college process, I invite them to keep up the good work and share their stories of success, missteps and lessons learned. Auguri! Here are some words of inspiration from our Senior Class: Domiziana M. will attend John Cabot University. “It is now time for me to reach one of the most important steps of my life that will let me see the world from a higher view. I’ve attended AOSR since 1999 and I’m about to end this long journey that is bringing me to college, but one thing I know for sure is that I will carry all these years forever in my heart.” (“Live each day as if it were your last” by Marcus Aurelius & Steve Jobs) Angelo R. will attend the University of California, Santa Barbara. “I have been an AOSR student for seven years. In some ways the school, like its mascot the Falcon, has provided me with a nest; a safe place to grow in. In its nest, AOSR raised me and taught me how to become a better person. It was there to challenge me. Sometimes it fed me with a lot of work, some of which I liked, and some of which I hated. Over time, AOSR taught me how to try my best, to know my limits and to break through them.” (“For me life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer.” Arnold Schwarzenegger) Zach T. will attend McGill University. “There is something so fascinating about higher level education and I don’t know whether it is the added responsibility or freedom. I know I will academically flourish and I look forward to being part of McGill’s urban environment.” (“All that it takes to change the world, is the will of a single man.” Vladimir Makarov) Veronica Gabriele: “The process of deciding what to do after high school is extremely hard. Right now I am about to decide what my future will be like, and the university I go to will determine part of it. Culture, continent, country, and style will all be determinants. As of now, I have been accepted to schools in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Italy. Some of these are King’s College, Durham, Babson, Boston University, NYU-Stern, Emory, and Bocconi. I am really excited about college because I will be able to pursue the major that inspires me to be who I am and that honestly makes me enjoy work. I will also be able to travel to some magnificent places and meet people from all over the world.” (“People often become what they believe to be. If I keep repeating to myself that I’m not able to do a certain thing, it is likely that I will really become incapable of not doing it. Conversely, if I have the belief that I can do it, I will acquire all that I need to do it, even if I had not originally possessed it. “ Gandhi) Aram Hudson will study biochemistry at Virginia Tech and possibly transfer into chemical engineering. ‘I’m excited about having more freedom and specialization regarding my class choices as well as access to a wider variety of extra- curricular activities. (“Look on every exit as being an entrance somewhere else.” from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead by Tom Stoppard.)

2014 THIMUN Conference a Great Success for the AOSR Delegation! BY MR. JASON SCHIPPER (SECONDARY SOCIA L STUDIES) In January, a group of 12 junior and senior high school students traveled to The Hague, Netherlands to represent AOSR at the International Model United Nations Conference. The students are part of the Model United Nations course at AOSR taught by MUN director Jason Schipper. For over 50 years the International Model United Nations program has served as a program for secondary students to participate in simulated functioning of the United Nations. The intent of the program is to expose the students to critical thinking about major global issues using authentic United Nations parliamentary procedures and debates. Every year, hundreds of local and regional Model United Nations simulation conferences are held, with the largest being THIMUN at The Hague. Each school attending THIMUN is pre-assigned a country to which the students need to thoroughly educate themselves in the history, functions, and issues facing the country. This year, AOSR was assigned the Kingdom of Thailand. After months of research and preparation, the AOSR students took to the conference with enthusiasm and determination to get Thailand’s issues heard. The first two days were spent conducting exhaustive lobbying, followed by a full day of intense debate. Every day, the hard-working AOSR students left the conference billowing with excitement and a new-found passion for global issues. Not to mention, the numerous friends that they were making from schools around the world, and the steadfast bonds they were making with their AOSR colleagues. At the final day of the conference, all resolutions and amendments were voted on for acceptance and referral to the actual United Nations in New York, USA. Proudly, a number of major Thailand issue found their way onto resolutions. In addition, a signature from a Thailand delegate was on at least one resolution passed by the main committees and sub-committees! The 2014 THIMUN conference was certainly a success for all participants involved from around the world especially our students from AOSR. Member Charles Blanchette said, “The conference made me realize how much on an impact I can have on the future of this world”. AOSR Member Aram Hudson stated, “THIMUN was not only a chance for me to improve my public speaking, lobbying, and analysis skills, but it was also an incredible opportunity to explore the functions of the UN and form inseparable bonds with my peers on the trip.” The buzz and excitement for a spot on the 2015 AOSR THIMUN delegation has already started among the high school students. If 2015 is anything like 2014, AOSR will certainly make a fine showing at the conference and further the mission of the school and of Model United Nations of creating global leaders for the future world community. 2014 Student Attendees: Charles B., Tommaso C., Akash C. Andy D., Jessica D., Omry E., Aram H., Giuliano N., Elettra S., Samantha S., Alessandro S., Giulia T.

page 23

High School News

HS Drama: The Good Doctor (Critique) By Veronica G. (grade 12) Neil Simon’s play “The Good Doctor,” presented by AOSR high school students, was one of the best quality plays that AOSR has ever performed. The play is a collection of comedic sketches that portray important life themes, some dramatic, while others light-hearted. The aspects that made this play the best were the efforts put forth by our talented actors. I must give a special recognition to actors Max M., who was the main actor in the skit, “The Sneeze.” John G. who played the crippled English man in the skit, “A Quiet War,” was also exceptional. Another aspect I think that made this a great performance, was that the actors had fun and laughed on stage together with the spectators. This feature is truly important to generate an enjoyable play. I recall when Jack L. was giggling between his lines, making his performance even more hilarious. Also, part of one of the skits was narrated by David C., which gave it a fun perspective. Moreover, the set and the technology used for the performance were creative; there were new lighting effects, perfect music choices, and a double backstage setting that transformed the stage into a garden, in some scenes, and a house, in others. This furthermore contributed to the brilliance of the play. However, it was the actors that truly made this play fabulous. There are many factors that make a play fantastic and I personally think it resides within the talent and possibilities of actors who are able to transform and give a meaning to an ordinary sentence or word, which was exactly what happened with “The Great Doctor”.

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AOSR MS/HS theater Presents:

2014 Shakespeare Festival May 22/23 19:00 hs. MS Students Visit Theater On Friday, April 4, the seventh and eighth grade theater students attended a performance in English at Teatro Umberto, To Be or Note, which blended rap with five of Shakespeare’s works. This was timely for both grades as the grade seven group studied and performed Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night in English and Drama class third quarter and grade eight is now studying and performing Shakespeare’s As You Like It in English and Drama class.

Following the performance, the large group moved to Villa Borghese for a picnic lunch. The group had an opportunity to enter into the Globe Theater located in the park to see and discuss in greater detail the setting of Shakespeare’s plays. We would like to extend a special thank you to AOSR mom, Ms. Carmella Di Bella and the Toti family who made the special visit to the Globe possible for our students. By: Ms. Sarah Ellyson (MS Coordinator)

page 25

Alumni and Friends Summer Weekend in Rome June 20-21, 2014

Re-connect with old friends and see all the exciting developments on campus! Candlelight Dinner al Fresco - Friday June 20, 2014 (19:00 - 23:00) Join us for music, aperitivi and a delicious dinner as the sun sinks behind the beautiful AOSR terrace. This special event will kick off a fun weekend at AOSR, meeting old friends and hearing about the exciting new developments on campus.

Celebrate Summer on the Quad - Saturday June 21, 2014 (11:00 - 16:00) • barbecue • logo wear • school tours • music • basketball • Italian product vendors • tennis • face painting • soccer games • and much, much more...  Registration per person is €45.00 (required to participate in any event) and includes all Saturday events at the Summer on the Quad (children under 12 are free)  Tickets for the Candlelight Dinner al Fresco are available for €50.00 per person (please RSVP) (Over 18’s only.)

RSVP no later than Saturday, May 31, 2014 Domenica Losani +39 06.33438.331 or Geoff Miller +39 06.33438.332 (A minimum number of participants must RSVP by May 31, 2014 for these events to take place.)

Spread the word! Tell all of your former classmates to come and share in the festivities! For complete details, and payment information, visit or our new official AOSR Alumni and Friends News Facebook page.

AOSR Freshman joins 16U Italian National Basketball Team After being selected to the All Tournament Team at the European Championships last February, AOSR 9th grader Otis Reale, was selected to the 16U Italian National Team. “A dream come true!” he said. Otis, son of Coach Carmela Verardi, AOSR girls’ baskeball coach and Mr. Oscar Reale, AOSR elementary music teacher, is an A student who works hard both on and off the court. “I knew that if I set high goals, stayed focus and maintained a good work ethic, one day, something big was going to happen,” he added. In April he is traveling to France to play teams from Latvia, Greece and France. Congratulations Otis! Keep up the great work!

AOSR Alumni Still Playing Basketball! Coach Phil Davis, secondary school PE teacher, and HS boys’ basketball coach, recently received this email message from Eran Efrima, Class of 2011. Coach, yesterday next to my school I saw a bunch of people playing some bball in the park, so I went home and changed. I got there and I saw that they were not letting any white guys or old people play .... but they they decided to let me join after they saw me play. I ended up playing with them for 2 hours. After the game we went for some drinks and they were all asking me how is it that I know how to play like that and I told them all about you! I remembered what you always told us in the lockeroom: ‘Most of you are probably not going to play serious basketball in the future, but whenever and whereever you play people are going to respect you. You will tell them you played ball at AOSR.’ I felt honored! Thanks coach!

page 27

Coach Phil with the 2013-14 Varsity Team

AOSR Alumni & Friends Gathering in Boston February 2014 By Dr. Beth Pfannl, Head of School

An excited and eclectic group of alumni, former faculty members and friends of AOSR, gathered together for a fun reunion at the Westin Copley Hotel in Boston on a cold, snowy day last February. The room, however, was full of great warmth and laughter. As the snow fell outside, old friends exchanged stories about their lives in Rome and at AOSR. A short presentation on the plans for a new Performing & Fine Arts Center on campus generated a lot of enthusiasm and excitement!

Contact Information

Villa Reception and Staff Villa Secretary: Ms. Manuela Ciocca 06-33438-300 Head of School: Dr. Beth Pfannl 06-33438-331 Secretary: Ms. Domenica Losani 06-33438-331 Director of Finance & Human Resources: Dr. Elisa Bruno 06-33438-338 Admissions Officer: Ms. Sabine Neumann 06-33438-311 Busing: Mr. Kieran Canter 06-33438-372 Secondary School Principal: Mr. Ken Kunin 06-33438-326 Secretary: Ms. Anna Chiara Troisi 06-33438-326 Elementary School Principal: Ms. Melissa Kay 06-33438-395 Secretary: Ms. Joanne Hoberg 06-33438-395

Faculty & Coordinators Pre-K Coordinator: Ms. Amy Magazzu 06-33438-330 ES Coordinator: Ms. Susan Prideaux 06-33438-350 MS Coordinator: Ms. Sarah Ellyson 06-33438-336 AP/IB Coordinator: Ms. Belinda Fiochi 06-33438-337 College Counselor: Ms. Jessica Samet 06-33438-327 School Counselor: Dr. Simona Reichmann 06-33438-373 Nurse: Ms. Lynn Lenox & Ms. Jan Miller 06-33438-321 After School Activities: Ms. Christine Hogan Resource Room: Ms. Rene Ostapuk (ES) 06-33438-302 Ms. Jacqueline Gallo (MS/HS) 06-33438-390 Athletics: Mr. Daniel Zacaroli 06-33438-313

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AOSR Falcon Flyer Spring 2014  

AOSR Falcon Flyer Spring 2014