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Issue #7 Spring 2012

Thank you to the AOSR Community! A big thank you to the entire AOSR community for your enthusiastic support for Mayfair 2012. We had record numbers of people in attendance on a beautiful, warm sunny Saturday (May 12) that included students of all ages, parents, friends, relatives,


faculty and staff members! There was delicious international food -much of it prepared by our very own AOSR families- great games, exciting arts and crafts to purchase from our vendors, and of course a talented host of students that performed on stage. Among them were our Shakespearean actors from the cast of The Taming of the Shrew, our amazing HS Ensemble, a wide variety of elementary, middle and high school student groups and individual performers and our special guests from Yale University, the coe-ed accapella group Redhot and Blue. Mark your calendars for MAYFAIR 2013 - it’s always the 2nd Saturday in May! Dr. Beth Pfannl Head of School


• Mayfair Photos • News from Elementary • News from Middle School

• HS Honor Society and Sports News • Alumni Special: Mrs. Fabris


News from our Libraries AOSR parent and Korean Ambassador to Italy, the Honorable Young-Seok Kim The Korean Ambassador visited AOSR and donated books to the libraries. In an effort to enrich our collection of books in languages other than English and represent our student population, the librarians wrote letters to all of the embassies in Italy (that represent our community) asking if they would like the opportunity to donate books and DVDs. The Korean Embassy was the first to respond, not only generously offering to give AOSR 187 books and DVDs (in Korean and English) but to personally deliver them. On a beautiful April morning, the Korean ambassador to Italy, the Honorable Young-Seok Kim, and Hoseok Shin, AOSR parents toured our libraries. Students are assisting the librarians with cataloging the books by translating the titles and authors. The Russian Embassy has also kindly offered to donate some classic and modern Russian literature. Be on the look out for them shortly. Thanks to the PTO, new books in Chinese, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, and German in the library! The PTO provided the E Library with a grant that has made it possible to add over fifty beautiful new books such as Joelle Juvilet’s Zoo Logico, Brian Selnick’s compelling book Hugo Cabret (in Italian), Herge’s Tintin (in Chinese) and Irene Stellingwerff’s Aventura en las Catacumbas de Roma to the elementary library’s collection. Unfortunately, it was difficult to locate books in Hebrew and Arabic, therefore we encourage you to consider donating new or gently used books in those languages.

Vatican Librarianship School (Scuola Vaticana di Biblioteconomia)

On March 12, Dr. Pfannl and the AOSR librarians had the pleasure to welcome guest librarians from the Vatican Library. They have been visiting us yearly for more than twenty years. Fifty students, and their instructor, Prof. Ciminello, enjoyed a reception in the HS Library and a talk offered by Ms. Rahm and Ms. Falgoust. As usual, Prof. Ciminello donated a book to our library. This year the book is: “”Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana: Libri e Luoghi all’Inizio del Terzo Millennio.” The book is cataloged in the HS Library. Check it out!

Literacy Week at AOSR Elementary school students and teachers celebrated Literacy Week during the third week of April and it was a wild success! Why plan a Literacy Week? As educators, we believe it is important for students to see adults, in their everyday life enjoy reading. People read for a variety of reasons; entertainment, to explore other worlds, seek knowledge, for aspiration and to seek answers or for a challenge. Over the course of the week, classes discussed the benefits of reading such as, reading can expand your mind, improve your writing skills, encourage better citizenship, and teach you new skills. The AOSR community came together in a truly beautiful way: parents, siblings, faculty and staff read to classes in various languages. The students kept track of the time they spent reading and being read to at home and at the end of the week, we calculated how many minutes were spent reading collectively. Our Buddy Read, was a blast and gave classes a chance to mix with other grades. Additionally, kids created gorgeous illustrated book review posters and displayed them in their classroom windows. Keep on reading, AOSR!

here to listen to them: https://

Grade 2 Podcasts! Did you know Mozart composed his first musical work at the young age of 5; every planet has its own orbit around the sun; even large cats like tigers can jump ten times their length? Ms.Waite’s second graders have learned all these incredible facts and much more! Each student selected a non-fiction topic of interest to research. They chose a library book on their topic, read it and wrote an essay chock-full of interesting facts they learned. Next, the librarian or library volunteer recorded the student reading the report aloud. Enthused by the contents of their books, each child created a multimedia visual display.

Pre-Kinder Pre-K would like to thank all of our parents who

contributed something tasty to sell at our bake sale on April 27th! We had an amazing variety of treats and the sale was a great success! The children also worked hard in class to prepare for the event. They helped with the advertising by coming up with slogans and drawing pictures. Then they assisted in deciding where the best places to hang the signs would be. They colored a ‘Pre-K Bake Sale’ banner for the table, wrote out labels and price tags for the baked goods, and even made chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes to sell! Finally, the pre-k children enjoyed setting up the tables and helping with sales by calling over potential customers! Thank you to everyone who supported our parents’ and students’ efforts! We hoped you enjoyed your purchases! The profits from our sale will go towards financing classroom projects and adding to our classroom library.

News from the El

lementary School


Spring has sprung and our kindergarteners are really blossoming! We have studied each and every letter of the alphabet and are

beginning to put those letters into action by reading and writing on our own! We celebrated the act of reading during Literacy Week and invited teachers, older students and parents to read books with us throughout the week. Thank you to all of our special visitors. We loved all of your stories and look forward to future visits! In addition to all of the learning that is happening inside our classrooms, we are really “digging” our time in the AOSR garden! We enjoy being scientists and making observations about the lettuce we have planted. We can’t wait to harvest our crops in June and to make a salad to share with our friends.

Grade 2


is definitely in the air and in 2nd grade, too. Everyone is growing and blossoming with boundless energy and enthusiasm. We have been planting in the AOSR Edible Garden, planting in the classroom, and enjoying this wonderful season. Speaking of dirt, the 2nd grade had a wonderful day at a mock archeological dig. They uncovered “ancient� artifacts and participated in many activities from the time of early man. This traditional event took place in BLERA, north of Rome.

...more from Grade 2! 2nd

graders honored all fathers by writing and reciting poems. They hosted a Father’s Day breakfast by presenting an original tie and “cave painting” to their dad. We even had a classroom poetry reading! Many students said they did not realize how fun poetry could be. We have started to study Ancient Sumeria: one of the 1st great civilizations. Learning about the epic of Gilgamesh, the Sumerian gods/goddesses, early inventions, cuneiform writing, daily life, etc. has been a highlight in the classroom. One 2nd grader noted that the people of Ancient Sumeria were just like us today but without PSP’s.

For Earth Day, grade 2 saved water and coke bottles and made hanging planters out of them.

Grade 5 Olive Tasting It

has been almost 5 months since ELL students harvested the olives from the small olive tree in the quad, so we finally took the jars out of the cupboard, washed the saltiness off them and tentatively tasted them. The unanimous verdict was that although a little salty they tasted very good.

Special Thank you letter for grade 5! Grade 5R’s community project to help out Cinque Terre after the horrific flood in October 2011, resulted in raising and donating nearly 1,000 euros. Below is a letter from Mayor Angelo Maria Betta thanking our students for their efforts and kindness. Dear Friends, We could write thousands of words to thank you, but it would not be enough. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for helping us in this terrible time. Your help has given us the morale boost to keep working with all our efforts to restore our Monterosso how it was, before the fateful October 25, 2011. The tile (stone) purchased will be included with the dedication: Imagination is more important than knowledge – Einstein.

Gioia Xu and Emmanuela Hong sampling our delicious olives.

Donated by the 17 Helpers, American Overseas School of Rome, 2012 When it is eady we will send you a picture of the location. Thanks again and best regards, The Mayor, Angelo Maria BETTA

Tending our Community Garden

Spirit Week in Grade Five

Trip to the Abruzzo National Park Bear with us as we get ready for our field trip to the National Park

of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise. We are honing our knowledge of mammals and hope to see an example of the very rare Marsican bear, the Appenine wolf, or the chamoix. We will follow the trail of transhumance and get to milk goats and sheep and then make the famous Abruzzo cheeses. We will be trekking through the mountain valleys in search of red deer, wild boars and maybe an elf or two. The Grade Five class visiting the Roman Forum

Trip to the Colosseum


have visited the Colosseum and learned how during its term as an entertainment stadium, certain species of wild animals almost became extinct because of the fights with the bestiarius gladiators. We also visited the Roman Forum and learned that; ‘The Romans went to the Forum to do more than shop. They held meetings and religious ceremonies, administered justice and even gossiped in the Roman Forum. Not all of the temples in the Roman Forum are dedicated to gods some are dedicated to people. The Romans believed that by building a temple and dedicating it to themselves they became deity. We will also be going to gladiator school ourselves and training for hand-to-hand combat and working with a gladius; the famous gladiator sword.

Elementary School Art In kindergarten and in grades 1 and 2 we discussed the characteristics of spring. The children looked at pictures of insects and flowers and listen to poetry. They expressed their ideas with paint, paper collage and crayon to create colorful pictures that depict their interpretation of spring. To integrate studies of ancient Greece, grade 3 made small clay pots and drew black figures on them with large markers to represent the ancient black figure pots. In connection to Literary Week they have started to make a small picture books. Grade 4 used clay to create models of the Roman She-Wolf and her babies, Ramos and Romulus in relation to studies of Roman history. It is interesting to see the unique styles they used to interpret this famous legend. The small sculptures will be on display in their classroom. After clay modeling we reviewed some of the basic art concepts of color, line, shape, movement, and techniques. Grade 4 then drew and cut out geometric and organic shapes on colored paper and assembled them to create interesting design effects. Students in grade 5 had a very busy month preparing for their musical play, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In art class and in their classroom they worked in groups to design scenery and props. Three-dimensional designs were formed cut out and painted. Class teachers, music and art teachers worked together to inspire and motivate students to do their best, and they did. BRAVI! To integrate art with their studies of ancient Rome, they are currently reviewing the potential of clay and modeling with it to make coiled pots. Ms. Phebe Cosentino (Elementary Art Teacher)

AOSR Artists Represented at RISA The annual Rome International School Association Art Show was a great success this year. The exchange helps promote art and understanding of different art forms. All Middle and High School AOSR participants earn a great applause for their creativity, because it is a special honor to be selected to represent AOSR at this event. In total, more than twenty Middle and High School AOSR students had their work on display at the exhibit which ran from March 13– 18 at St. Stephen’s School. The event began with an opening and awards ceremony on March 13 and the show remained open through Sunday, March 18.

AOSR students with Ms. Bloem at the show

Middle School Students with their work selected for the show were: Marco Z, Elisa C, Aristide P, Catherine B, Shae K, Gabriele C, Otis R, Frensis P, Cristina D, Livia O, and Marco C. High School Students with their work selected for the show were: Brian B, Marco P, Collin M, Youssef E, Immanuel K, Shir E, Yiming Z, Konrad J, Lorenzo C, Ashley M, Claudia S, Kyungbin L, Giulia R, Annalisa C, Melissa H, Flaminia F, Nate Sieben, Gaia T, Gabriele B, Emilia C, Lorenzo M Congratulations to the following students with special recognition in the 2012 RISA art show: Marco Z – Gr. 7 Middle School 1st Place for Design Brian B – Gr. 10 High School 1st Place for Drawing Marco P – Gr. 10 High School 3rd Place for Painting Youssef E – Gr. 10 High School Honorable Mention for Drawing Immanuel K – Grade 12 High School for Photography I join the students in thanking the AOSR Art teachers, Mrs. Sylvia Bloem, Mrs. Joyce Dunn and Ms. Melissa Slavin and Ms. Ilaria Marcellini for their guidance, inspiration and work with their art students. Ms. Sarah Ellyson (Middle School Coordinator)

The parents of Immanuel K, grade 12, attended and accepted her prize on her behalf.

News from the Middle School IB CAS sponsors MS Dance

Year’s End MS Class Field Trips

As part of their CAS project this year, the IB students raised a stunning 1,053.71euro for the DREAM (Drug Resource Enhancement against AIDS and Malnutrition) project by hosting bakes sales, collections and the recent middle school dance. This money is being sent directly to the DREAM center in Tanzania where it will make a huge difference to the lives of many people. On behalf of all the IB students I would like to say a big thank you to all the members or the AOSR community who donated money and help. A special thanks goes out to Ms. Ellyson, Ms. DeBellis, Ms. LeBail and Ms. Troisi who voluntarily offered their help with the middle school dance. By: Ms. Carla Dawson

Everyone who has been a part of the AOSR Middle School knows about the annual week-long trips in the fall, but look at what the Middle School is doing in the final months of school!

Afterwards, Mr. Mancini’s students attempted their own try of Michelangelo’s Last Judgment, including trying to color in the image upside-down!

Grade 6 visited the Abbazia di Farfa on April 24 to learn about the importance of the abbey, the original Roman ruins where the abbey was built, the different churches built on the site as well as the life of the monks and nuns living there in modern day.

All of the Grade 8 students have traveled on May 4 to visit Rome’s Villa Torlonia, particularly the lovely Casina delle Civette. Italian students will have a more thorough visit, while the nonItalian students will have the chance to explore the interactive activities at Technotown. On May 28 in honor of the United States Memorial Day, the Grade 8 students will travel to the U.S. Memorial Day Ceremony at the SicilyRome American Cemetery in Nettuno. There, students and chaperones will arrive in Nettuno to experience the ceremony and then have time to explore, in chaperone group, the map room, war memorial and the cemetery itself.

Grade 7 also traveled on April 24, but to two different locations. The Italian Native students had the chance for a guided tour of the Borghese Gallery and enjoyed a sporting walk through the park, as well as an introduction to Piazza di Popolo. Students not in the Italian program, took advantage of the day to have a guided tour of the Raphaelle rooms of the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chappel.

Veronica I. (gr 7)

Congratulations to Veronica I, grade 7, who was named a runner-up in the May 14, 2012 Junior Scholastic magazine “Find Mapman’ contest. Veronica’s entry was specifically recognized for the great detail she gave to the rivers of Cambodia and was one of 20 runners up from 9,000 entries. Congratulations, Veronica!

Youjeong S. (gr 7)

Prime (Pupils of Rome International Math Event) AOSR 1st PLACE WINNERS ! Stefano C.G., Otis R., Dongmin S. On Tuesday, May 8th. AOSR participated in the PRIME (Pupils of Rome International Math Event) competition which was held at Ambrit school. Six international schools participated with 18 teams. The students were all from middle schools with an age limit of 14. The maximum points were 65, and our team won with 51.5 points. 1st place AOSR 51.5 2nd place St. George’s 29.5 3rd place New School 28 Our other two teams were placed 7th and 8th. Cristian C. Sonia M. Yoojeong S.

Nicola D.C. Frankie D.V. Aristide P.

We are very proud of our students who were worthy ambassadors for AOSR.

Grade 8 Students as Mathletes! Mathletics is a website that the students of

the closer you get to first. The scores are

PreAlgebra and Algebra are participating

ranked by top 100 students Europe, top

in. It is a website where we have the ability

50 classes in Europe, and if we are really

to compete with students around the world,

good, top 100 students in the world and

learn, and just have fun all while sitting

top 50 classes in the world. That is a real

on our couches at home or at our desks at

achievement for us to get in one of those

school. Mathletics lets children, including

places. We have taken great pride in being

us, participate in events. We, the Mathletes,

in the top ten in Europe for the last week.

hone our skills with the exercises given to us.

A good number of our Mathletes have

The exercises go from anywhere to simple

gotten into the top 100 in Europe and a

equations to advanced linear equations to

few of us have even gotten into the top 100

polynomials. For each exercise we do well at

in the world. We are still working on it and

we get a set amount of points. These points

do not be surprised if we achieve number

not only allow us to accessorize our characters

1 in Europe. Recently we were ranked

but also set us in ranks. Then, we can compete

second place and are less than a thousand

with kids from China, to Russia, to Australia,

points away from first!

and in England. The more points you get

By Gabe K, Grade 7

French & Spanish Honor Societies Spanish HS Welcomes New Members On April 24, the Spanish Honor Society (Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica) officially resumed its activity at AOSR. Fourteen students among the

ones currently enrolled in upper level courses (Spanish 4 and Spanish 5)

were invited to be part of our chapter - Puente de las Américas - not only for their interest towards the Spanish language and for the excellence of

their commitment to it, but also because they have demonstrated that they understand the importance of their journey toward academic maturity. We will keep you posted about our fundraising and outreach activities for The Children of Potosí. For more information, visit http://www.

French HS Continues Fundraising This spring brought about the induction of new members into the French Honor Society, or « la Société Honoraire de Français », as well as the opportunity to reflect on our work over the past year. Since last May, we have done many things to aid the community and charities throughout the world. Both the French Honor Society and the middle school French classes are joined with a school in Senegal called Valingara. Valingara is a poor, rural school located in Southeast Senegal. French Honor Society wanted to help the students at Valingara, and so over the last year we made it our goal to improve the school. Last spring, we started a school-wide campaign to gather school supplies, such as pens, pencils, and notebooks, for the school. We also collected over 300 French books for the students, which they received in the summer.

French HS Welcomes New Members “L’homme qui sait deux langues

learners. Congratulations to:

March, 2012, the AOSR chapter

Veronica G., Ceara L., Isabella

en vaut deux.” On the 13th of of the French Honor Society,

now in its fourth year, inducted

twelve new members. The FHS is an internationally recognized

organization whose members are selected purely on merit, based on their mastery of the French

language. Members must earn a grade of 90 or higher in at least

one semester of their second year of French, and no grade lower than a B in their other classes.

The inducted students must be commended for their efforts

and perseverance in scholastic endeavors, thanks to which

they have become part of an

elite group of foreign language

Olaf B., Cecile D., Mina K.,

M., Saewon P., Seungwon P.,

Neha P., Valentina W., Ambra Y.,

This year we have continued our service by fundraising to buy computers for Valingara. The village has Wireless Internet, but the children have no computers to access the internet. The French Honor Society held countless bakesales to help raise money. I’m sure that many members hope never again to have to bake brownies, cakes, or other delicious baked goods! We also had a ‘cupcake delivery service’ in December wherein we sold cupcakes and Christmas cards. Over the first six months of the school year, we raised almost 600 euros, enough to buy two brand new computers for the school in Senegal. This is an astounding achievement for an organization with only ten members (in addition to our new inductees). We recently received news from the school that the computers have been purchased and the students are hard at work, making use of the new technology. French Honor Society hopes to continue our record of service and our partnership with Valingara this spring and next year.

Madeline C (grade 12)

and Lisa Z., for their induction to the French Honor Society.

You have gained the respect of your peers and your teachers.

Congratulations also to Silvia

Z., our newly elected president. Under her leadership, we hope

that the FHS will be fruitful and

prosperous. Thank you to our old members, for setting an example for others to follow. And finally,

thank you to the French teachers at AOSR for having made all of this possible.

Munim S. (grade 12) Former President

French Honor Society members at Mayfair

AOSR Spring Sports News The 2012 Spring Sport Season has begun and after a week of tryouts the teams are now ready to face the regular season and then go on to the European Championship in Ramstein, Germany. This year’s season started with a significant difference from the previous years since a track and field team was finally created for students both in High School and Middle School. The introduction of this discipline in the already long list of sports offered by our school, has made AOSR the number one school in Italy in terms of sports offered. A big thank you goes to the students who have participated in both the wrestling and track and field teams making AOSR step up on top of the podium and win the gold medal! The team, “directed” by coach Simone Capannelli, has been working hard for one month to be ready for the first meets which started on April 21 at the American Base of Naples. Along with this “new” sport, the Spring season has also begun for Italy’s national sport, soccer. Both teams, girls and boys, have started the regular season with great results in the four games played until now. The girls started the season with a good win against Sigonella but unfortunately lost against Aviano that, thanks to a good defense and three posts hit by our girls was able to win. However a week later the girls showed their qualities and motivated by coach Gallo were able to win by 5-1; “we are happy to have each other’s support and the support of our coach, we are very excited for the Europeans and hope to do well!” said captain Bianca Oetiker after the game. On the other hand the boy’s team, led by coaches Gianluca and Marcus, formed by many new faces as well as the “veterans”, is facing an extraordinary start of season having won four out of four games played until now scoring 25 goals and conceding only 5. The boys have played well against other teams such as, Sigonella, Aviano, Florence and Milan. They have been the first victims of this team which truly seems unstoppable, and is now more than ready to face the “derby” against Marymount and the long-awaited Europeans. Captain Ben Gerard expressed his satisfaction with the team so far saying: “we are all working on a project which the new members of the team will continue next year when many of us will leave. We are thrilled for the Europeans and can’t wait to do good in this tournament”. Our teams are ready for the Europeans, AOSR is once again about to compete against the best schools all over Europe, good luck to all the teams and let our FALCON fly high. By Jacopo C. (grade 11)

Alumni News: Thank You Mrs. Fabris By Geoff Miller; Alumni Coordinator

officially retired from her administrative duties, yet

This month’s article is about Madeleine Fabris who

teacher. She continued to do so until she left the

figure. She was, during her years at (A)OSR, a

years after she began!

was , to most of us students, a “larger than life”

remained as a part-time Elementary social studies

school at the end of the 1986-87 academic year, 40

remembered for her animated classroom presentations of

varied topics, including the Trojan War. Her field trips to various historical sites remain among the most vivid memories for her

former students. Always

remembered as stern, but also fair and loving.

part of the campus life and activities. was here for the inauguration of the

Lisa Spinelli (’96):

During these years, she was an integral Among many other events, Madeleine Hillside Theater (celebrating the

the transition from OSR to AOSR and

I’ll never forget her deep knowledge of history. She instilled in me a big love for the classics. Awesome lady. Happy birthday!!!

for the thousands of students that

Anna Gendel (’81):

Her appearance at both the 2001 and

Facebook and from emails that were sent directly to

You were, and still are absolutely magical to me. I loved your reading The Sword in the Stone, and I will never forget your advice to look up at the tops of the buildings in Rome. Life was a bit weird for a 10 year old whose mother had died the year before and you were a comforting and exciting presence, the reassurance that life had lots to offer. Thank you for all that, and for being a wonderful model for teaching these last thirty years. Lots of love, Anna Gendel XXX

memorable figure in (A)OSR history.

Tony Brophy (former Staff):

school’s 25th anniversary in 1972),

has remained the strongest memory had the fortune to be in her classes.

2007 Alumni Reunions in Rome was Madeleine Brown (who

perhaps the most remembered event

became Fabris when she

by those that attended.

Fabris years later) was one

A few months ago, Madeleine

later married Prof. Aldo

of the first teachers hired by the newly incorporated

Overseas School of Rome in 1947. Located at Villa Torlonia on Via Nomentana from 1947 until 1952, Madeleine was part of the Elementary faculty. In the first yearbook that we have, 1953 (see photo) she is listed as the third grade teacher.

By the time that I arrived, in 1963, Madeline was “Middle and Elementary Schools Supervisor”.

In 1967, she is listed as the “Elementary School Supervisor”. In the 1975 yearbook, her title is “Elementary School Head”. Around 1978 she

From 1953 yearbook, “The Tiber”. “Miss. Madeleine Brown”, fourth from left, top row.

Marcus Ciuffreda (’97):

I remember her walking up the old stairs to get to the Palace of Knossos in Crete and to get to the Parthenon in Athens...Grazie per tutto l’insegnamento sull’antica Grecia...i LOVED it!!!

teacher and also an administrator. She taught social studies (including ancient history) and is vividly

Messages for Mrs. Fabris from former students:

celebrated her 95th birthday. The following quotes were selected from many more that appeared on

me to pay homage and respect to perhaps the most

Ms. Fabris, Thank you and Happy 95th Birthday from all of your former students!

** Photo of Mrs. Fabris above taken at the 60th Anniversary Reunion in 2007 by Cheilaugh Garvey (‘78).

Dear Mrs Fabris,

Dear Madeleine, so many sincere and heartfelt wishes to you on this big day and fond memories of recognition and gratitude for all you did for the school, community and children, mine included. Enda still rejoices in splendid memories of you... A big hug, Tony

From 1967 “Tabularium”, From yearbook “The Book’75”, “Madeleine Fabris, Middle and “Mrs. Madeline Fabris, Lower School Supervisor” Elementary School Head”

From 1987 “Tabularium”, “Madeleine Fabris, ES Social Studies”

Laura Collura (’85):

dear mrs fabris, i still remember all you taught me in third grade and fourth grade about golden mycene, greek myths, alexander the great and, of course, “fabris, the labrys, the double-headed axe!” Claudia Rader (’77):

Cara Mrs. Fabris, my children are now studying the myths and ancient history that you taught me in the 1960s -- and I still remember every word!! Thank you, and tanti auguri! Ann Liederman (78):

All the best, Mrs. Fabris - the whole planet is stocked with people upon who’s lives you’ve had such a huge impact....we love you! Alexandra Valenti (’84):

Remembering your history lessons in elementary school , I send you my best wishes for a Happy Birthday! David Klatsky (’80):

In everyone’s life, there are a few individuals who disproportionately impact one’s development as a student and as a human being. Madeleine, you were the first such person (other than my parents) to truly change the course of my life. I owe to you my love of history and mythology, and cherish to this day your inspring example of dignity, leadership and charisma. Tanti auguri!

Paul Goldfield (’69):

Auguri Signora Fabris e grazie per tutto il tuo tempo e passione. Grazie per avermi portato a Firenze e alla Villa Giulia, a Villa Adriana e Gli Uffizi, a Fiesole e Villa Borghese. Doug Ritter (’70):

I first met Mrs. Fabris in 1960, when I was in 3rd grade and she was the head mistress of the lower school at OSR. In grade school she taught us ancient Greek and Roman history – and focused on telling us the story of Homer’s Iliad – much the way Homer did, orally. She also drew on the blackboard scenes from the story, vivid ones, like Achilles dragging dead Hector by his ankle around the walls of Troy behind his chariot. She brought ancient history alive like no other teacher I have ever had. I later reconnected with Mrs. Fabris long after she retired and my wife and I would see her on our trips to Rome. We met her husband, a professor, Aldo Fabris – and she took us on walking tours of Rome’s Capitoline museum, and we enjoyed many lunches with her at Pancrazio, built over the spot where Cesar was said to have been stabbed to death.

Asia Janssen:

Although it was many years ago, in the late 80s, early 90s, Mrs. Fabris still remembered the Dutch girl in her 4th and 5th grade in the 50s. What I want to express was that she was a very good teacher, passionate about her profession in fact. She instilled in me, and countless others, a lasting interest in Italian art, Roman history, and literature (anything historical was her cup of tea). She took us to museums, to Florence, to anything as long as it taught us things Italian and preferably ancient. Pity Mrs. Fabris is not of the Internet generation, I would personally like to express my gratitude to her for being one of her pupils at OSR. Stefania Girolami (’81):

Splendid memories indeed! Mrs. Fabiris thank you for all you did for us, we will always be grateful. Tanti Auguri, di cuore! Bi, big hug e una valanga di baci! AUGURI MADELEINE! Leila Horn (’87):

How sweet, Auguri to Mrs. Fabris!

What a marvelous woman. I dedicated my book on growing up in Rome to her.

Christopher Solomon (’79):

Ευτυχισμένα Γενέθλια, Mrs. Fabris! I can’t look at any Greek antiquities with out visualizing your chalk diagrams and illustrations. Larinda Schell (’75):

I missed giving greetings so “Happy 95th Birthday!!”. We all seem to have such fond memories of our time(s) with her. God bless! Albert Mouton

She read us “The Once And Future King”, along with many lessons of Roman history....enjoyed every moment.... February 4 at 1:44pm · Like

Madeleine cutting the 50th Anniversary cake at the 1997 Reunion Celebration

Thank you to the AOSR Community! Thank you to the AOSR community! Mayfair proceeds this year brought in € 17.475,23. A BIG thank you to everyone who helped make this a grand success! (Over €1.000 more than last year.) Clubs/classes receive € 3.543,10 Final Profit on 2012 Mayfair: € 13.932,13 (divided as follows): •

AOSR 75%: € 10.449,10 Funds raised will go towards replacing furniture in the cafeteria (tables and chairs) that will benefit the entire school community.

PTO 25%: € 3.483,03

Contact Information Villa Reception and Staff Villa Secretary: Ms. Manuela Ciocca 06-33438-300 Head of School: Dr. Beth Pfannl 06-33438-331 Secretary: Ms. Domenica Losani 06-33438-331 Business Manager: Ms. Elisa Bruno 06-33438-338 Admissions Officer: Ms. Sabine Neumann 06-33438-311 Busing: Mr. Kieran Canter 06-33438-372 Secondary School Principal: Mr. Ken Kunin 06-33438-326 Secretary: Ms. Anna Chiara Troisi 06-33438-326 Elementary School Principal: Mr. Stephen Foster 06-33438-395 Secretary: Ms. Joanne Hoberg 06-33438-395

Faculty & Coordinators PreK Coordinator: Ms. Amy Magazzu 06-33438-330 ES Coordinator: Ms. Susan Prideaux 06-33438-350 MS Coordinator: Ms. Sarah Ellyson 06-33438-336 AP/IB Coordinator: Ms. Belinda Fiochi 06-33438-337 HS College Counselor: Mr. Ivan Hauck 06-33438-327 School Counselors: Ms. Elizabeth Escobar 06-33438-373 Dr. Simona Reichmann 06-33438-373 Nurse: Ms. Jan Miller & Nancy Bergeson 06-33438-321 After School Activities: Ms. Christine Hogan Resource Room: Ms. Rene Ostapuk (ES) 06-33438-302 Ms. Jacqueline Gallo (MS/HS) 06-33438-390 Athletics: Mr. Max Squarcia 06-33438-313

American Overseas School of Rome 811 Via Cassia 00189 Rome, Italy Phone: (+39) 06.33438.300 Fax: (+39) 06.3326.2608

AOSR Falcon Flyer May 2012b  

AOSR Falcon Flyer May 2012b

AOSR Falcon Flyer May 2012b  

AOSR Falcon Flyer May 2012b