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July/August 2020

Smart Irrigation Month-Stop Treating Your Soil Like Dirt PPP Flexibility Act COVER PHOTO: GOODMAN’S LANDSCAPE & MAINTENANCE, LLC



Dump Bodies • Flatbeds Custom Fabrication • Racks Dovetails • Liftgates Hitches Tool Boxes • Strobe Lights

We build the strongest dumps you can find right here in Mesa. Now in stock with a GM gas V-8 and the proven Allison transmission.

TRAILERS Landscape Utility Dump Flatbed



Less water + less fertilizer = more $ in your pocket and a “greener grass” for the environment

• A turfgrass alternative changing the industry • No need to sacrifice lawns to save water on landscape

• Extreme salt tolerance

• Grows low to the ground rarely exceeding 1”

• Advanced striping ability

• Dark green year round, and if left un-mowed produces

• Shorter dormancy period

small white flowers May-November

• Versatile mowing heights


Ask us about other water saving turfgrasses


July/August 2020





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Stop Treating Your Soil Like Dirt!............................................ 9 2019 ALCAs Excellence Awards..................................... 10-12 ALCA Member Profile: Horizon............................................ 13 ALCA Member Profile: Belgard............................................ 14



ALCA Member Profile: Kalamazoo Materials......................... 15

Celebrating 60 years Locally owned and operated

ALCA Member Profile: Arizona CLA..................................... 16 ALCA Member Profile: Cutting Edge Curbing Sand & Rock..... 17 PPP Flexibility Act............................................................... 18 ALCA Membership Application............................................ 19 Safe Digging..................................................................... 20 Governor Ducey Issues Executive Order To Expand Licensing Opportunities........................................... 20 Spring Zoom Workshops..................................................... 21 Cambridge Benefit Solutions Joins Alera Group..................... 21 John M. Harlow, Jr. dies at age 79...................................... 21 Resource Guide................................................................. 22


Marty Monroy Cutting Edge Curbing Sand & Rock


President Elect

Association Outsource Services, Inc. (916) 961-9999

Vice President

Diversified Print Solutions

Dwight Faires


Clayton Graham

Arizona Landscape Contractors’ Association


5425 E Bell Road, Suite 105 Scottsdale, Arizona 85254 Phone: 602-626-7091

Sundance Landscape & Maintenance

Kim Kleski

Kleski & Associates


Steve Shields

Hill & Usher Insurance & Surety

Chief Executive Officer Judy Gausman

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East Valley Store and Corporate Offices 1313 E. Baseline Road Gilbert, AZ 85233 | 480-539-8700

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Variety ‘AZT’

Quality, Uniform, Desert Adapted Trees

SIMPLY THE BEST Prosopis Hybrid ‘AZT’ Thornless Mesquite Cercidium praecox ‘AZT’ Sonoran Palo Verde Olneya tesota ‘AZT’ Desert Ironwood Cercidium Hybrid ‘AZT’ Thornless Hybrid Palo Verde Chilopsis linearis ‘AZT Bi-Color’ Desert Willow Chilopsis linearis ‘AZT Desert Amethyst’ Desert Willow Cercidium Hybrid ‘DM’ Desert Museum Hybrid Palo Verde* *AZT propagates the ‘Desert Museum’ with the guidance and permission of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Specimen Trees for Desert Landscapes


phone (480) 987-9094 fax (480) 987-9092 e-mail:





PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE 2020 Tentative Calendar of Events

ALCA Scholarship Opportunities


very year, ALCA takes on a charitable landscape project to make a positive impact in our Arizona community. There are other ways that the association can make an impact and one is through ALCA’s scholarship programs. The association has many functions, but one of its primary responsibilities is education. For decades, ALCA has been awarding qualified individuals who are serious about furthering their formal education in the Green Industry with scholarships from the Green Industry Scholarship Fund in memory of Sky Blu Underwood. These scholarship recipients are eligible for eight undergraduate Marty Monroy semesters at $1,000 each semester in an accredited Arizona academic school. 2020 ALCA President In 2003, the ALCA Board of Directors established a scholarship fund open to ALCA members, their dependents, and their employees. It is designed for those qualified individuals who wish to further their post high school education regardless of their field of study. Scholarship recipients are eligible for two undergraduate semesters and receive up to $1,000 each semester in an accredited Arizona academic school. Applicants are judged on their academic performance, community service, work ethic, stated need, and letters of recommendation. This year the deadline has been extended to July 31 and you may download the applications at I encourage you to share my message and help further the education of our youth. Sincerely, Marty Monroy, ALCA President


RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL IRRIGATION | Built on Innovation® Learn more. Visit




July/August 2020

July 4 Independence Day – ALCA Office Closed 16 ACLP Safety & Tools –Zoom Online 23 ACLP Turf Care & Installation – Zoom Online 25 ACLP Safety & Tools – Tucson

August 20 ACLP Soils & Fertilizer – Zoom Online 27 ACLP Tree & Shrub Pruning – Zoom Online

September 7 Labor Day – ALCA Office Closed 10 ALCA Golf Tournament/ Sky Blu Underwood Scholarship Fund 24 ACLP Pesticides & Calibration – Zoom Online 25 SLM Workshop – Zoom Online *Dates Are Subject To Change*

UPGRADE X2 CONTROLLERS TO HYDRAWISE® MANAGEMENT with the simple plug-in WAND module. Hydrawise maximizes water savings with automatic daily schedule adjustments based on local, real-time weather data. A helpful setup wizard makes programming fast and easy. Then, manage irrigation from your smartphone, tablet, or the web. Presto change-o!

Arizona Landscape Contractors’ Association 5245 East Bell Road, Suite 105 • Scottsdale, AZ 85254 • 602‐626‐7091


GREEN INDUSTRY SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION Download the entire application at

We believe an ALCA scholarship is an excellent opportunity for students who are serious about continuing their formal education in the “Green Industry”. Rules for application include:  Must be an Arizona resident or attending an Arizona post high school educational program.  Individuals are able to apply for eight (8) undergraduate semesters in its entirety.  Scholarship recipients may receive up to $1,000 per semester.  Must be an accredited Arizona academic school. Use the checklist to make sure that you have included everything you need to start this process successfully. If you are selected for an award, you will be notified in writing.     

Application Personal and scholarship reference letters Answers to essay questions Most recent high school or college transcript Provide proof of US citizenship

Essay questions: Each question not to exceed more than ½ page type written  What is the biggest challenge facing the landscape industry in Arizona?  Why have you chosen to continue your education in landscaping?

Mail completed application to ALCA or email

THE DEADLINE FOR ACCEPTING SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS IS JULY 31 The Arizona Landscape Contractors’ Association (ALCA) was started in 1963. The membership is made up of both installation and maintenance contractors and the suppliers with whom they do business. The organization has many functions, but one of its primary responsibilities is education. With that in mind, ALCA established a scholarship fund. Awards are distributed to applicants based on merit and course of study. Should you have any questions about ALCA scholarships, please call the office at (602) 626‐7091.



Optimistic Outlook as We Adapt

Anderson, John


Fertizona - Fennemore, LLC

n 1964, one of my favorite songwriters, Bob Dylan, released his third album The Times They Are a-Changin’ which captured the spirit of social and political upheaval that characterized the 1960s. Nearly 60 years later, we are all dealing with changes and adapting to the COVID-19 upheaval that will go down in history. Trying as hard as ever to serve our members, ALCA has been teaming up with our industry expert members, our lobbyists, the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) and of course, Zoom. Because of the important work and services that you provide, Arizona’s Governor Ducey and the Department of Homelands Security included landscape services Judy Gausman as part of the list of essential services needed to support public works and ALCA CEO infrastructure support services. On March 15, ALCA hosted its third Zoom webinar where Kent Welborn with Northwestern Mutual discussed the economic outlook. He explained that it has been 100 years since we have had a recession driven by a virus. The Spanish Flu went through the United States in 1918 which created an incredible impact on the economy at that time. That happened to be the second shortest recession that the US has ever experienced for a couple of reasons. First, there was a very robust economy during WWI since typically more goods are manufactured and produced during war. Because the economy was so strong going into that recession, it was able to recover much quicker. Economists are hoping and anticipating that that will be the outcome in our similar situation now. Of course, the longer this drags on, the more uncertain it becomes. But much like a healthy person who contracts COVID-19 will have a far better success rate of getting better sooner than a sick patient; it is believed the same for the economy. The economy was relatively strong and on stable footing and it will return strong. As the public health situation continues to change over time, company leaders will make their own decisions about how best to operate based on their individual circumstances. And ALCA will be there for you continuing to work with our lobbyists, DeMenna Public Affairs, government officials, and industry experts to keep you up to date on the latest regulations, safety guidelines and economic outlook so that you can continue to protect your business, the public, your employees and the landscapes you construct and maintain. Best to you all, Judy Gausman, CEO

Special Thank You to our ALCA Sponsors PLATINUM SPONSORS All Season Wholesale Growers

LeBaron & Carroll

Arizona CLA

Mountain States Wholesale Nursery

Belgard Hardscapes

Northwestern Mutual

Civano Growers

Rain Bird Corporation

Courtesy Fleet

RDO Equipment Co.

Cutting Edge Curbing Sand & Rock

Rodeo Ford

Evergreen Turf, Inc

SiteOne Landscape Supply

Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply

Southwest Sod, Inc

Hill & Usher Insurance & Surety

Sunrise Nursery, LLC

Horizon Distributors, Inc

The Synthetic Grass Store / Arizona Turf Masters

Hunter Industries / FX Luminaire

The Toro Company / Irritrol / Unique Lighting Systems

Kalamazoo Materials




West Coast Turf July/August 2020

(520) 465-7338 Affiliate/Student Tim Gavelek PO Box 807, 17102 West Olive Ave Waddell, AZ 85355 (623) 935-4252 Phone Fertizona is Arizona’s largest agricultural fertilizer and crop protection retailer. With 7 locations in Arizona, a regional trucking depot, and fertilizer production facilities. Fertizona provide inputs for Southwestern growers, turf managers, nurseries, landscapers, and municipalities. With an experienced staff of Pest Control Advisors, Agronomists and Turf Managers, we provide superior service and knowledge to Southwestern agriculture. Associate Class 1

Ideal Yards, LLC

Aaron Wolfe 51020 W Hwy 60/89 Ste B, Wickenburg, AZ 85390 (928) 684-7165 Pest control applicator Contractor Class 1

Watertronics, LLC

Bryan Campbell 525 E Industrial Dr, Hartland, WI 53029 (262) 367-5000 | (520) 405-8954 Landscape irrigation pump station manufacturer Associate Class 1

Online Workshops Cost: Register:

$60/ALCA Member $120/Non‐Member *** Non‐Refundable *** Recording available upon request

Safety & Tools — ISA = 3.5 CEUs

Selec�on, use, and maintenance of non‐power tools Hedge trimmer safety Trimmer and brush cu�er safety Chain saw safety DPS Officer will share informa�on about truck and trailer safety and the rules and regula�ons that apply to these vehicles  Pre‐trip inspec�ons for trucks and trailers  Weight limits and types of registra�on  Loading and covering vehicles correctly     

July 16

Online Zoom 7:30 AM—11:30 AM

Turf Care and InstallaƟon

 Iden�fy the varie�es of turfgrass used in the Desert Southwest  Present mechanical steps to properly install sod  Discuss proper cultural prac�ces including mowing techniques, thatch removal, overseeding, fer�liza�on and irriga�on for various turfgrass varie�es  Explore problem solving strategies for common turfgrass diseases and pests

July 23

Online Zoom 7:30 AM—12:30 PM

Soils & FerƟlizer — ISA = 3.5 CEUs

 Apply proper techniques in collec�ng a soil sample for analysis  Determine soil texture and understand how soil texture relates to Irriga�on management  Take steps to prevent soil compac�on and salt accumula�on  Recognize and correct plant nutrient deciencies  Select and apply soil amendments and fer�lizers at the appropriate rates  Describe the role of roots in plant health and the importance of soil management to op�mize root health

Aug 20

Online Live Zoom 7:30 AM—11:30 AM

Tree & Shrub Pruning — ISA = 3.5 CEUs

 Provide basic plant biology as it pertains to pruning, decay, disease and wound closure  Demonstrate the safe use of basic pruning equipment  Dis�nguish types of pruning: crown cleaning, thinning, eleva�ng, reduc�on and restora�on/rejuvena�on  Describe & demonstrate shrub renova�on pruning  Explain common pruning mistakes and how to avoid them

Aug 27

Online Live Zoom 7:30 AM—12:30 PM

What is the ACLP cerƟcaƟon process? Anyone may a�end the workshops to increase their knowledge and skills. To become ACLP cer�ed, each student must par�cipate in all 10 workshops and pass the exams. Students will be declared an AZ Cer�ed Landscape Professional when he/she receives a minimum score of 70% on each of the exams. QuesƟons: Contact the ALCA office at (602) 626‐7091 or email Arizona Landscape Contractors Associa�on • 5425 E Bell Rd, #105 Sco�sdale, AZ 85254 (602) 626‐7091 •


Six Steps of Succession Planning


ast time we explored the first steps in succession planning: Start Now and Clarify Your Goals. Now let’s take a look at Step 3 - Build Your Plan. You run your business based on a plan. It’s important to make time now to create a plan that will guide you when it comes time to transition your business to a new owner, whether that’s in a few years or a few decades away.

2nd of 3 Series Article Provided by M. Kent Welborn, Estate & Business Planning Specialist at Northwestern Mutual / (602) 808-3458 and John Hunt, Financial Advisor at Northwestern Mutual / (602) 808-3416


All or part of the business is transferred by gift, either all at once or over time. This strategy is typically used when transferring the business to family. There are strategies for reducing the value of business-interest gifts while still maintaining control, such as through limited partnerships, minority interest discounts and nonvoting stock.

Why Planning Matters Data from the Harvard Business Review, January/February 2012. • 30% of family businesses pass successfully to the second generation • 10% pass successfully to the third generation

Making Life Easier For 60 Years

STEP 3. Build Your Plan – The Who & The How

Who: Think about whom you want to take over the business? Work with your advisor team to help identify pros and cons to each possible choice: family members, co-owners, employees, third parties and nobody (liquidate). How: Once you know whom you want to transition your business to, work with your business succession team to consider strategies to transfer the business. The following are commonly used strategies that could work for your unique situation:

1960 - 2020


SERP (Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan)

In addition to receiving proceeds from the business sale, you may also receive payments directly from the business through a supplemental executive retirement plan. The amount of these payments and time period over which they will be paid as well as the frequency of payments can vary.

Installment Note To Grantor

The buyer promises to make installment payments of principal and interest over a period of time.

Deferred Compensation

The business agrees to provide a future benefit to an employee. The benefit paid to the employee can be timed to coincide with the business sale and used by the employee as a down payment for the purchase price.

Third Party Financing

The buyer obtains third-party financing, such as a bank loan, for all or part of the purchase price.

ESOP (Employee Stock Option Plan)

An employee stock ownership plan is a qualified retirement plan that invests primarily in company stock. The company may make contributions of stock or cash to the ESOP.




July/August 2020

These are just a few of the potential business succession strategies. Your business succession team can help you determine strategies that make the most sense for your unique situation. Your advisors can help you evaluate options and create a plan that satisfies your personal, business, retirement, estate planning and succession needs. Tune in next time when we discuss steps 4-6!

ASK ABOUT EXMARK FLEET PROGRAM Loyalty has its rewards

*Offer cannot be combined with other national or regional promotions or programs in effect during this promotion. Visit A to Z Equipment for details. Promotional offer valid to 10/31/2020

Locally Owned, Family Operated... Since 1960

Your One Stop Shop Rentals • Sales • Parts • Service Call, Text or Visit... Four Valley Locations West Valley

803 E Van Buren St. 623-925-0200

East Valley

1313 E Baseline Rd. 480-539-8700

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Central Phoenix

4050 E Indian School Rd. 602-955-5100


Stop Treating Your Soil Like Dirt!


e hear a lot of talk about smart irrigation products, and they are definitely an important part of our continued conservation efforts. But no matter how smart your irrigation is, if your soil isn’t healthy you will never reach maximum efficiency. Healthier soil significantly improves soil structure, which improves the absorption and retention of water in the soil which means you ultimately need less water to maintain healthy plants and Bob Franchetto turf. That improved structure and usage of water means less fertilizer and pesticides are required to keep the plant healthy, reducing your overall costs. So where do you start? Horizon’s Bob Franchetto spends a lot of time talking soil health with landscape professionals about the importance of soil health, especially when living in a desert with limited resources. He suggests looking at the three main components of your soil – physical, biological, and chemical.


Most of us are familiar with the physical properties of soil – clay, sand or silt. But just because your soil may not be ideal doesn’t mean you have to live with it. Turface MVP is a great solution for improving all types of soil structure. Heavy Clay Soils – These soils lack air-holding capacity preventing oxygen exchange and limiting root growth. By incorporating Turface into the root zone you will improve porosity and generate deeper roots, leading to amazing results even during dry summer months. Sandy Soils – Sand doesn’t hold enough moisture or sufficiently retain nutrients to maintain the health of most bedding plants. The added moistureholding capacity of Turface keeps water and nutrients where they are needed and reduces the risk of drought stress over time. If you are in a situation where you can’t till in new soil, you may want to consider a soil surfactant such as Aqueduct or Dispatch. These surfactants get the water off the surface and can distribute it evenly in the soil profile. Water moved deeper in to the soil is easier for plant roots to access, but also reduces evaporation, lowering overall water use.


Soil requires some level of microbe activity to be healthy. Soil microorganisms transform raw elements in to useful chemicals such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Iron. They increase soil fertility while suppressing pathogens that cause diseases. Soil microorganisms are living, breathing organisms

and, therefore, need to eat. Their nutrients are primarily derived from the organic matter they feed upon. Humus (well decomposed organic matter) is the richest source of organic matter and may need to be replenished in the soil, especially if it has been overexposed to synthetic fertilizers. Apex 10 is an organic peat humic substance made from highly humified peat sources that have a variety of very active and complex materials from plant fibers and contain many active organic constituents. Using this product enhances fertilizer effectiveness, improves water efficiency, and improves overall plant health.


There’s only one way to know what is happening in your soil – a soil test. Without a soil test, we don’t know what the soil needs. Once you have that, then you know what additional micronutrients your soil needs to produce healthy, lush turf.

Turf Triage

So how do you start? Horizon’s new Turf Triage is an easy solution that not only helps you improve your soil health, but helps you differentiate from the competition. It all starts with a soil test - just like getting blood work at the doctor. Bring your soil in to a local Horizon store and they will take care of the rest. Once you get the results your Horizon professional can walk you through the test and make recommendations on how to improve all three areas of your soil. Plus – they have sales tools to help you explain to your client your “turf triage” approach, positioning you as the soil expert and ensuring a healthier landscape. To learn more about Turf Triage and Soil Health, visit your local Horizon store today.

ARIZONA WHOLESALE GROWERS “Growing Forward” since 1982

Now with nearly 150 acres of premier growing facilities we are providing the Valley with the widest selection of shrubs, trees, ornamentals, small and specimen size Agaves, Aloes, cacti and succulents. We know that for you, Time is Money, so we are focused on improving your purchasing experience; with an expanded pre-pulled order area, increased delivery capacity, and enhanced ‘Plant Locator’ services to find the plants you need even if we don’t have them in stock. TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS: 1634 W Park View Ln. Phoenix, AZ 85085 (623) 581-3100

4204 E. Lone Mountain Rd. Cave Creek, AZ 85331 (480) 488-1968

July/August 2020





Awards of Excellence

2019 Excellence in Landscaping Awards

Stone Creek Landscaping & Design Single Family Residential $55,001 - $75,000 Curella Residence – Chandler, AZ This project designed and installed by Stone Creek Landscaping & Design was about bringing heights and elements and creating functional space in a small yard. Planters were built using CMU as well as fabricating metal for the planters. The main focal point is the metal cutout that lights up from behind. LED strip lighting was installed for the back of the panel. Artificial grass, pavers, plants, LED lighting, faux wood on the wall, trees, metal edging, and a firepit were also installed. Mexican beach peddles were used for the planters and ¼” rock for the remaining portions of the yard. The pavers are under the covered patio with steps through the grass to the firepit seating area.

Vox Landscaping & Construction Residential Redesign Under $50,000 Kaldawi Project – Scottsdale, AZ This project included the removal of real grass that was struggling in shady areas and replaced with a small footprint of synthetic grass. A new raised decomposed granite sitting area was installed. Other changes included a vastly updated and varied plant palette, an automated tank system under their unused 3-tiered fountain, as well as a porch extension with pavers. The existing retention wall provided a fantastic space for unique columnar cactus and flowing coral fountain plants. The dirt off the retained wall had an aggressive, unattractive, and unusable slope. The placement of the raised DG sitting area enabled us to beautify this area and create a new destination in the landscape.

Genesis Landscape Solutions Commercial Maintenance $250,001 - $300,000 Maricopa Meadows Homeowners – Maricopa, AZ This vibrant community in the heart of Maricopa Arizona features over 42 acres of lush turf, as well as over 20 acres of decomposed granite. The Maricopa Meadows community is known for its open expanses of grasses and common areas as well as entertainment venues such as pickleball courts, basketball courts, BBQ picnic area and other popular leisure amenities. In addition to the common areas, Maricopa Meadows has newly expanded 27-hole disc golf course that has gained significant regional popularity.




July/August 2020


Sponsored by:

Awards of Excellence Horticulture Unlimited, Inc Residential Maintenance Giclas Residence – Tucson, AZ This property, located in central Tucson near Reid Park, has been under Horticulture Unlimited’s care for over fifteen years. While we have installed the majority of the landscaping throughout those years, we have consistently maintained the property during its evolution. The front entry flower bed, which was originally a fountain, is amongst the most recently transformed items and is kept colorful and beautiful with annual flowers. New decorative rock along the driveway and into the entry is kept free of weeds manually and with little chemical applications. Recently relocated plantings in the front are all monitored for health and trimmed when necessary. Butterfly garden plantings in the back yard are carefully attended to as is the newly added cactus garden. Container plants are changed when required for optimal appeal. Walkways, patio areas, and artificial turf are all kept clear of debris with each weekly service visit. Regular communication with this homeowner ensures consistent satisfaction.

Goodman’s Landscape Photograph provided by Jesse Phoenix Low Voltage Lighting Residential Installation Hechtman Lighting Project – Scottsdale, AZ The Hechtman residence consisted of approximately 13,000 sq ft backyard living space and 8,500 sq ft in the front. The goal of the lighting project was to create a good ambiance, depth in property, focal points for up lights, and path lights to sooth the perimeter of the pathway and along the driveway. Combination of solite lighting, up lighting with diffusers, as well as downlighting from the trees were created for a moonlight effect. Large 40’ palm trees were lit to capture the beauty of the canopies.

July/August 2020




Awards of Distinction


Sustain Scape LLC Single Family Residential Installation $55,001 - $75,000 Ulfers Residence – Phoenix, AZ

ABC Scapes, Inc Commercial Maintenance $25,001 - $50,000 Biltmore Villas II – Phoenix, AZ

Mariposa Landscape Arizona, Inc Commercial Maintenance $250,001 - $300,000 Laveen Meadows HOA – Laveen, AZ

Judges Awards

Blue Marble Landscape Commercial Maintenance $25,001 - $50,000 Diamante – Scottsdale, AZ

Blue Marble Landscape Commercial Maintenance $25,001 - $50,000 Querencia – Peoria, AZ



Back to Nature Landcare, Inc Commercial Maintenance $25,001 - $50,000 The Village at Surrey Hills – Cave Creek, AZ T

July/August 2020

Azul-Verde Design Group, Inc Residential Maintenance Private Residence – Paradise Valley, AZ

The City of Peoria Commercial Maintenance $25,001 - $50,000 Palo Verde Park – Peoria, AZ

Horticulture Unlimited, Inc Residential Redesign Under $50,000 Paullette Residence - Tucson


Horizon the door every day to ensure our customers can get the products they need to get the job done. Finally, and most importantly, thank you to all of our green industry landscape professionals. From figuring out transportation to job sites, to investing in PPE supplies for your crews, to changing EVERY part of your business to adapt to the situation, your immediate and decisive reaction to this pandemic demonstrates your ability to assess a situation and respond with measured and immediate action. I truly agree that what you do every day is an essential service to our communities, and we are honored to provide you the resources you need.

As I sit here in quarantine on this April 22nd, I am picturing what I hope life looks like in July (how come it’s ok to be locked in our house because it’s hot?), maybe not back to normal, but at least back. And I hope that I have the opportunity to see you in one of my stores, shake your hand, and say thank you in person for your business. With warmest regards, Richard Thornton, Regional Manager, Arizona and Nevada




o the landscape professionals of Arizona: As I write this it is April 22, 2020 and we are still in the middle of COVID-19. When you read this in July, I have no idea what our industry or our communities will look like. God willing this will all be behind us and you will actually find this letter a bit of an annoyance, someone bringing up yet again the “blip” we all endured last spring. Whether that is the case or not, I am going to seize this opportunity. Each year we are asked to write a profile on our company to introduce you to Horizon. But if through this crisis, if we were not standing by your side to remind you of who we are – a partner in your business – then we didn’t earn this opportunity. In fact, I owe you an apology. But, if we are successfully putting in motion the tactics we have deployed as of this day, April 22, then I’m confident in July you will know exactly who Horizon is. So, rather than talk about Horizon, I want to take this time to express my sincere gratitude, appreciation, and awe of our industry through this crisis. I’ve always known we were a resilient group, but everyone’s – EVERYONE’S – reaction to COVID-19 is unprecedented. First, I want to thank our industry associations, including our own Arizona Landscape Contractors’ Association. You have worked diligently to keep us all informed as this fluid situation continues to unfold, supplying resources and tools to help us all stay in business. I have to give a special “shout out” to the National Association of Landscape Professionals who quickly took action to ensure we were all deemed “essential”. Next, I want to thank my frontline teams, both sales and in the stores. The way you all adapted to the situation and made the necessary changes to keep our stores open and safe was nothing less than amazing. I truly appreciate you all donning your protective equipment and coming to open

The National Park Series by Brilliance Metal Works is made in America, with American materials. To find out more, visit

July/August 2020







elgard in Arizona is paving the way to your own personal sanctuary every day. It’s where we get the chance to unwind and be ourselves. It’s where our friends and families love to come together to entertain, play and relax. This is a place where the smiles never stop. In fact, this is the foundation we have built our reputation on fulfilling that dream. Our uncompromising level of quality, craftsmanship and service sets the standard for hardscapes. Unrivaled in the industry is our investment in product development to ensure a natural look and feel to all our collections. Since 1995, our locally made and nationally backed products have transformed thousands of residential and commercial properties across North America. Every day, our network of trained and certified contractors and dealers helps customers to envision their creative journey and realize their outdoor dreams. In addition to the industry’s highest quality hardscapes products, Belgard believes in investing in our people. The Arizona/New Mexico team of 11 are all Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) Certified, bring over 100 years of hardscapes experience to the market and carry numerous applicable certifications. Dan Harner was recently appointed to a new position as Contractor Development Specialist; he will be in the field at events and training. It is our goal to not only lead the industry with quality products but with people. People that are here to serve your businesses. Every year, Belgard strives to improve our products by spending more than 20,000 hours in research and development. We are also staffed by 4 certified lab technicians who consistently review and test product for quality. Perfecting new products keeps us aligned to both current and future design trends. It places Belgard on the cutting edge of manufacturing techniques and technologies. Our new state of the art paver machine, our third in the Valley, is up and running providing your business with the product you need to be successful with no shortages. This facility has allowed us to launch ten new products lines for you this year including our Travertino (pictured) which gives you that desired natural look without the unwanted quality concern of it failing apart over time. Natural stone beauty with concrete durability. We are also looking beyond the concrete products that you know and love. We are taking our vision for the future of your outdoor spaces and adding outdoor lighting, water features, fireplace kits and porcelain pavers and veneers from manufacturers committed to the same quality and service that Belgard is known for. Finally, we are set to open our new Solutions Center for you this Fall (1919 W Fairmont Drive, Suite 5, Tempe, AZ 85282). This 5,000 sq/ft facility will be yours to use for design inspiration, client meetings in one of our private conference rooms and training on new products/techniques designed to help you save and ultimately make more money! Belgard is here for you and your businesses. At Belgard, we set the standard for landscape design and innovation. We are committed to providing you, your family and your businesses with outdoor products that provide years of outdoor beauty and protection. And we can’t wait to see what you think of next. So, dream big, get inspired, and enjoy a lifetime of outdoor memories with Belgard Hardscapes. 602-352-3500




July/August 2020


WE WATCH THE GRASS GROW SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO. Whether you’re a homeowner, landscaper or groundskeeper, our knowledgeable and friendly staff is prepared to help you. Call today at 602.271.4266


Kalamazoo Materials


ocking the Southwest desert since 1985, Paul D’Alessio an east coast transplant, found a future in Arizona landscaping at the bottom of his shoe. He was a young man with a goal and a dream. One cross country adventure later in an old oil burning Chevy van, Paul found himself in Tucson, AZ where he attended the University of Arizona. As fate would have it, Paul walked into the wrong class one day and his whole focus shifted, majors changed, to Landscape Architecture and so did the journey to the creation of Kalamazoo Materials. The days of back breaking work accompanied by sunburnt sweaty skin and long hours greatly preceded this landscape leader’s current position in the market. Picks and shovels were gradually replaced with back hoes and skid steers to large track hoes and loaders. Dump trucks replaced wheelbarrows. Sifting, breaking, and passing rock through large single screens have been replaced by mobile cone crushers and large multi floored screen decks with vibratory feeders. Paul started from humble beginnings and he remains hands-on with the company, working in the dirt, and making sure the needs of every customer are met. Seeing a vision and remaining a visionary are two completely different tasks. Paul realized early on; you cannot stay in business for long without branching and diversifying. Therefore, Kalamazoo is a multifaceted landscaping company heavily involved in projects from housing subdivisions, to Department of Transportation, supplying railroad companies, landscaping companies and distributors of all shapes and sizes with all gradation sized rock. Supplying the demand for the product from any of the various open pit operations, Kalamazoo Materials creates an efficient footprint throughout the Southwest. Another key to Kalamazoo Materials success is the variety of our color palette, which is unrivaled and easily accessible throughout the valley. Each of Kalamazoo’s quarries were carefully chosen for their color production and specification indigenous to that region. Kalamazoo is founded on family values. In fact, uncovering new quarries became family outings. Paul would load up his family for four wheeling adventures scouring the deserts for the right color combination, the right source, the right quality, and the right longevity. Producing the vivid colors known as Apache Brown, Apache Red, Kino Blue, Superior Gold, Apache Rose, and Apache Gold takes time, dedication, persistence, much like when baking a family recipe. The inner workings of Kalamazoo are also a recipe. Paul’s vision grew beyond one man. Behind the scenes are lots of hard work and

Able Earth Environment Design 1979

steadfast dedication. Everyone comes together to keep it rockin’ and rollin’, whether it is the hard charging men in the pits working long grueling days, the award winning sales team attending walk throughs and bids, the group of independent diesel fueled truckers delivering the loads, or the attention to detail by office staff invoicing, paying bills and overseeing the daily operations. We are Kalamazoo Materials! No, we are not from Michigan, we are from the hills and the deserts of the Sonoran Southwest. We are the crème of the crop because we believe whole heartedly in what we do. As the old guard blends away the new guard will stand ready to face the challenges armed with the knowledge passed down and bestowed upon them. Paul D’Alessio’s vision for the future maintains the original family owned and operated beliefs in which we were founded on.

“Our success comes from our commitment to a quality product; we are as committed to that quality when it comes to our people!” Our customers are the reason for that commitment! We would like to thank ALCA for the honor of the 2019 Customer Service of the Year Award. We look forward to the opportunity of working together with ALCA and all our customers to making 2020 a year we will all get through and prosper, TOGETHER! For more information, contact Trace Lockwood (480) 349-0632 For the Tucson area contact Ryan Leslie (520) 631-3775

Making a difference in people’s lives, one person at a time.

Professional 401(K) Plan Administration Open architecture platform with low fees ✓ YOU attract and

retain quality employees ✓ YOUR employees benefit from your ALCA membership ✓ YOUR employees contribute to their retirement ✓ EVERYONE saves taxes

Debbie Norrell • • 480.739.2374 July/August 2020





How to Save Cost on Labor


very employer knows that the actual cost of paying each employee is significantly higher than his or her hourly rate. Even if you don’t offer benefits, there are still some taxes and expenses you will incur due to having employees on your payroll that you can’t avoid. Labor expenses are categorized in two ways: Variable and Fixed. Fixed costs: These are the costs that do not really fluctuate with changes in growth or production. They include such things as social security and Medicare taxes, FUTA, and federal income tax.

PMD Certification Exam Preparatory Courses Variable costs: These are the costs that are due directly and proportionately to changes. They include such things as employee accidents, light duty, unemployment claims, and additional personal costs due to labor growth. This is where working with an independent contractor like Arizona CLA Landscape is the best solution if you don’t want to pay extra taxes, insurance, and payroll processing costs. For employers, this means that you have fewer obligations. In addition to the previously mentioned cost benefits, employers will not have to send payroll taxes and deductions. Hiring Arizona CLA Landscape as an alternative becomes cost efficient, risk adverse, and provides fewer legal obligations to the company. In this way, employers can remain more focused on continuing to grow their companies. If you would like to find out more don’t hesitate to call or email Alex at (480) 259-6513 /

Conducted Weekly

Ornamental & Turf Right of Way Aquatic Core Exam

Get Knowledge! Call

602-452-2900 Or Check Schedule And Register Online 16



July/August 2020


Cutting Edge Curbing Sand & Rock Cutting Edge Curbing is a landscape material company aimed at providing competitively priced extruded concrete curbing, landscape materials and products for residential and commercial applications while maintaining superior customer service, quality workmanship and long lasting relationships with the landscaping industry, our community and our customers.


t has been more than a year since Cutting Edge Curbing Sand & Rock joined the SiteOne team and we continue to add products and strive to be your one stop shop for landscape materials and supplies. One call is all it takes to order granite, mulch, curbing, sod, block, flagstone, pavers and more. We are conveniently located off Grand Ave so our friendly staff can load up your materials and supplies quickly and get you on your way in no time. Cutting Edge Curbing Sand and Rock is no longer just a curb company. We are a hauling company with a fully stocked retail yard and a proud distributor for Belgard, Southwest Sod, Evergreen Turf, Phoenix Paver, Western Block and AZ Best Block. We carry over fifty colors of landscape rock, river products, soil mixes, rip rap and boulders. If you need your materials delivered, our knowledgeable sales staff will insure that your order is accurate and our experienced drivers will get your materials to you on time. Cutting Edge Curbing Sand and Rock is equipped with a certified scale so you can be sure that you are receiving the correct amount of material that you order. If you have not been to the yard lately, come check us out. We have over 100 products on display so if you have some rock that needs to be identified, chances are we have it here. All of our curbing styles and colors are also on display for you to compare. While you’re there pick up your irrigation supplies. Contractor and Landscaper discounts are available as well as volume discounts for material orders over 50 tons. Valley wide delivery is always free on orders of 10 tons or more with no zone minimums to worry about. Same day service is available so if you need something today, don’t hesitate to call and see if we can get you taken care of. Are you tired of paying a crew to wait for the rock to arrive so they can spread it? At Cutting Edge Curbing Sand and Rock, we call you the night before delivery is scheduled to confirm a time window of when we will arrive so you can schedule your crew accordingly. It’s just one more way that we are working to offer our customers the best service in the industry. Cutting Edge Curbing Sand and Rock offers 13 different styles of curbing to choose from in 16 different Davis colors. We use triple washed sand for a more uniform color and polypropylene fibers to give you the finest quality cement in your concrete border. Rebar is available for installation in curbing when specified by architects or for those who are concerned about maintaining the integrity of the extrusion should any large vehicles drive over the curbing. It may be specified when 6×6 or taller curbing is required to hold back an embankment or severe drainage area. We warranty our curbing for one-year against defects in materials and workmanship. We have new items arriving monthly. Stop in to see why Cutting Edge Curbing Sand and Rock has been helping our customers create curb appeal in the valley for over 13 years. We are located on 67th Avenue on the west side

just south of Northern. Our address is 7540 N 67th Ave Unit A Glendale, AZ 85301. Telephone. 602-353-1020 Fax. 602-353-1027 Web: Email: info@cuttingedgecurbing. com Orders: Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, check in on Foursquare and follow us on Twitter! Customer Service is #1, when doing business with Cutting Edge Curbing Sand & Rock!


Now part of the Site One team, Cutting Edge Curbing Sand & Rock Is your one stop shop for all your landscape needs. We are a hauling company with a fully stocked retail yard and a proud distributor for Belgard, Southwest Sod, Evergreen Turf, Phoenix Paver, and AZ Best Block. We carry over fifty colors of landscape rock, river products, soil mixes, rip rap and boulders. Our knowledgeable sales staff will insure that your order is accurate and our experienced drivers will get your materials to you on time. Our certified scale ensures that you are receiving the correct amount of material ordered. Call or come by today. Monday-Friday 6A-5P Saturday 7A -3P 7540 N 67th Ave, Bldg. A Glendale, AZ 85301 Office 602-353-1020 Fax 602-353-1027


July/August 2020





PPP Flexibility Act By Julie Pace,Tim Forsman, and Chris Koester


ongress passed the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020 (the “Flexibility Act”), which provides greater flexibility in how borrowers may use Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) loan funds and receive loan forgiveness. It is anticipated that the Act will be signed into law by the President in short order. Under the Act, businesses that have not already received a PPP loan will have until December 31, 2020 to apply, subject to continuing availability of funds. PPP monies are still available. The Flexibility Act also extends the covered period used to determine loan forgiveness. Increased from 8 weeks, borrowers may now receive loan forgiveness for amounts spent on forgivable expenses during the 24 week period following loan origination, or December 31, 2020, whichever comes first. This is welcome relief for many businesses. The rehiring safe harbor time period also has been extended to December 31, 2020. This extension allows borrowers to rehire employees who were laid off or had salaries and wages reduced between February 15, 2020 and June 30, 2020 to still qualify for a reduction in loan forgiveness past the original 8 week period. Under the Flexibility Act, borrowers now have until December 31, 2020 to rehire employees or restore payroll levels without incurring any reduction in the forgiveness amount. Additionally, in order to qualify for forgiveness, borrowers must now only use at least 60% of the PPP loan for payroll costs. This has been lowered from the initial 75% requirement. This means that up to 40% of the loan may be used for other eligible expenses, including mortgage interest, rent, and utilities and over a longer time period to qualify for loan forgiveness. The Flexibility Act also prevents loan forgiveness from being reduced if a borrower is unable to rehire an employee or hire a replacement, or if a borrower is unable to return to its pre-pandemic levels of business due to certain governmental orders related to COVID-19.




July/August 2020

Finally, the minimum maturity for PPP loans has been increased from 2 years to 5 years. This gives borrowers additional time to repay any unforgiven portions of their PPP loans. PPP borrowers should be aware that their loans are subject to government audits. We recommend that all PPP borrowers prepare a substantiation memorandum to support and contemporaneously document the necessity for their loan and also to support their forgiveness application and other loan certifications. Our firm is helping many PPP borrowers to prepare such a memorandum that can be used with your tax accountant, banker, and potentially a government auditor, and we would be happy to assist your company with this process as well. This email does not constitute legal advice and we recommend that you consult with a lawyer regarding your specific facts and circumstances. Please contact Julie Pace, Tim Forsman, or Chris Koester for more information. for more information on how your business can take full advantage of the Paycheck Protection Program in light of this new legislation, or for assistance with other Federal resources and requirements associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Julie Pace’s practice handles employment law, handbooks, drug and alcohol policies, I-9 and E-Verify compliance, OSHA, independent contractor and alleged misclassification issues with DES and other government agencies, and defends claims of sexual harassment, employment discrimination, retaliation, whistleblower, and wrongful discharge, and against charges by the EEOC or ACRD. She handles matters involving OSHA, ICE, OFCCP, DOL, NLRB, ADA, FMLA, ERISA, ACA, Davis-Bacon, FAR, SCA, government contracts, and wage and hour laws. She regularly provides training to companies and assists with investigations. Julie can be reached at 602.256.4488 or Tim has experience in a wide array of commercial transactions and corporate governance matters. He has worked with clients to close

asset-based term loans, form businesses and non-profits, document mergers and acquisitions, negotiate workouts, draft licensing agreements, and successfully close private placements. Tim regularly works with major lending institutions, healthcare organizations, technology companies, investors and small businesses. Chris joined Gammage & Burnham in 2019 and is an associate in the firm’s Corporate, Real Estate, and Construction practice groups. He earned his J.D. from the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University, and was inducted into the Order of the Coif. Throughout law school, he was recognized for his academic accomplishments, receiving CALI awards in International Business Transactions, Tax Controversies, Legal Advocacy, and Criminal Law. Chris served as a Managing Editor of the Arizona State Law Journal and was recognized as a Willard H. Pedrick Scholar for each of six semesters.

YOU MAY ALSO REGISTER FOR MEMBERSHIP ONLINE AT WWW.ALCA.ORG Company____________________________________________ Primary Contact____________________________ Address____________________________________________ City/State/Zip________________________________ Phone___________________ Fax___________________ Website________________________________________ Email___________________________________________________________________ Cell___________________ Average # of Employees _______ Please provide a brief profile of your organization: ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________

M e m b e r s h i p Ty p e (Based on annual sales revenue in the landscape Industry) Contractor Member: person, partnership or corporation actively engaged in the construction or maintenance of landscapes.

Associate Member: person, firm, partnership or corporation engaged in a business or industry allied with the landscape industry.

Contractor Class 1 (Sales Revenue under $100,000) $275 or 690 Hunter Points

Associate Class 1(Under $1M)


Associate Class 2($1—$5M)


Associate Class 3($5—$10M)


Associate Class 4 (Over $10M)


Municipalities, golf courses, ACLP students & Educators


High School/College Student


Contractor Class 2 (Sales Revenue $100,001—$500,000) $370 or 925 Hunter Points Contractor Class 3 (Sales Revenue $500,001—$1.5M) $580 or 1450 Hunter Points Contractor Class 4 (Sales Revenue Over $1.5M) $880 or 2200 Hunter Points Architects & Designers $275

List or check project and/or service types: Arborist - Certified Backflow Services BBQ supplies, Fire Pits, Fireplaces Boulder/Granite-Wholesale Cacti/Succulents-Wholesale Chemicals-Wholesale Color/Shrubs-Wholesale Curbing Equipment Sales/Rentals Financial Garden Centers GPS Tracking Hardscape Installation Horticulture Consultant

Insurance Interior Plantscaping Irrigation Construction/Repair Irrigation Manufacturer Irrigation Supplier Landscape Architect Landscape Commercial Construction Landscape Commercial Design Landscape Commercial Maintenance Landscape Lighting Installation Landscape Lighting Manufacturer Landscape Lighting Supplier Landscape Material Supplier Landscape Residential Construction

Landscape Residential Design Landscape Residential Maintenance Legal Marketing Masonry/Paving Merchant Services Misting Nursery Organic Fertilizer-Wholesale Paver Supplier Pest Control Applicator Pottery-Wholesale Propane & Alternative Fuel Risk Management

Rock/Gravel-Wholesale Sod/Turf-Wholesale Swimming Pool/Spa Installation Synthetic Grass Supplier Tree Relocation Tree Trimming/Removal Trees/Palms-Wholesale Truck/Vehicle Sales Waste Disposal Water Feature Installation

Payment Method Check

Credit Card

Hunter Points

Card Number _____________________________________________________________ Exp date_____________ Name on Card_____________________________________________________________ Amount_____________ ALCA • 5425 East Bell Road Suite 105 • Scottsdale, AZ 85254 Phone:(602) 626-7091 • Fax (602) 626-7590 •


Governor Ducey Issues Executive Order To Expand Licensing Opportunities


20 20

outhwest Gas knows these are trying and uncertain times as we face the COVID 19 crisis. As more people are staying home to help flatten the curve, many are spending time with DIY projects around the house and yard. Southwest Gas wants to remind both professional excavators and doit-yourself homeowners that one easy, no-charge phone call to 811 quickly begins the process of getting underground utility lines marked for free. Call 811 is for residential and commercial digging jobs of all sizes, from planting trees to mailbox installation to large construction projects. Calling 811 before starting any digging project is critical to preventing accidents from disturbing underground infrastructure. For best results, call 811 at least two full working days prior to digging and the utility companies will locate and mark the underground lines, pipes, and cables at or near a planned dig site. You can also request a dig ticket online by visiting Last year, 127 incidents occurred throughout Arizona where pipeline was damaged because people did not call 811 before digging. Digging without knowing the location of underground utilities can result in serious injuries, service disruptions, and repairs when natural gas, electric, communications, water, and sewer lines are damaged. A natural gas leak can be detected by a distinct sulfur-like odor, similar to rotten eggs, even if it is faint or momentary. Unusual hissing or roaring coming from the ground or an above-ground pipeline, bubbling water and discolored plants or grass surrounding a pipeline can also be signs of a leak. It is also important to be informed of what utility markings on the ground mean. In the United States, uniform color codes for temporary marking of underground utilities are: RED ������������ electric power lines ORANGE ��� communications, fiber optics, cable TV YELLOW ���� natural gas, oil, liquid fuels GREEN ������� sanitary sewer systems BLUE ���������� water and slurry lines PURPLE ������ reclaimed water PINK ����������� temporary survey WHITE ������� proposed excavation For more information about natural gas safety, visit Southwest Gas Corporation provides safe and reliable natural gas service to more than 2 million customers in Arizona, California, and Nevada.


overnor Doug Ducey issued an Executive Order helping licensed professionals in the state stay licensed and deferring certain requirements for six months. Under the Executive Order, state agencies and boards will defer requirements to renew licenses that have an expiration date between March 1, 2020 and September 1, 2020 by six months from the expiration date, unless those requirements can be completed online. Additionally, they will defer requirements to complete continuing education by six months, unless those requirements can be completed online. “The last thing we need now is for recurring licensing requirements to keep someone from working,” said Governor Ducey. “Many professionals are working from home or their office while following all guidance from public health officials. We want to make sure they have the opportunity to continue doing so and contributing to our economy, and that’s what this commonsense order does.” Under the Executive Order, state agencies and boards will suspend any rules that prevent or limit the amount of online or alternative learning hours permitted to issue or renew a license and will make every attempt to implement electronic or remote format examinations for licensure. Additionally, state agencies and boards will issue provisional licenses to applicants who have met all other requirements of Arizona statute and administrative code but cannot take the exam because it isn’t provided via electronic or remote format.

196 9

Safe Digging Southwest Gas reminds the public to call 811 before digging for safety

Mountain States Wholesale Nursery offers over 400 taxa including desert adapted trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses, accent and flowering perennials, groundcovers and vines. We specialize in providing landscape plants that fuse natural beauty with water efficiency. It is our goal to provide quality plant material that integrates the spirit of landscape design, while reflecting the beauty of the natural desert.

Mountain States Wholesale Nursery 13803 W Northern Ave., Glendale, AZ 85307


We invite our wholesale customers to visit our nursery, explore the variety of plants collected from the deserts of the world and the innovative introductions produced at our growing grounds in Glendale, AZ.




July/August 2020



John M. Harlow, Jr. dies at age 79

Spring Zoom Workshops


his spring as the Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected order was put in place, ALCA began to offer our ACLP and SLM trainings via Zoom, allowing our members to continue their professional development training and earn CEUs from the safety and convenience of their home, office, or truck in some cases! These live workshops allowed the students to ask questions and interact with the presenters. On April 16, Josh White and Chris Dowdy with the City of Peoria co-presented ACLP Turf Care & Installation from their office in Peoria. Students learned about the different varieties of turf we use here in Arizona, the specifics of overseeding and aeration, and the steps to lay sod. Rick Robinson with Stillwater Landscape Management had the ALCA conference room all to himself as he presented the SLM online training on May 8. Rick shared the practical methods that allow proper plant care, work efficiency and aesthetics to coexist for the benefit of our landscapes and our profession. May 14, Glenn Fahringer with Earth Care “For All That’s Green”, Inc. presented ACLP Tree & Shrub Pruning from our conference room, after

Glenn Fahringer

Rick Robinson

By Bill Harlow

M Josh White

Chris Dowdy

he stopped by a few days in advance to record a couple of pruning videos to include in the presentation. Glenn emphasized that workers need to have a reason to prune, and know how to prune, before being handed a pair of pruners. And Kasey Billingsley with Harmony Horticultural Consulting presented ACLP Plant Problem Diagnosis on May 21 from the convenience of her home office. Kasey shared the many aspects of a plant and its habitat that must be considered when making a plant problem diagnosis and before a treatment can be recommended.

y very dear twin brother John M. Harlow, Jr. died on March 26, 2020. John was a past president of ALCA, served on its board for twenty-five years, and was elected to the ALCA Hall of Fame. He was past president of the Tucson Nurserymen’s Association and the Arizona Nursery Association. ALCA was responsible for John finding his calling as a residential landscape designer. In 1981, ALCA sponsored a residential design program, bringing in faculty from Ohio State University. While John had a creative gene that ran in his family, this program showed him how to use it as a landscape designer. He spent the next 38 years, still doing designs at the age of 78, helping Tucsonans beautify their outdoor spaces. He was the recipient of many local, state, and national awards for his creativity but, most of all he was a kind, gentle, thoughtful gentleman and I will miss him. In addition to a brother (me) and two sisters, John is survived by four children, eight grandchildren, and seven great-grand-children. Memories of John may be sent to

Kasey Billingsley

Cambridge Benefit Solutions Joins Alera Group, as a Division of Benefit Commerce Group


enefit Commerce Group, an Alera Group Company, is pleased to announce that Cambridge Benefit Solutions, based in Chandler, AZ, has joined Alera Group. With over 2,000 employees, Alera Group serves thousands of clients nationally in employee benefits, property and casualty insurance, retirement services and wealth management. The unique approach of Alera Group combines national resources and best practices with the personal, localized service of each individual firm. Cambridge Benefit Solutions joins Alera Group as a division of Benefit Commerce Group. Cambridge was founded in 1998 by current president Don Fechter. Since the beginning, the firm’s mission has been to provide businesses throughout Arizona and the surrounding states with innova-

tive, valuable benefit offerings. Through local partnerships and decades of industry expertise, the firm brings unique expertise and cost-cutting strategies to their clients. “We are pleased to bring Cambridge Benefit Solutions into Alera Group,” said Scott Wood, Managing Partner and Principal of Benefit Commerce Group. “As Alera Group expands, we look for like-minded, quality benefits firms to join our ranks. With outstanding national collaboration throughout the Alera Group organization, Cambridge will continue to provide exceptional client experience and even greater resources for industry-leading solutions.” “As an Alera Group firm, we’ll be able to offer our clients more than ever before,” said Don Fechter, President of Cambridge Benefit Solutions.

“The strength of national resources and power of local relationships will allow us to grow as an organization as we continue to serve our clients with excellence.” For more information, visit www.aleragroup. com. For more information on Benefit Commerce Group, call us at 480-515-5010 or visit our website

July/August 2020





Horizon (800) PVCTURF (782-8873) Please see our ad on page...................23 Hunter Industries (760) 744-5240 Please see our ad on page.....................4 LANDSCAPE CERTIFICATION TRAINING/TESTING

Metro Institute (602) 452-2901 Please see our ad on page...................16 LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT

A to Z Equipment Rentals & Sales (480) 539-8700 Please see our ad on page.....................8 LANDSCAPE MATERIALS

Cutting Edge Curbing Sand & Rock-A SiteOne Landscape Supply Company (602) 353-1020 Please see our ad on page...................17 LANDSCAPE SUPPLIES

Husqvarna Professional Products, Inc. (800) 448-7543 Please see our ad on page.....................3 Aussie Out. quarter page ad

Material Delivery, Inc. dba MDI Rock (602) 569-8722 Please see our ad on page...................23

Latitude Retirement (480) 739-2374 Please see our ad on page...................15


Evergreen Turf, Inc. (480) 456-1199 Please see our ad on page..... Back Cover Southwest Sod (602) 271-4266 Please see our ad on page...................14 West Coast Turf (888) 893-8873 Please see our ad on page.....................2

Brilliance LED, LLC (800) 867-2108 Please see our ad on page...................13 NURSERIES

All Season Wholesale Growers (602) 276-0230 Please see our ad on page.....................6 Arid Zone Trees (480) 987-9094 Please see our ad on page.....................3 Arizona Wholesale Growers (623) 581-3100 Please see our ad on page.....................9 Australian Outback Plantation (623) 780-8500 Please see our ad on page...................22 Mountain States Wholesale Nursery (623) 247-8509 Please see our ad on page...................20






Wilbur Ellis (480) 921-8500 Please see our ad on page...................16 TREES

Western Tree Company (602) 243-6125 Please see our ad on page...................22


Diversified Truck & Trailer (480) 721-2832 Please see our ad on page.....................2 AD INDEX

A to Z Equipment Rentals & Sales..........8 All Season Wholesale Growers..............6 Arid Zone Trees.....................................3 Arizona Wholesale Growers ..................9 Australian Outback Plantation..............22 Brilliance LED, LLC..............................13 Cutting Edge Curbing Sand & Rock-A SiteOne Landscape Supply Company.................................17 Diversified Truck & Trailer......................2 Evergreen Turf, Inc................ Back Cover Horizon...............................................23 Hunter Industries...................................4 Husqvarna Professional Products, Inc........................................3 Latitude Retirement ............................15 Material Delivery, Inc. dba MDI Rock.....................................23 Metro Institute.....................................16 Mountain States Wholesale Nursery....20 Southwest Sod....................................14 West Coast Turf....................................2 Western Tree Company.......................22 Wilbur Ellis..........................................16

8:52 AM

No Worries Mate!

Australian Native Plant Growers Extensive Eucalyptus Plantation Paul D. Chambers, C.H.


Specializing in: ♦ Eucalyptus papuana ‘aparrerinja’ ♦ Eremophila – emu bushes ♦ Callistemon varieties ♦ Acacia species ♦ Casaurina “cousin it” ♦ Melaleucas

To schedule delivery or walkabout: Dani, Horticultural Sales Specialist

760-803-8288 22



July/August 2020


24” Box up to 48” Box Arizona Certified Nursery Certifiable to ship out-of-state Contract Growing for Large Projects SALES:

Hunter Hawkins 602.625.1566

Mo Ibarra 602.763.8004

Eric Johnson 602.738.8733

Office 602.243.6125 • Fax 602.243.3764 3401 E. Southern Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85040






HUGE SELECTION of boulders and decorative rock


560 EZ St. Prescott, AZ 86301

2815 E. Rose Garden Ln. Phoenix, AZ 85050




(928) 776-2999

(602) 569-8722

(480) 888-0487

(928) 632-5320

1566 W. Ocotillo Rd. San Tan Valley, AZ 85140

14900 Hwy. 169 Dewey, AZ 86327


Smart Irrigation just got smarter.

Get connected with Smart Controllers and accessories at Horizon.

Now your Smart Irrigation system can save more than water! Reduce labor with fewer callbacks, control irrigation systems from anywhere in the world, and give your clients only the control you want them to have. Home automation is advancing, why shouldn’t irrigation? Learn more at your local Horizon, or visit our blog at

irrigation | outdoor living | landscape | equipment | irrigation | outdoor living | landscape | equipment | irrigation | outdoor living | landscape | equipment |

Visit us online or stop in to your local Arizona Horizon store. Chandler..............480.961.3311 Goodyear ............623.882.3200 Gilbert .................480.279.2404 Mesa² ................480.964.1616

Peoria² ..............623.876.9200 Phoenixê ............602.305.6046 Scottsdale²........480.596.8711 Tucson .................520.408.1000

²=Outdoor Living Showroom

ê= Service Center on site shop online at