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Briefing About Racial And Ethnic Discrimination Racial and ethnic discrimination is the ill of the society that widens the gap between a nation and leads to unequal distribution of resources. A race is defined as belonging to a particular set of characteristics that distinguishes one human from the other be it according to the color, linguistic or religious type. Racial and ethnic discrimination in USA dates back to seventeenth century when African slavery was a norm and the uprising for the rights of black people led to the Civil war in USA. This however did not end discrimination and for seventy further years, racial segregation was widely practiced in US. This continued not only for Africans only, but Jews, Italians, Hispanics, Chinese and Japanese faced the same behavior. The history of racial discrimination has been acquired from various mediums such as news, books, journals and courses such as American History. It is very important for the schools to teach history as a mandatory course as it helps in building the perception of students about the wrongs the previous generations did. Just the way, Jews Holocaust is made known to people about the atrocities done by Nazis on Jews, same way, rights of minorities and their proper treatment such be taught in schools so that they do not build any prejudice against people if they are taught to be racist in their family. Truth is bound to be told and learnt and students must know that every human is equal to each other and no being should be biased on the basis of how they look, talk, wear and believe in. There are no apparent disadvantages of learning about the history of one’s country because it always serves to be with the knowledge and ignorance is definitely not a bliss for a nation that wants to progress. It’s an open truth that money is a problem for students because they have a limited amount of money to spend. While some students manage to get some extra dollars through part-time employment, others are completely dependent on their parents for their day to day expenses. In this state of affairs, it is difficult for students to pay for their essays hence they search for cheap essay writers. Students who have money issues keep on wondering, “Who can write my essay for cheap and affordable price?” Their search for the minimum rates for buying essays online leads them to fraudulent companies. These writing companies take your money and give you essays that are either copied from somewhere or are shared with multiple students. You end up receiving low quality essays that are good for nothing. What you need is an essay writing company that can be trusted for your essays and at the same time asks for affordable prices.

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