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Easy To Learn Cause And Effect Essay Format Cause and effect essay is a type of writing assignment in which the student is expected to explain the reasons (causes ) as well as the consequences (effects) of a particular event or a situation. E.g. causes of air pollution (a number of factors which result into air pollution). There might be a situation where an event causes something to take place. This situation then leads to another event which, in turn causes another event to occur. The entire chain is termed as “domino effect” or “casual chain”. E.g. Use of deodorants will cause the world to end. A situation may also happen as a result of several causes or effects. Yet, if you are writing a cause and effect essay for school, college or university, there is a piece of advice for you. Regardless of the number of causes and effects of a situation or event, include only 2 or 3 major points which should form separate developmental paragraphs. Structure: In this type of essay, the structure will be as follows: Thesis statement: this should summarize the entire essay in a single sentence. Ideally, it is state the situation or an event followed by the causes. For example: Air pollution is caused by the following factors: exhaust gases from cars, uncontrolled factory releases, and burning of low-quality coal for heating. The three factors should then be explained separately in different paragraphs. For each cause, there may be several other causes which can be written in the form of a list. For example: I. exhausts gases from cars A. the government does not have adequate control B. citizens of the country are not conscientious

Each developmental paragraph in the essay should solely be devoted for explaining one of the causes of the event. Each cause of the situation is supported by two minor supports. When writing such an essay, these major and minor ideas should be adequately discussed and backed by examples as well. Language: The use of proper language is essential in “cause and effect� essay. In order to explain results and reasons, the following phrases should be used: 1. As, 2. As a result, 3. Consequently, 4. The main reasons why ... 5. One reason why ... 6. There are other reasons, too, ... 7. As a consequence, 8. Since 9. So, 10. Because 11. One of the most important reasons why ...

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