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Challenges For Companies Which Use Social Media And Recommendations Thereof Benefits of social media do not come alone; they bring complex challenges for the organizations too. If organizations neglect these challenges, social media can deteriorate the situation for them. Following are some challenges which social media gives to the organizations: 1. One unsatisfied customer – a spokesperson to the whole world: In the past, one unsatisfied customer had a limited number of people to share his bad experiences with. But now social media is there. He is having innumerable links all over the world, so he shares this thing at vast level. Now it is a big challenge for those companies which use social media to offer their products or services in such a way that they meet the expectations of the customers and do not let them to say a single word against their brand. Recommendation to meet this challenge: (i) Social Media: Use it as a tool for better Customer Relationship Management (CRM) (ii) Total Quality Management (TQM): Use it to provide highest quality of products To be competitive, organizations have to satisfy their customers as well as retain them for a long period of time. That is, their products or service offerings must be able to provide what their consumers want them to. It is only possible if they ensure highest quality of business operations through Total Quality Management (TQM) and highly efficient and exceptional customer services through effective Customer Relationship Management. This will enable them to make new customers as well as develop and maintain long lasting relationships with the existing customers. These satisfied and loyal customers will act as the supporters for the business and a source of word of mouth. 2. Contents of the Promotional Campaigns: While using social media, one important thing which companies must ponder is the contents of their promotional campaigns. That is; the text, pictures, animations, or videos used in the campaign. If these things are not appealing to the target viewers, all the efforts will go is vein and no one will pay attention to the company's presence on the social media. Recommendations to meet this challenge: First of all, the contents must not be confusing or ambiguous. The target viewers must be communicated in simple and informative words. Then the contents; specially videos and pictures must be interesting and enriched with some clear message. This will increase the chances that they view the whole campaign and most likely wish to buy the product or at least have a healthy discussion with their close ones on the social media. Finally, the campaigns must

never contain any words or pictures that are against the sentiments of some group of people. This can badly affect the public image of the organization and most probably that particular group may ban the organization's products in its country or region. Also, this will bring negative impact on the social media site. is an expert essay writing service that offers proficiently- written college essays. It is normally not very easy for students to search for good quality writing services. There are a number of reasons why students demand our top college essay writing service to complete their essays.

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