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Brief History of Bangladesh The British and Pakistani rulers In the late eighteenth century, the region came under the dominion of the British. When they left India in 1947, a dispute between Hindus and Muslims led to the creation of a Muslim state, Pakistan, consisting of two distinct parts that separates northern India. Distance of more than 1,600 kilometers of West Pakistan, East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) gathers more than half the population of the new state, in which Islam is seen as the only unifying bond. In 1970, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman led Awami League of East Pakistan won majority of the seats in the National Assembly, but without access to power. The latter accesses the office of Prime Minister in February 1991. But it faces major challenges. The 1996 elections gave a majority on the Awami League and bring Hasina as prime minister. The first part of the 1990s was also marked by the rise of Islamic fundamentalists, reflected particularly by violent campaigns against the novelist Taslima Nasreen, accused of blasphemy against the Koran for its commitment rights of women and forced into exile when the Council of Soldiers of Islam issued a fatwa against it triggers (1993). Internationally, the new government also faced the problem of distribution of water of the Ganges and the subsoil, rich in gas deposits, a source of serious tensions with India. Finally, the country has been ravaged by severe flooding in 1998. The parliamentary elections held in October 2001 saw the victory of the opposition led by former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia against Sheikh Hasina. The 1972 Constitution established a parliamentary system the prime minister to be elected by the majority party in the legislature. It was revised in 1975 to increase the role of the executive. In August 1991, a parliamentary system replaces the presidential system. Welcome to best online assignment helper! We offer prodigious writing services to students worldwide who desire to have peace of mind. Keep reading to know more about our writers and our services.

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