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LightLines Summer 2019

An e-newsletter for members of the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals.

Our Mission

Meeting of the Minds

To promote and advance the landscape and architectural lighting industry for lighting designers and installers, distributors and business-to-business manufacturers.

AOLP Board Members met in May for their annual strategic board meeting to review opportunities and goals of AOLP, assess threats and set a work plan for the year going forward. Lively conversation and informative debate among board members solidify how important it is to meet in person each year to strategize and ensure that set goals will keep the organization moving forward.

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front: Kyle Adamson, CLVLT; Andy Thomas, CLVLT, COLD; Pete Bryant, CLVLT, COLD

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Back: William E. Smith, Jr., CLVLT, COLD; Gerry De La Vega, CLVLT; Matthew Broyles, CLVLT, COLD; Michael Deo, CLVLT, COLD Right: Executive Director Lisa Ruggiers addresses the AOLP Board of Directors and staff.


AOLP LightLines - Summer 2019

Board of Directors

Save The Date: Mark Your Calendars for

Michael Deo, CLVLT, COLD

President NatureScape Lighting Millington, NJ 908-647-8004

February 20 – 22, 2020 Rosen Plaza Hotel - Orlando, Florida

Andy Thomas, CLVLT, COLD Vice President Viewpoint Lighting Sacramento, CA 916-501-0495

Gerry De La Vega, CLVLT Treasurer Terradek Lighting, Inc. Plymouth, MN 763-577-2425

William E. Smith Jr., CLVLT, COLD Secretary WEStar Illumination, LLC Fairfax Station, VA 703-310-6946

Kyle Adamson, CLVLT

Red Oak Design Lexington, KY 859-229-8710

Matthew Broyles, CLVLT, COLD Firefly Lighting LLC Atlanta, GA 404‐275‐4368

Pete Bryant, CLVLT, COLD

Southern Lights & Southern Exposure Landscape Management Summerfeld, NC 336-451-4969

Photo Credit: Rosen Plaza Hotel

Reserve Your Hotel Room for Illuminate '20 Rosen Plaza Hotel 9700 International Drive Orlando, FL 32819 AOLP has negotiated discounted room rates for the days of the conference, as well as three days before and after the conference based on availability. All rooms in our block are available on a first-come, firstserved basis. The negotiated room rate is only available until our block is full or the deadline date is reached. Room Rates (plus state and local taxes): Single/Double Occupancy: $189/night and includes basic Wi-Fi and complimentary access to the fitness center. Reservations can be made by clicking here or by calling 1-800-627-8258. The reservation deadline is January 24, 2020. Mention AOLP 2020 Annual Conference to receive the discounted rate. 2

AOLP LightLines - Summer 2019

President’s Message By Michael Deo, CLVLT, COLD

Developing Strong Strategy for the Future Ah yes, summertime. Those hazy, lazy, crazy days of summer. Here in New Jersey, we are getting plenty of hazy. And thanks to a strong spring selling season, we’ve surely got crazy, but no time for lazy! It seems that most people I speak with are enjoying a strong first half of 2019. I’ve had three different manufacturers backorder at least one item, and just this past week, an entire order. I sure hope you are all working with a full calendar. In early May, the AOLP Board of Directors met at the Harrisburg, Pa. headquarters for our annual strategic planning meeting. This is where we create the work plan for the coming year, setting goals for association membership, conference, certifications and communication. In the month following this meeting, we set to work again to match budget numbers to the goals, quantifying and monetizing the action plan. There are conversations, debates and disagreements—and occasionally some animation—and always compromise. Our board of seven, along with our very competent professional staff, works well together. Although each of us may have differing views on how to get there, we all have the same end in mind—a successful, sustainable AOLP serving our members, our industry and its customers.

Although each of us may have differing views on how to get there, we all have the same end in mind—a successful, sustainable AOLP serving our members, our industry and its customers. Back in March, we held a webinar helping us to expand our company’s offerings to include outdoor audio and smart controls. Todd Peace, of Inaray Design Group, and his sales manager, Greg Margeson, did a great job and sparked a lot of interest. Don’t miss the next one, scheduled for July 18. Stephen Deo, my brother, will conduct a “Google My Business Workshop.” Along with social media, this little tool can really help crank up your ranking, and it’s not that hard to do. Sign up and call in! 3

The COLD and CLVLT committees have both been working hard to update their programs, keeping the material relevant, educational and user-friendly. We are continuing to build our relationship with the Irrigation Association as well as other allied groups. The next phase of lighting implementation at Taliesin in Scottsdale is in the works, as well. Stay tuned for updates! Of course, by now, you all know that Illuminate 2020 will be held in Orlando, Fla. from February 2022, 2020. Plan ahead – I hear the weather is going to be great! While you’re planning, start taking photos of those awesome lighting projects for the Awards Program. There’s no better time than now, while those gardens are lush and in bloom. And with that, the midnight oil I’ve been burning has run out. I hope you all had a great spring that has led into an even better summer. Don’t forget to take some time off along the way, recharge the batteries and have some fun. A rested mind is productive and far more creative. Best wishes for a safe and illuminating summer. Michael

AOLP LightLines - Summer 2019

Association News Two Opportunities for You:

1. Earn Your CLVLT Certification at the 2019 Irrigation Show December 2 – 6, 2019 Las Vegas Convention Center Las Vegas, Nevada The CLVLT test date is Tuesday, December 3. Registration will open soon!

2. Come to Illuminate a Few Days Early and Earn Your CLVLT and COLD Certification February 18 – 19, 2020 Orlando, Florida

We Heard You!

Registration Opening Soon!

AOLP members let us know that they preferred LightLines in this magazine format vs. online delivery. So, enjoy the revived format! Please share it with your employees and colleagues.

CLVLT Proctors Needed AOLP is in need of proctors for CLVLT testing at the Irrigation Show in Las Vegas on Tuesday, December 3, 2019 and the day before Illuminate in Orlando on Wednesday, February 19, 2020. Contact Kelly at if you want to know what’s involved with proctoring and/or if you are available to help. Please note, only current CLVLTs may proctor exams.

LightLines has a great readership. Consider contributing content and take advantage of advertising opportunities.

Welcome, New Members Luke Jensen, Lewes Lighting, LLC, Lewes, Del. Kim Hancock, Pacific Coast Electricians, San Jose, Calif.

If an exam was held in your region of the country and you would be willing to proctor it, please let us know! Contact Kelly at

Justin Harter, Farmers Branch, Texas


AOLP LightLines - Summer 2019


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AOLP LightLines - Summer 2019

Earning Their Trust by Jeff Tippett Trust is perhaps the most important factor of persuasion. If you master all the other elements of persuasion, but others don’t trust you, you will not persuade them. Period. Emphasizing personal relationships through building trust is essential to succeed in both your personal and professional lives. Most people think of trust in terms of the things we do to earn it. And while I focus there too, we need to start much deeper. The foundation for building trust is your motivation, what’s in your heart, the spirit in which you eventually do those things to earn it. A well-trained salesperson can easily fool others for a while, but in the end, I don’t think it’s sustainable. I encourage you to pause and look within. I believe that others’ trust in you begins with who you are as a person and what your intentions are. And, ultimately, no amount of smooth talking can make up for the wrong intentions.

At the outset, most of your audience will either be neutral or slightly disinclined to trust you. But you now have what you need to begin earning their trust. We also have to check our own motivations and determine what drives us. Is our primary focus on ourselves, or do we place a priority on others? This simply, yet often overlooked, mindset can change how people perceive us and affects our ability to persuade them. Here are a few concepts that you can leverage to solidify trust.

Be consistent It takes multiple interactions for your audience to begin to get a feel for who you are. These could be face-to-face meetings, phone calls or social media communication. You will need to be precise and consistent for people to begin to fully understand you, know your story and start to trust you. Often, even the slightest deviation can set you back. Speaking of social media, you have to consider every post and what it says about your brand. Every interaction online, whether posting, sharing or commenting, gives your audience clues to your brand presence. I would argue that every single post—no exceptions—has to support the brand you are creating. Any deviation can derail your quest to earn the trust of others. Continued on next page...


AOLP LightLines - Summer 2019

Deliver as promised

But let me add this disclaimer: Know your audience. Know the extent to which they’re willing to “get real with you”— where the boundaries lie.

We’ve probably all had someone promise us a deliverable—whether a creative asset, meeting time, contract, phone call, email, etc.—and not, in fact, deliver. Failing to deliver as promised can harm your brand and the fragile trust you’re building with your audience.

To the extent that your audience is willing to be open and authentic, I encourage you to respond as much as you are comfortable in doing. This authenticity will allow your audience to trust you more profoundly. Besides, you don’t want them wondering what you might be hiding.

We’re often so eager to please that we commit to things that, realistically, we know we can’t deliver. In the moment, that promise feels comforting. It’s nice to think you’re going to fulfill someone’s wants or needs. But while your audience may be happy in the moment that you said yes to their request—and that makes you feel good, as well—nobody is going to feel good when expectations aren’t met. Overpromising will not only disappoint; it will set back your quest for trust.

Be open to feedback We all wish that we were perfect all the time, but in reality, we are not. We make mistakes. We miss the mark. That’s why it is important to listen to what others have to say. Being open to feedback and incorporating it, as appropriate, will most likely boost others’ trust. If you think you know everything and the best way to do everything, you’re likely only fooling yourself. Others will see that, and it will negatively impact their trust in you.

It’s better to under-promise and over-deliver. If your audience is asking for something, and you know you can’t deliver, manage expectations. Explain the rationale for why you can’t deliver. Even better, frame your response in a way that shows why your decision is best for them.

Remember: Without trust, you have nothing. It is the foundation upon which all relationships are built. This is true for your personal and professional lives alike.

For example, I recently had a speakers’ bureau reach out because they were interested in representing me. But I knew that my time constraints would not allow me to complete their onboarding process in a manner consistent with my own standards. I told them I was interested, but explained that I wanted to make time to present quality assets. I then told them when I could reasonably expect to get everything to them, and they accepted my timeline.

About the Author: Jeff Tippett Jeff Tippett is the international, best-selling author of two books, “Pixels Are the New Ink” and “Unleashing Your Superpower: Why Persuasive Communication is the Only Force You Will Ever Need.” Speaking to international audiences through keynotes and seminars, Tippett helps attendees increase their effectiveness, gives them powerful tools to reach their goals and empowers attendees to positively impact and grow their organizations or businesses. In 2014, Jeff founded Targeted Persuasion, an award-winning public affairs and communications firm. He has worked with renowned brands including Airbnb, The National Restaurant Association and The League of Women Voters. Tippett, whose Metro Stylethe prestigious American Advertising industry recognition includes Award from the American Advertising Federation, is the host of “Victory by Association with Jeff Tippett,” a podcast that shares the victories of association executives with the world, highlighting the great work done Metro Style Style across this country everyMetro day. You can find Tippet here:

Contrast that approach to overpromising. Had I done that, and not provided the requested information on time, we would have begun what could be a mutually beneficial arrangement on the wrong foot. And if they can’t trust me with the initial process, they won’t be able to trust me when it matters to their clients. Under-promise. Over-deliver. Every time. It’s a winning formula.

Social Media Icons

Be open and authentic

Social Social Media Media Icons Icons

I acknowledge that being open and authentic within the business community often raises eyebrows. Most of us have been trained to leave our personal self outside the door when we walk into the office. I disagree with that.


AOLP LightLines - Summer 2019

Industry News

NEW Introducing our All New WiFi Smart Sockets Simple and Affordable Home Automation! Illumicare WiFi Smart Sockets provide remote control for lighting and other indoor & outdoor systems right from your smart phone, wherever you are!

Keep Your Eyes on the Skies It’s summertime and the livin’ can be dangerous—if you’re out working and a sudden thunderstorm crops up. It’s important to know and communicate to your team the threats that lightning poses, and it’s equally important to have a well-rounded safety plan in place. To read more about this timely topic from Total Landscape Care, click here.

Cool It!


@illumicaregroup 1-866-277-2934

Baby, it’s hot outside... and for those working in the summer sun, heat exhaustion and several other heat-related illnesses can come on suddenly. Something as simple as cooling towels placed around the neck and shoulders can help heat stress dissipate.

Advertising Opportunities Available! Contact AOLP at 717.238.2504 or to reserve your space.

To discover more strategies for helping you and your crew stay cool this summer, read this story in Total Landscape Care.

Turn on the Night Light Night demos are not only good for the customer — but doing them is also a great way to educate yourself about the landscape lighting business. To read tips on how to undertake a successful attempt to light up the night, click here for Kevin Smith’s column. 8

AOLP LightLines - Summer 2019

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anship. . .Tomorrow’s

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