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Andrew Leeth Tel-T206 April 24, 2011

Project 3 Post Mortem This final step in project 3 was definitely the hardest assignment. I had a hard time taking my vision from the thumbnails that were created in earlier parts and turning them into actual shots. First off, finding a suitable location was a problem. You will never find the exact location that you envision unless you actually build the scene yourself. On a college budget, that was never going to happen. Another huge problem was the weather. It was hard to find a day where it wasn’t raining, wet or muddy outside, so I could get a good clear shot in the woods that I wanted. For the first set of shots, I was trying to recreate the camera angles of following a person going through the woods. Although it does this, I wanted to be a little more stalker-like in my shots. I think looking for a better location for these shots would have been a solution. The next shots I thought turned out like I wanted. The person comes to an intersection and doesn’t know where to go. Both roads are basically the same, which is why I put the person in the middle of the first shot, to make the roads “equal” on the shot. The next shot looks down the road to the right in the view of the person, and then to the left in the next shot. While both roads are different, you cannot tell a major difference between the two that would make you take one over the other, which was my goal.

The final shots were the most challenging to create. The first one, for example, I was trying to create an effect where the camera was attached to the car and traveling with it. Think of it as if a person was strapped to the top of the car. I think it didn’t turn out the way I wanted because it doesn’t show off the car as much, which makes it harder to tell what the black is. To make this better, some sort of way to raise the camera up on the car so that you get more of an elevated shot of the car and less of looking down the road would be ideal.

Project 3  

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