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A fan-made gift for the AoJE creators

Dear AoJE Team, this is the fans’ way of saying

THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to making this wonderful show possible. Also, you can check out to see the work-in-progress.


By deborahdebbyli.

By blessed-but-distressed.

By clavisa.

By leslielikesthings.

By anonsally.

By hothouse-bottlebrush.

By Arianna C.

By nell-charentes.

By ladyherenya.

By rbmmylife.

By aljohnsonwrites.

By yesknopemaybe.

By c3pohufflepuff.

By sangfugl.

By sierrasanator.

By reshmarambles.

By acelemaire.

By chantelandbooks.

By eldawenemileia.

By captain-amethyst.

By prettyfaroutman.

By emmgirl130.

By dearestheart.

By allinablur.

By thepotentword.

By rain988cloud.

By vu-jmo.

By greatestvoyagehistoryofplastic.

By stpauligirl.

By iwillbealoverofwords.

By thefishflight.

By aeternamente.

By muchtoofullofsand.

By neither-saint-nor-sinner.

By itsnotliketherearehillshere.

By kyrie-anne.

By thebriarfieldchronicles.

By gentianhill.

By obscurejane.

By genderific.

By booksandlicorice7.

By matterofawesome.

By conmueve.

By made-of-stories.

By llamapunk.

By rosieramblings.

By corriegarrett.

By belovedcreation.

By Jadeling97, on Twitter .

By jilbyforever.

By yesknopemaybe.

By sangfugl.

By nell-charentes.

By thorinsgirl.

By fairytaleandfanart.

By theouresmeralda.

By carolineblueskies.

By mollianne2358.

By theteaisaddictive.

By aivley.

By fen291.

By hazardass.


By matinalhour.

By ekth.


The Autobiography of Jane Eyre

December, 2013.

AoJE Holiday Scrapbook