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GUITAR OF THE MONTH TANGLEWOOD TW115-ST A touch of class, the new Tanglewood.


Vocalist and guitarist with The Village Idiots They aren’t being ironic with the band name.

“I have about ten guitars, including a Taylor acoustic, but my all-time favourite is my standard Les Paul. I got it when I was sixteen and I can’t imagine ever parting with it. To get it I took two jobs for a year, a paper round selling ‘The Listowel Local’ and filling up petrol tanks in a garage. I saved up all the money and gave it to my parents who put the rest in, so the Les Paul became a Christmas present. I protect it like a baby, my pride and joy. When it’s not being used it stays in its hard case. Apart from the sentimental value, it’s also the guitar on which I really learned to play, in my bedroom for hours. It has a really fat sound with a big fat neck. It’s as if it wants to the blues to be played on it. I’d use a Marshall amp with it and I played it for a couple of solos on my album ‘I’m the Recession,’ and ‘Dromerin Road.’ Although I’m not really into the multi-effects thing, I like having a couple of stompboxes. I mainly use some form of a tube screamer, maybe an Ibanez and a flanger occasionally, or an echo pedal for a solo, but I try to keep the distortion low. My musical influences are Ryan Adams and Gemma Hayes.” The Village Idiots new album ‘Fives & Co’ is out now. thevillageidiots. The V.I.


t’s bigger bodied than others on the market and it’s also got more bass end than a normal acoustic guitar, ideal for those who do a lot of finger picking.

A solid top guitar with a cutaway, which granted are not for everyone. Having a cutaway means you can play lead parts and get right up into the high frets on an acoustic. The back and sides are mahogany and it has Grover machine heads and a satin finish. A guitar that is good value for money, this Tanglewood is for those looking for quality sound on a budget, perfect for an intermediate player. A professional instrument that is nice to play.

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