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EQUIPMENT REVIEW THAT’S THE WAY I MIC IT Gráinne Donovan (formally of ‘Coachford Go’ and now a solo star in her own right) tries out the DPA 4099 Guitar microphone

Thumbs up from Gráinne Donovan. DPA Microphone’s reputation for quality equipment precedes them as they’ve been making mics for a long time. The 4099 microphone attaches to the side of your guitar and has a miniature goose-neck clamp which is very flexible and easy to pin on, even with one hand. I brought three acoustic guitars with me when I tried it out at Coachford Sound, including a Martin with its own built-in internal mics, which was handy for comparison sakes. Compared to the internal mic, there was a vast difference and a major improvement. The sound was much more natural and well-balanced. There was no shortage of bass. The top-end was really clear and sweet then I tried it with a small, hand-made acoustic and that sounded really good too. I have a steel resonator guitar and I thought it would be interesting to try with this mic. I tried it in a couple of different positions – first in the standard position, then with the mic clipped onto the lower part of

YAMAHA’S NEW POCKET RECORDING UNITS The two new models of Yamaha’s Pocketrak (C24 and W24) incorporate 24bit/96kHz sound quality. They’re easy to use and give musicians all the recording capabilities they need. While sound quality has been the driving force behind the development of these pocket recorders, the practical side has not been ignored. Both models have 2Gb of internal memory allowing 13 hours of MP3 quality recording and both models are expandable using standard microSD cards.

the front facing into the resonator. It gave a great sound. While I was trying it out, the lads at Coachford Sound recorded a few things through Protools, comparing it with my internal pick-up. The only thing I didn’t try it with was with a full PA set-up with a monitor wedge at your feet, the way a live performer might use it. I’m sure it would sound great though. Granted they aren’t cheap but that’s the way it is with mics. You tend to get what you pay for. I have to say the clamp arrangement is very easy to work with. This mic would be great for anyone gigging regularly with an acoustic guitar. They’d be guaranteed high quality results every time. For

NEW RANGE OF VOC GUITARS Moog Music have reintroduced their legendary Taurus bass pedals, often regarded as the top bass synthesizer. The new version reproduces the Taurus 1 sound engine and marries it to modern features at an affordable price. Taurus Bass Pedals have been used by Rush, Police, Genesis, Phil Collins, Asia, Weezer and many more. Only 1,000 new pedals will be built.

Gráinne’s new album ‘Scribbles’ is out now.

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