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Thursday 29 July 2010 – Sunday 1 August 2010


his year’s Cambridde Folk Festival was always going to be one of the must-see events of 2010. Forget Glastonbury and Reading, Cambridge is where the real folk music is at.

the various catering vendors proved too difficult to resist. An impressive move by the festival organisers has been to strictly enforce the use of biodegradable and recyclable trays and utensils by food stalls. Threadbare have long been fans of the irrepressible Imelda May, the quintessential Dublin lass with perfectly coiffed hair and blood red lips. Having been across America One of the world’s longest running and famous folk supporting festivals, the atmosphere this year didn’t disappoint Jamie Cullum even if the weather did.Long before the rolling grey The Usual Suspects. and Jeff Beck clouds heavy with for the most rain opened up, part of the crowds of people year, this time were soaking up she sauntered the warm festival onstage in her ambience. ever memorising Kicking off and fashionable on Thursday, Ezio manner took to the stage. accompanied by Two lead guitarists the formidable in one band, it is Sharon blatantly obvious Shannon, a shining star in the realm of traditional Irish folk that these guys are music for a number of years. On stage the due delivered a pros at the festival unique sound to a packed and captive audience. May did scene. Around not disappoint with her energetic and fun on-stage persona since 1995, Ezio failing to show any sign of weariness from excessive touring Lunedei and Mark Joe Pug. . Shannon on the other hand showcased her instrumental Fowell are touring talents with grace and poise that can only be described as extensively until mesmerising. December. Delivering raw and unique sounds that served Fresh from a stint of festival performances across the to quell the insatiable needs of loyal followers of the band as UK, the one and only Seasick Steve drew what seemed to well as drawing new and unfamiliar faces to the stage. be an ocean of people to the stage on Friday night. The Stiff bodies stumbled out of the sturdy and the notAmerican blues legend, although almost 70-years-old so-sturdy tents on Friday morning, when the aromas from

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