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pg 41 UPFRONT 9 dosey equIne... Gary Lightbody reveals his pet project. 11 All About brAndon... With The Kilers on hiatus, Flowers does folk. 13 A boden A dAy Writing a folk song every day for a year can’t be that hard can it?

CRITICAL EYE 42 Albums gAlore... Philip Selway, Andy Cutting & more. 50 In the VAult... A closer look at the 2006 album ‘What the Toll Tells,’ from San Francisco duo The Two Gallants. 54 CAmbrIdge Folk FestIVAl 2010... The verdict is in on whether this year was a success or not.

17 A ChorAl oF lAVA sAng... Bon Iver teams up with Collections of



19 dIAry oF A songwrIter... Just what does it take to call yourself a lyricist?

26 hIghlAnd FlIng... High energy folk from a mixed bunch. 30 remote ACCess... Singer-songwriter Brett Perkins takes us to a island off Ireland. 58 In the reCordIng studIo... Matt Hayward shows us the ropes.

60 equIpment reVIew... Songstress Gráinne Donovan tests the new DPA microphone. 66 the InterrogAtIon room... We ask Canadian singer-songwriter Garry Jackson a few questions.

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Prototype folk music magazine


Prototype folk music magazine