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Specific Activity Planning for ACVoSA 2013 Article written by Silence Maluleke Amplifying Community Voices is showing improvement on day to day activity. The year 2013 is marked to be the 7th year of its existence. It is also the year that ACV members have told themselves to bring more fruits. It is not a tree is important than its fruits but the fruits are the one that are very important. The fruits that the ACV will give this year are seemed to be in abundance since ACVoSA sounds and seems to be more active this year than the past years. This can be proved on a day to day activity in which the number is increasing. On the 09th of March 2013, ACVoSA met at Foundation building to continue with the engagement that was held on the 2nd of February 2013. The opening has been done through the National Anthem. This has been done because ACV is composed of different people of different believes hence if we use an opening prayer, we are closing out those other believes. Check the picture below:

ACVoSA team singing the National Anthem.

Everything was carried out on a stylish way. You could believe that the organization does not consist of academics only but even singers are there. This has been proved by the participants when Ntsumi Maluleke leads the whole team to Sing National anthem. Everyone could hear the tuner, base, first and second part like we were Univen choir when they go to the competition. It was wonderful from the beginning to the end.

The programme was directed by Miss P. Nyamukondiwa, who is currently enrolling on Masters in Rural Development. She was very creative and bold coupled her courage on everything she said. Obvious now can refuse the fact that she is one of those candidates who are ready to be send outside there for field work. ACVoSA is not just a structure but it is able to produce strikers who are eligible to go and represent Univen outside there. Pertina was able to direct us to the right direction. She also held the second item as well as the 3rd which were welcome remarks and attendance Miss P. Nyamukondiwa, the Programme Director.

ACVoSA members getting to know each other

registers. After that the she gave a platform to H.M. Kabiti, MSc Agricultural Economics for introductions. I was very interested on the way Hlekani had carried out the introductions by another way round. “This has convinced me that the saying that says: there are many ways to kill a Cat� is true. We did not do it as we used to do: last time we everyone could introduce her/himself, but this time she told us to go out and

stand to ask each other names. Every one of us was expected to identify at least three or more people. We stood on a circular form and get to know each other. From there we went back to the hall knowing at least the minimum of three people so that it would be easy to work together. Most of us did not know why we were inside that hall, especially those who came for the first time. Therefore James Bokosi stood up to introduce the purpose of the day. The main aim of the engagement was to adopt a student-run programme of action for the year 2013 and allocate responsibilities for those implementations. This opened eyes of many of us who were not aware why we were gathered there. I don’t have any way that I can use to describe the way Mr Mr, J. Bokosi, MSc in Agricultural Bokosi was brave. Economics. What is Amplifying Community Voices? Who are the eligible members of ACV? What are the implementation sites as well as the duration of the programme were some of things that we were reminded of during the engagement. This is done to introduce ACV to new members who are joining the organization on the day to day activity. Miss Pinkie Maile was the one who was entrusted with the responsibility to orientate everyone who was there. The most interesting part is that people were responding when she asks question to show that people really Miss Pinkie Maile, orientating members about know ACV. ACVoSA Mr James Bokosi came back again to show us direction on how could carry out the Activity Planning. He did it very well; therefore everyone was ready to go to do the activity that was supposed to be done on the 2nd, in which we did not end up by doing due to fundamental differences and the misunderstandings that were amongst members, it was not done. He called group leaders to be on front and people were told to go to their group leaders. New members were also advised to join any group.

ACVoSA team on the reflection cycle dealing with the Activity Planning

After the Activity Planning was held, group representatives were to come to represent on their respective topics as they were assigned to. There were six groups that were representing on their topics.

Mr F. Mathevula, representing on behalf of his group.

It was not a must for a champion of the group to come to represent the group. ACVoSA is not a one man show, hence every one of us is ought to participate fully. Mr, F. Mathevula was one of the representatives who was presenting. Since I said from the beginning, ACVoSA has potential members who are multitalented. There were other people as well who have presented their groups with potential, e.g. Miss T Muenda.

Good works are supposed to be appreciated. It only took little time for Miss Tshifhiwa to thank everyone who was there for the engagement. After the engagement, I have interviewed some of members, is what they said: Marcia Muhali, Bachelor of Social Work, 1st Level. I heard about ACV from a friend. Then from what she was telling me, I just said I am going to benefit from it since I am doing Social Work. I have joined ACV today and I have realised that most of these things that we do in class is what we are doing here at ACV and I’m going to benefit a lot because developing community is my passion. Mabasa Ntwanano, Bachelor of Education, 1st level. Today’s engagement was good. Even today’s food were good. The planning as well was successful that we managed to do everything on it. However it thinks it will good on the next engagement to avoid coming late. We must always voice out our feelings about engagement. I have realised thata there are people who does not voice out their feelings concerning the engagement that we usually have where I am one of them. Patrice Anesu Goba, Honours in Public Administration. This is my first time to join ACVoSA. I am learning more in ACVoSA. In my group, there are things that are being addressed here and I think, they are going to help me in the future. Today’s engagement was good; however we need to be time conscious on the next engagement. We were supposed to be leaving here by 13H00 but now we are leaving at 14H00 now because of failing to use our time sparingly. As Prof Francis has said, I think it would be good that we go like that; anyone who will come to the engagement after 09H00 he must automatically be out of the engagement. On this day, Prof J Francis was not doing anything but only to show us the way to move on. It was good and very informative any way because what I have realised now is that we can be able to stand on our own.


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