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Often when wanting to move forward in your life, you find that one foot is always on the brakes. The truth is in order to be free to move on you must learn how to let go. Learn how to release the fear of failure and refuse to entertain all that has gone wrong. I have found hanging on to the past was ultimately keeping me from a new life. While I am no writer by any means, as a new business owner I would like to share something I learned in the beginning. I have been on this earth for many years and until recently, on a quest to find my purpose, my passion, my love. Seems as some point without looking I found it. I realize in looking back, for many years I had one foot on the brake. I was though I was afraid of stepping out and trying something new, but I realized I was more so afraid of failing at the attempt. Afraid to invest money and time, only to not receive a profit in the long run. I have a great husband who is very supportive of any and all things I attempt to do. He is my motivation and he is my gas petal but, yet for some reason I kept one foot on the brake pedal at all times. Ready for a change I asked myself the question, What is it you would let go of today? I have tried several things from scrap-booking, cake decorating, completing graduate school and to my most recent attempt Photography. I realize now that they all have been my way of expression, my untold art. I have beautiful unfinished scrapbooks taking up space in my closet. I have perfected decorating cakes but only want to make them for family. And I have been taking pictures all my life starting way back when film was the way to go. But it never until recently occurred to me that maybe Photography was my calling and that it was worth the extra effort I put into it. I’m no 20 year Professional like many heck I’m not a 5 year Pro but I do love Photography just as much and I take Pride in every picture that I take. I receive Pleasure from my subjects smile, lazy looking facial smirks, pouted out lips, winking of the eye, their jumps for joy and often just the soft happy feeling of looking at something beautiful. So to answer the question “What would I let go of today?”. My answer is simple, any and everything standing in my way of doing what I enjoy the most. Photography is my Pleasure and it has become my Passion. I am going to take Photography to the next level and to do so I have decided to take my foot off the brake and step on the gas instead. While on my quest I asked myself “What would I do for free and still enjoy doing?” I have taken pictures for free all my life and still today with $1000’s of dollars worth of equipment I still take pictures for free. I was told by several people

that what makes my pictures beautiful and worth looking at are not the colors or the sharpness of the image but the LOVE that was put into each one. I am ready to produce some ART in all forms. I know there are a lot of Photographers in the world and I will just be adding to the MANY millions of great ones out there already. But I think my ART is just as good and it deserves to be looked at and shared with the world as well. Get ready everyone there is a new Photographer in town with her foot on the gas and you just might be her next click! Want to find your passion ask yourself the question “What would I do for free?� when you can honestly answer it you will have found it. Until next time... Nicole

Often when wanting to move forward in your life  
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