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4. Take a ‘before’ photo

7. Awareness of ‘excuses’

Sometimes you forget how much progress you’ve already made.

Whenever someone says they’re too busy to exercise, ask yourself what your favourite TV show is. An hour in front of the TV is an hour that could have been used productively. Whether you’re “too tired”, “too stressed”, “too busy”, or just don’t like the colour of the wallpaper at the gym, learn to recognise your common excuses and sidestep them.

Take a “before” photo at the beginning of your new regimen, and pull it out whenever you need a reminder of how far you’ve come.

5. Follow your planner It’s harder to ignore something when it’s already on your planner/calendar.

8. Get a workout buddy or personal training session

Decide at least two days in advance what and when you’re going to exercise so that you can plan accordingly and resist the

Having someone to exercise with you can make it much more enjoyable. You’re less likely to skip a scheduled workout if you have to call up your friend or PT and tell them you’re bailing. Find someone with similar fitness interests and push each other toward success.

6. Buy new workout gear Having a new workout shirt, pants or pair of running shoes that fit right and are comfortable can make you excited to use them.

9. Remember why/reasons

There’s plenty of enthusiasm to spare when you first start a new fitness routine, but this quickly dwindles as the goal fades to the back of your mind. Frequently remind yourself why you’re doing this and it will give you that extra push.

Treat yourself to a fitness-related gift!

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