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26/07/2018 1:03:54 PM

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Welcome Challenger, Firstly, congratulations on making it this far! On average, less than 10% of people that would like to improve their health & fitness or take on a new positive change actually do! Improving your health & fitness helps improve every other area of your life. Our 14 day Challenge is easy to start, packed with fun, fitness, incredible support & resources. Taking this challenge promises rewarding results such as more energy, strength & vitality. We can’t wait to help you get started, share in the sweat & smiles as you become yet another one of our local legends! Together - WE KNOW YOU CAN

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26/07/2018 1:03:55 PM

Getting started... it’s easy as.. One tick the benefits & improvements you want. Two define personal reasons/what it will mean to you or others. Three what might get in your way. Completing this is your first part of the challenge done!

1. Choose your benefits/improvements Increase Energy Levels

Weight Loss (Reduce body fat)

Increase Muscle Tone & Strength

Improve Flexibility & Mobility

Improved Happiness & Wellbeing

Improve Skin Health

Others benefits

Select all

2. List my compelling personal reasons/why Eg. For me/my kids/wife/husband/partner/career/lifestyle

3. Things that might get in my way Eg. Triggers to avoid / environmental / limiting beliefs / excuses

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14-Day Challenge 26/07/2018 1:03:55 PM

My Workout Plan Anytime Fitness Club Workouts Workout 1

Workout 2

Out of Club Exercises/Movements

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26/07/2018 1:03:55 PM

Eat like a legend List 2-4 healthier alternatives for each meal Its just for 14 days!

Morning Choices TOP 3 TIPS

1. Drink 1 - 2 glasses of water 5- 10 mins before choosing & eating your next meal. 2. Prep meals ahead of time (1-3 days) 3. Eat slower & consider smaller portions, it takes 20mins for the stomach to tell you it’s full!

Lunch Choices

Dinner Choices

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14-Day Challenge 26/07/2018 1:03:55 PM

14-Day Challenge PLANNER 1. Fill out 1 simple workout challenge and 1 simple nutritional challenge for each day 2. Complete and tick off at least one of the daily challenges to complete the challenge.







DAY 10

DAY 11

#MY TOP WHY/REASON(S) (Choose from Page 3)

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26/07/2018 1:03:55 PM










DAY 12

DAY 13

DAY 14


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14-Day Challenge 26/07/2018 1:03:55 PM

9 Hacks & Rituals

From some of the worlds best legends 1. Morning rituals

2. Tell the world

It can be tough to drag yourself to the gym after a long day at work or school. The longer the day goes on, the more reasons you come up with to skip that day’s workout. A morning workout can jumpstart your day and actually make you feel more energised.

Social accountability has a powerful influence on our actions. Make a Facebook post or tell a friend about your exercise goals and you’ll be more likely to stick to your plans.

• Get up 1 hour earlier - it will make you feel like your already ahead in the game.

Sending a daily photo of you completing one of your challenges to a friend or facebook is even more powerful.

• Drink Water first thing Drinking 1/2 - 1 litre of water first thing will cleanse your system and help you to make a better 1st meal choice.

3. Avoid having an ‘all-or-nothing’ attitude You don’t always need to spend 90 intense minutes in the gym. The truth is, anything is better than nothing.

• Movement/exercise Complete your movement challenge for the day or something simple & light like going for a 5-15min walk, stretches & breath in some fresh air.

Don’t feel like running today? Even a brisk walk around the neighbourhood will burn some calories and boost your metabolism for a short time afterward.

• Review your goals/reasons Review page 3 - what you are going get and your reasons why - for an extra boost, write down some more on a separate piece of paper and also read it each evening.

Dreading your weightlifting session? Just drive to the gym and commit yourself to 10 minutes of exercise. Once you start, you’ll probably keep going anyway. 8

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26/07/2018 1:03:55 PM

4. Take a ‘before’ photo

7. Awareness of ‘excuses’

Sometimes you forget how much progress you’ve already made.

Whenever someone says they’re too busy to exercise, ask yourself what your favourite TV show is. An hour in front of the TV is an hour that could have been used productively. Whether you’re “too tired”, “too stressed”, “too busy”, or just don’t like the colour of the wallpaper at the gym, learn to recognise your common excuses and sidestep them.

Take a “before” photo at the beginning of your new regimen, and pull it out whenever you need a reminder of how far you’ve come.

5. Follow your planner It’s harder to ignore something when it’s already on your planner/calendar.

8. Get a workout buddy or personal training session

Decide at least two days in advance what and when you’re going to exercise so that you can plan accordingly and resist the

Having someone to exercise with you can make it much more enjoyable. You’re less likely to skip a scheduled workout if you have to call up your friend or PT and tell them you’re bailing. Find someone with similar fitness interests and push each other toward success.

6. Buy new workout gear Having a new workout shirt, pants or pair of running shoes that fit right and are comfortable can make you excited to use them.

9. Remember why/reasons

There’s plenty of enthusiasm to spare when you first start a new fitness routine, but this quickly dwindles as the goal fades to the back of your mind. Frequently remind yourself why you’re doing this and it will give you that extra push.

Treat yourself to a fitness-related gift!

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14-Day Challenge 26/07/2018 1:03:55 PM

Convenient Meal Options Partner Deal for Anytime Fitness 14-Day Challengers Having many convenient options for healthy meals during the challenge will make it more likely you eat like a legend. We hope you enjoy the enclosed healthy gift from Hello Fresh to make this easier.

EXCLUSIVE 14-DAY CHALLENGE DEAL $50 Off your first box 10% Off on all future boxes*

Classic Box (6 meals) - $69.95 $19.95 delivered - Thats $3.35 per meal! - Then only $10.50 per meal!

To Claim Your Box Use the voucher code on the back of the enclosed gift card at or download the APP.



Terms and Conditions Apply *$50 discount is only valid on a household’s first meal box. 10% discount will be applied on your second box and is valid for a total of 26 boxes.





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13/11/17 4:04 pm

13/11/17 4:04 pm

26/07/2018 1:03:58 PM

Prep/ Plan & Shopping List Key Actions Plan

List below your shopping items & key actions/plans. eg. When and what key things or specific purchases do you need to do.



Item/ Action

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14-Day Challenge 26/07/2018 1:03:58 PM


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