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What is custom graphic?

Imagine yourself standing at the corner of a street and all of a sudden a car driven by with an image of a sportsman waving at you and it looks so original that it seems that the oversize body will step out of the car’s body and will come to life. Imagine an ice cream of a particular company and at its background a snow clad mountain explaining the real meaning of the advertisement. It rings a bell in your mind and indulges you to think more deeply.

This is called custom graphic. Custom car window decals are a perfect way to add messages or to display advertisements on the window of a car. This window decal can be used in many ways. An individual consumer, a small time businessman or an organization can benefit in many ways from these decals. The important uses are as follows-


For advertising a used car

An individual after using his car for a long time may want to sell it. He may not be willing to go for a dealer as the prices are low. He advertises it for personal sale. The price of the car and other features are stuck in the window of a car. It can be done a bit more professionally to attract more buyers if the required information and the price is printed on a window decal and stuck on the window of the car.


For advertising a small time business

Small business houses has restricted budget for advertising purposes. Take for example, a movers and packers Company or printing professional can highlight his business and services by using his own company car by just using a car window decals.


To elaborate or announce a vehicle’s function

There are cars and vehicles used for specific purposes. For example a car may belong to the press, to a particular company or to a church. If the name of the company or the press is declared on the window decals it always becomes easier for people to recognize them.


Precious addition for family fun

It is great for family outings and family Fun. It can be used on the car window which will be used to drive around the children. It can be funny items like teddy bear, princess and many more which are very dear to the children.


Restyling old cars

Expecting the same freshness and sparkle from a car after using it day in and day out is not fair. Old cars can be modified and also protected from external injuries by using custom car window decals.

Now, one may wonder where to search for these items which is so useful and provides a style statement and individuality to the car. There are many shops which specialize in these custom car window decals. These store owners also accepts the clients own designs and styles.

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Custom car window decals : Imagine yourself standing at the corner of a street and all of a sudden a car driven by with an image of a sports...