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Treasure of the Magical Mine Moppets: The Story of Love and Acceptance

KJ Blocker is a man who’s constantly looking to try new, exciting things. No matter how hard it is,

he always finds the proper way to express his feelings and passions to create something new and imaginative. His journey had a humble beginning—when he was a boy, he earned his money by making and selling Gold-eye. His entrepreneurial endeavor didn’t stop there, as he made an original cheesecake sundae and sold them in the festivals. Eventually, life brought him to write songs of love—particularly about how fragile love can be, as it epitomizes the presence of a group of essential people referred to as a family. Author

His lyrics turned into pages of a book, and he said his past three years of experience had taught him a lot of things. In order to further actualize his creative endeavors, he jumped into his next phase of creativity by writing a book entitled “Treasure of The Magical Mine Moppets. Treasure of the Magical Mine Moppets

The book tells Stories for Kids that encourage not only kids but also adult to gain a deeper understanding of the true meaning of love and how important it is in everyone’s life. The book brings us a series of common events that actually happen in our daily life with our family, which we mostly take for granted. Children's Books

This Fiction Book for Kids also brings awe-inspiring materials to the children. They can be taught the importance of love, acceptance, and forgiveness. Children will be able to understand much more if they are taught implicitly, thus the message will make its way seamlessly into the children’s fledgling mind. If it happens, the love will be prevalent in their daily behavior. This Children Story not only puts family as quintessential for someone’s life, just as what KJ Blocker believes in, but also how we should threat family in a good manner. Reading Books for Kids

Treasure of The Magical Mine Moppets will open a new, insightful perspective to love, just as KJ Blocker emphasizes all his learned values on love by symbolizing a family like a treasure— something that is hard to find, but easy to lose. Kids Books

The book contains a collection of cheerful Stories for Kids that can also teach adults to always love and accept their family no matter what. Media Contact:

Treasure of the magical mine moppets the story of love and acceptance  
Treasure of the magical mine moppets the story of love and acceptance  

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