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So how exactly does work? | Medical Certificate Online Medical We've developed the earth's first in support of platform for patients to receive a genuine medical or doctor's certificate by seeing an Australian based doctor online. There is currently will no longer any should enter into a clinical practice for any in the flesh appointment with a doctor when you really need a doctor's certificate unless it is just a serious or chronic illness.

Doctor We've got made the process simple, cost effective as well as simple. It will require a maximum of 5-7 minutes to reserve, meet and receive your medical certificate.

Here's the simple way to secure a medical certificate.

1. Hit the "Book Now" button and complete the booking summary and payment requirements.

2. Complete the web Health Form ahead of ending up in your doctor online. The medical Form ask a number of questions about your wellbeing that can help us in streamlining your appointment. If you'd like to include further information not included in this manner, you will find the option to add further comments, pictures or files for the doctor to review ahead of your ending up in them.

3. On the confirmed time your physician will contact you via the Skype address you provided during making your booking. Please make sure to ensure all your contact information are correct. This way when we're having problems reaching for your Skype account we'll contact your self on the product number provided, however this is usually as a final resort!

4. During first minutes of one's consultation ending a current medical certificate will be emailed for your requirements.

We are going to always do our very best to accommodate quick appointment requests, but we cannot guarantee that we are able to accommodate same day as well as last second appointments. Our doctors wish to support as numerous patients as possible, nevertheless they could possibly be unable to see you on your own requested day and date as a result of quantity of factors including medical emergencies.

Our services are not intended to replace your present medical professional, however give a timely and cost effective substitute for the standard way medical certificates are administered throughout Australia. We have seen ourselves as helping the current care provided by your household GP, not replacing it.

Our aim is to give attention to issuing a clinical certificate for minor ailments like coughs, the common cold, flus, period pain, migraines, gastrointestinal conditions, head lice and other common infections and ailments. To get more serious and complicated illnesses we will always recommend a patient visit their local doctor to get a in the flesh appointment. We are going to also not issue a medical certificate for any condition what your location is receiving care having a prescription drug, nor will our doctors issue prescriptions for drugs regardless of the sort.

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