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Exitus Recruitment Announces UK Launch, Puts Power in Clients Hands

aaronbowell LONDON, Uk, JUNE 23, 2015 - The c's at Exitus Recruitment has announced how the innovative sales recruiting company will probably be launching its services through the UK from the coming months. While using the latest technology and strategies, Exitus Recruitment will put power in its clients hands. Dedicated to connecting leading companies rich in quality candidates, Exitus Recruitment provides a world-class recruiting exposure to an individual touch.

exitus recruitment As opposed to taking a generic stance on the subject of sales recruiting and staffing, the expert staff at Exitus Recruitment focuses on producing results through building rapport. By working oneon-one each and every and every client, the pros at Exitus Recruitment create longer lasting relationships that lend to quality sales recruiting. Using a range of recruiting services which includes vacancy submission for companies coming from all industries and job opening notifications for folks seeking new careers, Exitus Recruitment offers the services that catapult businesses and people to success.

Exitus Recruitment is a London-based company that is certainly backed by solid sales recruiting experience. The company's founder and director, Aaron Bowell, worked as a chef as being a senior specialist sales recruiter since 2007.

Concerning the launch of Exitus Recruitment, Bowell said, We attempt to define client support using a deeply rooted love for helping businesses as well as people succeed. We find out the specific needs of each to offer a "perfect fit" for both the company and also the employee. Exitus Recruitment is thrilled to announce the launch in our huge selection of services and ways of London along with the entire British isles.

Inside a climate where sales candidates are highly sought after, Exitus Recruitment recognizes the need for matching an applicant using a position that will create not only an employee-employer relationship however a partnership. By connecting companies with all the ideal candidates for

their job openings, Exitus Recruitment helps companies save to make money. Using the best candidate in-house, companies tend not to struggle with turnover, re-hiring, or any other common issues.

We are a relationship business, and therefore we understand that true lasting relationships could only be put together by listening, adapting, then participating towards a common goal, said Bowell.

Exitus Recruitment is excited to offer solutions for both job candidates and the companies who are looking to fulfill vacancies in London and throughout the United Kingdom. Currently, the Exitus Recruitment website is under development, but the highly anticipated release of the user-friendly platform is expected to come soon. Until then, more information about Exitus Recruitment is available by calling +44 (0) 207 936 9924 or e-mailing

About Exitus Recruitment

UK-based Exitus Recruitment delivers world-class recruiting services for professionals who are seeking employment and leading companies seeking top-notch staff members.


Aaron Bowell, Director, Specialist Sales Recruitment Exitus Recruitment 107 Fleet St. London, EC4A 2AB Phone: +44 (0) 207 936 9924 E-mail:

Exitus recruitment announces uk launch4  
Exitus recruitment announces uk launch4  

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