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OHM Bikes



CLIENT OHM Bikes, a long range, power on demand, electric-assist bicycle company.

BRAND TRUTH Biking made easy. The OHM is an easy way to get into biking as alternative means of transportation because it gives Urban Professionals the option to peddle or not to peddle.

ASSIGNMENT Create a buzz campaign that increases interest of OHM electric bikes as an alternative means of transportation for commuters. TARGET Urban Professionals

TARGET TRUTH Tackling hills makes getting to work feel like work. We found that a lot of Urban Professionals interested in biking to work don’t because they hate encountering the dreaded hills that make getting to work feel like work. They don’t want to show up to the office tired, out of breath or sweaty. Nobody likes a smelly coworker. CULTURAL TRUTH Reconsidering the ride. With the price of gas, environmental issues at stake, and the rising prices of public transit, urban commuters are steadily reconsidering their means of transportation. They are always looking for new options that fit their lifestyle.


Kill the enemy- hills. Hills are the enemy. Going up one can be harder than getting that raise. They make you tired, they hurt your knees, they make you break a sweat, and they steal your breath. The thought of going up one everyday is exhausting and it’s a battle you don’t want to fight. But what if there was a way to kill the hills? It would make biking an enjoyable and viable alternative way to get to work. OHM kills the hills.

CREDIT Brittany Brown (CS), Jake Dubs (CW), Husayn Raza (AD)


Varieties of wild positing would be placed en masse in hilly cities in N. America to stop people, shock people and ultimately get a conversation going.




The Muhammad Ali Center BACKGROUND


CLIENT The Muhammad Ali Center, based in Louisville, KY is a place remember the legacy of Muhammad Ali and everything he stood for.

BRAND TRUTH The Embodiment of the man. The center is about remembering Ali as a both an athlete and a global citizen and uses his values as a means to inspire generation after generation.

ASSIGNMENT The center had been having trouble attracting visitors to their state of the art facility and to their website. They were fearful that the significance of Ali’s accomplishments both athletic and societal were forgotten among the general population. We were asked to create a movement that would not only inspire millions but resurrect the philosophies and legacy of Muhammad; to breathe new life into the the center and it’s mission to inspire and embolden. TARGET The Student Athlete. OTHER CONSIDERATIONS We were asked to keep the logo as is.

TARGET TRUTH They live like him even if they don’t know him. Ali was just as concerned with social causes as with athletics. This generation of student athletes are no different. Numerous studies suggest that they are more engaged in social activism than any other generation. At the same time, the student athlete is competitive and seeks physical accomplishment on the field. CULTURAL TRUTH Sportsmanship lives and dies on the field. Students strive to not only be great athletes but great sportsmen. They act respectfully toward their opponents in the spirit of the game. However, when the game ends, no one is currently telling these students that the game of life needs great sportsmanship too.


Elevate Sportsmanship There’s doing good for your community, there’s acting in respectful ways on and off the field, and then there’s something so much bigger, elevated above it all. It’s best described as Alimanship. It captures the drive to be a good person on and off the field with the interest of the world in mind. You must use the strength, determination and persistence learned through athletics to achieve something magnificent that the entire global community can celebrate. That was Ali’s philosophy, and is the legacy that lives in the center, on the website, and in the hearts of those who believe.

CREDIT Brittany Brown (CS), Tony Collins (CW), Kelly Diaz (CW), Leslie Edwards (AD), Raquel Gimenez (AD), Charles Hodges (CW)


The idea for this campaign became Play for the Human Race. Print ads would help spread awareness and drive traffic to the website where our target could learn more about the center and the movement.


Chapel Hill, NC

Billboards would be placed in major cities featuring athletes who elevated sportsmanship native of that city.

Brooklyn, NY

Louisville, KY Plano, TX


The World Score is a banner ad that would be placed on popular sports websites like ESPN. When rolled over, a scoreboard would remind people how much help the world needs by juxtaposing numbers of people who are in need vs. the number of people, money, organizations, etc. committed to resolving world issues.


The World Score would also live on the ticker of TV channels like ESPN and on the scoreboard section of local, regional and national newspapers.


Student athletes and teams would have the opportunity to participate in the movement by signing up on The Muhammad Ali Center website. They would receive a care package with information about the center, ways to support the movement and stickers/patches to put on their uniforms.



Long’s Horseradish



CLIENT Long’s Horseradish, a small premium brand based out of Lancaster, PA with little recognition outside of that region.

BRAND TRUTH The only way to get it fresher is to make it yourself. The most interesting and unique selling proposition associated with this brand is that every jar a consumer purchases is guaranteed to be less than 48 hours old since the product was produced and packaged. The only way to get it fresher is to grow it in your backyard.

ASSIGNMENT Create a print campaign to interest people in this brand of horseradish. TARGET Foodies

TARGET TRUTH Freshest is for masochists. The fresher the horseradish the hotter, and Foodies want fresh. Often they make it themselves to assure it’s fresh and hot. Of those who made it themselves, this is what we heard: “I’ve made it before and ended up wearing a scuba mask and snorkel while grinding it. Even the next morning, walking into the kitchen was like being maced.” “If you get close to it after process it’s like chemical tear gas.” “It hurts, but it hurts so good.”


Painfully Fresh Fresh is hot and really fresh is painful. We make it really fresh. Think you can handle it? We dare you to try.

CULTURAL TRUTH Adventure not art. Foodies are interested in the adventure food brings not the snobbery of food as high art. They are the ones that can appreciate both best in class street meat and a 5 star cuisine. It is simply all about the food.

CREDIT Brittany Brown (CS), Kelly Diaz (CW), Raquel Gimenez (AD)





Peace One Day + Google BACKGROUND


CLIENT Peace One Day, an organization formed to promote the U.N. sanctioned Peace Day, September 21, in partnership with Google.

BRAND TRUTH Realidealism. Peace, an idealistic concept is made more realistic when framed by one day. When asked, people who displayed skepticism towards achieving peace on earth, changed their tune when asked if peace could be possible for just one day. We called this change in perception realidealism.

ASSIGNMENT The organization and the day are well known in England but have little if any awareness in most other places. Google decided to partner with the organization to help spread awareness and we were asked to help accomplish that mission in America using Google applications as the main media platform. Additionally, it was not enough to promote the day on its own; consumers needed a movement they could actively participate in. We were tasked to create a platform for digital engagement. TARGET GenY OTHER CONSIDERATIONS Brand managers positioned the day as one of non-conflict both personal and political.


TARGET TRUTH I already am peaceful. When we asked GenY what it would take to get them interested in this day, we discovered that they believe because they aren’t involved in conflict on a daily basis they are already peaceful. They see peace as a problem effecting people mixed up in things like war, gangs and the drug trade. Essentially, they don’t encounter conflict everyday. CULTURAL TRUTH Peace has lost its meaning. Peace in the 60’s was an active word but today it is passive. It’s a belt that your pre-teen sister wears and a sign you throw up in a picture. When you try to talk about peace in serious way, it can sound fluffy, hippy and downright boring. We knew we needed to find a different way to talk about peace. Irreverent humor is popular with this group, and a great way to deliver a serious message. Just think back to the widely popular Obama election parties called, “Show Me Your ‘O’ Face.”


Expose Everyday Conflict Conflict is all around us. We don’t even realize how we instigate it ourselves. That’s because conflict can be large in scale- war or it can be small in scale- flicking off the slow driver in front of you. On September 21st, Peace Day, it’s time to own up to and do something to remedy the everyday kind of conflict we engage in everyday that keeps us one step further from peace.

CREDIT Brittany Brown (CS), Jim Gay (CS), Meagan Sackett (CBM), Courtney Anthony (CBM), Husayn Raza (AD), Jeenal Shah (AD), Tristan Smith (CW), Tony Collins (CW)


The campaign would start with posters and print ads of famous people renowned for their greatness who apologize for sucking in some small way. This is just one example of a series of print ads. The copy reads: Last week, I scored 47 points against the Knicks. I apologize for sucking in that game. After a call made by the referee, I let some language fly that I shouldn’t have. It was vulgar and negative. And I know I’m better than that. The world becomes a better place when you stop sucking and start apologizing. Refuse to suck.


The website landing page. The headline copy reads: Conflict Sucks. Violence Sucks. War Sucks. Do Something About It. REFUSE TO SUCK. The copy is the manifesto of the campaign. It reads: When you’re mean-spirited towards others, you suck. When you fill the world with negative words and actions instead of positive ones, you suck. When you let anger get the best of you and influence your decisions, you suck. Kids can suck. Grownups can suck. Businesses can suck. Countries can suck. Suckiness affects everything and everyone. It’s as widespread as gravity. There’s only one way to combat suckiness, and that is to make a personal decision to refuse to suck. The more people refuse to suck, the less sucky people there will be in the world. It’s so simple, even people who’ve sucked their entire lives can understand it.


Like the print ads, the website would house a section where celebrities would apologize for the everyday things they do that cause conflict that really sucks. For example (to the left) Simon is well known for his harsh critique but sometimes he oversteps the boundaries and gets downright mean. For Peace Day, he would apologize. To engage people we would give them the opportunity to accept these celebrity apologies by texting, “I accept you� to a designated number.


After our target sees that celebrities are apologizing they would have the opportunity to apologize to someone they have had conflict with too. The website would host a section where you could write or film a personal apology to whomever or whatever using Google applications. The option to directly embed the video into Gmail to send would be incorporated.


Also in Gmail, an application would be set up to help people realize the harsh language they use. The application would detect sucky language, highlight it, and ask the person if they really want to send such a vulgar email.

In Gmail, on Peace Day, there would be tabs added, both on the side bar, “Compose Apology,” and on Gchat, “Do you need to apologize?” that would urge people to create an apology in honor of Peace Day.


On Peace Day, a Google application would reveal all the people in America who have sent a video or an email apologizing.

To help people show support for the day, apolo-tees would be created giving people the option to wear relevant quotes.


On Peace Day, there would be an apology ticker across the top of the Peace One Day website, Gmail, YouTube, and other popular sites.

We would also set up a way for Twitter and corporations to participate. Corporations would donate a penny every time someone tweeted an apology.

OUTCOME This was a real-world scenario. Google representatives came to the Brandcenter and teams pitched campaign ideas. Our campaign and pitch was well received. Google thought we hit a home run and indicated they would champion the idea when the time came to present work to Peace One Day. We are waiting to hear back if they will move forward with our campaign.


We may not all be “creatives” but we are all creative.





Dance is my most beloved passion. I’ve been dropping beats, making music with my feat, since the age of two. I’m no Savion Glover, but I can hold my own. I’ve competed along the East Coast, danced in college on the SpinnURs dance team (think Laker’s but for University of Richmond instead) and worked at the Richmond Ballet for one year. I continue to be a patron, fan and practitioner of this art form.

I LOVE to write. It’s a passion that started in elementary school with a novel that I wrote where Prince Charming was caught in a love triangle and forced to choose between Chun Li (from Streetfighter) and my favorite dance teacher named Daphne. In middle school I began entering writing competitions and oratorical contests and was even featured in Creative Kids magazine. I’ve made an effort to continue to develop my voice through creative writing classes in college and beyond. My latest writing addiction has manifested itself through my blog ideasaurus.

I will admit I don’t know much about photography but I love to take pictures anyways. My favorite subject is the unexpected, random, and ironic; the strange but pretty. Take the picture above for example. Those old, dirty baby dolls were strung from a telephone wire on a blue sky kind of day in Richmond. Bizarre yet beautiful.



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