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Remodeling the Bathroom for the Elderly

Did you know that nowadays the average life expectancy for Americans is longer? According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average life expectancy is 78.5 years as of 2009. Since Americans are living longer, many seniors may opt to live in the residence of their choice while they age. However, various measures have to be addressed to ensure the elderly can maintain or improve upon their quality of life. Their choice of residence, for example, has to adjusted and customized so that they can live where they want for as long as they can. Safety, mobility, and other risks and issues need to be considered and outlined. Homes, especially bathrooms, should be remodeled to allow the elderly to feel comfortable, maintain independence, and have greater control of their lives. Moving around the typical bathroom can prove to be a trek for seniors and not to mention, quite dangerous. Aging can bring about many changes including reduced vision, decreased mobility, increased risks of slips and falls, and overall decrease of muscle strength. Walk-in bathtubs are well worth the price because the elderly can safely utilize the tub without having to worry about injury when trying to get in. Standing on one foot, for instance, while lifting the other leg to get into the bathtub can be a piece of cake for the non-elderly. However, seniors will find getting into regular bathtubs a challenge as their mobility is threatened each time they need to bathe. Thus, walk-in bathtubs can be installed to grant freedom, independence, and safety for the elderly. Senior citizens who wish to remain in their choice of residence will want to do so without causing a burden to their family. Bathrooms are a high risk area because it is regularly wet and moist. Thus, it is extremely crucial that every precaution is taken to

prevent slippage and falling. Grab bars should be installed throughout the bathroom to ensure seniors can get around safely by themselves without the help of family members. Grab bars are also useful for stepping into and out of the bathtub because mobility and good balance is usually compromised as a result of old age. Los Angeles bathroom remodeling should be considered for seniors wishing to remain at the residence of their choice while they age. For details about overland builders please click here. Remodeling bathrooms for the elderly can allow seniors to live comfortably, independence, and be in control of their lives as they age. Installing walk-in bathtubs and grab bars can allow the elderly to move around and utilize the bathroom safely without jeopardizing their health. If you are interested in bathroom remodeling for the elderly, contact your local Los Angeles general contractor for more information. For more details please visit this site.

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