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Merchant PCI DSS Compliance

Worry-Free PCI Compliance for Merchants Many independent retailers believe that their merchant bank or ISO covers them for PCI DSS compliance, but that’s not the case; any operation that handles credit card transactions is responsible for meeting its own PCI DSS requirements. Even those who do know this are often unsure whether they’re fully compliant. ANX removes the uncertainty and ensures full PCI DSS compliance with solutions tailored to the needs and budgets of independent merchants. Why Seek Assistance with PCI DSS Compliance Management? To maintain PCI DSS compliance, Level 4 merchants must complete quarterly network security scans plus annual self-assessments that involve monitoring and completing tasks for more than 200 requirements. Ensuring compliance is not just an obligation; it’s sound business practice. Customer data theft can result in devastating merchant charges for an internal forensic audit, per-card charges for reissuance, fines for regulatory compliance violations, and potential loss of credit privileges – all of which cause 76% of small businesses that experience a customer data breach to go out of business within a year. That simply doesn’t have to happen and ANX provides assurance that it won’t to you. ANX: A Full Set of Tools to Satisfy Any Merchant’s Compliance Needs

PCI DSS questions: • • •

Which PCI requirements apply to me? How can I efficiently address all requirements? Are my communications links 100% secure?

How ANX helps:

ANX’s PCI compliance solution includes an online tool that steps merchants through the compliance process, beginning with an initial scan and continuing with ongoing management. An easy-to-use “Wizard”-style interface uncovers where you are non-compliant and provides clear instructions on how to address all issues.

• • •

Identification of all applicable requirements Online tools for scans and self-assessments Secure firewall and virtual private network

If you have multiple locations now, or will in the future, ANX secures communications among all locations, providing the hardware and networking required to ensure full PCI compliance.

ANX Security Products TruPCI™ Compliance Suite

Secure Cloud Gateway™ Stateful Inspection Firewall Unified Threat Management (UTM)

PositivePro™ Remote Access VPN


Key Features

PCI Software-as-a-Service product to help any business that accepts credit cards immediately achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance

• Self-Assessment Questionnaires • PCI Security Policy Templates

• Dashboard Reporting • Vulnerability Scanning

Fully managed security service including cloud-based UTM services that delivers PCI compliant, secure merchant transactions on a single network appliance

• Fully Managed Stateful Inspection Firewall • Comprehensive cloud-based Unified Threat Management (UTM) • Payment Card Industry ready design

Cloud-based managed remote access and site-to-site VPN than includes end-user help desk service

• Managed site-to-site VPN Connections • Cloud-based remote access

• Continuous Compliance Monitoring • E-Learning for employees

• Remote secure access to all internal resources

ANX® is a trademark of ANXeBusiness Corp. Call us at 877.488.8269 or visit


ANX Compliance Solution Benefits With ANX’s PCI DSS compliance solution, you’ll be able to: •

Reduce the time you spend addressing PCI DSS compliance. The annual self-assessment process involves regulatory items that can be confusing, and determining the action to take can be time-intensive. ANX’s online compliance tool walks you through the process quickly and efficiently.

Eliminate accidental non-compliance. Maintaining PCI DSS involves a large number of tasks, some of which are easy to overlook. ANX ensures that all tasks are accounted for and that you know exactly what you’ve addressed, and what you need to address.

Easily complete quarterly vulnerability scans. ANX provides a low-cost, self-service external vulnerability scanning solution that meets all quarterly PCI DSS security scan requirements.

Ensure that every communication link is completely secure. If you have multiple locations, ANX can ensure that all data communications between them are completely PCI DSS compliant and at zero risk of hacking.

Rest assured that you’re covered. Customer data theft due to a lack of PCI DSS compliance can bring down an otherwise well-run business. With ANX as your partner, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that potential data theft is simply not an issue for you.

The ANX PCI Compliance Advantage

ANX’s TruPCI suite is delivered as Software-as-a-Service, giving you access by computer from anywhere. Determine your current compliance state and get expert, online guidance for any issues at any time.

ANX’s Secure Cloud Gateway and cloud-based UTM services delivers PCI compliant, secure merchant transactions on a single network appliance.

Connect multiple computers at multiple locations, including home computers, with ANX’s PositivePro remote access service that interconnect them on a secure, virtual private network.

Thousands of customers rely on ANX to assist them with PCI compliance that’s tailor-made for merchants, including everything you need to address your data security needs. TruPCI™ Web-based PCI Compliance Tools

Secure Cloud Gateway™

PositivePro™ Remote Access

Firewall and UTM Services

ANXeBusiness Corp. is headquartered in Southfield, MI and has offices in Research Triangle Park, NC, Mt. Laurel, NJ, San Diego, CA, and Austin, TX. The ANX mission is to protect our customers’ information, secure their business interactions and be their trusted platform for collaboration. Our solutions help companies secure and exchange information, meet complex compliance requirements, and allow them to focus on what they do best…grow their business. The company’s foundation is built upon deep technical expertise, broad experience with mission-critical data connectivity, a passion for customer support and a proven record of supporting business needs across multiple value chains. ANX is owned by One Equity Partners (, which manages investments and commitments for JP Morgan Chase & Co. in private equity transactions. For more information, visit

ANX® is a trademark of ANXeBusiness Corp. Call us at 877.488.8269 or visit


PCI DSS Compliance - Level 4 Merchants  

Many independent retailers believe that their merchant bank or ISO covers them for PCI DSS compliance, but that’s not the case; any operatio...

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