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Bipolar Disorder Quiz Everything You Need To Know- Anxiety Quiz _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Lepord Elward- Bipolar disorder is a type of illness that mostly affects the thoughts, feelings, perceptions and behavioral changes of an individual. Its causes are mostly brought by electrical and chemical elements that cause the brain not to function in a proper manner. It's for this reason that professional doctors use the Goldenberg Bipolar Screening Quiz, created by Ivan Goldenberg, to help diagnose patients. This quiz provides the doctors an easy way to have an understanding of the patient's behavior and psychological traits. It is designed in a questionnaire format that gives the patient an opportunity to fill it in by just bubbling in the answers. The results of the patient's questionnaire will be the determining factor on whether the patient will need the services of a psychiatrist for further professional treatment.

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The bipolar disorder quiz procedure is simple because all a patient needs to do is to fill in a provided questionnaire containing various questions. The patient will go through each one of them to help him or her to have an easy evaluation from the doctors that are administering the test. Most of the patients taking this quiz are believed to be experiencing depressive symptoms in their behavior. This quiz entails various questions that are set in batches of about twelve. This will allow the patient to not feel overwhelmed when they are taking the quiz. Also, the psychiatrist will have a chance to give the

best prescription needed for the bipolar disease the patient may be suffering from. Some of the common questions asked in the bipolar quiz include: Have you ever found yourself speaking faster than usual or too talkative? Have you ever been in a situation where you performed more activities than usual? Do you get mood swings for no apparent reason? Have you experienced levels of high elation and depression together or only apart within minutes? Are you interested in sex more than normal lately? Does your confidence cause you to go beyond the normal range of sexual advancement with a possible mate?

These questions answers are not at all, somewhat, moderately, quite a lot and very much. The not at all answer shows the patient has no need for anxiety because he or she is okay. Somewhat shows the patient needs to observe his or her behavior and at the same time take the quiz again. Moderately indicates there's a need to control one's behavior. Quite a lot prompts a patient to seek psychiatry measures. Very much shows that a patient needs to seek medical attention as fast as he or she can.

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