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Axton as a company | Axton

Company: Axton is one of the leading providers of IR illuminator. This is a US based company. All their products are made in the US.

Mission : The mission of the company is to design IR illuminator which will be the best of lighting solutions for security cameras at a cheaper and efficient manner. How we are different from others? We offer the best in industry rates. The rates are lower but the quality is great. You get an IR illumination up to 1000 feet. Wide angle illumination will match the security camera for a perfect field view. They are designed to be weather and waterproof, which can be used for any duration of time. You get a lifetime warranty for all their products. Along with replacement guarantee. To purchase their products visit :

Axton leading providers of ir illuminator  

Axton is one of the popular brands in providing IR illuminators for the top companies.